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San Joaquin Memorial November 18, 2016 Volume 1 Issue 3

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It’s Over... or is it? Elliott Nerenberg

Opinion Editor As 2016 approaches its end, yet another U.S. presidential election does as well. The name-calling, mudslinging, and political drama are over. According to some, though, America’s real problems have yet to come. “[Now that] Trump [has] been elected, we will go to war,” John Lara, sophomore, said. “We [will] also ally with Russia. [America will] become one big meme.” Early in the morning of Nov. 9, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump to concede the election. With Trump in the White House, the world waits anxiously to see what happens next. However, people still like to imagine what would have happened had Hillary won. “If Hillary [had won] the election, I don’t think much would [have changed],” Lara said. “I imagine that she would [have done] the same things as Obama.”

Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton at a debate in St. Louis, Missouri. Courtesy of

Lara isn’t the only person who believes this. Brianna Jones, senior, also believes that Clinton’s victory would not have changed anything, but for different reasons. “I don’t think that Clinton would [have gotten] as much done as Obama because of her reputation,” Jones said. In the eyes of Lara and Jones, not much would have changed in the United States

if Clinton had been elected. Hunter Turner, sophomore, believes differently. “I believe World War III would [have started],” Turner said. “[Russian president] Vladimir Putin [had] already threatened [Clinton].” A Trump supporter, Turner is prideful that Trump won the election. He believes that America will be far better off with Trump in the Oval

Office. “[Trump] will institute his policies. I’m confident that they will work,” Turner said. If there is one thing that these students agree on, though, it would be that this election has not been something to be proud of. “This election was a hilarious meme until I realized that these were the last candidates,” Turner said.

“This is time to bring us all together in this transition of the Presidency.” Susan Medina (SJM Family Member)

Student-Leader Success Kerri Weisert StaffWriter Sophomore year, the year where you are above the freshmen but you are unable to say you are an upperclassmen; the year of change. Near the end of October, the sophomores went on a retreat. Each retreat offered by the school has a theme, and theirs was based off of choices. “They only have two years of high school left; they have to figure out who their real friends are and what classes to take. It is a lot of choices”, student coordinator, senior Sara Garcia said. Throughout the retreat,

they were able to listen to student-led talks, hear God through music, and make new friends. One aspect of all retreats that does not get any light shed on it are the leaders. The general role of a leader is someone who is seen as a guide to accomplish a goal or put things back in place. But to be a leader on these retreats requires an unusual skill set. Leaders encourage the participants in singing activities or games. They also set an example to those on the retreat by having as much of an open heart and mind as the students going on it.

For every retreat, those who are going to lead have many meetings together before to walk through each talk, activity, or game so the retreat is the best it can be. Another set of skills leaders must have is the ability to facilitate a small group correctly in order for the retreat goers to get the most out of that retreat. Leaders have to learn how to listen closely so they can ask those hard hitting questions which create a good conversation. The second main student coordinator on this retreat, senior Kristen Cagara, said that being a leader “was nerve wracking, but once I got the hang of things I really

enjoyed leading the sophomores on their faith journey. Also, patience is key.” One of the sophomores that went on this retreat, Jillian Jordan, said she learned “that you have to make choices wisely because they will impact your future and to respect all people no matter their differences.” This idea is exactly what the team that led this retreat was aiming for and is a lesson that not just the sophomores should learn. Everyone has a choice, it is up to them to make the right one.

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2 Assange Unplugged

The Red and Blue

November 18, 2016

Alexandra Tomaino StaffWriter Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder, has lost some of his guest privileges at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London. After shielding the Australian anti-secrecy activist for more than four years from prosecution in Sweden, where he faces sexual assault charges, Ecuador cut off Assange’s access to the internet on Oct. 15, and

has not taken any action to restore it, according to WikiLeaks. On Oct. 18, Ecuador stated that it had cut off Julian Assange’s access to the internet in his exile in the country’s London embassy, making clear that it feared being sucked into an effort to “interfere in electoral processes” in the United States by the activities of the WikiLeaks founder, and to prevent the exchange of emails with Russia from Clinton’s server. However,

Wikileaks has stated they did not source the hacked emails from the Russian government, saying “we can say that the Russian government is not the source.” In a tweet, WikiLeaks said Secretary of State John Kerry pressured Ecuador’s foreign minister last month to prevent Assange from disclosing more emails involving Hillary Clinton and her staff. A State Department spokesman called the allegation “simply untrue.” President Rafael Correa

stated that his country limited Assange’s internet access after WikiLeaks released “a wealth of documents impacting on the U.S. election campaign.” They were hundreds of emails from the personal account of John Podesta, Clinton’s campaign chief. To also be noted, Correa also stated that if he were American, he’d vote for Hillary Clinton. “I know her personally and I have great appreciation for her,” he said. “For the good of the United States and the good of

the world, I’d want Hillary to win,” President Correa said. The recent crackdown on whistleblowers against the U.S. government raises questions for many concerning the legitimacy of the 2016 election. Without the transparency provided by many of these organizations and individuals, voters are left in the dark on controversial issues and policy making procedures that are crucial to an understanding of American democracy.

Prop 57 Passes Alexandra Tomaino StaffWriter California voters handed a victory to Gov. Jerry Brown on Nov. 9 in his effort to reshape the state’s criminal justice system, by approving a ballot measure to offer a renewed chance at prison release for thousands of prisoners. Proposition 57, the governor’s plan to shrink the state’s prison population, was supported by almost twothirds of voters in the recent election. Its strongest support came from urban areas with a number of Democratic voters. In the view of California law enforcement agencies, “Prop. 57 was misleading, and deceived voters into

thinking lower-level offenders would be the ones to get out of prison on parole,” but as it turns out, Prop. 57 aimed to re-classify violent felonies to release violent offenders. “It’s a travesty; it’s a travesty for women. [My daughter’s] abuser is supposed to be going to prison but I don’t know if he will go or not. That’s where he needs to be,” Helena Funk, a domestic violence victim, speaks on the behalf of her and her daughter. Some violent felonies that are now reclassified as nonviolent include the rape of an unconscious person or the use of a date rape drug, domestic violence, exploding a destructive device with intent to cause injury and assault with a deadly weapon. “This is a threat of public safety, There is a certain

amount of reliability that past behavior is an indicator of future behavior” former Sacramento County Sheriff John McGinness said. The measure requires the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to adopt new rules for prisoners who qualify for parole, but Funk says those prisoners were put away for a reason, and releasing them would put people like her and her daughter in harm’s way. “Crime has soared since Prop. 47 passed two years ago, and I think we are gonna see the same thing with Prop. 57,” McGinness said. Law enforcement will be the first to see the effects of Prop. 57, as felons are granted early release from state prisons.

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The Red and Blue



November 18, 2016,

San Joaquin Memorial Students having fun at an assembly dealing with faith. Courtesy of Clarissa Myers

Food Drive Returns Victoria Vidales Editor-in-Chief The fall season has began and with Thanksgiving around the corner, brought the annual Catholic Charities food drive. Yearly, hundreds of families rely on generous support, including the

SJM community. However, the 2016 fall drive was not as successful as years past, stemming questions of a lack of compassion from students. “[SJM] gave the most money we have ever given [to the drive] but food was the lowest,” Campus Ministry teacher, Clarissa Myers said. Under the guidance of

Annual Auction Fundraising

Items from the annual SJM Auction on display. Photo by Conner Markarian

Campus Ministry, each home room was responsible for providing one food item, with a goal of all student participation. Some incentives for participation included prizes for the winning homeroom and grade level, with the upperclassmen and underclassmen battling it out. But the incentives did not persuade

full participation. “There was no sense of unity [with students],” Myers said. In total students and staff donated 118 meals and 95 turkeys to the drive. However, faculty and staff brought in 50 meals, whereas students only brought in 68. With a student body

composed of over 600, this count was a disappointment. Many students and staff are questioning why this apathy for the food drive occurred. Some attribute it to a stressful school year or forgetful minds. “It was not an upset but a down set,” Campus Ministry member, Ben Diener said.



The Red and Blue november 18, 2016

Trump Trumps the Competition Godspeed and God bless America.

Francesca Favagrossa

Staff Writer Lord help America! With the election of our new president, Donald Trump, America needs the help of the supernatural, either in the form of Superman or Christ’s return. There is not much that can help the US now, so we might as well brace ourselves for the damage ahead. The potential for World War III is more than possibly on the agenda, so if you are a Doom’s Day Planner, congratulations your day has come. If you are not, I would suggest starting your emergency plan now while there is still time. As for military service men and women, get out as soon as you can. You have served your country well.

Also planned in the upcoming four years is the building of a wall, that apparently Mexico will pay for. To prepare for this, the American people can do very little, however if you are Mexican, illegal or legal, you may want to brace yourself for a rough road ahead. Moving day for the Tumps will come soon enough, so White House, be ready. There are a few things the White House staff can do to prepare for the new arrivals. Any female in the building should stay at least 10 feet from the President at all times. Anyone planning on being in communication with President Trump should brace themselves for vulgar language and incoherent sentences. As for President Trump’s inner circle of advisers, plan for nothing to get accomplished

Trump greets the crowd at one of his rallies.

and decisions to be made in a rash heat of emotion. With so much already planned for the upcoming presidency, there are a few things that had to be cut from the agenda, namely anything productive for the country.

Courtsey of Bisuness Insider

There is a peace in the air that signals the storm ahead. Clinton is going back to her usual life, exploiting feminism and being investigated by the FBI, President Trump is moving into the oval office and preparing how to let

Russia and ISIS destroy the free world, and the American people are left waiting for the biggest disaster since Hurricane Katrina. But, hey, at least Hillary didn’t ruin the presidential office for women to come.

What Are You Thankful For? Sasha Tomaino Staff Writer How often do you feel gratitude towards the ability to breathe, walk, and eat? Chances are, if you’re the average American, not that often. In a world where instant gratification and demand reign supreme, it is rare that we take a step back and truly appreciate what we have. In case you too have fallen into a thankless existence,

The classic nuclear family.

here is a list of things to appreciate, just to get that mind jogging: good health, money in the bank, good friends, freedom of religion, your parents, weekends, pets, learning from mistakes, the opportunity to get an education, having a home, breathing fresh air, cars, clean water, books, holidays, freedom of speech, your mind, diversity, modern medicine, the freedom to vote and vaccines. As our society falls

Courtesy of Pintrest

deeper into the digital age, it is imperative that we, as members of the human race, do not take what we have for granted. When everything is available at the touch of a button, we tend to forget what is tangible and present. This egoistic mindset has led to our current culture of greed and consumerism. While all is good and well with a free, consumer-ruled market that has been continually pushed on us for decades, our supersized society tends to forget that having readily dispensable items can lead to an ingrained dismissal of what really matters. Black Friday, perhaps, is the biggest offender. As you come together with your family for Thanksgiving, you’re abruptly torn apart from them by the allure of 25% off deals and $50 coupons. The need to constantly acquire simple things has caused a flagrant disregard for what truly matters, and has created an ouroboros mindset of consumption and disposal. This Thanksgiving, I challenge you, to actually think about what each of you have been given by God, your parents and whoever has helped you out in a time of

need. Instead of expecting gifts, money, or even excessive acknowledgement this holiday, take a look at the bigger picture and give thanks for being, simply, you.


5 Tips for Black Friday

The Red and Blue

november 18, 2016

Sara Garcia Staff Writer Black Friday, the Friday after Thanksgiving, is notorious for being a day full of retail bargains. Over the years it’s become an American pastime, a rough and tough one at that. So if you plan to go out bargain hunting, you’ll need much more than just knowing how to push and shove. Here’s a Black Friday Survival Guide- a list of tips that will help you return home victorious. 1. Be prepared. Even though Black Friday happens during Thanksgiv-

ing break, you still need to do some homework! Study the local ads, or download the store’s apps the weekend before Thanksgiving. Yes, it may seem too early and unnecessary to spend time researching but you’ll be thanking me when you’re able to run into a store and grab whatever you want in a timely manner. Also, don’t forget to compare prices! What may seem like the lowest price at one store could be even lower somewhere else. 2. Don’t only focus on Friday. Over the years, Black Friday has gone from a single day of deals to a whole weekend of deals and,

eventually, to a whole month of deals. In fact, some stores even offer specials during the month leading up to Black Friday. Basically, it really pays to start early if you want the best items at the best price. Don’t forget about Cyber Monday either! It’s the Monday following Black Friday and it’s basically Black Friday but online instead. It’s a great alternative if you want more time to decide what to buy without the crowds - plus there’s almost always free shipping. 3. Go on Social Media! The Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Snapchat feeds of your favorite stores are a great way to find out about the deals they’ll be

Shoppers rushing into Target.

having on Black Friday. Some even offer exclusive rewards and discounts on their social media pages through special text alerts or promo

Courtesy of Flicker

codes. Make sure to check your social media accounts religiously on the day of, and days leading to, Black Friday.

Staff Takes on the Election The 2016 presidential election was definitely a roller coaster ride with the biggest ending in history: Donald Trump will be the 45th president of the United States of America. Trump, the former Republican Party nominee, has been heckled by critics as an economic and sexual predator. Despite the accusations, Trump will take his place among

George Washington and Abraham Lincoln in the Oval Office. Hillary Clinton, the former Democratic Party nominee, was expected to win the presidency, relying on experience and dedication. Even though she made it to the final night, the hate she had received from her association with Washington prevented her from taking

Senioritis Giordano Primavera

Editor-In-Chief of Design To the current seniors and future senior classes, there are a few things you should know about senioritis. Senioritis usually doesn’t hit until about second semester of senior year. The first semester usually consists of seniors doing what they did Junior year but with the added stress of college apps and AP classes. It is a vicious cycle that affects most seniors. Students are so caught up in college apps that they end up pushing off work or vice versa. Senioritis affects seniors in many ways, one being that seniors lose a lot of sleep.

The real cause of senioritis is being burnt out from working so hard during the fall. Students will continuously push themselves to the point of exhaustIon and when it is all over, it seems like the home stretch. This is when senioritis begins to set in. Students begin to slack more and more, copying homework and not giving assignments and projects their full effort. Seniors see college as being just around the corner and grades at SJM do not matter so much. Unfortunately there is no known cure for senioritis. Students tend to see their grades drop and, when they get too low, that is a warning sign for seniors to pick up the slack. For the most part they do.

the win. For many seniors this was their first opportunity to vote in an election. Instead of a typical ‘classy’ race, they were exposed to hateful rhetoric, by both parties, and comedic spectacles of the candidates. The staff of The Red and Blue all have differing political beliefs, ranging from the deepest of conservatives

to the most passionate of liberals. We can all unanimously agree that neither candidate was perfect for the job and with Donald Trump as the Commander-in-Chief, change is bound to come. The future of the United States has become a sea of questions. Will a wall be built? Will Obamacare be repealed? Will racism and sexism grow?

However, no matter the change the United States of America is the best country on earth, founded on the ideals of freedom and liberty. American citizens are never to be ruled by a king or queen, but are kings and queens themselves. We all have rights and it is our duty to preserve those liberties forever.


Out of uniform

The Red and Blue

November 18, 2016



Visual & Performing Arts BAM! Here’s the SJM Band The San Joaquin Memorial Band exhilarate the crowds at football games Mia Gambero News Editor

Drumstick @BellaRay

Gizzard @MikaelaMangente

You have seen them, you have heard them; here comes the SJM Band. Even though there are only eight of them, the SJM Band, led by Corey Beam, the director of music, was the performing spectacle of this years’ football games. Beam said he’s loved music “since a very young age.” After he got his degree in music, he said ”the next thing to do was to teach”. Beam has been in charge of the music department, which includes the band and the choir, since 2013 and the band has been playing since then. But for a period in 2015, most of the student musicians played more classical instruments, like guitar and piano, that would not typically belong in a marching type band, which resulted in a strong choir band. Now, from the pounding of drums to the wails of the trumpets and saxophones, the band is an integral part of the lively student section at sporting

The band prepares to start playing at the football game.

events. Beam’s favorite part of this is “getting to teach music to the kids and interacting with the students.” A drummer and a saxophone player, senior Eric Wiseman, has been in the band for two years. For him, having the opportunity to learn music in a “pretty relaxed and chill” environment added to the appeal of the band. Another fellow band mate, sophomore Jose Diaz, also said that one of his favorite parts of being in a small band is bonding with his band mates with pizza before the games and “playing and supporting the memorial

Photo by Mia Gambero

football team.” Not only does the band play at football games, but they are also hoping to start playing at the basketball games as well. Whether it is their cool and unique uniforms or the tune of their music coming from the bleachers, the band is an indistinguishable essence that can liven up any sporting event.

How to Swerve on Flu Season Three easy steps to staying healthy Rachel Giardullo

Web Master

Carl @CarsonChapman


Are you feeling feverish? Can you not stop sneezing? How about coughing? You are probably sick, but not for long! Follow these easy steps and you will be home free of the sickness that every single person at Memorial has. Step 1: Eat Healthy Make sure to only eat fruits and vegetables. During these few months of sickness, you probably want to become a vegan just to be safe. But be careful: wash every fruit and vegetable you plan on eating at least 3 times before you consume it. You do

not know who touched that at the grocery store. Step 2: Stay Sanitized Hello! There’s hand sanitizer in every single classroom for a reason! But I have the real secret to killing all the germs. Look closely on your hand sanitizer bottle. Kills 99.9% of germs?! Yeah right! Make sure after you use hand sanitizer you wash your hands with soap and water. And just to be safe, sing your ABC’s so you know you’ve washed your hands for a substantial amount of time. Goodbye 100% of germs! Step 3: Swerve I know, I know. How are you supposed to stay healthy when everyone else is sick?

Well, I have the answers. Do not share drinks. Common sense, right? Well how about food. I bet your friends didn’t sanitize and now their germ infested hands are all over your food! 3 second rule? More like: It fell on the floor! Don’t eat it! Lastly, you’re probably going to want to sit at least 5 yards away from everyone because God only knows what kind of germs they carry. When they sneeze or cough, bye bye healthy you! Panthers, health is something we should not take for granted! So make sure to always follow those three simple steps. Happy sanitizing!

Out of Uniform

The Red and Blue



November 18, 2016

Give Thanks for a Do-It-Yourself of the month: Bad Cooking Memes Project A DIY Leaf bowl project that certainly screams fall

The lead Bowl can hold anything- especially leftover Halloween candy. The bowl isn’t the sturdiest but it is the cutest!

Sara Garcia Staff Writer

Leaves are changing colors, it is raining, everyone is wearing a sweater and pumpkin spice flavored items are available almost everywhere; it’s finally autumn! Although it might not be warm outside, there is certainly a warm feeling in the air as everyone gives thanks for what and who they have in their lives. A popular staple among people giving thanks is making homemade, do-it-yourself gifts. DIY gifts take time, money, creative thinking and a lot of effort, but, thanks to these

seven easy steps, you will not be scrambling for a DIY project to make for your loved ones last minute. All you will need is a balloon, glue, or Mod Podge, a paintbrush and some leaves, and you’ll be able to follow along and make a DIY leaf bowl for yourself or someone you love. The leaf bowl can hold plenty of items like your leftover Halloween candy, those cinnamon scented pine cones you see at the store, your jewelry or your car keys. The possibilities are endless with this DIY! 1. Blow up a balloon. 2. Mix equal parts water and glue in a bowl or use Mod Podge. 3. Using a paint brush, ap-

Photo by Sara Garcia

ply the watered down glue, or Mod Podge, to the balloon. 4. Add each leaf and generously apply more glue, or Mod Podge, on top of the leaf to hold it down. 5. Continue around the bottom of the balloon until you have the whole bottom covered. 6. Let it dry for 24-48 hours. 7. Pop the balloon and bam! You got yourself a DIY leaf bowl. This project is so simpledon’t feel discouraged if you aren’t very crafty. Go ahead and try it! The outcome will be amazing, nonetheless, and it’ll be a great gift for loved ones or even for yourself.

Cartoon: “Gesundheit”

Cartoon by Melanie Abercrombie

This meme features unappetizing food with captions misspelling the French expression “bon appetit” or proclaiming similarity to the king of canned Italian food Chef Boyardee. The meme seems to be critiquing one of humanity’s deep flaws, the flaw of ignorance about one’s cooking (in)ability.



The Red and Blue

november 18, 2016

Wassabi is Fire

Sushi restaurant expands Kendall McKinney

Staff Writer The local sushi chain, Wassabi, has introduced an additional location to go along with Wassabi Off the Hook. The new restaurant, located on Willow and Nees, cleverly named Wassabi on Fire, features traditional sushi as well as a new choice: teppanyaki. The teppanyaki of the new location has become a go-to for many Fresno and Clovis diners. The meals come with the standard items as most Japanese steakhouses, however they somehow manage to make everything so much better. The chefs put much effort into preparing each dish to exceed the customer’s expectations.

Dinners can be composed of one or a combination of two entrees, for example: steak, chicken and shrimp. The dishes are so packed with flavor that you may not even need a sauce- not that they don’t have any. Their wide variety of sauces includes hot and spicy, ginger, teriyaki, and so many more. Overall, the new location is taking the Fresno sushi industry by storm, and other businesses better watch out. Adding teppanyaki to the menu is sure to increase Wassabi’s customer base and make the name wellknown. Despite its youth, Wassabi on Fire has quickly become a new favorite of mine. The overall vibe of the restaurant is hip and inviting due to friendly staff and an upbeat setting.

The entrance to Wassabi on Willow and Nees

A Wassabi chef cooks a meal teppanyaki style.

The interior of Wassabi has a modern, artistic flair. Photos by Kendall McKinney

What Does Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food Say About You? You are what you eat! What does that make you? Choose your favorite Thanksgiving-themed food and find out who you really are Turkey:


You are the life of the party. No event is complete without you and your great sense of humor. Because you are constantly showered with attention, sometimes you get a little too full of yourself. But you are also a very generous person who loves to give back.

You are very ambitious and goal-oriented. In fact, sometimes you work a little too hard. It’s okay to take a little break now and again. Although you sacrifice a lot of time for your own goals, you can be a little selfish. In this time of giving try to think more about others, especially those less fortunate than you.


Pumpkin Pie:

You’re a sophisticated and intelligent individual. Some people may not like you but that’s just because they don’t have the palette for you. What you really need to work on is your people skills and being able to connect to everyone, not just other intellectuals.

You’re super sweet and people can never get enough of you. You’re the person that people come to when they need comfort and someone to talk to. Nevertheless, sometimes you are too sweet, and you sound fake. You need to work on being more honest.

Mashed Potatoes:

You’re a helpful person and enjoy being behind the scenes. You don’t need to be the main act and are happy being a side dish. People love you for your soft, sensitive nature but sometimes you need to toughen up and get over your shyness.


You don’t really care for what’s popular and prefer to do your own thing. You don’t confine yourself to one group of friends and are well-liked by everyone. You’re a quirky individual and sometimes it’s hard to tell whether you’re being yourself or just trying to not be like everyone else. Quiz by Sadie Gleason

The Red and Blue


November 18, 2016

Bumping Music Recommendations


Let me share the perfect songs for relaxation Penelope Estrabao

StaffWriter Hear the world’s sounds, relax and jam out all at once. What type of ambiance do you look for in your fall chillaxin’ playlists? Whatever your mood for your playlist, there is one easily accessible place to find it- for free: SoundCloud. SoundCloud is an audio

platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create. It enables users to upload, record, promote and share their originally created sounds. SoundCloud’s content is evenly split by small time and mainstream musicians. Some of SoundClouds most played in 2015 range from Calvin Harris, Drake, Ed Sheeran and Pitbull, truly showing the diverse groups

of music that can be found on this social media platform. Not only can you find your favorite mainstream artists to stream, but you can also find some small-time artists like KYLE, Oh Wonder, Marc E. Bassy, Clean Bandit and covers to already famous songs. Sweeping October under the rug and bringing in November with open arms, we embrace the falling leaves, the pumpkin spice and the fall music with much smooth-

er beats and softer vocals. My personal favorite for this month are The girl- City and Colour, Too Deep- Dvsn, Gooey (r e l cover)- r e l, harley’s trees (flume & Flatbush zombies cover)- Chelsea cutler, Closer- Goapele, Gold in the air- Jesse Woods and Slow it down- The Lumineers. Others include covers or remixes of the awaited Blonde by Frank Ocean, in those we see Self Control- Acoustic cover by Lauren Sanderson,

Godspeed- (Dvsn Remix) and Ivy- (Cafe Disko Cover). Along with these relaxed and soft songs, I have been listening to many songs influenced by 70’s or 80’s disco beats and silky silhouettes, while remaining upbeat and active- in these I include, Feel so right- Hounded, Daydream- Medasin, My Love- Route 94, Talkin’ bout it- Young Franco ft. KLP (Nuwave & Pastel Remix) and So Alive- Gill Bondy.

Kanye Coming Through Chase Fitzgerald StaffWriter Kanye West is currently on his Saint Pablo Tour and he is making his round to Fresno. Many concerts have been dropped from the Saint Pablo Tour due to the armed robbery of Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian. A question arose after Kardashian’s incident on whether or not Kanye would still appear at the Save Mart Center. “I’m surprised that he is coming to a town like Fresno because he is such a famous celebrity,”junior Adam Ka-

zarian said. Kazarian is a Kanye West fan who is very excited to see him perform because he has waited for a long time to catch him in concert.. “I’m over the moon and around the corner that such a big star is coming to our little town to spice it up,” junior Davis Pogue said. Pogue believes that the concert will bring a lot of hype to Fresno and that manypeople will be attending the event. “”I think there’s a lot better acts coming to Fresno that offer a better concert experience. A big artist like

Kanye coming through kills the hype for artists smaller than him like the ASAP ferg and playboi carti tour” junior Michael Hamp said. Hamp is not as excited for Kanye as other people. The Kanye West concert is something that would be very enjoyable for young adults to go and attend. Tickets can be bought online for reasonable prices. The Save Mart Center is conveniently located by the Fresno State campus. The concert should be fun time and you should try to get tickets as fast as possible before it is possibly sold

Kanye at a cencert


Courtesy of Kayne

Number Cruncher or Skullsplitter? Small town accountant gets in bed with big time terrorist dealings Patrick Lewis Designer 9/10

“Wait no! I didn’t touch that little man!” Little Tony says moments before a swift kick to the head. The Accountant raids a dangerous mafia hang out and leaves with nine men dead, eight with gunshots to the head and one with blunt force trauma from a kick to the head. The Accountant’s name is Christian Wolff, who suffers from a form of au-

tism that is extremely high functioning. He is especially good with math, yet has a difficult time not finishing what he started. Wolff is hired by a state-of-the-art robotics company to find out where a leak of money is coming from, and pours over fifteen years of company expenditures. As he goes through the books and writing down all the numbers he finds, he begins to unravel the truth, and the closer he gets, the higher the body count gets. Dana Cummings learns the hard way to always check

the peephole before opening your door. Dana is in accounting with the robotics company that Wolff is working with to uncover the leak. Yet, right as they were about to find out where or who the leak was, Wolff is fired and both have bodyguards/ private military personnel sent after them to make sure the leak is never found. The hitmen confront Dana in her apartment by posing as two pairs of movers. As two watched the hall and two attempted to silence Dana, Wolff races up the stairs to Courtesy of IMDB

her fourth-floor apartment, shoots the guards and one of the attackers in the head and kills the other with a sink. The Accountant is packed full of action and keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time, yet since the main character has poor social skills, the conversations are very basic and boring and almost comical. Yet that is the only major part of the movie that is lacking. Overall, it is a fantastic movie with a great story and directing.



The Red and Blue November 18, 2016

Putting Away the Season The girls’ golf team finishes a strong season with a bright future Melanie Abercrombie

Staff Writer Madera, Madera South, Edison, Sanger, Bullard: these have been San Joaquin Memorial’s rivals on the course, and these are the teams that girls’ golf had been gaining on throughout the season. SJM had a strong showing in the recent CIF championships, displaying the fruits of their hard work all season. Before the championships, senior Bailey Heskett was optimistic regardingub the Panthers’ success, and said that “I think we have a chance because all our scores are dropping,” and acknowledging that “Sanger [was] the

team to beat.” In past tournaments, SJM and Sanger’s scores fell very close until the Panthers pulled ahead later in the season. The other major competitor in tournaments, Bullard, does not play in SJM’s league for CIF Championships. “They’re D-I, so there’s not really a league for them,” sophomore Kendall McKinney noted about the Knights, “but in Valley’s they will move up to D-I,” whereas Memorial plays in D-III. In the end, however, Sanger got first in the CIF Championships, with Chowchilla coming in second, and Memorial in third. Things look great for future seasons, with freshman Meredith McDougal earning

Left to right: Isabel Altero, Kendall McKinney, Brianna Kemble, Meredith McDougal, Jaime Manock, Esmeralda Altero. Photo by Melanie Abercrombie

Section Champion in individuals and fourth among all Central Valley divisions,

as well as being selected for the first team all-league with her cousin, sophomore

Briana Kemble. These strong players can help build the program. The season was also fruitful for the improvement of every player, evident in the fact that Memorial shot the best they ever had during championships. Furthermore, the team bonded and formed camaraderie. Even though it was Heskett’s first time playing, she grew close with her teammates.“I like them, they’re fun, we go to lunch all the time... We’re really comfortable with each other, we’re close with each other,” Heskett said. Between developing friendships and talent, the girls’ golf team set themselves up well for success in the future.

Girls Soccer Kick Starting the Year Girls soccer getting ready for 2016-2017 year Tony Fagundes Designer Girls soccer starts off another year looking to make a deep playoff run. After coming off a subpar year, they are looking to come back strong this year. They went 3-6-1 in league last year and 10-14-1 overall, according to MaxPreps. This year they believe they have the team to go far in the playoffs. “Last year I saw the program rebuilding and improving we lost 4 key seniors and the games we did lose,

Sophomore Taryn Cornell attempts to kick the soccer ball.

they were by one goal or in overtime, including Garces

Photo by Tony Fagundes

in the semi finals in overtime,” coach Rick Martinez

said. “This year looks promising because we have a lot of returning players who are committed and are skilled and the off season conditioning helped us get prepared for this upcoming season,” Martinez said. They have been practicing all summer and school year preparing for the upcoming season. “The conditioning we did over summer will really help us in the season,” junior Sarah Carlos said. This year the team has lost four seniors that graduated last year. To make up for this, freshmen and transfer students have come to help the

varsity team. There could be up to 3 freshman on varsity and 2 transfer students. “It’s a good opportunity to work with older players and get better,” freshman Sam Montes said. The team believes they are built for success this year. Junior Allison Boone is “very excited and we as a team have high expectations for a deep run into the playoffs this year.” Their first home game is on Nov. 28 at San Joaquin Memorial against Sunnyside. Make sure you go out to support girls soccer!

Boys Water Polo Dives into Playoffs The team shows their skills in postseason competition Francesca Favagrossa

Staff Writer The crowd went wild as the boys water polo team beat Madera South to secure their spot in Valley Playoffs. The boys have competed hard in all of their league games in order to make it into postseason competition. “We have worked tirelessly to improve individually as well as collectively to get where we are,” senior captain Jack Benschiedt said. The boys’ skills in the pool have been growing consistently from the beginning of

season to the end. “Playoffs are an awesome opportunity to finish the season off right. It gives us the chance to compete at a higher level and produce higher team performance,” sophomore Justin De Sousa said. The team is looking forward to playing against teams of equal or greater caliber, challenging them to play to the best of their abilities. “Looking back on my senior season, it has been an honor to play with these boys and watch them grow into the player they are now. Everyone has stepped up to the challenge and worked hard to help the team develop

into the best that we can be,” Benschiedt said. This season was Benschiedt’s last, as he has played since freshman year. The team seems to have rallied together to make it to playoffs and plan to continue to do so during the postseason and even into next year. “We will be losing a lot of our team because most of them are seniors, but we aren’t letting this affect us until this season is over. As for next year, we will just need to work twice as hard to fill the role of the seniors,” De Sousa said. The team has the right plan in mind; by focusing on what is ahead.

Senior Michael McConnon prepares to throw the ball.

“Our only goal at this point is to finish the season

Photo by Francesca Favagrossa

off right-with a win,” Benschiedt said.


11 Panther Playoff Run

The Red and Blue

November 18, 2016

Max Coyle Sports Editor Girls volleyball has proven to be a force to be reckoned with this season, but as playoffs began, the team had to focus on a new beast to tame. The stakes are higher, the competition is greater and the intensity is immensely increased. “Playoffs are a whole different game, but I still believe we will do really well,” Tessa Martinez said prior to the start of playoffs. During the season, the team proved to have a strong offense, especially with senior outside hitter Haley Billingsley leading the way. She was leading the team

Volleyball team celebrates a point.

this with 52 kills and averaged 5.7 kills a game, late in the season, according head coach Stacey

Photo by Max Coyle

Abney. In addition to the team’s forceful offense, senior Dakota Fauntleroy had been the rock of

the team’s solid defense, with an overall leading number of 114 digs this season and averaging 12.6 digs a game, according to Abney as well. Together, both players had a huge impact on the team’s success during the season. The team had finished league with a record of 7-3 and an overall record of 13-9, which gave them the fifth seed when heading into division three playoffs. The team had seen few of the teams before during the season, making it difficult to devise a specific game plan for each opponent. “It [was] difficult because we [had] never seen these teams play before, so [we]just [had] to do some research on the team and find out what kind of system they

run,” said Coach Abney. But the team responded well to the new competition, shown through the team’s first round win against Chavez High School with a set score of 3-0. Unfortunately, this was shortly followed by a game five loss to Hanford West in the second round of playoffs with a set score of 3-2, bringing the girls volleyball season to an abrupt end. Regardless of this outcome, these girls played excellently this year.

Girls Water Polo Powers Through the Year The girls progress through their league games Brandon Kendall

Out of Uniform Editor This year the girls water polo team has continued to build their program from the ground up. Having four seniors on the team, only three of them as returning members, the squad has been working on getting the younger players the experience they need to compete in their league. Through rigorous practice and tough games the team has been successful in this challenge.

“The younger girls [have] really [pulled] through when we [have needed] them to,” senior Bella Bispo said. As a result of having a small team, many of the freshman and sophomores have been put up against girls much older than the are, but they did not give up. With wins against Garces, and others this year, the younger girls have been able to fill the roles that are needed for a successful team. Not only have they improved individually, but they have gotten getting stronger through

working together. “The girls have really showed progress this year and [continued] to grow together,” Coach Klatt said. Many of the girls went into this sport having almost no experience, but through hard work and dedication, they have been able to play at the level of other teams in their league and be competitive. Through the wins and the losses, the girls have learned to play as a team and grow as a team. “This year [was] promising and has progressed smoothly as the girls

Melanie Abercrombie closes in on the goal against defender Francesca Favagrossa. Photo by Brandon Kendall

[have experienced] what it means to work hard and be

a team,” senior Francesca Favagrossa said.

Crossing the Line to Success The Cross Country season draws to an end Conner Markarian

Staff Writer As the adrenaline rush of the season comes to an end, the members to the cross country team have begun to realize just how much they have grown. This season has had many struggles for the members of the team; many of them have dealt with various injuries and illnesses, yet the team has kept on hustling, and has made it to their final leg of the season. “It has taken us a while to be on top of our game,” senior Molly Campbell said. The team has battled hard all season to get to their

personal best and has been be forced to use what energy they have left to compete and make their mark. “It’s really exciting to watch them because all of them have so much talent,” Campbell continued, “especially Marianne Gleason.” Last season, as a freshman, Gleason made it all the way to the state championships, and with the way she has been competing this season, it seems very likely that will be the case again this year. She is a very strong runner, and being only a sophomore, she has yet to unlock her full potential. “The sport is something that brings excitement to not

The cross country team prepares to finish their final stretch in a 30 minute run. Photo By Conner Markarian

only those that run, but to the people there watching,”

sophomore Bobby Browning said.

To the runners, there is no better feeling than crossing that finish line with the crowd cheering them on, yet sadly, for some of the seniors on the team this will be their last year being able to hear the noise of the crowds as they run. “I don’t think it has really hit me yet, but I can say that I am not looking forward to the end of the season. We have all bonded so much over the course of the season,” Campbell said. It is always sad to leave something behind, especially something that has cost so much time and effort, but it is a bittersweet ending, nonetheless.



The Red and Blue November 18, 2016

Panthers Tackle Playoffs The football team heads to the playoffs Rachel Giardullo

Web Master Bye bye league, hello playoffs! The football team’s league season has come to a close and playoffs have arrived. The team has had an exceptional amount of growth since their first game in September. “Each game gives us more experience and challenges to overcome” senior Peter Pozovich said. The team has learned how to run each play as a cohesive team and they believe

Michael Alvarez looking for the next catch against Sanger.

that is what will really help them in the games to come.

Photo by Rachel Giardullo

“I am willing to sacrifice all I have on that field

for each of my teammates because I know they’d do the same for me,” captain Michael Alvarez said, when asked how he plans to carry his team through playoffs. One of their biggest strengths is teamwork, a very important trait of a team in football. The team relies on each other on and off the field. The football team works hard to be cohesive with much team bonding and various team dinners. The boys on the team put in close to 20 hours a week on their sport. From this commitment, “it’s easier to understand the

rhythm of [their] offense and defense,” Pozovich said. With each game, it has gotten smoother for the boys, which means by the last few games they should be the best they’ve been all season. The team has worked hard to progress through valleys. “I use the motivation of my team and that is what [has gotten] us back to valleys,” Alvarez said. Coach Goston also believes that our team should make a run for valleys. The team has put in work since the summer and they are ready for playoffs!

Boys Soccer Kicks into Action The boys soccer team gets to work as the season heats up Edward Medina Opinion Editor The boys soccer team goes into full swing as they start off their season this month. The team began practice in October and begin playing in November. They face a big tournament this season at Garces and playoffs. “I think we are going to do great at Garces, but I am also looking to the rest of the season,” senior Ryan Christensen said. Many of the players are looking forward to attending the Garces tournament. The team seems to be brimming with confidence as they are ready for a new season. The players are eagerly awaiting to show their skills on the soccer field. “I am looking forward to anoth-

er year of soccer with my teammates,” senior Pavneet Dhillon said. They have been building bonds throughout the hours they have spent practicing together, an asset on the field. Through practice, the team has been sharpening their skills as they approach the season. They have built a solid foundation to become competitive. “I think we’re going to do even better this year. We’ve got a lot of potential and good players,” senior Jack Lion said. The team has many returning players, which helps with the chemistry of the team. Although the team faces challenges they seem ready for them. The dedication put into the sport is what the boys believe will propel them to victory. “At the end of the day,

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Miguel Sanchez and Jack Lion anticipate the ball.

what will win us games is the amount of time we have put

into it. I believe we got an exciting season ahead,” senior

Photo by Edward Medina

Luis Pelayo said.

November 2016  

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