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Manistee High School

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Manistee, MI

November 10, 2009

Schubert Earns All State Status By: Joe Frederick

meters where Kelly was able to sprint past another runner in order to finish 29th out of the 250 runner field. “I was afraid that I was going to collapse because I was so dehydrated,” Kelly said “but once I crossed the finish line and found out my placing, I felt very accomplished.” Schubert finished with a 20:00.0 but said “I hope to better my time and make it in the top ten by my senior year.”

For most, making the nearly fourhour trek to Michigan International Speedway near Jackson can be a rather boring one. For sophomore Kelly Schubert it was one of excitement. “I worked so hard over the summer to get this far,” Kelly said. Schubert was the first girl in nearly ten years to qualify for state Cross Country finals, and is on the right track to become a state champion runner. Temps were pleasant, holding in the mid 50’s for most of the day, but a stiff south wind made portions of Saturday’s course challenging to say the least. Kelly ran with the front pack of girls for the first portion of the race, then dropped back as

she turned into the wind. She hovered right around the all-state cut off of 30th for the last part of the race until the last 100

With state finals being the last Cross Country meet of the season Schubert commented, “it’s sad to see the season end,” and for Kelly it’s been one great season. If you see her around school please congratulate her on All State achievement.

Coming Up: The Fantasticks! This Weekend By: Michael Bond The Fantasticks was written by Tom Jones, and the music by Harvey Schmidt. It was made in 1960, and this year it was chosen by director Dr. Rick Plummer as the fall musical here at Manistee High. Dr. Plummer is a professor at West Shore, and he is also well recognized in Manistee as a director of musicals. Recently, he has worked in the Ramsdell, but he was embraced with open arms to Manistee High School. The Fantasticks begins with feuding fathers. They send their children to go packing. Once their children leave, the aged men embrace in joy because they are convinced that their plan to get their children to fall in love is about to work. This musical doesn't involve many characters. The characters are El Gallo, Matt, Luisa, Hucklebee, Bellomy, Henry, Mortimer, and the Mute. This performance is unique because the cast members are present on the stage as the play progresses. The characters are set on stage while the outcome of the musical plays out. The small cast is made up of Taylor Roberts, Matthew Moreing, Jonah Dougherty, Avery Bell, Angie Johnson, Dani Simo, Cameron DeCillis, and Patrick Meagher


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This production starts on Thursday, November 12th at 7:30 pm. It continues Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm. Then, a matinee performance will be shown on Sunday, November 15th at 2:00pm.

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New Ocean In Ethiopia By: Katie Dooley In Ethiopia, a new ocean is forming. Literally. In 2005, a rift in Ethiopia broke open, and some scientists thought that it would turn into another ocean, but the topic was controversial at the time. Now, scientists from several countries are saying that it will happen. The volcanic pressure that’s working under the earth’s surface in that area is virtually identical to the ocean floor, and they say it’s definitely the beginning of a new sea. "This work is a breakthrough in our understanding of continental rifting leading to the creation of new ocean basins," says Ken Macdonald, professor emeritus in the Department of Earth Science at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Scientists think the sections of earth will break apart in large portions suddenly, instead of only small pieces at a time. This poses a threat to those living in the surrounding area, since it is planned to be so big. Scientists who have been studying this for awhile have observed that, since they can’t get to the actual ocean floor, this would be a great way to see what goes on at the bottom of the ocean, since these pieces are so much alike. The rift is opening very quickly; in a matter of days it opened 35 miles. It’s hard for them to decipher when the rift will break open and how much of it will break. It happens at any time, and goes of for hundreds of miles, and opens in only a few days. Do you want to know more about this? Go to this link: for more information.

Shooting At Fort Hood By: Michael Bond Last Thursday, a shooting took place in Fort Hood, which is the largest military base in the United States. The shooter was a psychiatrist in the base from Virginia named Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan. There is no identified motive, but there were over fifty casualties. There were forty two injured and thirteen left dead. Fort Hood resides in central Texas. It is approximately 60 miles north of the capital, Austin, and about 160 miles south of Dallas. It is the largest military base in the United States with departing and returning soldiers. The hospital post where Hasan worked helps with injured soldiers as well as soldiers recouping from their experiences in the army. The base covers over 340 square miles and gives training as well. Hasan is a 39 year old licensed psychiatrist who worked in the hospital at the post. He was shot several times after the attack and was placed in critical condition in San Antonio. Over the weekend, his condition was stable enough for him to talk. His ventilator was removed and he was able to speak with military personnel.

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World/State/Local Face-Off: Has A Year Made A Difference? By: Andrea Paine

By: Michael Bond

After becoming the first African -American president and promising a transform, president Barak Obama is making a triumph in America.

On November 5th, 2008, Barack Obama was voted in as the first African American president of the United States. Now, he has a 53% approval rating.

Obama definitely got off to powerful start when he initiated the the $787 billion dollar stimulus package and expanded health care.

With a year of presidency, he has done a number of things to follow up on the promises he made last year.

But has these efforts been successful? I feel that Obama has definitely made a difference in the attitude of America. Even though some of his plans haven't had as much success as he anticipated, the effect of his positive attitude continues to radiate on America and the whole world. Sometimes I feel as if may he should keep his focus in America. He's always worrying about the Afghan war, Middle East peace, and Muslim issues. Maybe Obama's effects will increase more over time. I mean you can't expect the whole US economy to be saved in a single year. But the thing about Obama is that he wants to save the world. He's acting like superman, but he's not saving the problem right in front of him. What I really like about Obama is that he pays more attention. He listened to everyone, even minorities. He connects to all different types of people, races, and social classes. I give him credit for trying to please everybody. He's trying to give everybody happiness, which is extremely hard to do. You can't just change the country overnight. For Obama, he's trying his hardest to improve the economy, but more importantly; peoples' attitudes. His main goal is to get the lazy Americans off their butts to go out and change the country. Without action, things won't change and that is what he's trying to get the country to do. Voting for a new president won't transform the country. The country needs to do something about the situation instead of relying on Obama. I'm not going to say that I know everything about the current economic situation, but I'm definitely rooting for Obama. He has the attitude that America needs right now.

In his first week in office, President Obama froze the salaries for top White House members. He then Fast-tracked the process for more fuel efficient cars for 2011. He then signed an executive order to ban the torture of prisoners. He then signed an executive order stating that no appointee has been chosen because of political affiliation or contributions. Last, he granted a television interview for a “voice moderation� in the Middle East. In the next seven months, Obama had begun sending troops in Afghanistan and pulling them out of Iraq, bailed out the auto industry, refused the request to place more troops in Afghanistan, created more foreign oil demands by limiting the drilling and production in the U.S., pushed the Fairness doctrine to limit free speech, increased the American debt to new heights, and increased unemployment to a high of 40 years. There is no doubt that President Obama has done a lot for this country in a year, and we'll see if he lives up to his promises with the next three years of office.


Student Life

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Rose Savela To Join 4th Ranked Indy Greyhounds After school tomorrow, senior Rose Savela will solidify the biggest decision of her life so far. At 3:30, beside her family and coaches, Rose will sign her national letter of intent to play women’s basketball at the University of Indianapolis next year. U-Indy is a private division II school on the southern side of Indianapolis. The women’s basketball team, under a recent coaching change, has taken their program to the next level. Last year, the Greyhounds made it to the sweet sixteen for the first time in school history. Their post season run earned them a number four spot on the pre season national ranking list. Rose first became interested in UIndy when the coaches contacted her after one of the many AAU events she played. After they followed her to events in Chicago, Toledo, and Mt. Pleasant the coaches were convinced she was not only a good fit for the team but worthy of a full-ride scholarship.


that level.”

Rose had several other offers from inNot only is it tough joining a college state schools, but U-Indy stood out team, but joining a nationally ranked above the rest. She went down to visit on team is something else Rose knows will two different occasions before verbally be difficult. committing on October 2nd. “I don’t really find it intimidating going “The visits really helped make my into a program like this because it’s why I decision,” said Rose. “I was a bit uneasy am playing for them,” said Rose. “I want about the distance from home, but when to win a national championship and they I got on campus, met the girls, and do too. With that being said, I know I played in an open gym I could tell it was have a ton of work to do to prepare for the perfect fit for me.” the transition from high school to college basketball. Going into a winning program Although she says the recruiting proc- will be tough.” ess was long and grueling, she is completely happy with where she ended up. However tough it may be, Rose knows it will be completely worth it. “The best part is just having the decision done with,” said Rose. “At times the “There’s no doubt in my mind that all recruiting process started to take the fun of the work will pay off. I’m going to get out of playing. That was the worst. Now to play college basketball for a winning that I know where I’m going I’m able to program while getting my college paid have fun again and focus on the season for. It’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of.” ahead.”

Although Rose acknowledges that this is a dream come true for her, she “I’ve put in a lot of time into basketball also knows that it won’t be an easy task. over the years,” Rose said. “Whether it “Definitely this is what I’ve always was just working on my game individually or traveling all summer to play in different dreamed of,” she said. “I sometimes forget how lucky I am to have this opportuevents, it was a ton of hard work filled with many sacrifices. To be rewarded at nity. At the same time though, I will definitely be earning that scholarship day in this level just makes all those trips and hard work completely worth it. It’s pretty and day out. It’s a lot of work to play at

Word On The Street: What Is Your Favorite TV Channel?

Nate Leino-Jones: Nickelodeon. Definitely Nickelodeon

Brandon Jablonski: I’d have to say Discovery Channel is the best.

Darby Nummerador: Gonna have to go with MTV

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Student Life

The PIT: What’s Really Going On By: Andrea Paine As basketball season approaches, many wonder why the name of the student body's favorite gathering place is missing. As The Pit's name is a bit negative, MHS administration decided to change the name to create a better representation of the students at games. The Pit was originally created by a past athletic director in hopes to unite the student body at a certain section during games. Many years later, the teacher and administrators still wonder if The Pit is the most accurate name of the place where all the students gather for basketball games. Principal Andy Huber explains, “We were never quite satisfied with the quality of the paint job done.” After considering a new paint job done to The Pit, the staff decided to revamp the whole idea of it and go for a new approach. “The Pit didn't accurately portray the student body. We're looking for a more positive way to display the collection the students,” Huber said. Although he's sure that the some students won't be happy, he's ready for suggestions on the new name of The Pit. “I'm all ears for your suggestions!” he exclaimed. If you have any suggestions go ahead and talk to Mr. Huber or go to the Chip Herald Moodle page to post on the forum at,

Creative Writing Writes Kid’s Book By: Yoav Placencia This last week, students from Mr. Joseph’s Creative Writing class wrapped up the month-long Halloween project that involved Mrs. Slawinski’s First grade class and Mrs. Elzinga’s Third grade class.

grade kids were all excited to read their stories.The stories with computergenerated photos got ‘awws’ as the students thought the author actually drew the picture!”

Both the elementary students and the High Schoolers formed friendships that actually impacted both of their lives. “After The last step for the project, which con- working with the younger kids, and colsisted of partnering up with little kids to laborating to create a book, it makes me come up with a Halloween story, was to miss being a kid,” confessed Senior read each story and then present it to the Susan Yates. “This is my last year to just elementary student as a gift. "It went won- be a kid. I almost wish we could just go derfully," commented Joseph. "The First back, rewind and freeze. This project

helped me understand what I was like at that age, and miss it.” As for Junior Katie Dooley, she commented that, “the experience was fun. I learned that you shouldn’t underestimate little kids, and I’m glad that my little friend liked her book.” As for plans for future Creative Writing classes Mr. Joseph commented, "I’ll definitely do it again. Simply being involved in their lives helps these younger students more than either participate may realize. Hopefully, my students see the impact they can have on people and get involved more often.”

EKUP: 9 Miles of Pain & Friends

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Swim Team Wraps Up Season at Conference Championships By: Andrea Paine The Manistee Girls' Swim Team finished up their first ever season at the Coastal Conference Championships last Friday and Saturday.

Kayla Linke finished right behind MakDespite no relays or divers the team still stayed strong with outstanding finishes in sym in the 500 yard freestyle with a ninth their individual events. The best finish for place. Maksym also had a tenth place finish in the 200 yard freestyle, while Paine had a twelfth place in the 200 yard individual medley.

The Chippewas began competing Friday in the preliminaries to determine if they would swim in the finals on Saturday. In order to make it to Saturday the swimmers had to finish in the top 16.

Morgan Ott finished with a eleventh place in the 100 yard butterfly and a thirteenth place in the 100 yard backstroke. Nathalie Kenny ended up fifteenth in the 50 yard freestyle and a thirteenth in the 100 yard freestyle. Jenna Vincent took fourteenth place in the 100 yard butterfly. Annie Devoe finished fifteenth in the 100 yard backstroke. Hannah Davis finished twelfth in the 100 breaststroke.

The team sent eight swimmers to compete in the semifinals and two swimmers to compete in the finals on Saturday. The swim team had a struggle on Saturday against the bigger teams due to the absence of divers and the loss of Kari Paine because of sickness. They had to scratch out all of their A relays because of they had no substitutes to fill in for Paine.

Even though the team took last the Chippewas was Andrea Paine in the place with 53 points, they still maintain proud of their efforts and accomplished in 100 yard breaststroke who finished sixth place. The other medalist was Julia Mak- knocking seconds off their times. sym with an eighth place in the 500 yard freestyle.

MHS Volleyball Ends Season at Districts By: Katie Dooley The girl’s volleyball season is officially over. Districts were Tuesday November 3rd and Wednesday, November 4th. The first round was on the 3rd, in which they got a Bye, which means it was an automatic pass to the next round because the other team couldn’t make it, or dropped out, or some other reason. So, on the 4th, Manistee played Benzie Central, losing in 3 sets; 16-25, 13-25, 22 -25. In the overall season total, the matches won was 8 and the matches lost was 10. Sets won were 21 and loses were 27. The events won was 5-5-3; 5 wins, 5 loses, and 3 sets. “The District game went better than anyone thought. We still lost, but we played like true team,” Nicole McLaughlin says of Districts. Erin Guillen says, “We played our best ever. Everyone got a long and I was happy with our end result. Go girls.” Sounds like they played their best. The team really did pull through in Districts, even though they ultimately lost. “Even though we didn’t win, it felt like we did,” Paige Zajac says. They tried really hard, and ended the season on a high note. “At Districts, we did the best we have done in a couple of years. Our team really pulled it together and fought for it. We did the best we could,” captain Emily Jones says. In the end, they had a decent season. When they did lose, it wasn’t by a huge margin of points. They did their best, and they really did fight till the end.

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Arts and Entertainment Is Windows7 Finally A Win For Microsoft? By: Joe Frederick Microsoft’s latest operating system Windows 7 is a great improvement on every previous OS Microsoft has turned out and for the record, I use a mac. Microsoft has finally listened to what consumers have to say, and even went so far as to pre-release a beta version of Windows 7 to Microsoft enthusiasts that provided feedback on the product. The standard windows “start” menu got a facelift, giving everything a more modern aesthetic feel. Microsoft introduced a system-wide search function similar to apple’s spotlight, and fixed the problematic pop up warning screens common on their earlier Vista OS. A very helpful new function on Windows 7 is what is known as Aero. Aero is an upgrade in Microsoft’s user interface that allows for easier multitasking and gets rid the need for Alt-Tab keystrokes to maneuver between multiple windows, once again similar to the Apple’s Exposé function. The one downside to Windows 7 is that despite all the vast improvements in memory use and user interface you still need to download third party virus protection software. This doesn’t mean you will get a virus if you don’t get virus protection, but the fact that it is a Windows program and virus are more susceptible to Windows. The upgrade process is a bit lengthy if upgrading from XP. There are also five editions of Windows 7 to choose from even though most consumers can use home edition with no trouble. Even being the staunch mac addict that I am, the improvements made in Windows 7 are very intriguing, and bring Microsoft up to par with Apple in style and ease of use. Upgrading your current machine to Windows 7, even though it is a bit involved, will turn it into the lean, mean, computing machine Windows users have been searching for, and finally got.

My Sister’s Keeper is a Must-Have By: Katie Dooley My Sister’s Keeper is about a girl named Anna Fitzgerald, 13, whose sister Kate, 16, has leukemia. Anna has been Kate’s donor since she was a baby. She gives Kate blood cells and bone marrow to help keep her alive. Anna now wants medical emancipation from her parents for the rights to her own body. She wants to stop giving Kate things from herself. Kate is dying, and she needs a kidney, but Anna doesn’t want to give it to her. She says the reason is because she doesn’t want to keep giving Kate things, and she wants to keep herself healthy because if she keeps giving Kate blood and bone marrow and a kidney, and if she needs it someday, she won’t have it, but there’s another reason behind it. The book and the movie are both similar and very different. They each have a different ending, but are equally very sad. The book/movie both raise controversy because of the touchy subject of having children for the sake of saving another, but I think it goes much deeper than that. The book makes you feel for all of the characters, especially Jesse, the brother who is having a difficult time dealing with Kate’s situation. I won’t give away the ending, but needless to say, it’s sad. The book is better than the movie, but the movie is good as well. Cameron Diaz plays the mother, Abigail Breslin plays Anna, and Sofia Vassilieva plays Kate. You can purchase My Sister’s Keeper on DVD on November 17th.

Arts and Entertainment

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Modern Warfare 2: Easily the Game of the Year By: Yoav Placencia

now multiple kill streak rewards that can be picked and put into classes by each Expected to sell over $500 million for the player. Kill streaks can now range from 3 first week alone, Call of Duty: Modern kills, UAV (that can now be gunned Warfare 2 (now simply called Modern down), to 11 kills, one can man an ACWarfare 2), will easily become the all-time 130 temporarily, to the final 25 kills, tactibiggest game launch. Modern Warfare 2 cal nuke that when used, a bright flash will contain an incredible amount of new kills everyone and your team automatiadditions, ranging from an instant-win kill cally wins (let’s hope this doesn’t ruin it). streak, to heartbeat sensor weapon attachments. Modern Warfare 2 revolves around the character Sergeant Gary “Roach” Sanderson (character played) and begins shortly after the end of the last game. This time, you’re in a military group called Task Force 141, led by last game’s playable character, Sergeant "Soap" MacTavish. Task Force 141 is put together so that the global community can counter the growing ultranationalist effort due to the death of a ‘martyr’ from last game, Zakhaev.

numerous amount of changes/ improvements. A new major ‘weapon’ is the riot shield, which replaces main weapon, but because it’s indestructible (only bad thing is that as the shield is more and more shot, one begins to see less and less through it), and allows you to only use your secondary weapon. As for secondary weapons, shotguns now apply under such, and two new types are added: machine pistols (which some can be dual-wielded) and launchers. As for weapon equipment additions, there are now semtex grenades (sticky grenades), a throwing knife (only given one, but can be picked up after a miss or an instant kill), and a tactical insertion flare (which has you spawn where it’s dropped, but can also be destroyed by the enemy).

Last known new addition to the game are the weapon attachments. They constitute of the usual, plus a few new ones that may change the gameplay drastically. Double Tap, Bandolier, and The campaign is once again a Deep Impact perks are now replaced by a single player deal, and will also last the rapid fire attachment, extra magazines, usual 6-10 hours. The new game engine and full metal jacket rounds in that conhowever has improved to the point in secutive order. As for the new additions, which gameplay will be different every they are the following: MARS sight, thertime it’s played, for enemies are now ‘smarter’ and will spawn at different spots, There are a total of 15 known kill streaks mal, heartbeat sensor, holographic sight, shotgun, akimbo (dual-wield), and a siand approach you as tactically convenient to choose from. A new addition to this, are the death streaks, which happen lencer that can now also be used for as possible (for them). when you die consecutively without killing sniper rifles and shotguns. A new addition to the campaign anyone. Death streaks range from dropModern Warfare 2 is overall a is the Special Ops mode, in which it can ping a grenade (replacing martydom completely different game than its predebe played with another player either loperk), to being able to copy your killer’s cally or online. These missions are sepa- class after dying four times consecutively. cessor. With so many new changes and technicalities, it is uncertain if the game rate of the story, and will have a feel to The biggest change however, makers went too far, or if this will be the them as did the epilogue mission in goes to perks. The perks have been revo- videogame to own for a while. COD4, “Mile High Club.” Players must lutionized and now consist of two modes: unlock missions by earning stars regular perk, and pro-mode. Not (received after finishing mission under a only are there numerous new specific difficulty; the harder, the more perks, such as being able to stars one earns), that will mount up to a change your class anytime during total of 25 different missions. The missions will consist of epic short deals, such the match, but by completing their challenges, one can greatly as escaping from an enemy base on improve the perk (such as the snowmobiles, or even cooler, by having one teammate pilot an AC-130, while the last stand perk, which now allows you to crawl, but with the proother takes care of the ground task mode, one can also use regular forces. weapons and grenades). As for the online multiplayer, There are also obviously almost all of it has been revamped. As plenty of new weapons, but there’s also a heard the most, it is true that there are

Arts and Entertainment

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Student Contests By: Nicole Noble Are you a good writer or a good artist? Well, there are two contests that you can enter and have a chance to be noticed as an artist. C-SPAN is having their annual StudentCam contest. StudentCam is an annual national documentary contest. It encourages kids to seriously think about some of the issues that affect our nation and even in our town. C-SPAN is asking students to create a five to eight minute video documentary that responds to one of the two questions asked. What is one of our country's greatest strengths? -or- What is a challenge that our country is facing? These are the two questions that are available to answer. The video must be made completely by you. Teams are also excepted in this contest. The grand prize for the C-SPAN contest is 5,000 dollars. There are 50,000 dollars worth of prizes awarded throughout the winners and their teachers. This contest is open to Middle school and High school students. The deadline for entries is January 20, 2010. For more rules and information the website for it is If your not into the documentary, there is one more big contest. It is called Seen & Heard 2010. This contest is open for students in grades 9-12. Seen and Heard is encouraging students to depict their thoughts about contemporary freedom issues. For this contest you can enter an editorial cartoon, photojournalism, film or a web design.1st place winner will receive 500 dollars and round-trip airfare and accommodations to Chicago for an awards ceremony. 2nd place winner will be awarded 200 dollars and round-trip airfare and accommodations to Chicago as well. One winner will be selected by a student panel of judges to be presented with the Mary Beth Tinker Award and also be awarded 1000 dollars. This person will also get round-trip airfare and accommodations to Chicago for a special day of activities, including a reception and award ceremony on May 1st 2010. For this contest you may submit up to two entries per category only by February 5, 2010. For more information on this contest you can visit their website, www.FREEDONPROJECT.US.

Web pg Must See: My Life Is Average By: Katie Dooley “My Life is Average” is a website that celebrates the monotony of people’s lives. They all start with “today” and end with the abbreviation of “MLIA.” You can read funny stories about “average” things that happen in everyone’s life, everyday. Here are a few examples: Today, my mother called me on my cell at 6:30pm from our house, yelling that I had to be home at 7:30pm or else. I said alright, and hung up the phone. I was sitting in my bedroom. MLIA Last night, while sleeping, I felt my hand land on someone else's. I freaked out, thrashing about in my bed, until I realized that my right hand had fallen asleep, and that I was holding hands with myself. MLIA Today, I walked down the hall only to find my parents huddled over the computer and giggling hysterically. I asked them what was up, and my mom told me, "we're writing complaint letters to places we've never bought anything from, just to see if they'll give us some free stuff." I love my parents. MLIA If you want to read more about My Life is Average, go to

App 7: Movers By: Michael Bond This summer, an app called “Mover” was released. Mover is similar to instant messaging, but it is faster and easier. It is used to give and receive photos from your friends and family. Mover automatically saves the shared photos. You must add your contact to your contact area on your iphone in order for you to send them pictures. This app is not so much a game as it is a helpful app that can be used with your friends and sharing photos. “This app is the bomb. It is really helpful for everything I need it for. It's been used at work, at family reunions, and in my home with some friends. It does exactly what it is designed to do, so absolutely no complaints here. When I first got this app I absolutely hated the graphics. White is so bland, but after a while I realized that it doesn't matter what the graphics are; it's super fast and reliable!” said JoshPlucker from This app requires an Internet connection in order for it to be put to use. It is available at the app store for $0.99.

Page 10 Arts and Entertainment The Droid: Will It Replace The Iphone? by Andrea Paine

perience the new 4G service that comes out next year.

Many of you have probably seen the commercial where Motorola disses on the Even though Verizon has better service iPhone. The commercial focuses on the than AT&T, price doesn't play a factor. negatives of the iPhone saying things like “iDon't take night shots” and “iDon't have interchangeable batteries”. The commercial also talks about the iPhone's lack of a real keyboard and inability to customize and run multiple apps. It ends the commercial with saying, “Everything iDon't, Droid does.” Truthfully stated, because the Droid truly contains most of the things the iPhone lacks. Because the iPhone doesn't have a real keyboard, the Droid will appeal more teens who are constantly texting.

Both the price of the phone and of the contract are the same from the iPhone The Droid is the first phone from Verizon based on Google's Android Market. It and the Droid. Many wonder if the Droid's touchscreen is a responsive as iPhone's. is likely to succeed due to Verizon being Like the other smart phones, the Droid's the largest carrier with over 86 million touchscreen isn't quite as sensitive as the people subscribed. Verizon has more reliable network and service, while AT&T iPhone's. Even though you don't have as much sensitivity as the iPhone, you have still is a little weak. Due to being under a high resolution screen that makes it Verizon, Droid users will be able to ex-

easier to watch videos. Although Motorola claims that Droid camera trumps iPhone's because of its 5.0 mp with a flash, some reviews say it's not as great as it claims. “First off, the camera is painfully slow to focus and snap pictures -- and when it does, the results can be unpredictable,” said a review on What really makes the Droid top the iPhone is its ability to multi task. On the Droid you can open multiple apps at once to multi task on your phone. Even though you can run more apps, the iTunes store for the iPhone is a huge success with over 85,000 apps. The Droid has about 6.4 hours of talk time verse the 5 hours of talk time on the iPhone. But the iPhone still has an overall longer lasting battery with 300 hours to the Droid's 270 hours. All of the smart phones that claimed to knock the iPhone off its perch failed, so the Droid is most likely to do the same.

A Band You Might Not Have Known: Blind Melon By: Joe Frederick Formed in California in 1989 Blind Melon’s distinct 90’s alternative rock sound makes them a relic of the grunge era. They signed with Capitol Records in 1991 and recorded their first album that was produced by Rick Parasher of Peal Jam. The self-titled album was thought to be a flop, until the single “No Rain” was released in 1993. Blind Melon’s lineup was very consistent through their relatively short six-year existence and included Christopher John Thorn on guitar, Thomas Rogers Stevens on guitar, Eric Bradley Smith on bass, Glen Grahm on drums, and vocalist Shannon Hoon. Unfortunately, during their tour in support of their 1995 album Soup Blind Melon’s vocalist Shannon Hoon was found dead of a cocaine overdose in the back of the band’s tour bus. Hoon’s death meant the end of Blind Melon despite many efforts to continue with other vocalists. They did release two other studio albums one of which with vocalist Travis Warren and another in tribute of Hoon released after his death, but none of that reached the success of their first two albums. Blind Melon is often overlooked and labeled as a “one hit wonder” but in actuality their music contributed greatly to the alternative rock movement of the 90’s.

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Manistee High School Drama presents

Want More World News?

the world’s longest running musical NOVEMBER VEMBER 1212-14 7:30 pm NOVEMBER 15 2 pm

This 10 minute news program gives you a sense of what is going on it the world. Mr. Bennett is now showing CNN Student News in his World Studies classes in hopes of giving his students insight on world news. CNN Student News is available online at studentnews/ or it can be downloaded as a Podcast for your iPod.

Tickets: Adults $7, Students $4 Manistee High School Auditorium directed by Rick Plummer

The Chippewa Herald Team: Advisor: Mr. Joseph Editor: Jenna Vincent Writers: -Andrea Paine -Joe Frederick -Katie Dooley -Yoav Placencia -Michael Bond -Nicole Noble

Chippewa Herald 11-10-09  

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