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March 2, 2013

In This Issue... * Poultry Judging Contest * Northeast Poultry Congress * The Sumatra Breed


The Sumatra Breed

Keenan Thygesen of Tunbridge, Vermont, won this Blue Sumatra Cockerel at the Northeast Poultry Congress. The next day he purchased a pullet at the show. He plans to hatch Sumatra chicks this spring. The Sumatra is a breed of chicken native of the island of Sumatra. Chickens were originally imported from Sumatra in 1847 to the U.S. and Europe as fighting cocks for the purpose of cockfighting, but today the breed is primarily kept for exhibition. 1883

is the year the Black Sumatra was first inducted into the American Standard of Perfection. Sumatras are primarily an ornamental breed kept for their attractive plumage. Most often they are pitch black with a green sheen throughout the body and tail. The breed additionally comes in blue and white varieties. Males usually weigh between 4 and 5 pounds, and females weigh between 31⁄2 and 4 pounds. Hens lay about 100 white eggs a

year. Both males and females have no wattles, and males often have multiple spurs. The breed is considered a primitive one; the Sumatra retains a strong flying ability, unlike most modern chicken breeds. The males will fight for dominance, but unlike most breeds, they usually do not fight to the death. A unique feature of the Sumatra is that males have multiple spurs, with Sumatra sometimes having as many as 3 spurs per leg

Taking Orders for Poults & Hatching Eggs Spring 2013

Howacres Poultry Zach & Seth Johnson Tunbridge, Vermont 802-889-9432

Northeast Poultry Congress 2013 West Springfield, Massachusetts

The Northeast Poultry Congress was held on January 19 and 20 in West Springfield, Massachusetts. There were over 2,000 birds entered in the show. There was a Skillathon for kids. Zach Johnson of Tunbridge placed 4th in the Skillathon. There was a Quiz Bowl Contest. Local boys Keenan Thygesen and Zach Johnson each won a waterer in Quiz Bowl. There was a judging contest. There was a large showmanship contest. Both the Novice and Pre-Junior classes had 20 kids in them. There was a place to buy birds with bunnies, turkeys, chickens and chicks. One guy had some chickens running loose. There was a guy selling chicken houses. There was a raffle each day. Keenan Thygesen won two roosters and two leghorns in the raffle but he donated one rooster back to the raffle because the rooster bit and pecked him. The show was AWESOME. There were many people there from Vermont including Scott from Tunbridge School and Vermont Guernsey breeder Nils Berglund. We recommend this show to anyone. It is really fun, there is a great selection of bunnies and poultry to buy, the food was great and the contests for kids were really good.

1st Black Java Cockerel was exhibited by Zach Johnson of Tunbridge, Vermont.

1st Black Java Pullet and Best of Variety was exhibited by Zach Johnson of Tunbridge, Vermont.

The Super Grand Champion of the show was a standard Belgian D’Anvers from New Jersey.

Poultry Congress Show report continues on page 5...

The Northeast Poultry Congress 2013 for full results visit

Keenan Thygesen and Zachary Johnson prepare for showmanship. It is important to look snazzy.

Keenan Thygesen exhibited an Ameraucana hen in Novice Showmanship. He also won with his Barred Plymouth Rocks.

Keenan Thygesen and Sylvia Johnson next to the Champion Goose.

This is Zach Johnson doing showmanship with his White Java cockerel.

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Medicine Tree Farm

Specializing in producing spaulding peafowl in select colors and patterns.

Norman Webster Johnson Jr. NewďŹ eld, New York 607-564-0069

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Tunbridge Poultry Boys March 2013  
Tunbridge Poultry Boys March 2013  

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