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Manistee High School

Volume 1 Issue 9

Manistee, MI

November 24, 2009

Mr. Olsen Memorial By: Kevin Kott On Saturday November 21, the Manistee High School gymnasium was filled with the friends and family of late superintendent Bob Olsen. They were there to pay respect and say their goodbyes for the last time to the man who had given so much for his family, his school, and his community. His son, Greg, started off the memorial with a speech honoring everything his father had taught him and everything he’s done for his family through their short time together. We also heard speeches from Mr. Huber, Mr. Raddatz, and board member Darrin Forbes. Although there were many different speakers, they all had one common theme: how great a person Mr. Olsen really was. It’s hard to believe how someone could do so much for his job, and still have enough left to care for his family and all of the students the way he did. A testament to this was the overwhelming reception at his memorial.

Downtown’s Downturn By: Joe Frederick Manistee has always been known as the “Victorian Port City,” but the efforts to keep Manistee’s downtown district “Victorian” have led to its demise. First off there is no way a business owner would want to open a shop in Manistee if they are forced to conform to the cookie -cutter “Victorian” style. Losing the Victorian label would open up the opportunities for any number of business owners to do whatever they wanted to with any of the 18 vacant storefronts.


The river walk is a great thing for Manistee, but by using the river walk consumers are bypassing the entire downtown and cutting down on a lot of possible impulse purchases. Perhaps if stores made their riverfront sides a bit more attractive and offer an inviting entrance from the river walk, it may bolster shopping.

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Not only does Manistee need more restaurants and shops to fill the vacant storefronts, but it also needs some livening up.

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Student Life

MHS Skiers Head To Colorado By: Andrea Paine Last Friday, members of the girls' ski team loaded a plane for Copper Mountain, Colorado to get in some pre-season training. The skiers will spend exam week and Thanksgiving break on the slopes to get ahead of their competition. After being State champions in the 2008-2009 season, the girls' ski team looks to have the same success in the upcoming season. “Going to Copper gives us hours of training that take months to make up,” said senior and team captain Kari Paine. “In the beginning on the season, you can really tell who's been to Copper and who hasn't.” The team wakes up before the sunrise to get good conditions that are similar to the ones in Michigan: hard and icy. They are heading out with Dan Janowiak, who is the assistant coach of the high school team. For some of the racers, this is their third year going out to Copper Mountain. Although the team gets ahead the season by going to Colorado, they do have to make some sacrifices. “We have to miss exams and sharing thanksgiving with our families,” Paine said. “But it's so worth it to get jump start on our season.” The team will be joined by fellow racers from all around Michigan, who they they compete against during the season. This also gives them the chance to see how they're doing compared to their competition. Missing exams and a family thanksgiving seems like nothing compared to working towards another state championship, and for the girls' ski team it's worth it.

Word On The Street Mr. Bennett: Beard or No Beard?

Brandon Dooley– “I love him any way.”

Michael Bond– “It’s harder to draw him without a beard.”

Trent Huskey– “Well, I don’t know him, but as a basketball could affect the entire season.”

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Student Life

Thanksgiving: The Real Story ica, the pilgrims basically had their own happily ever after and celebrate it with food. When the pilgrims first came to America they were far from happy. The world thinks that 1621 was a year of great harvest, but actually many were killed off due to starvation and famine. The colonists stole food from each other, and refused to farm their own food. When they finally got enough food to remain alive, the colonists decided to pool their food together instead of stealing from each other. Governor William Bradford declared a day of thanksgiving, but Thanksgiving was actually a traditional harvest feast that they celebrated back in England. Bradford ruled the new colonies almost like a communist, but then created private property and free enterprise that made the colonies flourish. The Plymouth pilgrims arrived in America during a very harsh winter, and the Wampanoag Indians came in and saved the pilgrims from dying, and taught them the right ways in how the create a successful crop. By: Andrea Paine When you think of Thanksgiving, you think of the pilgrims and the giant feast for the Indians. But the what your first grade teacher taught you isn't the story of what really happened. In first grade you are taught that when they arrive in Amer-

But the real reason for so much change in Thanksgiving was because it wasn't established by one main event. It was brought over from England, celebrated by the pilgrims, and then modernized by the world. It was tampered by our culture and then finally established 300 years after it began. Even though the menu and the traditions are different, we still remain to give thanks to what matters most.

10 Thanksgiving Facts -Minnesota is the top turkey producing state in America. -Over 46 million turkeys were consumed in 2007 at Thanksgiving, which is over 535 million pounds of turkey. - About 3 million people go to New York City to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, and over 44 million people watch the parade at home. - Around 40 million Americans travel during the Thanksgiving holiday. - Thanksgiving wasn't declared a national holiday until 1941. - There are approximately 3000 calories in the average Thanksgiving meal. - Seafood like lobster, cod, and eel were also served at the original Thanksgiving meals. - California is the largest turkey consuming state in America. - The largest pumpkin pie ever baked was 2,020 pounds and was over 12 feet long. The average Thanksgiving turkey is about 15 pounds!

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Taylor Swift Steals American Music Awards The Top Awards This Year: Artist of the Year: Taylor Swift Favorite Female Pop/Rock Artist: Taylor Swift Favorite Male Pop/Rock Artist: Michael Jackson Favorite Pop/Rock Album: Michael Jackson’s “Number Ones” (2003) Favorite Pop/Rock Group: Black Eyed Peas Favorite Alternative Rock Artist: Green Day Favorite Country Album: “Fearless” Taylor Swift Favorite Country Group: Rascal Flatts (fourth year in a row) Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Artist: Jay-Z Favorite Female Soul/R&B Artist: Beyonce By: Yoav Placencia Last night the American Music Awards took place at Los Angeles’ Nokia Theater. For the first time ever, there was no host, and instead several artists and actors presented the awards. The nominees were chosen based on radio airplay and retail sales, but the winners were picked by the public through online voting. This year the late Michael Jackson dominated nominations and won four awards, but in the end Taylor Swift was the big winner of the night by taking home five awards. There were numerous performances, ranging from Adam Lambert’s obnoxious performance of “For Your Entertainment,” to Alicia Keys and Jay-Z’s impressive performance of “Empire State of Mind.” Performers Eminem, Lady GaGa, T.I., and Kings of Leon, went empty-handed even after their massive popularity this year.

Downtown’s Downturn...cont’ Making improvements downtown that would attract a younger crowd could bring out a huge demographic of Manistee’s population that doesn’t frequent the downtown area. Setting up live music in one of the vacant stores once or twice a month during the winter could bring kids from not only Manistee, but the surrounding counties as well. Manistee’s downtown is experiencing some positive changes. The popular Onekama restaurant The Glenwood is selling desserts, dressings, and gift baskets during the winter season at what used to be Scrap To It next to Goodies. Also Gliks has completed its move across Maple Street to the old Hallmark Store, and the Hallmark store has moved to a smaller building toward the end of River Street as well. The area near Surroundings has flourished in recent months, mainly due to a more unique selection of shops and a freshening up of paint. Many storeowners could learn from this simple action. Manistee has great potential for economic growth, but unfortunately potential business owners aren’t very confident in the state of Manistee’s downtown area. But, it’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do!

Arts and Entertainement Wintergirls Book Review

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By: Katie Dooley Wintergirls is a book about a girl named Lia who is struggling with anorexia. Her best friend Cassie recently died from the disorder, in a competition of who could become the skinniest the quickest. Now Lia is left to deal with her dysfunctional family, and her anorexia. She also cuts herself. The term “wintergirls” means a girl who is frozen in her emotions. She can’t move forward or backward. She is stuck. And that’s exactly what Lia is. Throughout the book, she counts calories of everything she eats, and there are some phrases that are crossed out, because those are the thoughts that are going through her head that she doesn’t want to think; she censors her thoughts. She lives with her father and her stepmother and stepsister. Her stepmother doesn’t think she needs to go back to therapy (she’s already been there once) because she’s too preoccupied with her own life. Her dad, on the other hand, senses everything that she’s doing. This makes Lia try to hide what she’s doing even more. Her father confronts her mother, and they both try and talk to Lia about getting counseling again, but she refuses. Also, she sees Cassie at night. Her ghost is haunting her, literally. She will visit Lia during the day and try and make her see things that she doesn’t understand. Those parts of the book are really eerie. Overall, this book is incredible. It’s very well written, and has an amazing voice. You really feel what Lia is going through every step of the way. By the end, you want her to get better. I highly recommend this book. It’s hard to read at some parts, but it is very good. It’s definitely worth it.

Monsters Of Folk: Experience= Excellence By: Joe Frederick

at the end of the summer. The album has been very well accepted and peaked at 15 on the billboard 200 after starting at 143.

Monsters of Folk is a fairly new group to the Folk Rock scene, but it’s members have shaped the genre to what it is today. M.O.F consists of Jim James from My Morning Jacket, Conor Oberst, and Mike Mogis from Bright Eyes, and M. Ward of independent fame. Their eclectic line up allows for the individual sound of the artists to be combined creating an interesting sound, the likes of which have never been seen. Actually getting together for the first time in 2004, Monsters of Folk was unable to tour and record due to the other various projects of the band members. Their self-

Monsters of Folk are now on tour in Europe, but were touring in the United States earlier this fall. If you enjoy the music of Bright Eyes, or My Morning Jacket this band is definitely worth checking out. For tour dates and other information check out their band website, or their myspace http:// monstersoffolk titled album is their first and was released

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Goodbye Oprah Winfrey By: Michael Bond Last Friday, Oprah Winfrey announced that she is stopping the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2011, her 25th season. She is beyond happy with the time that she has had with the show and all the fans that have supported her. She didn’t think that it could ever be this wonderful and hope that her fans know that it was all because of them. “I have no regrets,” said Oprah to Gayle King on Sirius XM radio. She admits that seeing the look on her viewer’s faces was a disappointment, but that it is time for the show to end. Although the end is coming she wants her fans to remember that she still has one more season and for everyone to be prepared because it is definitely going to be a good one. Oprah looks ahead to the future. She doesn't know what is in store for her and feels that the show had to end. “It's 100% harder to do the show now than when it first started,” said Oprah to Oprah's show has been on the air for 24 seasons with one more to come. Oprah felt that, “Twenty-five feels right in my bones, and it feels right in my spirit. It's exactly the perfect number-- the exact right time.”

Twilight: Was It Really That Good? By: Nicole Noble The Twilight saga New Moon was released on November 20th. Many people were lined up at movie theaters for the midnight showing of New Moon, bringing in an estimated 26.3 million dollars opening night. Many screaming girls were beyond excited to see Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner on the big screen. The movie was amazing. It was bigger, better, and bolder than the first. The werewolves that are portrayed in the film, actually look real. Chris Wietz was the director of New Moon and did a fantastic job. The action in the movie was stepped up a notch from Twilight. There was more running, jumping and fighting. Victoria, the evil vampire, has shown New Moon fans what she is capable of. She is fast and up for a big fight. The werewolves in the movie are just the same with great graphics. No matter what comes their way they are ready. New Moon really showed how close Jacob and Bella become as friends. The lengths that Edward would go to protect Bella. Jacob also showed his protective side towards Bella. It is now vampire vs. werewolf. Jacob and Edward will fight 'till the end. The end of New Moon was a surprise to those that haven't read the books. Most people do not expect the ending to end as it d. Although it was unexpected, fans are more excited than ever. The movie garnered the third best weekend opening of all time, next to The Dark Knight and Spider Man 3. It ranked in $140.7 million from 4,024 theaters. Nearly double of Twilight's $69.6 million debut. New Moon was huge and Eclipse is expected to be even bigger. This movie was definitely a tie between a girl movie and a guy movie. There action was for the guys, but the romance was for the girls. The werewolves and It was a win-win type of movie. Eclipse, the next movie of the Twilight saga is scheduled to come out in theaters June 30th of 2010.

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Tumblr: Facebook+Twitter, Except Good By: Yoav Placencia

Tumblr has also been growing as a As many are starting to find out, Tumblr, marketing site for anya new kind of blogging platform, is stead- one from writers and ily becoming the new “it.” With a retention photographers, to rate of about 85% compared to such as major musicians and Twitter’s low current 40%, Tumblr is prov- even President ing to be an apt competitor to the current Obama himself. This social network giants. Founded just in is no surprise since, 2007 by David Karp, the site focuses on according to the site, its massive customization abilities, and its “Tumblr posts get 3x ease of use. more responses than traditional blog posts.” Each page is able to be fully customThis is achieved by ized either by generated themes, or by simply approving of custom-made html code that makes Tumblr look more like a professional site the post by “liking” it, similar to that of facerather than just some casual, social netbook, as well as the working site (let alone the major lurking aforementioned reand stalking). The site also maintains its blog, as well as other options. popularity with its reblogging option, which enables one to reblog another The site is similar to Twitter in the sense user’s media, wether it is text, photo, of users are able to “follow” others’ tumquote, link, dialogue, audio, video, slideblelogging, and get updates to what shows, or something else on their own they’ve posted. The mixed media howsite. As comedian Paul Scheer comever, is what majorly differentiates this mented, “If you don't have anything to say site from Twitter. As for the Myspace asjust reblog someone else's post and look pect, as mentioned beforehand, Tumblr cool for doing it." does not allow total control over customi-

zation of one’s site, but it also allows video and audio clips to be directly uploaded into your Tumblr. If you’re still unsure of Tumblr, just check it out yourself at http:// and don’t be surprised if the next social networking giant sucks you in.

Skin Lightening: Good or Bad? By: Katie Dooley Skin lightening, or skin whitening, is becoming increasingly popular lately, especially in the African American and Indian community. People are using this method of making their skin lighter because they don’t like their skin, or they are self conscious and want a lighter skin tone. Skin Lightening is just that: a cosmetic method used to make the skin lighter. And it’s not necessarily good for the skin, either.

ful effects it can cause. These aren’t the only substances that are in the product, though. Arbutin, tretinoin, alpha hydroxy acids, kojic acids, azelaic acids, vitamin C, and glutathione, to name a few. There are other methods that people are using to lighten their skin. Laser treatments are one way, but there are risks, like there is with any other treatment. There are especially risks for people with darker skin tones that use laser treatments. Another way is cryosurgery, which is an alternative to laser treatments that uses liquid nitrogen. It controls the destruction of skin cells for skin to naturally regenerate itself.

The ingredients in some of the products that you can buy to lighten your skin have mercury in them, which is toxic, as well as hydroquinone, which is a strong determent of the production of melanin and prevents the skin, when you use the product, to So, if you’re thinking of making your skin lighter, you might make the substance that is accountable for making skin color. want to think twice before you buy a the cream. It’s even been banned in some countries because of the harm-

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Arts And Entertainment The Fourth Kind: Believable? By: Andrea Paine

But the truth of the matter is that there's patients under hypnosis side by side to the movie's recreation. But in the footage, no trace that Dr. Abigail Tyler even exAs I watch the The Fourth Kind, I could- when things start to happen, the film beisted as a psychiatrist. n't help but laugh at many of the scenes. comes blurry. The film also highlights Alien abduction and ancient languages When the film starts to blur and become footage of an interview with the actual were just some of the “true” events that fuzzy in the “actual footage”, I find these made up the movie. I felt that clips so unbelievable. The Fourth Kind was trying to Some of the characters in go for a documentary type the film don't even believe film, but couldn't quite pull it Dr. Tyler even after the get off due to the insanity of its abducted. Dr. Tyler's special effects. Alien movies daughter gets abducted in are unable to have the same the film, but after that the effect on me as other types of film continues to drop off scary movies, and when I saw without any evidence or some of the things in this care in the film. At the end movie I wasn't convinced. of the film, they update Many of the elements of the viewers contradicts much films couldn't weren't even of the facts in the movie. described in the film. What I find The Fourth Kind was up with the owl or levitatcompletely unrealistic and ing? I wished I would've spent The Fourth Kind follows the my money on more constudies of psychiatrist Dr. vincing type of scary Abigail Tyler, and the movie's director, Abigail Tyler (Milla Jovovich) and her movie. I think that if the movie would've alien abduction studies in Nome, Alaska. Olatunde Osunsanmi. The sadness and focused one main idea, it could've been Dr. Tyler uses hypnosis to uncover some emotion of Dr. Tyler in the interview was more believable. Instead of shifting beof the similar disturbances haunting many scarier than any of the alien abductions in tween fake footage, and a sketchy interthe film. Her interview is the most believ- view, The Fourth Kind should have just Nome's residents. The movie contains able part of the movie because it's the “actual footage” or Dr. Tyler putting her stuck to the script. only part that actually contains emotion.

App 9 : Zombieville USA .By: Michael Bond If you are looking for an action packed game that makes it difficult for you to put down your ipod, Zombieville USA is the game for you. This game has both a great addictive quality and spot-on graphics. As you advance in levels, more and more zombies literally pop up from the ground. Controls entail of horizontal ground movement with weapon use. Weapons include handguns, shotguns, machine guns, rocket launchers, and flame throwers. As you travel through the levels, you can pick up ammunition and money for weapon upgrades. “Zombieville USA is a quick side-scrolling zombie blaster. Made for those who need a quick fix for action.” said's George Roush. If you want to check out this app, it is available at the App store for $1.99, but if you want to check it out before buying it, there is a LITE version.

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