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be st. james’ BE INVOLVED BE generous

This year we are focusing on what it means to Be St. James’. We are celebrating our spirit of community, and the desire we share to provide the citizens of our learning community exceptional educational experiences. We can all make a contribution to our dynamic present and exciting future. As we work together to take steps forward on our ambitious path, we focus on our core values of respect and creativity, innovation and generosity. Generosity is at the very heart of our St. James’ ethos. We have seen it in the organization of bake sales and the support of environmental causes, in gathering clothing for the less fortunate and in jumping joyfully for our friends in need. As we explore all the many ways we can Be St. James’ in the coming school year, we open our hearts and minds to creativity, curiosity, inspiration, involvement, individuality, and generosity. This is a new year, a new beginning, and a new opportunity to be aware, be involved, be supportive and be the very best we’re capable of being.


A historic milestone Last year marked an extraordinary accomplishment for our school. We reached 100% participation in our Annual Fund joining our wonderful faculty, staff and our Board of Trustees who also met this ambitious goal. Reaching this goal was the result of countless acts of generosity, unwavering commitment to galvanizing our school community, and a groundswell of enthusiasm for St. James’ School under the leadership of our new head of school. Proceeds from the Annual Fund have enabled us to build upon things we value like cutting-edge technology and an inspiring arts curriculum. Last year’s milestone proved that our community is ALL IN. Over $500,000 was donated and we were able to make existing additions to our school curriculum, technology offering, and arts.

Boy, did St. James’ shine

Be ready. Be involved. Be generous.

This year, we are once again counting on you to help advance our mission and realize our potential. The parent community, our faculty, staff, and our Board of Trustees are committed to repeating our 100% participation goal, we hope to transform your generosity into more advancements for our school, our curriculum, our faculty, and our children. With your help, Debbi David, head of school, has set an exciting agenda for the future and just some of the additions she hopes to make enriching and expanding the educational experience at St. James’ School include the following: ENRICHED ARTS PROGRAMS • An exciting collaboration with the Colburn School of music to enhance our existing St. James’ music program. A part-time drama teacher to bring performing arts opportunities and experiences to St. James’ •

A part time dance teacher to enhance and enrich our already stellar physical movement curriculum and to provide opportunities for expanded creative expression. •

An Annual Artist in Residence to assist with creation and implementation of a wide variety of specialized art projects including sculptural, 3D, photographic, video and more. •

INNOVATIVE EDUCATION • A full-time Learning Specialist to provide individualized attention to children when and where they need it most, whether it’s a need for remediation or enrichment. •

Research and Development Grants: A way to encourage teachers to develop their own creative and innovative ideas with the most promising programs receiving a $2,500 grant for implementation.

Maintain integration of Spanish Language Program using Rosetta Stone Spanish Language Program. •

FACILITIES • Replace and upgrade playground Astroturf. Continued improvements to the school facility including landscape, improvements to the central courtyard, and school picnic areas •

Long-term technology planning to inform upgrades, wiring, and costeffectiveness •

Improved Admissions software to streamline and simplify the admissions process. •

Student Information System including attendance tracking and an improved parent portal. •

Buses/vans to provide transportation to off-site enrichment including Colburn School, YMCA and other local city sites. •

TUITION ASSISTANCE We will continue our tradition of creating a diverse community by having the necessary resources to provide financial assistance to students who need it most. Tuition assistance has been a founding core value at St. James’ and also brings a richness and diverse cultural experience to our community life. This is a core dimension of our mission and a manifestation of the spiritual and community goodness characteristic of St. James’. We can’t do it without you. Every contribution counts. Be unwavering. Be committed. Be St. James’.

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Be St. James'  

What it means to Be St. James'.