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Stephanie Oglesby Graphic Designer

Portfolio: Specialising in Design for retail, fashion and the culture sectors through branding and promotion. The key element within my work is to create an experience for the consumer through story telling, communicating the philosophy of the brand. Education & Experience: Gratterpalm, Leeds. 2 week work placement 2011 Lauren Carande Fashion Branding 2012 YCN Ted Baker Packaging & Promotion Comp 2011 BA (Hons) Graphic Design Leeds College of Art 2009-2012 MeritFoundation Studies in Art & Design Leeds College of Art 2008-2009 Contact: 07792 979245

TED BAKER WATCH COLLECTION YCN Retail Comp Design packaging, promotion and instore touchpoints for a new watch collection at the irreverently british clothing store ‘Ted Baker’. Our idea was based on the British ‘Fish n Chippy’- Time for tea at teds. All promotional material made to appear like typical fish n chip wrapping and imagery etc. Collaboration with Alice Vine

THE ORGANIC PANTRY Design for Food Retail Re-brand of a farm foods company, proposals for a cafe design in York. ‘Pick your own food’ pots designed to reduce the farms food waste. Different fruit n veg, smoothies and soups to choose from everyday. Branding, promotion and packaging including picnic basket style carrier.

NEW MOD COLLECTION TOPSHOP Design for Fashion Retail Graphics for promotion of New Mod Clothiing range, bespoke typeface based on geometric design. A2 Hotdog fold poster/ lookbook and Packaging.

KĂ–KET Scadinavian Fish Restaurant branding KĂ–KET meaning cuisine in Swedish. The design was based on fish scales and water ripples to create a fresh, contemporary feel for the restaurant. Stationary, Web proposal, Aquavit Packaging and Tapas style menu.

TOP 10 CIRCUS ACTS Design for Motion Screenshots taken from a 50 second title sequence for the programme ‘Top 10 Circus Acts’ on channel 5, along with 4 10 second idents. Using Adobe After effects in conjunction with Illustrator and Photoshop. Packaging made to resemble a circus popcorn bag. The DVD comes with microwavable popcorn to eat whilst watching the programme. View Motion on:

CAVASSO Design for Web A new graphic design studio Cavasso, design for web using Dreamweaver, 4 pages.

VOGUE -DON’T PANIC POSTER Design for Print Design entered to competition under category ‘Vogue’, my idea was to show the changing faces of Vogue. Illustrations drawn fro Vogue magazines with paint daubs to symbolise the changing culture of Vogue.

FLORAL TYPEFACE Handmade Type This type was constructed using flowers taken from my locan surroundings to symbolise where I live.


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