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Volume 1, Issue 1

January 20th, 2011

A Letter from The VP Mark Baskfield, Vice President Sales and Marketing

I recently returned home from the NRF BIG show in New York City. With the looming snowstorm in Manhattan, Delta Airlines preemptively cancelled my flight home, prompting an escape from the snow by heading back to Minneapolis early. I know that in typical years, flying to Minneapolis in January to escape a snowstorm would seem funny to most of you, but this winter’s weather has been anything but typical. I saw a statistic last night that read as of January 11th, 2011, 49 of 50 states have at least some snow cover in their state. Florida is the only state in the US right now that has no snow. The big question we are concerned about: how will all this wild weather affect the Retail landscape? I talked to numerous IT directors at NRF and heard some very encouraging news coming out of this years’ retail season. The 2011 NRF Show attendance was up 20% from 2010! This is positive for a couple reasons. Last year we heard that most companies had put a freeze on travel. A higher attendance at NRF tells me that this is changing and the corporate travel restrictions are loosening. Secondly, many retailers avoided NRF last year because they didn’t have it in their budget to buy new IT and point of sale equipment. After hearing from a number of companies, this year looks promising. A number of retailers have plans to do some sizable IT projects in 2011 after showing higher numbers from last year.

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Volume 1, Issue 1

Our Employees make us who we are! Employee Highlight: Cindy S. Bauer, CFO

In 1987, Cindy received a degree from Mankato State University where she studied Management and Finance. After graduation, she began her career at Amcom Corporation as a Sales Assistant. She supported the POS sales force and assisted in the Accounting Department. Cindy’s Accomplishments at Amcom include developing and training of the Customer Service Department as the Customer Support Manager. During her 12 years at Amcom, Cindy developed key relationships with vendors, end-user customers, and third party maintenance companies focusing on the hospitality and retail verticals. After working with Bob Spinner at Amcom, the two decided to branch out and open Retail Tech in April 2000. Cindy provides much of the internal support at Retail Tech , and a plethora of industry knowledge. Retail Tech truly could not be what it is without her!

IBM Partner Corner

Retail-hardened store solutions from IBM

Reliability is one of the most important performance factors for any point-of-sale (POS) device, for one very simple reason: if the system goes down, even for a few minutes, the store cannot complete the transaction. When that happens, the customer is frustrated and customer loyalty falls, followed shortly by a decline in revenue. As retail businesses grow and expand, system reliability becomes even more important. To read more about how IBM equipment is Retail-Hardened, click here.

“IBM retail systems operate on cruise ships, at gas stations, in amusement parks, at mountaintop resorts and in the mist of scenic waterfalls”

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RTI News


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Volume 1, Issue 1

Providing more Value Integration and Staging Facility system for safe shipping and fast, easy unboxing at the destination. We can ship the units “check stand ready,� where all one has to do is unbox and set up. Any or all cables will be installed as specified by the customer. This step will save time and money for the customer! Retail Tech, Inc. has the capability to integrate your POS systems to fit your needs. Distributed Systems? Integrated Systems? A mix? We do it all! Retail Tech has the capabilities to save you time during the installation. Our custom made boxes accommodate the entire POS

money. We can also test the actual store environment. Please contact us for more details and pricing.

As of Fall 2009, Retail Tech has expanded our integration and staging facility. We are now better able to custom load operating systems and software to save you time and

100 Years of Retail: NRF 2011 Thank you to those of you who visited Retail Tech at the trade show! We enjoyed seeing a number of you, and hope to accommodate your hardware needs in the New Year.

Was your company unable to attend? No worries! Check out the NRF website: for breaking industry news from the show as well as the retailers and exhibitors who attended!

Will you be there? Upcoming Retail Tech Appearances

March 16-18: Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Conference (MURTEC). Caesars Palace, Las Vegas (Booth #10)

May 15-18: IBM Retail User Group Conference. Orlando, FL www.IBMRetailUG.Org

Who Are WE?

Retail Tech Inc. 1501 Park Road Chanhassen, MN 55317

Retail Tech is a leading Point of Sale reseller who specializes in the Grocery, Hospitality, and Retail markets.

Phone:952-380-0493 Fax: 952-380-0547

We provide both new and refurbished IBM equipment and have the extended capabilities to buy and repair systems.

Retail Tech’s mission is to provide high quality POS hardware solutions worldwide through exceptional standards in service, reliability, and cost effectiveness.

Check out the Retail Tech Blog!

Letter from the VP (continued from page 1)

In 2010, I think that most IT departments were given the task of managing their information technology as efficiently and as frugally as possible. This is what many people were calling “the band-aid approach”. Retail Tech saw a significant increase in our repair business last year as many retailers tried to make the most of their IT equipment by fixing it instead of replacing it. In 2011, I am optimistic to hear retailers talk about new rollouts, upgrades and integration projects. These discussions have taken the place of the fear and uncertainty that people were feeling last year. In 2011, I hope that Retail Tech can be a part of these IT transactions and prove to you that saving money is important EVERY year, not just when the economy is bad.

Best Regards, Mark Baskfield

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