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December 21, 2011 • •

Vol. 1, No. 20a

Employee Benefits in Calendar Year 2012

Newco to Adopt CHI Connect to Integrate Business Systems

Focus on Youth Seeks to Break Cycle of Domestic Violence

Answers to the Questions You’ve Been Asking

Meet Newco: University of Louisville Hospital

Employee Benefits in Calendar Year 2012 The benefits employees learned about and signed up for during open enrollment this fall (to start in January 2012) will be the benefits they receive once we all become part of Newco. This includes medical and retirement benefits, plus time-off programs.

Competitive and just Bringing together so many employees with a wide variety of benefits and plans from three organizations is complicated. Through it all, our leaders have been focused on the

The benefits employees signed up for  during open enrollment this fall will be  the benefits they receive once the new  organization is effective.   Your local HR representative is your best  source for benefits information. 

goal of providing competitive and just compensation, benefits and other HR programs for all employees.

Local HR is your best source While the details are still in discussion, your local HR representative will be your best source of information. Please contact your HR office with questions you have about benefits. We may not have all the answers, though we will share information as soon as we can.

Next update coming soon

Partnership Progress and other communications will share any additional HRrelated news in the coming weeks.

Newco to Adopt CHI Connect to Integrate Business Systems In 2008, Saint Joseph Health System “went live” on CHI Connect, using new information technology to improve many business and employee activities. For Saint Joseph employees, CHI Connect meant going online to view their pay statements, signing up for benefits on a new website, clocking in on new electronic time clocks, using online supply ordering shopping lists, and more. For Saint Joseph as a system, it meant becoming more efficient and more connected across all facilities, departments and employees. Plans call for University of Louisville Hospital|James Graham Brown Cancer Center and Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s HealthCare to begin building Kentucky Newco CHI Connect after the merger is final, going live in January 2013. Implementing CHI Connect will bring changes to how many people and departments work – changes designed to help us work smarter. Business systems included in CHI Connect are: •

Human resources administration


Time and attendance

Accounts payable

Supply chain management

Finance – Chart of accounts

CHI Connect will become a consistent, integrated backbone across Newco that will help us truly operate as a network. We will have a standard approach to collecting, reporting and analyzing information to: •

Improve the timeliness and quality of business information

Take advantage of efficiencies provided by group purchasing (or ensure consistency in contracting)

Make ordering supplies easier and more efficient

Streamline administrative tasks

Give facility-based staff more time to focus on patient needs, building healthy communities, and planning strategies for local operations

Implementing CHI Connect across all of Newco will mean that some jobs in finance, HR and supply chain will be done differently, using new technology and tools. Don’t expect to see any changes related to CHI Connect for several months at least. Well before then, employees in affected departments will have the opportunity to learn more, ask questions and understand what the changes mean for them. While we don’t have a firm timeline, we expect that time and attendance will be implemented next summer and payroll and HR benefits will be online in January 2013. We will share other milestones when we are able.

Focus on Youth Seeks to Break Cycle of Domestic Violence Domestic violence is a serious, preventable public health problem that affects more than 32 million Americans of all races, ethnic

“It’s harder work, but it’s much more effective  and sustainable in the long term when you can  actually make change in the community that  prevents violence from occurring in the first  place.” 

backgrounds, religions and socioeconomic classes. Only a third

Jason W. Smith  Assistant Professor, Surgery and Critical Care University of Louisville Hospital

of cases are actually reported. In Kentucky, spouse abuse programs receive approximately 35,000 domestic violence-related calls per year. The potential partners of Newco are already working to break the cycle of domestic abuse in Kentucky with public outreach and education, as well as programs that serve domestic abuse survivors. “A long‐term campaign to reduce teen dating  violence researches root causes and how to  address rather than react to violence. This  program works with teens on what to do if they  witness violence or are a victim, and helps them  understand how to avoid violent situations. While  it is currently in four neighborhoods, its success  can be taken elsewhere across the state.”  Alice Bridges  Director Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s Foundation

The University of Louisville Hospital Trauma Institute received a $15,000 grant from Verizon to expand “Voice your Opposition,” a social marketing campaign that encourages men and

boys to speak out against behavior that could lead to sexual or domestic violence. The Trauma Center treats approximately 1,000 domestic violencerelated injuries a year, with victim recidivism rates as high as 40 percent. The UofL program will target an at-risk population of youths in an effort to reduce future domestic violence. Children (particularly young males) who witness violence between parents or caretakers are twice as likely to abuse their own partners when they become adults, and witnessing domestic violence is the strongest risk factor of transmitting violence from one generation to the next. Catholic Health Initiatives has a systemwide violence prevention campaign called “United Against Violence.” Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s HealthCare and The Center for Women and Families received a grant of $193,000 from CHI to increase youth safety by reducing the incidence of teen dating violence. This effort has focused on three Louisville neighborhoods that have some of Louisville’s highest arrest rates for violent crimes, high suspension and dropout rates, and low rankings for supportive adults, feelings of safety, community involvement and positive relations. Listen to an audio news release from Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s HealthCare.

Answers to the Questions You’ve Been Asking Do you have a question for Partnership Progress? Submit your question here.

Q. How can the community be assured that the promises made about the merger are actually implemented? A: Charlie Johnson, a member of the Newco Board, the University Medical Center Board and CEO of

“We’re here to help serve the community and  make sure that everything is aboveboard.” 

Charlie Johnson  Member, Newco Board and University Medical Center Board CEO, Immanuel Realty, Louisville, KY

Immanuel Realty in Louisville, responded to this question at a recent community forum hosted by the Louisville Metro Board of Health. He assured the forum that the members of the Newco Board will ensure that everything

agreed to in the merger documents will be carried out. Watch and listen to his full response.

Q: Can we have a Christmas tree at work? A: There will be no change in holiday observances this year: if your workplace has traditionally had a Christmas tree, it can have one this year, unless you've relocated to a building that has always been Jewish. To honor the Jewish founders of JHSMH, those buildings display the Hanukkah menorah. The diversity of our organizations provides a richness that will make Newco a wonderful place to work and receive patient care. Going forward, we are committed to honoring our proud academic, Jewish and Catholic heritages as we develop policies and practices for Newco.

Meet Newco: University of Louisville Hospital University of Louisville Hospital, a 404-licensed-bed facility, is the leading academic medical center in the area and offers the benefits of the latest research, equipment and expertise. It is also home to the region’s only level 1 Trauma Center – which was the nation’s first “accident service” in 1911 – and adult burn unit. The hospital is also the first certified stroke center in the state of Kentucky. Rooted in nearly two centuries of service to the community, University Hospital has a rich history of providing extraordinary patient care and conducting leading-edge research. Today, the organization’s direct tie to the UofL Health Sciences Center attracts millions of research dollars to improve health care and educate physicians. This high level of achievement offers patients unmatched access to innovative and specialized treatment options that are unavailable elsewhere in the region.

Our Vision Statement  We are the premier, integrated comprehensive health system in the Commonwealth known for  efficiently providing the highest quality care and service close to home; reducing the incidence of  disease; and eliminating inequities in access throughout   the communities we serve.  With unmatched geographic reach, we are differentiated by our faith based and academic identity,  developing the best next generation of health care professionals, and for being the fastest in  translating research from bench to bedside.  Because we are the most vital nationally recognized health system, we are the go­to organization  for any major health policy initiatives in the State.