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October 2020/November 2020


The Smith Family See Feature Article on Page 7

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THE HOPYARD VOICE BOARD OF DIRECTORS Dan Sweeney, President dsweeney@hazelland.com 540-891-1091 Melanie Smith, Secretary msmith@hazelland.com Chris Smith, Director cwshopyard@gmail.com WEBSITE www.TownSq.io MANAGEMENT Elizabeth Panzano, Community Manager 5888 Coakley Dr., King George, VA 22485 540-775-8350 hopyardfarm@verizon.net COMMUNITY MGMT. CORP. 4840 Westfields Blvd, Suite 300 Chantilly, VA 20153 703-631-7200 or 800-262-3090 BACKYARD WILDLIFE COMMITTEE Dee Garner, Chair deaniebg@aol.com COVENANTS COMMITTEE Marietto Jeffries, Chair Mariettoj@hotmail.com FINANCE COMMITTEE Chris Werle, Chair cwerle1@verizon.net POOL & REC COMMITTEE Dara Johnson, Chair hopyardfarmpr@gmail.com

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IMPORTANT REMINDERS FROM THE OFFICE Submitted by Elizabeth Panzano, Community Manager | Email: hopyardfarm@verizon.net

MANAGER'S MESSAGE “Autumn shows us how lovely it is to let things go.” – Unknown Fall has arrived in Hopyard! The corn field is golden brown, the leaves are just starting to turn red, orange and gold and the air has that distinct scent of fall. This is my absolute favorite time of year! Nature is what makes our community such a unique and beautiful place to live. There are many open space areas as well as protected natural spaces within the HOA. Please be aware that under no circumstances should anyone alter or disturb any areas outside of their own lot. That includes dumping clippings or branches in the woods, clearing out brush, or applying any type of chemical. Disturbing any Resource Protection Areas (RPA’s) within the community can result in substantial fines and penalties. The October Board Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 15th. The Board will be reviewing the 2021 Budget. We hope you can attend. Stay tuned for Halloween and Christmas activities and updates on Town Square! Now is the time to work on your lawn for next Spring. Fall is the perfect time to add compost, aerate and seed your lawn. Please do not blow clippings or leaves into the street, they can be slippery and dangerous. You may also notice mold/mildew/algae appearing on your siding, fencing and roof shingles. You will want to make sure this is cleaned and removed. Take a look at your asphalt driveway. Does it need to be sealed? Remember it is much less expensive to maintain rather than replace. A simple and inexpensive maintenance item to consider is painting your mailbox post. It takes just a few minutes and a small can of exterior white paint. As a reminder, please do not leave your trash cans in your driveway or on the side of your home unless in an approved enclosure. Please make sure trash is secured so it does not end up in your neighbor’s yard or our common areas. Pets must be on a leash at all times and you MUST clean up after your pet. Have you registered for Town Square? Your account is already set-up and all you need to do is go to www.townsq. io. There is a link to log in and create an account using your account number and zip code. Your account number is located on your coupon, account statement or you may contact me at hopyardfarm@verizon.net. You can make your online E-Check and Credit Card payment in Town Square. Town Square allows you to control your account and how much or how little

you wish others to see. You can send a message to me, view community announcements, participate in community polls and view community documents. Remember Facebook is NOT an official communication tool of the Association. If you have any questions about the community, the architectural guidelines, or just about anything else, please give me a call or stop by the management office and I will be glad to help you. Have a safe and fun fall! n

HOPYARD VOICE • October 2020 / November 2020


PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE Submitted by Dan Sweeney, President | dsweeney@hazelland.com

Greetings, Hopyard Homeowners! I hope all of you are doing well and keeping healthy and safe these days. 2020 continues to be challenging for all of us! To our new homeowners, “Welcome to Hopyard Farm – we’re glad you’re here!” Hopyard Farm is a very active community, and your HOA includes five (5) committees: Backyard Wildlife Management, Communications (currently inactive), Covenants, Pool and Recreation, and Finance. Please consider joining one of them; there’s always room for more, and the committees always welcome new members. We are always seeking new volunteers and joining is a great way to meet other homeowners and to get involved with the community. If interested, please contact Elizabeth Panzano in the community office and pick up an application. For those of you currently serving on a Committee or on the Board, please accept my personal thanks for all you do. I appreciate the time you dedicate to Hopyard Farm, especially since it is on a volunteer basis. The time you spend working on committee activities is time spent away for your family, and I appreciate your willingness to give of your time and effort. Your involvement makes Hopyard Farm a great place to live and a very desirable neighborhood in which to live. Thanks so much for serving the community; we are grateful to have each of you! At this writing, the 2020 Pool Season has just ended. I hope all of you had a chance to use it over the summer. We had a late start due to COVID-19 but extended the season, in part due to delayed


HOPYARD VOICE • October 2020 / November 2020

school openings, but also to gain back some of the lost time. It was undoubtedly challenging to meet the social distance requirements this season, and we appreciate your willingness to cooperate. We hope 2021 will be better. As fall approaches, we start thinking about cooler weather. It is a bit early to talk about snow, but winter is right around the corner. As a reminder, the roads in Sections 1, 2 and 3 are all part of VDOT’s secondary road system and snow removal on the following streets will be handled by VDOT: Bakers Lane, Champe Way. Coakley (in its entirety), Fullers Lane, Hawser Drive, Hopyard Drive, Ianthas Way, McCarthy Drive, Nellie Lane, Parsons Lane, and Weems Drive (from intersection at Hopyard/Weems to Station 46.85 just past Coakley Drive). An updated guide to snow removal will be posted on Town Square in the fall. Speed remains an issue in Hopyard Farm. The safety of our residents is important and should be important to YOU. Please DO NOT speed! Also, a friendly reminder to pick up behind your pets as you walk through the neighborhood. Your fellow homeowners appreciate it and so does the Board! We thank those of you who already do so. Our next Board Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 15th. Please mark your calendars. We will most likely hold the meeting via Zoom Conferencing and will confirm as we get closer. Please stay safe remember to social distance when out and about.

Dan Sweeney


The leaves are changing. The temperatures are dropping, and pumpkin-everything is on our minds. Fall was in the air, as I interviewed the Smith Family while sipping a Samuel Adams Jack-O Pumpkin Ale and enjoying the delicious Italian treats they prepared for our time together. In this autumn issue of the Hopyard Voice, we take a journey through nearly 50 years with The Smith Family of Hawser Drive….tray tables up, seat backs in the upright position and prepare for take-off. Chris and Mary Jane met in Southern California early in life. Twentyyear-old Chris, an aspiring engineer from the coast, met Mary Jane who was working a summer job on break from the University of Washington. One-day Mary Jane’s dad asked her to come to lunch with him and meet a young man. The young man was Chris and the rest is history. Within six months, the pair were married and shortly after, both Chris and Mary Jane enrolled in the California Polytechnic State University (CalPoly), Chris as a soil science major and Mary Jane as a biology major. During his sophomore year, Chris was hired by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (Natural Resource Conservation Service) for a summer job which he also held the following year. Following graduation, Chris continued to live in their home in Morro Bay and began a full-time job for the USDA as a soil scientist and Mary Jane undertook a yearlong medical technology internship at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center. Chris spent the next year making the four-hour drive from Morro Bay to Los Angeles to spend time with Mary Jane. After graduation, Mary Jane completed all her licensing tests and was certified as a Medical Technologist. The couple moved about six hours north to Mendocino, California, where Chris continued his work with the USDA and Mary Jane began employment with a local hospital. After living just one year in Mendocino, the USDA sent Chris to Micronesia to complete a series of soil surveys. Over the ensuing two and a half years, Chris and Mary Jane learned to live with very little. They arrived on the island of Pohnpei (pronounced Pon-a-pay) with a few possessions, no housing, no vehicle and no office space. During the first few weeks of life in Micronesia, the Smiths lived in a local hotel and fashioned workspace from what they could find. After an eight-month stay on Pohnpei, the Smiths moved on to Palau (pronounced Polow) where Chris continued his soil work and Mary Jane, a budding bacteriologist, established a microbiology lab in a local hospital. During her time working in Palau, Mary Jane trained locals in modern medicine. Mary Jane and Chris shared many exciting adventures over their two and a half year stay in the Micronesian Islands before moving to Honolulu, Hawaii, for a year. Following their short residency as Hawaiians, the Smiths returned to Mendocino to take advantage of new employment opportunities. After living just one year in Mendocino, California, Chris took the leap toward post-graduate education at North Carolina State University. The couple moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Mary Jane worked in the laboratory at Rex Hospital, Raleigh, for two years before she and Chris decided it was a good time to start a family. Mary Jane decided it was the right time to make a career change. While still working

as a lab tech, she took classes and learned the craft of a travel agent. Upon completion of her training Mary Jane made the career change. Within six months, a baby was on the way and within a year Mary Jane set up her own travel agency and Chris finished his master’s degree and then his PhD. The Smiths, now a family of three, picked up roots and moved west to Lincoln, Nebraska. During their year and a half as Nebraskans, Chris worked for the National Soil Survey Lab as a research soil scientist while Mary Jane stayed home with baby Kristen. Following their brief residency in Nebraska, Chris and Mary Jane loaded up their Chevy Blazer and sail boat and headed back to Honolulu, Hawaii, where they lived for the next 17 years. Chris worked as a state soil scientist and Mary Jane managed several travel agencies. Both Smiths found a knack for teaching during their time in Hawaii – Mary Jane teaching travel at a local community college and Chris teaching at the University of Hawaii as an adjunct professor. Chris served on their community HOA board for fourteen years, ten as president. Little Kristen, now all grown up, left the island to attend college at Gonzaga University. After college, Kristen moved to Washington, DC, and then on to Ashburn, Virginia, where she is now employed in cybersecurity. The time had come for the Smiths to make one final move. In August of 2007, Chris and Mary Jane Smith packed up their home of 17 years in Honolulu and headed for King George, Virginia, to start a new chapter in their life. The Smiths chose Hopyard Farm for its proximity to Washington, DC, accessibility to VRE, and close water access. Since arriving, Mary Jane served on the Pool and Rec Committee for 4 years and Chris is currently the only resident HOA board member having held the position for over 3 years. Chris authored the new inspection guidelines currently in use by the Hopyard HOA. Both Chris and Mary Jane have served the community on committees and with their own labor through the years. In their spare time, Chris and Mary Jane sail their thirty-five foot, French-built sailboat Dauphine. Trying to fit such a rich and well-travelled life into these short pages doesn’t do justice to the Smith story. The next time you hunger for adventure and tales of excitement, you needn’t leave our community. Take a short trip of your own to the Smith Home on Hawser Drive, and you’ll be on your way to a grander adventure than you could imagine. n HOPYARD VOICE • October 2020 / November 2020


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HOPYARD VOICE • October 2020 / November 2020


Taking the Heat with the C ld

By Marietto Jeffries – Homeowner and Chairman of the Covenants Committee

Yo u h ave h eard th e o ld ad ag e ‘Take th e g o o d w ith th e b ad ’ w h ich im p lies th at n o th in g is p erfec t an d so m etim es yo u h ave to take th e b ad w ith th e g o o d. We m ay all ag ree th at th e o ld ad ag e is u n accep tab le w h en it co m es to th e h eatin g an d co o lin g system w ith in o u r h o m e. M y h eat p u m p u n it co ils h ave sp ru n g leaks in th e co p p er tu b in g at least 5 tim es o ver th e p ast tw o years. Th is article h o p es to p ro vid e yo u w ith so m e in sig ht reg ard in g p ast an d p resent H eatin g, Ventilatin g, an d A ir C o n d itio n in g (H VAC ) system d esig n to h elp yo u m ake a b etter in fo rm ed d ecisio n (w h en th e tim e co m es) to rep lace o r rep air yo u r h o m e H VAC u n it. C o p p er o r A lu m in u m ? Th at is th e h ard q u estio n . Th e u se o f co p p er in th e co n stru c tio n o f e vap o rato r an d co n d en ser co ils h as b een stan d ard in d u stry p rac tice fo r m any d ecad es. Recent research re veals th at co p p er is 2X m o re effi cient in d eliverin g h eat b u t, alu m in u m p ro vid es g reater p erfo rm an ce fac to rs fo r co o lin g. U n fo rtu n ately, yo u r AC /H eatin g system m ay o r m ay n o t b en efit fro m th e u se o f b o th m aterials. C o p p er co st h ave ele vated o ver th e years cau sin g m an u fac tu res to seek m o re effi cient an d co st effec tive m aterials h en ce, th e em erg en ce o f lo w er co st alu m in u m . A lso, alu m in u m is m o re resistant to co rro sio n b u t it (like co p p er) d o es leak. U n fo rtu n ately, alu m in u m is d iffi cu lt to rep air o ften p ro m p tin g rep lacem ent o f co ils. In an effo rt to lo w er th e co st o f co p p er co ils, m an u fac tu rers d esig n ed th in n er co p p er tu b es w h ich o ften b ecam e p ro n e to leaks. A lso, w h ere co p p er an d alu m in u m m eet, g alvan ic co rro sio n b eg in s to o ccu r, d eg rad in g w eld s, jo ints, an d co n n ec tio n s. O ld er system o ften u sed th icker co p p er co ils yield in g m any years o f u n interru p ted service h o w e ver, fed eral g o vern m ent stan d ard s n o w req u ire m an u fac tu res to m ake H VAC eq u ip m ent m o re eco frien d ly an d en erg y effi cient th u s th e m o ve to ch eap er, th in n er tu b in g an d re -en g in eerin g to d esig n m o re effi cient system s. So, w h at is th e b est system ? Th at q u estio n is d iffi cu lt to an sw er an d is b ased o n in d ivid u al n eed s. N o o n e b ran d o f H VAC system is p erfec t fo r e very h o m e. Be very carefu l to n o t su ccu m b to m arketin g hyp e an d b ran d stereo typ es. M o st H VAC co m p an ies are b eg in n in g to o ffer 5 an d 10 year p arts w arranties o n certain u p p er tier m o d els. Th is m ay so u n d g o o d b u t, th e h o m eo w n er is o ften left p ayin g o u t o f p o cket fo r all lab o r co st after th e first year o f o w n ersh ip. To d ay, co m p resso r w arranties are o ften exten d ed to ten years b u t, seld o m d o to d ay ’s co m p resso rs fail. As a sellin g p o int, so m e co m p an ies b o ast o n th e 10 year p art an d 10 year co m p resso r w arranty b u t leave o u t th e co st o f b i-an n u al m ainten an ce, em erg en c y calls (after 4p m an d w eeken d s are o ften co n sid ered em erg en c y calls an d w ill co st yo u m o re in lab o r fees) an d th e co st o f lab o r. A lso, yo u m u st d ecid e w h at typ e o f system m eets yo u n eed s. So m e system s h ave sin g le o r variab le stag e b lo w ers (less en erg y effi cient), m u lti-stag e b lo w ers (m o re en erg y effi cient, b u t at a h ig h er p rice p o int), o r so m e u se n e w co m p u ter b ased tech n o lo g y th at co m m u n icates to each u n it an d co ntro ls (at a p rem iu m p rice p o int) h eatin g an d co o lin g n eed s. Z o n ed system u se valves an d d am p ers to co ntro l air flo w b u t create u n iq u e co n cern s an d can affec t system p rice. Th e ad d itio n o f h u m id ity co ntro l o r d eh u m id ificatio n ad d s ad d itio n al p rice b u t m ay b e n eed ed to d ecrease allerg ies o r p ro tec t exp en sive artw o rk o r fu rn itu re. Pu rch asin g a h o m e H VAC system sh o u ld n o t b e taken lig htly b ecau se th e d ecisio n yo u m ake to d ay w ill h ave a lo n g term effec t o n yo u r w allet in th e h o t an d co ld d ays to co m e. Yo u m u st b e carefu l n o t to b u y m o re (o r less) o f an H VAC system th an yo u h o m e n eed s. Th e g o vern m ent m an d ated stan d ard to d ay is th at all system s so ld after 2006 m u st m eet a M IN IM U M Seaso n al En erg y Effi cien c y Ratio (SEER) ratin g o f 13. So, w h at is SEER? D eep Breath ...SEER m easu res th e ratio n o f co o lin g o u tp u t d ivid ed b y en erg y u se in w att-h o u rs. Th in k o f it in term s o f yo u r car. Yo u r car m ay b e rated to d eliver 30 M PG b u t, sittin g o n I-95 id lin g in h eavy traffi c d eg rad es yo u en erg y effi cien c y. Like w ise, th e d em an d fo r in creased h eatin g o r co o lin g (d ic tated b y enviro n m ental fac to rs) d eterm in es yo u r ac tu al en erg y effi cien c y an d e ventu al H VAC m o nth ly/an n u al o p eratin g co st. En erg y Star rated u n its m u st b e a m in im u m 14.5 SEER (as o f Jan u ary 2015) to a m axim u m 21 SEER ratin g. Th is m ean s th at h o m es p u rch ased p rio r to Jan u ary 2015 m ay h ave H VAC system s th at d o n o t m eet to d ay ’s fed eral g o vern m ent m in im u m stan d ard s. 12

HOPYARD VOICE • October 2020 / November 2020

N o w w h ile a h ig h er SEER ratin g m ay p ro vid e g reater co m fo rt, it m ay b e m o re th an yo u n eed to fu lfill th e h eatin g an d co o lin g n eed s o f yo u r h o m e. W h en yo u p u rch ase to o m u ch o f a u n it, yo u m ay n e ver realize a b reak-e ven p o int o r retu rn o n yo u r investm ent an d yo u co u ld still en co u nter th e sam e m ainten an ce issu es th at o ccu r w ith u n its o f a lesser SEER ratin g. Th in k o f it as p u rch asin g a 5 to n p icku p tru ck ju st to d rive to th e g ro cery sto re. A 16 SEER u n it o ften u ses 13% less en erg y to p ro d u ce th e sam e co o lin g as a 14 SEER u n it. In o th er w o rd s, yo u co u ld lo se $13 fo r each $100 sp ent ru n n in g a 14 SEER u n it in stead o f a 16 SEER u n it. Th e g reater th e SEER n u m b er, th e h ig h er th e effi cien c y. M any H VAC system m an u fac tu res fo llo w a sim ilar h ierarchy as car co m p an ies. D o n’t g et cau g ht u p o n b ran d s. Bran d A m ay h ave b een th e b est an d o ffered th e b est p erfo rm an ce 15 years ag o b u t, BRA N D D m ay o ffer b etter p erfo rm an ce to d ay at a lo w er p u rch ase p rice p o int b ecau se o f b etter m aterial, p arts availab ility, tech n o lo g y, an d th e fac t th at BRA N D D m an u fac tu res u n d er 5 (o r m o re) d ifferent n am es. D o n’t g et cau g ht u p o n b ran d s. Research h o w effi cient th e u n it is an d th e reliab ility o f co m p o n ents (n o t th e b ran d ). Fac to r in th e co st o f ad d itio n al item s. If th e system u ses p ro p rietary th erm o stats an d yo u alread y h ave b ran d X u n its at a $250 investm ent each , yo u m u st d eterm in e if yo u are o k w ith p u ttin g yo u r Bran d X investm ent in a d raw er. Yo u n eed to research if yo u are p ayin g fo r a n am e o r fo r p erfo rm an ce an d reliab ility. A lso, yo u m u st d ecid e if it is m o re co st effec tive to rep lace yo u r co ils o r p u rch ase a n e w system . C o il rep lacem ent co st can so ar u p w ard s fro m $2700 p er u n it. If yo u p u rch ase ju st th e co il rep lacem ent, yo u n eed to co n sid er rep lacin g b o th co ils in each system . D eep b reath ...D ep en d in g o n u n it to n n ag e (a m easu re to d eterm in e h o w m u ch h eat th e u n it can rem o ve fro m a h o m e w ith in an h o u r – O n e to n rem o ves 12,000 BTU ’s o f air p er h o u r. A n e w H VAC u n it co u ld co st o n ly slig htly m o re, th an co il rep lacem ent, b u t ren d er g reater p erfo rm an ce an d reliab ility. Yo u m u st also d eterm in e yo u r BTU (British Th erm al U n its) n eed s. H ere is th e fo rm u la; D eep Breath : AC u n it BTU m u ltip lied b y co o lin g h o u rs, d ivid ed b y SEER ratin g, m u ltip lied b y co st p er kilo w att h o u rs an d d ivid ed b y 1000. Th e an sw er w ill tell yo u h o w m u ch yo u w ill p ay p er year to o p erate each o f yo u r H VAC system s. G iven th is fo rm u la, yo u can m ake a d eterm in atio n o f w h ich to n n ag e is b etter su ited fo r yo u r h o m e an d yo u r w allet. By th e w ay, e very H VAC system in stalled in H o p yard m eets th e m in im u m fed eral req u irem ents...th e m in im u m fed eral req u irem ents fo r th e year w h en th at u n it w as b u ilt. Th is last p art is n o t an ad vertisem ent an d I am n o t p aid b y a co m p any o r a b ran d to en d o rse it. M y research exp lo red o ver 20 b ran d s an d m an u fac tu rers o f H VAC system s to in clu d e th e o u tsid e u n it an d th e air h an d ler u n it (yes, yo u n eed to co n sid er p u rch asin g b o th u n its an d so m etim es th ese co m p o n ents are n o t m atch ed system s/b ran d s). I cam e acro ss a b ran d s estab lish ed d u rin g th e 1980’s th at o ffers a 5 year u n co n d itio n al rep lacem ent o f th e entire u n it if anyth in g fails, 10 years p arts w arranty, an d a 10 year co m p resso r w arranty. A n o th er co m p any o ffered a ten year lab o r w arranty at a su b stantial p rice ju m p. U n ited Tech n o lo g ies C o rp o ratio n G ro u p is th e p arent co m p any o f C arrier an d u ses th e n am e Tem p star to p ro m o te its b ran d. M y research sh o w ed th at Tem p star an d C arrier u se th e sam e p arts. Acco rd in g to m y research , th is co m p any o ffers p ro d u c ts w ith th e m o st im p ressive w arranty, reliab ility ratin g, d u rab ility, an d effi cien c y ratin g w h ile p resentin g a p u rch ase co st fac to r th at is m u ch less th an to p n am ed co m p etito rs. Pu rch asin g o r rep airin g yo u r H VAC system is a larg e exp en se so, yo u w ill also n eed to co n sid er e veryth in g in clu d in g yo u r fin an cin g o p tio n s. I h o p e th at th is article p ro vid ed yo u w ith in sig ht so th at yo u can m ake an in fo rm ed d ecisio n b efo re th e tim e co m es to rep lace o r rep air yo u r H VAC system . By th e w ay, m y h o m e w as b u ilt d u rin g 2012 an d I p u rch ased it d u rin g 2013. In 8 sh o rt years, th e system h as b een serviced 7 tim es. Yo u r resu lts m ay d iffer b u t, ju st in case th e in e vitab le d o es o ccu r, I h o p e th is in fo rm atio n h elp s yo u to d ecid e th e b est so lu tio n fo r yo u r h o m e h eatin g an d co o lin g n eed s. – Reg ard s. n

Lancaster – Angora Dr Jones – Wise Ln Brown & Samuels – Ianthas Way Lopes – Bagpipe Ln Gaston – Spinnaker Ln James – Wise Ln Matney & Piwowarski – Emerald Dr Shaw – Wise Ln Goff – Emerald Dr Cook & Wilson – Bagpipe Ln Smith – Emerald Dr

HOA Applications

5242 Longbow Rd-concrete under deck 5222 Weems Dr-solar panels 5479 Leedstown Rd-fence & trampoline 5229 Weems Dr-patio & stairs 7093 Bagpipe Ln-deck 7078 Bagpipe Ln-deck 5228 Weems Dr-stone front 5270 Longbow Rd-landscaping 11791 Fullers Ln-basement window replacement 1267 Emerald Dr-fence, shed, garbage can enclosure 5092 Spinnaker Ln-fence 11808 Fullers Ln-fence 6182 McCarthy Dr- remove playground equip & replace w/ trampoline 12025 Angora Dr-fence 11303 Emerald Dr-paver patio 7075 Bagpipe Ln-steps & stamped concrete patio 11229 Ithaca Ct-fence 5217 Spinnaker Ln-paint shutters & concrete patio 11359 Emerald Dr-fence 5276 Longbow Rd-stone edging 11413 Emerald Dr-deck

HOPYARD VOICE • October 2020 / November 2020



HOPYARD VOICE • October 2020 / November 2020

NEXT HOA MEETING: Thursday, October 15th @ 7PM in the Clubhouse Open to All Residents; Looking Forward to Seeing You There!

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