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SJH & Associates, Vapor Steam Cleaning co. Restaurant cleaning Effective Steam cleaning Guide For Restaurants

Larry D. Ford, CEO SJH & Associates, Vapor Steam Cleaning

A necessity for the food industry Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Any food service facility whether it be a restaurant, a caterer, or a cafeteria must be concerned first and foremost with cleanliness. Maintaining a clean, safe food production environment is a difficult at best. But to fall short not only risks the reputation of the business, but the well being of clientele and employees as well. SJH & Associates is an expert in the cleaning and sanitizing of commercial kitchens. Our personnel are trained in the use of the latest professional equipment, a necessity in any kitchen maintenance program. With steam cleaning, we can get results that cannot be obtained by traditional cleaning methods.

Vapor Steam Cleaning Vapor stream of steam (5% water) is released at pressures between 6 and 10 bars and temperatures up to 180ÂşF. Numerous models are equipped with a detergent chamber allowing for the injection of disinfectants, cleaners, degreasers and other cleaning products. The small quantity of water used allows for the use of steam in water sensitive areas where other cleaning methods are not allowed.

Environmentally friendly Our latest steam technology uses very little water and no harsh chemicals, so providing maximum standards of cleaning and hygiene with minimum environmental impact.

Integrate SJH & Associates steam machines in your cleaning routine! SJH & Associates steam machines have been put through numerous studies, notably the University of Verona in Italy, which demonstrated their extreme disinfecting capabilities. The laboratory tests showed that a short exposure to the steam eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, mildew and pathogens. More precisely the tests at room temperature in a operating room showed that 90% of bacteria’s were eliminated within 20 seconds, without use of any detergents or disinfecting products. Other tests showed 100% efficiencies in other medical situations.

SJH & Associates steam cleaner's advantages for cleaning and disinfecting

Food bacteria removal The high temperature of the steam instantly eliminates pathogens and unwanted micro-organisms by disinfecting the hardest areas to reach. In addition to eliminating the bacteria, it’s impossible for the bacteria to develop a resistance to the process. 

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The treated surfaces dry instantly which eliminates the risk of slipping and falling on floors permitting the immediate use of the equipment. The minimal use of water in the dry steam allows for use in water sensitive areas without drainage. Does not damage any equipment, floor, surface, rubber or sensors and all without the need of protective equipment. Can be used during production for an increased efficiency in cleaning without interruption of regular operation. As easy as using a vacuum. Silent electrical operation. Very little water required; our equipment uses under 3L of water per hour, allowing for great water savings. Very little water is left on the surface after cleaning, allowing for less waiting for equipment to dry. Steam is very gentle on surfaces but very effective on dirt and micro-organisms

Free No-Cost Demonstrating on location

We will always demonstrate a machine so that you can be completely satisfied that it ideally suits the specific requirements of your business

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Restaurant cleaning Larry D. Ford, CEO SJH & Associates, Vapor Steam Cleaning Effective Steam cleaning Guide F...

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