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Memorial Celebrates Community Students come together to celebrate Catholic Schools Week. Rachel Giardullo

Web Master Most students at SJM have been celebrating Catholic Schools Week since a young age at Catholic grade schools. This year, however, Memorial decided to switch up the week and celebrate it little differently. “We wanted something more inclusive and sophisticated,” Kathleen Desantis said. Catholic

Schools week has always been about dress up days and lunch activities, but for the 2017 year the administration wanted to make it more communal. The theme for the celebration this year was “Celebrating Catholic Schools Week”. Catholic Schools Week is a time for all catholic schools across America to come together and celebrate a Christ-centered education. This year, SJM’s festivities began the Sunday before the

school week. All students were asked to attend Sunday mass, at their own parish, in their uniform mass dress attire to represent our school with pride. The junior retreat was on Monday and Tuesday, as well as the senior mass on Tuesday afternoon. There was a theme for each day for the rest of the week that went along with the goal of a communal celebration. Wednesday’s theme was Celebrating Students, with an all school

prayer service. Thursday was Celebrating Memorial, with a veterans assembly. And Friday’s theme was Celebrating Everyone, with a teacher/ student lunch. “We really wanted this week to be more than dress up days. We wanted to do something every day to celebrate the whole school,” Clarissa Myers, head of campus ministry, said. Catholic Schools Week was a time for everyone to celebrate Catholic education as a community.






San Joaquin Memorial February 17, 2017 Volume 1 Issue 5

Students gather in the courtyard for the Celebrating Students prayer service.

Courtesy of Nick Wintz

Man’s best friend needs a helping hand Victoria Vidales Editor-in-Chief Last week SJM received a surprise visitor on campus, a small and slim creature that was neither human nor wearing a lanyard: a dog. Resembling a small German Shepherd, he was discovered following students as they entered campus. The furry friend carried nothing with him other than a friendly face and a wagging tail. Currently students and staff

have come together to find the dog’s owner or forever home, but until then, he has become the newest member of the SJM family. “He’s really friendly and adjusting very well,” Kaitlin Beaston said. As students arrived on the morning of Feb. 7, many noticed the dog following them into school. Unsure of what to do, students brought the dog to longtime science teacher David Duncan for adult guidance. Visibly the dog had no identification so Duncan took the dog to the Emergency

Veterinary Hospital down the road for help. Unfortunately the dog did not have a microchip, the last hope for identification. “By having pets chipped, owners can almost always be reunited with their beloved pets,” Duncan said. While it could be argued the canine traveled to SJM to show off his smarts in a classroom, it is more so believed that he escaped from his home or was dumped nearby. In case there is an owner fliers have been made and will be distributed around

the neighboring area by volunteers. For the dog, the rest of the day was filled with happy tail wags, being doted on by students at lunch. In the meantime the nameless dog will be fostered by students Kaitlin and Korinne Beaston and their family, to give him the TLC he deserves. If anyone has information regarding the return of the dog to his family they are asked to email David Duncan at dduncan@sjmhs. org.

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San Joaquin Memorial High School 1406 N. Fresno St. Fresno, CA 93703 Telephone: (559) 268-9251 Adviser: Katerina Spencer

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The Red and Blue February 17, 2017

Formal: The Grand Event

Terror grows in Europe as bad weather obliterates crops

Kerri Weisert Web Master For the past three years, the “winter formal” dance has been located at a venue called The Golden Palace. But this year, ASB and leadership felt change was necessary and decided formal would be hosted at The Grand. In order to plan an event such as formal, the amount of people needed were in high demand. There were about fifty people between ASB and leadership to brainstorm and set up this entire event; as well as Kim Hodges, Activities Director, to be the sole supervisor. A multitude of other administration members, teachers, parents and vendors were also involved in setting up this dance. Hodges has been in charge of this event for a long time and said, “it warms my heart to see the smiles on my students faces when they

Giordano Primavera

Editor-in-Chief Rachel Giardullo

Web Master

(L-R) Ali Miller, Elyssa Protacio, Chase Perkins, Brooklynne King, and Nicole Barsotti having a great time at formal. Courtesy of Nick Wintz

realize all the hard work paid off and their peers appreciated everything they did to make the evening a success.” Instead of having students ask when they could leave, they instead didn’t even realize the doors had opened up.

Junior, Zach Angelillo, a student who attended formal that night was in favor of The Grand in comparison to The Golden Palace because the arrangement and balcony were more to his liking. One thing Angelillo was disappointed in though was “the

absence of Mr. Frantzich on the dance floors. Total deal breaker for future dances.” Though “the numbers [of attendance] were the lowest in eight years,” says Hodges, the success of this dance despite that will lead to greater dances in the future.

Trump Ups His Game With New Policies Students share their thoughts on President Trump’s plans for his first 100 days. Elliott Nerenberg

Opinion Editor The start of a new year means the start of something significant: the presidency of Donald Trump. After an ultimately successful campaign shrouded in controversy, Donald Trump now sits in the Oval Office as the President of the United States. What next? Well, before the election last November, Trump revealed his plan for his first 100 days in office. “It is an aggressive plan, consistent with his campaign promises and conservative values,” Sophia Bennett, junior said. “Hopefully it will have long term positive effects.” Trump’s plan, consisting of policies such as military expansion or the infamous wall, has been met with both support and opposition and is widely regarded as “controversial”. “I think it’s very ambitious,” Jad Gerges, sophomore, said when asked about Trump’s plan, “He’s dug himself a hole. I don’t think a wall would be practical or possible.” Matthew McDougal, sophomore, on the other hand, supports the idea of a wall.

A Lettuce Disaster

President Trump shows off a recently signed executive order to the press.

“I think the wall would keep more jobs available for American citizens and not illegal immigrants,” McDougal said. Within the past few weeks, Trump has already signed an executive order to begin the construction of the wall and has enacted his ban on certain people he deems as “dangerous” from entering the United States. His policies do not end there. Many of them are also economic and will affect America’s role in the world market. Very recently, the United States has withdrawn from

the Transpacific Partnership, a trade deal with various Pacific nations. From an economic point of view, Gerges thinks this is a good idea. “Economically, it would be very beneficial for us,” he said, “but our relations with China and its allies will decrease. Our foreign relations will not be where they need to be.” In Bennett’s eyes, Trump’s policies are for the betterment of the United States. McDougal has a similar opinion. “His policies will result in more jobs internally and

Courtesy of

will allow Americans to have more jobs and higher wages,” he said. “Overall, more people will be able to have a second chance at getting jobs.”

Shock waves of terror and desperation travel across Europe as many people have been wrongfully stripped of their ability to grow lettuce due to a succession of droughts, floods, and cold weather. According to the Telegraph News, “Supermarkets rationing salad and vegetables has led to the emergence of a new “black market,” as experts urge shoppers to buy more seasonal British produce.” People are now buying lettuce in bulk and decimating the stock in stores. Soon after, people would sell these heads of lettuce for up to 10 times more than the store value. Telegraph News continued to state that, “Yesterday a man was found offering a box of lettuce which would usually cost £5, for £50 on Gumtree.” Lettuce doesn’t seem to be the only kind of produce affected by the wrath of Mother Nature. “Vegetables, including broccoli, artichokes and aubergines, also known as eggplants, have been hit,” CNN said. As turmoil takes over, many worried citizens have taken to Twitter. The hashtag, #lettucecrisis and #courgettecrisis, have been violently circulating over Twitter while many continue to be affected by this plight. While many are considering giving in and ending it all, Asda, a British supermarket, is trying to offer help to those who need it most. In a recent tweet Asda said, “Contrary to popular belief it seems the rain in Spain doesn’t fall mainly on the plane.”


The Red and Blue


February 17, 2017

Conner’s Conspiracies Valentines Day: Romance or Finance? Conner Markarian

Resident Conspirator Valentine’s Day has once again come and gone, and many people went out for romantic meals with their significant other and/or bought them presents. But what is Valentine’s day really? There is more to the story than just heart shaped boxes of chocolates and bouquets

of roses. Valentine’s Day is meant to be a day that is spent with someone that you love, but in recent years it has turned into one big commercial scheme. According to the National Restaurant Association, Valentine’s Day is the second highest grossing day for the majority of restaurants. This means that Valentine’s Day earns restaurants more money in one day than they do on average throughout the year.

Strangely, in the holiday card industry, Valentine’s Day is second, once again, for providing companies with large amounts of revenue. Last year, 151 million holiday cards were sold in anticipation of the big day. Businesses have made people believe that in order to be a good partner, an expensive meal and a gift are required. But in reality that is not the truth. The truth is that people today are becoming

La La Land Dazzles Viewers are taken to a different world filled with music, and emotions that can only be felt in this setting Brandon Kendall


story someone is sharing, the songs always have a good meaning and melody. Another aspect that this movie hit perfectly is the characters. Gosling and Stone do an amazing job of making their characters seem real and genuine, which is why this movie does so well with just focusing on them. Although there are

La La Land is an adventure, and one that many viewers did not expect to go on before they entered the film. I, being a person who usually dislikes movie musicals, actually went into the movie wishing I had gone to see something more action packed that isn’t about two people singing, but after the opening scene I knew this one would be different than the typical Hollywood love stories. La La Land is a movie following the lives of an aspiring jazz pianist, Ryan Gosling, and an actress who cannot land a role, Emma Stone, as their lives intertwine while chasing their dreams. Also, of course, with spontaneous singing and dancing. What sets this movie apart from regular musicals in my eyes is that each song has intense meaning to the story. Whether it be an emotion one character The La La Land poster. is feeling, or an actual

other intermittent characters in the story they all enter and exit the movie relatively quickly making the two leads the sole focus of the film. Though there are problems in their romance, they do such a good job that the viewer can see that their love is genuinely portrayed. This build up of a dreamlike romance with song and dance throughout makes the ending all the more perfect to finish the movie with the message it began with: follow your dreams no matter what stands in your way. Once the lights came back on I could not have been more pleasantly surprised with what I had seen, and as the audience clapped and people began to leave, all I could think about was that I wanted to see it again. Without a doubt, this is one of my favorite movies and therefore I give it a strong 9.5/10 with a recommendation for everyone to see it.

Courtesy of Pinterest

influenced more easily, and it is showing off in their behavior. Just saunter through a store like Costco in the month of February and you will see exactly what I am talking about. People are walking around, buying oversized teddy bears to show their significant other their affection,while some are buying chocolates, flowers and other items. Don’t get me wrong, gifts are not a bad thing.

Everybody deserves a good gift every now and then, but who decided that it was a requirement in order to profess your feelings for someone. So, even though Valentine's Day may be over this year, there is still next year. Just remember to not fall into the trap of consumerism and do something that you know will make the person that you are with happiest.

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4 One For The Books

The Red and Blue

February 17, 2017

Formal 2017 kicked off the new semester with a bang Rachel Giardullo

Web Master Who does not love to get dressed up, go out, and dance the night away with friends? Sometimes, it is hard for things to live up to the expectations they’re given, and if I am being honest, this

is how most dances at SJM turn out. This years formal was different, however. Maybe it was the venue change, and maybe it was the dinner, but this year’s formal was the most fun I have ever had at a Memorial dance. The dance was decorated beautifully, and it really set off a positive environment from the start. I think that

there was a lot of things to be excited about, which made people excited to be there in general. From the beautiful venue to the awesome Snapchat story filter, it is clear that the leadership class put a lot of effort into this. Everyone has been buzzing about how much they loved formal and I honestly could not agree more. I have

not heard one negative thing about the dance and in my four years at Memorial, that is a first. Seeing everyone on the dance floor, from freshmen to seniors, was truly something I have not seen at Memorial. This was the first dance I have been to where there was not a huge line to leave. People were enjoying them-

selves so much that they actually wanted to stay longer than they had to. As the night continued, there was not even a line to take photos because everyone was enjoying themselves on the dance floor. In my opinion this was the most successful and enjoyable formal I have ever attended.

Farm Fresh Bowls over the Competition A new, healthy restaurant offers fresh options to Fresnans Sasha Tomaino

StaffWriter Americans have started to become a much more health conscious people, with organic and natural alternatives taking precedence over junk food and fast food options. Restaurants in Fresno have begun to reflect this trend, with the addition of Farm Fresh Bowls, a new eatery that sources local

ingredients for a nutritionally balanced meal. “We have a few basic creeds that we follow: only natural ingredients (no processed food anywhere), the bulk is local ingredients, and each meal is nutritionally balanced between food groups and portions”, according to the eatery’s mission statement. The restaurant is conveniently located near Fresno State, and has a cozy,

welcoming atmosphere, making it a perfect brunch spot. Some positives are that nearly everything is made inhouse, their products are all from local farms throughout the Central Valley, and their portions are pretty filling and delicious. They offer a variety of different meals, from Acai bowls, to even Brisket/ Barbacoa bowls along with friendly and helpful service. “I am impressed by how fresh the ingredients were,

and how fast the service was. It is nice to be able to have an establishment like this that is affordable to students as well” senior Penny Estrabao said. Other menu options include, but are not limited to, the egg scramble, the fiesta salad, the sweet potato bowl (with and without added steak), the tortilla soup and taco, ever-changing muffin options, and the numerous tea options that are paired

with fresh fruit. Overall, the cuisine was delicious, and every purchase helps benefit the Valley’s agricultural economy; who would not want to support their home and enjoy a healthy meal? The prices range from $4.00 to $10.00 at the most, which is quite student friendly. The restaurant is located in Fresno, at 3042 East Campus Pointe Drive, and definitely warrants a return visit.

War could be resurrected. Clinton was able to call her supporters to stand together as a United nation. If she is

capable of supporting unity on a grand stage, we are capable as well.

Staff Editorial To the shock many Americans Donald J. Trump has become the 45th president of the United States of America. Many Americans are horrified and disgusted with the results of the election, calling for recounts and changes to the electoral system. However, Trump is the president and now Americans must begin to rebuild their relationships with each other. The 2016 presidential election was a divided race, with people either supportive or against. His comments about muslims, Mexicans, women and the press drew severe criticism and outrage from many Americans. However, many Americans voted for Trump, winning him the

Electoral college and, therefore, the presidency. The staff of The Red and Blue all have different beliefs and opinions on President Trump and his roads to and in the White House. We all unanimously agree that it is vital for the American people to stand together to face the future. Abraham Lincoln once said “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Hillary Clinton, Trump’s toughest rival said in her concession speech, “I still believe in America and I always will. And if you do, then we must accept this result and then look to the future. Donald Trump is going to be our president. We owe him an open mind and the chance to

lead.” Opponents may question, how can people unite together if our president continues making his offensive and despicable remarks. We argue that it is not about him, it is about us Americans. The future is a mystery, Trump’s time in office is at least four years. Citizens must allow themselves to heal with their friends and comrades. As young people we know that the choices of our fathers can affect our lives and the choices we will make in the future. If the country does not come together in unity, the beautiful America that we know and love can never prosper. Brother will turn on brother, another Civil

Out of Uniform

The Red and Blue

February 17, 2017




Students Shred the Gnar The influx of new snow in the mountains brings great skiing conditions. Francesca Favagrossa


Food @MiaGambero

StaffWriter The local ski resort, China Peak, is open and ready for business. The snowfall over the last few months has piled up to over 300’ and students are eager to get up on the mountain. Skiing this season is better than it has ever been. “This season is the best season I’ve had in the past several years. The amount of snow was a definite game changer,” senior Logan Billingsley said. With the new snow, more runs are available and provide a more pleasant skiing experience. “Having three weeks at Christmas vacation gave me more time to shred the gnar gnar,” Billingsley said. Because the conditions over the past months have been ideal, students are finding more time to spend on the mountain. For students that visit China Peak often, a season pass is a wise investment. “I have been a season pass holder since I started skiing. I see great value in it because as

Courtesy of

soon as you get to the resort you can immediately hop on the chair lift,” Billingsley said. Season passes for 13 to 19 year olds start at $299. The mountain is not just available for experienced skiers, beginners are encouraged to come up as well. “I recommend for newbies to get up there and try it. There is no better year than this one,” senior Blake Blackburn said. For students who are just learning to ski or board, beginner lessons are offered starting at $129 with lift tickets costing $50 per day. This can be purchased at the

resort or on skichinapeak. com. As for the rest of the season, there is still plenty of time left to enjoy the slopes. With the amount of snowpack present on the mountain, the resort is predicted to stay open late into April, with a projected final day of April 23. “China Peak is just a great local resort with a lot of diversified terrain. [Compared to other resorts] the skiing is just as good, if not better,” Blackburn said.

Reading books @ChloeYeager

Corn @JuliaLasgoity


Cartoon by Melanie Abercrombie


Out of uniform

The Red and Blue

Visual & Performing A rts Perez: Jack of All Trades

Senior, Jose Perez, is all work and no play as he proves himself through art. Mia gambero News Editor Jose Perez, senior, is multi-talented in the realm of art at SJM. As a senior, he is in 3D Art 4 and was able to take 2D Art 2 even though he has never taken a 2D Art class before. “Art has influenced my life by making me think outside the box in different situations besides trying to think about what an art piece means,” Perez said. Some may think that taking two art classes at one time sounds like a fun way to pass the time at school, but tackling projects and making deadlines has proven to be somewhat of a challenge for him. “My challenges would be going back and forth be-

tween getting used to using clay and other 3 dimensional tools and then suddenly changing to paint, ink, and 2 dimensional tools, as well as trying to juggle projects between both classes,” Perez said. Along with taking art all 4 years at SJM, Perez has been a part of the SJM Art Club and now is serving as their Vice President. He said that his job includes “reaching out to people who have never tried art to join the club and express themselves by giving their thoughts on our upcoming projects.” Perez and several other SJM artists have also been featured in Art Hop, an event that is held all over the Valley and features both professional and student artists twice a month and lasts for a few hours at a time. “The cool thing is that

Perez casually works at collaboration to get ahead on his new art project. Photo by Mia Gambero

there is no censor to their art. It can be provocative or the artist can evoke emotion in their art. The artist is free to be themselves and do what they want without being told no,” Perez said.

Whether he’s molding clay or painting on canvas, Perez is an important aspect of art on campus.

meme of the month: the bye bye man Sadie gleason Designer The Bye Bye Man is a 2017 horror movie directed by Stacy Title. Its poster has been the spawning grounds for meme-ery. The Bye Bye Man poster repeats the phrase, “DON’T THINK IT. DON’T SAY IT,” six times over a dark figure on the poster, with its title at the bottom. “The poster would be creepy if I didn’t sound like a toddler when I say the title,” sophomore Anna Velez said. Many people find humor in the juxtaposition between the grim subject of the poster and the childish title,

so they replace the title and the text with something even more ridiculous. The first known edit came from Kris Straub on Twitter, which features the text, “Say his name. You won’t be laughing when he kills you,” and the title, “The Poo Poo Pee Pee Man.” “When I first saw the meme, I had never heard of the movie,” senior Molly Oakes said. “I thought it was really called ‘The Poo Poo Pee Pee Man’ for a while, and I still refer to the film as that.” “The Poo Poo Pee Pee Man” was tweeted on December 23, 2016, but the meme really started to gain traction in January of this year. A variation of the original edit by an unidentified

person is titled “The ICUP Man”, with supporting text, “Spell his name. You won’t be laughing when he kills you.” Yet another parody by Tumblr user doctorwhodisney, titled “The Hash-Slinging Slasher,” plays off the name of a Spongebob Squarepants villain. “I think this really shows how such an insignificant thing can be blown up and parodied by people looking to simply make others laugh,” senior Christopher Alam said. “Some would say there are dark times ahead of us in the coming future, but at least we still have our sense of humor.”

One of the Bye Bye Man memes features the name of a Spongebob Squarepants villain, the sash-ringing, trash-singing, mash-flinging, flash-stringing, ringing, crash-dinging Hash-Slinging Slasher. Meme courtesy of doctorwhodisney on Tumblr

february 17, 2017

Springing into Summer 2017 Fashion Spring/Summer 2017 fashion hits the runway

Penelope Estrabao StaffWriter 2016 brought back many fashion trends from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Many of the trends will stay throughout 2017, not only in fabrics but in silhouettes and colors. Silk and satin type fabrics were very in style towards the end of 2016; many small companies thrived off of making simple silhouettes from such a luxurious looking fabric. With this trend we see many vibrant colors like reds, silvers and different off-whites and creams. Along with vivid colors, a big trend is having many layers, whether it be something as simple as many different sized necklaces, shirts under dresses and overcoats or even throwing on shirts under other shirts. Since 2017 began, velvet and crushed velvet have been easy to acquire and is something coming into style very quickly as it is comfortable and practical. Some predicted styles of 2017 are seaside stripes, varying in colors from blue, red and a beige which fit right in for summer. Khaki is a huge predicted trend for spring, seen on the runway by Yeezy, Carolina Herrera, J.Crew and Creatures of Comfort. The color yellow, differing in shades also referred to as “fifty shades of yellow” will be a huge summer and spring trend shown by Coach, Jason Wu, Kate Spade and Delpozo. Waist-cinchers, fold over waists, a “flash dance” shoulder and white shirt dresses are large silhouettes you can expect to see in stores this spring/ summer. Many say history repeats itself, and we can surely see this is true when it comes to fashion trends.

The Red and Blue



February 17, 2017

Krysten Looking to Compete Tony Fagundes Designer Krysten Vasquez is a freshman looking to make an impact on the up and coming varsity girls soccer team. Vasquez is one of only four freshman this year to make varsity, which she is very excited about, saying, “It’s an amazing team.” Vasquez had previously attended Baird Middle School in Fresno which usually feeds students into Bullard High School. However, Vasquez decided to go to SJM instead due to the great girls soccer program. Being a freshman on varsity can cause a player to be nervous or intimidated by the older teammates and competition. Vasquez, however, is not fazed by this and is very comfortable with her team from practicing with them throughout the year. “We are all like one team,” said Vazquez, “everyone already knows each other and it’s a really close team.” Being a close team should really help Vasquez be comfortable and confident with her play. Vasquez is a forward for the girls varsity team and she is looking to make an impact on what she believes to be a great team. “We are going to do good this year. We all really want to win it and our coaches really do want to, too,” Vasquez said. The talent of the girls, combined with the want to win from both coaches and players, is a great formula for a deep playoff run. They have won 12 games this year making them 12-9-5 overall and they finished 3-43 in league. Make sure you come and support Vasquez and the girls soccer team in their push for valleys!

Boys Soccer Finishes Strong Team builds firm foundation for success in the coming years. Edward Medina Opinion Editor The boys soccer team has played a strong season; after securing a first place win at the Garces tournament, the Memorial soccer team has many triumphs. The team’s hard work has yielded many successes and accomplishments. The team earned first place in the annual Garces tournament for second division. The players had to play against many tough schools to secure the trophy. “Our team has been doing really good. Our first place at the Garces tournament was very rewarding and I’m glad the boys got the dub,” senior Austin Wigh said. The team’s successes continued as they scored

Boys soccer team practices by playing soccer tennis.

victories against top notch schools around the area. They had a stellar win streak of four league games.. “We beat Edison [and]

Photo by Ed Medina

they were undefeated until we came around. These wins gave us the momentum needed to propel us to playoffs,” senior Luis Pelayo said.

In addition to the Edison victory, the team had two wins against Bullard, including an underdog win on senior night, when senior captains Pelayo and Giordano Primavera scored the game winning goals. They had a tremendous record this year of 17 wins and nine losses, and the boys finished strong at playoffs this week. “We gave it our very best at playoffs. I am proud of my team and all the hard work that was put into this season,” senior Jack Lion said. The team made Memorial proud this year by achieving many hard fought victories over the season. This year was a tremendous accomplishment for the boys’ soccer team , giving them a strong foundation for the coming years.

Boys Basketball Bounces Back Boys basketball has some major talent. Chase FitZgerald StaffWriter A special year is beginning to take shape as the boys basketball team keeps improving their 21-5 record. This is a talented group of players who have high expectations for this season and have a desire to win a valley championship, which will be the first basketball championship since 2012. “Everybody on the court has had to work a little harder to do those things that Braden would do,” varsity head coach Brad Roznovsky said. Unfortunately, senior starting guard Braden Fitzgerald is out for the season with an ACL tear. Braden is a three

year varsity player who is a team leader and spark for the Panthers. His defensive presence held a huge impact on the team and its success, so players will have to step up and replace the fire that Braden brought to the team. Junior Jonah Geron is starting in Braden’s spot and has been a lights out shooter for the team. Geron is putting up big numbers and is impacting the team with his offensive play. “We are gonna have a great season this year because of the amount of talent we have,” sophomore Deon Stroud said. Despite the loss of Braden on the court, the team continues to battle with every team they face. An impressive performance by the Panthers allowed them to defeat the

Braden Fitzgerald shoots a free throw against Lemoore.

No. 5 state ranked Stockdale and defeat the rival Bullard Knights with a score of 10090. Despite injuries, it will be exciting to see how far the Panthers can go in the postseason.

Photo by Chase Fitzgerald



The Red and Blue February 17, 2016

Super Bowl Champs, Tom Brady’s Legacy! Tom Brady leads the Patriots in the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history. Max Coyle Sports Editor What a year for sports. All year long, sports fans have been spoiled with amazing comebacks, thrilling buzzer beaters, shocking upsets, and witnessing history in the making. Now, we are spoiled once again as Tom Brady led the New England Patriots to victory against the Atlanta Falcons in overtime with the biggest comeback ever in Super Bowl history. After getting down early in the game with a halftime score of 21-3, the Patriots clawed their way back into the game and finished with a 34-28 win in overtime. “At halftime we weren’t feeling great about how we played…[it was a] slow start in the third quarter then we finally started executing better, especially on offense,” Tom Brady said in the press conference.

Tom Brady hoists his fifth super bowl trophy.

And execute he did. After falling behind in a 25 point deficit, Brady led five consecutive scoring drives, including two passing touchdowns, and forcing the game to overtime. At this point the momentum was too great for

Courtesy of ESPN

the Falcons to stop, leading to running back James White scoring on a two yard run to win the game for the Patriots, and crushing the previous Super Bowl record of largest comeback being a 10 point deficit.

In the win, Brady went 43/62 in pass completions, threw for 466 yards (another Super Bowl record), and threw two touchdowns, making him the definite winner of the Super Bowl MVP award.

Now what does this mean for the legacy of Tom Brady? Seven starts in a Super Bowl game (most in NFL history), Five Super Bowl championships as a quarterback (most in NFL history, passing Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw), and four Super Bowl MVP’s (most in NFL history). With stats like this, it’s hard to argue against it. “I was a sixth-round pick, No. 199. Nothing is easy. Nothing is handed to me. I’m going to do what I set out to do in this league from the start. And that is become the greatest quarterback that ever played,” Brady said, according to www.sbnation. com. Whether you’re an admirer of the superstar or not, the numbers don’t lie, making him worthy of respect for his accomplishments, and worthy of his name in NFL history.

Girls Basketball Is Hoopin’ It Up The SJM girls basketball team is picking up right where they left off from last year. Chase FitZgerald StaffWriter An exciting season is taking form as girls basketball continues to win games and improve their record. This talented group of girls, led by star player Aunjona James, has their hopes set on bringing home a valley championship for the school. “We have our eyes set on getting back to Valleys and bringing home a valley championship for the school and the girls basketball program,” varsity head coach Santino Reynolds said. In addition, improvement in the girls game has been showing throughout the course of the year. If the girls keep getting better as the season goes on, they have a legitimate chance to bring

LuzElena Parks grabs the rebound and gets ready to outlet the ball. Photo by Lynette Daniel

home a valley championship for Memorial. The girls made it to the valley championship game in the previous year, but lost in a heartbreaking game to Caruthers High School with a score of 46-39. This gives the girls a chip on their shoulder to work

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hard and get back to the valley championship. “The girls have really put in some hard work during the preseason and we are starting to see the benefit now. The girls have grown so much as a team,” Santino said. This is an exciting season for the lady panthers and it will be entertaining to watch them improve as a team and keep getting better. The girls are working hard and doing everything in their power to get back to the valley championship game and finish what they could not in the previous year.

February 2017  

The Red and Blue |San Joaquin Memorial HS Archived Publication: February 2017

February 2017  

The Red and Blue |San Joaquin Memorial HS Archived Publication: February 2017