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August 2020/September 2020


The Werle Family See Feature Article on Page 6

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THE HOPYARD VOICE BOARD OF DIRECTORS Dan Sweeney, President dsweeney@hazelland.com 540-891-1091 Melanie Smith, Secretary msmith@hazelland.com Chris Smith, Director cwshopyard@gmail.com WEBSITE www.TownSq.io MANAGEMENT Elizabeth Panzano, Community Manager 5888 Coakley Dr., King George, VA 22485 540-775-8350 hopyardfarm@verizon.net COMMUNITY MGMT. CORP. 4840 Westfields Blvd, Suite 300 Chantilly, VA 20153 703-631-7200 or 800-262-3090 BACKYARD WILDLIFE COMMITTEE Dee Garner, Chair deaniebg@aol.com COVENANTS COMMITTEE Marietto Jeffries, Chair Mariettoj@hotmail.com FINANCE COMMITTEE Chris Werle, Chair cwerle1@verizon.net POOL & REC COMMITTEE Dara Johnson, Chair hopyardfarmpr@gmail.com

The Hopyard Voice is published by Sassafras Creations, LLC and mailed free of charge to the residents of Hopyard Farm in King George, VA. Articles editorials, letters and advertisements do not reflect the opinions of the editor, publisher, residents or Board of Directors of the Hopyard Farm Property Owners Association. The publisher reserves the right to edit and reject any and all editorial and advertising submitted for publication in the Hopyard Voice. Every effort has been made to prevent typographical errors, however, Sassafras Creations, LLC cannot be held responsible for typographical or grammatical errors as all printed editorials are submitted to Sassafras Creations, LLC and not written by Sassafras Creations, LLC or any employee of Sassafras Creations, LLC.

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Important Reminders from the Office Submitted by Elizabeth Panzano, Community Manager | Email: hopyardfarm@verizon.net

MANAGER'S MESSAGE Can you believe it’s almost Back-to-School time! King George County Schools will start in-person learning after Labor Day. Please SLOW DOWN and watch out for children at the bus stops. The safety of our children is our top priority. Just a reminder, you MUST be 16 years of age to use the Fitness Center or Clubhouse without a Parent or Legal Guardian present. September is the perfect time to work on your yard! Fall is the best time to aerate and seed your lawn. For best results add a layer of compost after aerating and before you add your seed and remember to water your seed. In a matter of a few weeks you will see new grass sprouting up! Despite all of the economic uncertainty, Hopyard Farm continues to grow! I’ll be working with the Finance Committee on the 2021 Budget to present to the Board of Directors for approval at the October 15th meeting. We are always seeking new Committee Members for Finance, Covenants, Pool and Recreation and Backyard Wildlife Committee. Applications for committee volunteers are available on Town Square and from the management office. If you have not signed up yet for Town Square, please do so at www.townsq.io. It’s a user-friendly way to access community announcements and events, review your account balance, and make payments. You will have access to the governing documents, financial reports and useful forms. When you register you will need your account number and zip code. You can find your account number on the payment coupons you received in the mail. 4

HOPYARD VOICE • August 2020 / September 2020

Nature is what makes our community such a unique and beautiful place to live. There are many open space areas as well as protected natural spaces within the HOA. Please be aware that under no circumstances should anyone alter or disturb any areas outside of their own lot. n

PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE Submitted by Dan Sweeney, President | dsweeney@hazelland.com

Summertime Greetings, Hopyard Homeowners! I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe during these challenging times. 2020 has certainly been different! At this writing, the pool has been open for a few weeks now, and I hope you have been able to use it. The COVID-19 restrictions make it difficult to enjoy the pool the way we used to, but I am grateful that we were finally allowed to open. I would like to welcome our new homeowners by saying “Welcome to Hopyard Farm – we’re glad you’re here!” Your new community is quite active and the HOA includes five (5) committees: Backyard Wildlife, Communications (currently inactive), Covenants, Pool and Recreation, and Finance. Please consider joining one of them; there’s always room for more, and the committees will be happy to have you. We are always seeking new volunteers and joining is a great way to meet other homeowners and to get involved with the community. If interested, please contact Elizabeth Panzano in the community office and pick up an application. I would also like to thank our current Board and Committee members. I appreciate the time you dedicate to Hopyard Farm. I realize that the time you spend doing committee work is time spent away from your family. Your involvement helps to make

Hopyard Farm the community it is, and we are fortunate to have you! Thank-you for serving your community! It is hard to think about snow in the middle of summer, but winter will be here before you know it, and I am happy to report that VDOT has accepted our Section 2 streets into the Secondary Road System. These streets include Weems Drive from Hopyard Drive to Ianthas Way, Ianthas Way, and Coakley Drive. As we get closer to winter, we will post on Town Square the list of all streets and the responsible entity for snow removal. As always, a couple of friendly reminders: 1) please DO NOT speed through the community – the safety of our residents should be important to everyone; and (2) please pick up behind your pets – it only takes an extra moment (along with a bag) – and your fellow homeowners appreciate it. It is summertime now and with so many people still working from home, I am sure there are more people spending time outside. Thank you to those who already do so – I appreciate it and so do your neighbors! We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 restrictions and hope more of them will be lifted soon. In the meantime, please stay safe and remember to social distance when out and about.

Dan Sweeney

HOPYARD VOICE • August 2020 / September 2020



By Jon Burroughs

the U.S. Army, Chris began a second career with Logistics Management Institute in Tysons, Virginia. Chris stayed at LMI for 26 years working as an environmental engineer. Carol has a master’s degree from the University of Virginia in urban and environmental planning and a bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Maryland. Carol worked in civil service for 23 years as a planner for the Army Corp of Engineers – Topographic Engineering Center.

MEET YOUR NEIGHBORS Building a community takes more than paid employees; it takes residents invested in the community who give of themselves without reward. Our Hopyard community is full of volunteers who generously give of themselves and their time to make sure we come home to a beautiful landscape every day. Whether it’s picking up trash along our streets, cleaning up the pool area on opening day, or serving on a committee to ensure our time is fun-filled, Hopyardigans are amongst the most generous people around. In this issue of the Hopyard Voice, I have the privilege of speaking with two such Hopyard residents! Meet the Werle Family.. If you’ve lived in Hopyard Farm long, you’ve heard the names Chris and Carol Werle. The Werles are amongst the most active Hopyardigans around. While you may not know it, you see Chris and Carol’s work all around King George County and throughout our community. So, faced with the opportunity to speak to such active neighbors I asked the most obvious question – how do you pronounce Werle? Chris, who seemed very prepared for this question, gave me a fast response. Chris said, “It’s Werle, like a Whirly Bird.” Well, that mystery is solved! Chris and Carol moved to Hopyard Farm after a 25 year residency in Woodbridge, Virginia. The Werles discovered Hopyard Farm while shopping for a retirement home in Fredericksburg in 2013. While visiting Carol’s mom in King George, Chris and Carol passed Hopyard Farm regularly. One day, they decided to stop in and explore. In April, 2013, they officially made Hopyard their new home. Chris and Carol met as students at Woodbridge Senior High School in the mid 1960’s. Following graduation, Chris attended Virginia State College in Petersburg, VA, earning a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. Twelve years later, Chris would also earn a master’s degree from Virginia Tech. Carol, who graduated from Woodbridge High one year after Chris, joined him in Petersburg and found a job on campus. The couple married shortly thereafter and has celebrated 51 years of marriage. Following college, Chris began a 21 year career with the United States Army as an environmental engineer which concluded in 1992 with his retirement at the rank of lieutenant colonel. Immediately following retirement from 6

HOPYARD VOICE • August 2020 / September 2020

Chris and Carol have a long history of service right here in the King George Community. Chris served on the King George County Service Authority Board of Directors, 2 years as Chairman. During his time with the Service Authority, Chris prepared a grant application to FEMA which resulted in a $2.3 million award. The award will be used to stabilize shoreline in the Fairview Beach area. Chris, while no longer a board member, still volunteers his time to the Authority to help the project succeed. Chris also serves on the Board of Directors of the Potomac Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America. Carol spent two years on the King George County Economic Development Authority and one year on the Tourism Advisory Committee. You can find the results of Carol’s hard work for the county in the 5.25 mile median of King’s Highway between Route 301 and Grover Drive (near Dr. Wendy Moore, DDS). Carol worked diligently with VDOT and the King George County Government to establish trees along the King’s Highway median to accent the King George County Business District. Carol, an avid gardener, is a member of many gardening clubs including Master Gardeners and the James Madison Gardener’s Club. She tends a multitude of gardens throughout King George County devoting her time to the beautification of our county. You can sample Carol’s work as you travel on Weems Drive. Her beautiful personal garden is expansive and adorns the corner of Weems Drive and Coakley Drive. Chris and Carol both serve on committees right here in Hopyard. Carol works on the Backyard and Wildlife Committee while Chris devotes his talents to the Finance Committee. Family is at the core of the Werle Family. Chris is one of ten children and Carol one of seven children, including two step-sisters. The Werles have one daughter, Michelle, who is an aeronautical engineer at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab. Michelle, a Virginia Tech graduate, is married to fellow Tech grad Matt. Matt is an electrical engineer also employed at Johns Hopkins. The Werles are the proud grandparents of Heather, age 12, and Autumn, age 9. During my time with Chris and Carol, I was struck by their obvious admiration and respect for each other, their family and their community. In the day of faceless communications through text messages, email and Facebook, it’s a true joy to spend face-to-face time with such incredible people. If you’re feeling nostalgic for great conversation with fascinating people, stop by the Werle Garden and say hello. You’ll leave with a smile …. and maybe a squash or two. n

Neighbor Brings Local YOGA Opportunity to Fellow Hopyard Farm Residents By Jen Lunday

Shareia Oliver of Bakers Lane welcomes up to five people into her home to practice yoga two times weekly, providing a unique zen-like early-week pick-me-up. She keeps a head count via an online Facebook group. Payments for the classes, also handled online, are a very reasonable $10 for an out-of-body experience. It’s Monday afternoon. I come home from work and plop down to nurse my youngest while my mom fixes my preschool-aged son a snack. “Grandma”, as she is lovingly known, decided to welcome a little more chaos into her life by joining the Hopyard community in December 2019 just down the street from us. We consider ourselves lucky to have her close by, especially on nights like this one when my husband is running a little late and yoga starts at 5pm. As he pulls in, I take off with my yoga mat and water bottle for some “me” time. On days when the weather is nice and there is more time, I aspire to walk the half mile to yoga. A warm up and cool down stroll would only add to the euphoric feeling you get when you spend a good hour focusing on your body after otherwise unintentionally neglecting it. Alas, until then, transport via car I go. You can’t help but feel a warm welcome upon arrival to Shareia’s yoga class. I’m no yogi (what hardcore yoga enthusiasts call themselves), but I’ve been to my fair share of yoga classes and can say that Shareia did a phenomenal job of transforming her dining room into a studio. Feelings of serenity surround you as the scent of lavender oil fills the air. The temperature is a perfect 69 degrees so I have no qualms about removing my socks in true yoga fashion. The classes are amazing. Shareia teaches beginners, yogis, everyone in between, and spends time both on her mat demonstrating poses, and on walking around to help her students extend their stretches to maximize the intended effect. Most of the poses are traditional, and Shareia focuses on a specific targeted muscle group/area of tension, as well as challenging mental exercise each week. Recent focus areas included relieving tense muscle groups in the shoulders and neck commonly associated with sitting at a desk and on letting go of hostile thoughts - not letting that person who cut you off in traffic negatively impact your mood. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, spreading love to those around us through positive thought was another intentional thought exercise. *Article submitted prior to Covid-19 closures. Please confirm availability, rules, etc. prior to showing up for a class.


HOPYARD VOICE • August 2020 / September 2020

The classes don’t just challenge mentally- believe me you, if your goal is to come out of there feeling like you got a good workout, your shaky muscles will be glad you drove to yoga and didn’t walk. Yogis and beginners alike have commented on how good it feels to come out of there knowing that your time was well spent. At the end of every class, Shareia offers us a nice long restorative savanasna, where you rest your back on your carefully placed yoga blocks. She places a lavender scented eye pillow over your eyes and covers students with a blanket. I consider it the calm before the storm, tranquility before heading home to dive right into the chaos of the nightly bath and bedtime routine. After an intense muscle workout, it is a very welcomed, almost spiritual period to reflect. If you let your body fully relax as is intended, I could even see some unsuspecting moms (and dads) dozing off at some point. Definitely not me though! Tomorrow is Tuesday, and on Tuesdays my husband, who *does* happen to be a yogi, will get to experience yoga in all its glory in the same way I got to tonight - without having to step foot outside the neighborhood. Having yoga so close is yet another way we hit the jackpot without even realizing it when we bought a house in this neighborhood. Namaste, and see you at yoga soon. n

Mango, Peach, and Pineapple Salsa (Allrecipes.com)

Prep Time: 20 mins Total: 1 hour 20 mins Servings: 16 • Yield: 8 cups


2 mangos, peeled, seeded and chopped 2 small peaches, halved, pitted, and cut into ½ inch dice 1 cup diced fresh pineapple 4 tomatoes, chopped 1 white onion, diced 1 red bell pepper, diced 1 yellow bell pepper, diced 1 cup chopped fresh cilantro, or to taste 1 clove garlic, minced 1 small jalapeno pepper, minced 2 Tablespoons lime juice 1 teaspoon salt 2 Tablespoons white sugar, or to taste ¾ cup water


Place the mango, peach, pineapple, tomato, onion, red pepper, yellow pepper and cilantro in a mixing bowl. Stir in the garlic, jalapeno, lime juice, salt, sugar, and water. Cover and refrigerate at least 1 hour before serving.


‘Uniting the community to enhance public education ….’

FoxSmart Helps Community Support Schools Through COVID-19 Crisis The King George Education Foundation (KGEF) is a local non-profit with a mission to unite the community to enhance public education. This includes providing Innovation Grants to teachers to enhance the quality of instruction through creative means, and FoxSmart, a one-stop shop for teachers and families in need of school supplies. The idea for FoxSmart grew out of the need for additional supplies that many teachers were paying for out of their own pockets. Due to COVID-19, KGEF is expecting to fill an even greater need next year as everything about classroom instruction becomes less predictable and supplies are likely to be in higher demand. When the remainder of the in-person school year was cancelled in March, KGEF mobilized volunteers to quickly gather and bag FoxSmart supplies to provide to families through the school distribution system so students could continue to learn at home. A similar need is expected in the fall as teachers use new instructional methods and students spend more time learning outside the classroom.

Through the generous support of individuals, businesses, and community groups, KGEF has been able to assist schools and families in need so far. But FoxSmart is dependent on this generosity to function, and KGEF hopes that the King George community will continue to support public education at this critical time. Monetary donations or in-kind school supply donations are always welcome for FoxSmart, where they are distributed at no cost to teachers and families in need. Due to ever-changing circumstances, the best way to stay up-to-date on ways to help is by following the King George Education Foundation on Facebook, where regular updates are posted. At kgeducation.org, you can also see the supplies FoxSmart distributes and more ways to get involved. For any additional questions, please contact kgef14@gmail.com n

HOPYARD VOICE • August 2020 / September 2020


Munn - Leedstown Rd Jackson - Brassica Ln Brinson - Leedstown Rd Farmer - Bagpipe Ln Gratz - Bagpipe Ln Lewis - Bagpipe Ln Wright - Champe Way Evans - Bagpipe Ln McKinley - Bagpipe Ln Robinson - Wise Ln Cintron - Ianthas Way Rogers & Fox - Spinnaker Ln Moore - Spinnaker Ln Presley - Ianthas Way Thomas - Hawser Dr

HOA Applications

5770 Coakley Dr-trampoline 11290 Emerald Dr-shed 5242 Longbow Rd-deck 5243 Weems Dr-concrete patio 5260 Longbow Rd-patio & wall 5119 Spinnaker Ln-deck 5249 Longbow Rd-fence 11344 Emerald Dr-shed, fence, storm door, trash enclosure 6226 Hawser Dr-trash enclosure 11332 Emerald Dr-deck 5917 Coakley Dr-add stairs to deck 6145 Hawser Dr-deck, shed 6438 Brewery Ct-shed 11309 Emerald Dr-shed, screened porch 5150 Spinnaker Ln-playset, deck, fence 11799 Fullers Ln-deck, trees 11585 Hopyard Dr-replace front door 11773 Bakers Ln-front door color 6413 Brewery Ct-trash enclosure 5913 Coakley Dr-deck modification 5097 Spinnaker Ln-add stairs to deck, fence 5036 Spinnaker Ln-deck, lattice, fire pit, trash enclosure 11763 Champe Way-fence 5473 Leedstown Rd-fence 11338 Emerald Dr-screened deck 11620 Hopyard Dr-landscaping, fence 5184 Spinnaker Ln-trampoline 7069 Bagpipe Ln-deck 5143 Spinnaker Ln-light fixtures 6200 Hawser Dr-pergola over deck 11771 Fullers Ln-fence 5195 Weems Dr-patio 5963 Parsons Ln-trees, patio 11308 Emerald Dr-deck 11318 Emerald Dr-deck w/screened porch 11774 Champe Way-trampoline, playset, fence, deck 7081 Bagpipe Ln-screened porch HOPYARD VOICE • August 2020 / September 2020


The Hopyard 500: Hopyard Farm 2020 Real Estate

The spring housing market this year took off like a Ford Shelby vs Ferrari race, charged and heated! Unfortunately, there was the scare of a screeching halt after the four-tire blowout, otherwise known as the “big shut down” on March 13th; consumers were left in the dust of Covid-19. We can all agree, this year has been full of surprises! Luckily for us, the first lap wasn’t an indicator of the entire spring and summer real estate season. After reviewing the stats, it‘s clear 2019 was a Ferrari victory, but 2020 took us all by surprise with Ford Shelby taking the lead. In 2019, home sales in Hopyard Farm ranged from $275,000-$442,777 with an average of $320,868. In 2020, home sales in Hopyard Farm ranged from $260,000-$415,000 with an average of $343,796.25. This is a 7% increase in average home sale prices over last year. Lower interest rates and less inventory are likely contributing factors. 14

HOPYARD VOICE • August 2020 / September 2020

By Christina Burroughs, MA, MRP, Realtor Interest rates are down, but the number of sales has gone up this year. Between March 13 to mid-July of 2019, 14 homes sold in Hopyard Farm. During that same time frame of 2020, 16 homes sold. Nearly half of the homes sold went under contract in less than a month. In fact, the majority of homes that went active on the market in June and July were under contract in less than three weeks, some in the matter of days. Real estate professionals are playing the role of the pit crew by acknowledging safety precautions, being flexible in times of perceived chaos, and keeping clients moving! n

Red Adair Nov. 1991

Blackhawk Shot

On Assignment

Hopyard Highlight

Blackhawk Shot

Because Sometimes WE JUST WANT TO KNOW MORE Christopher Werle, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army, Retired, was commissioned a Second Lieutenant in 1971, Corps of Engineers, in the US Army as a distinguished military graduate from the ROTC program at Virginia State College, and he served on continuous active duty for 21 years. His final tour of duty was on the Army Staff in the Pentagon, where he helped manage the Army’s $1.2 billion world-wide environmental program. During his years of active military service, he undertook various command and staff assignments in the continental United States and overseas. In particular, from April – October 1991, he served during the Persian Gulf War as the senior environmental staff officer with the Defense Reconstruction Assistance Office (DRAO), Kuwait City, where he oversaw Department of Defense (DoD) environmental program support for the reconstruction of Kuwait. In that capacity, he monitored all environmental issues impacting operations and mission accomplishment and advised the DRAO Commanding General accordingly. He also performed simultaneous functions for the United States Ambassador to Kuwait. In addition, he served as the DoD liaison officer to the Red Adair Company and other firefighting teams from the United States, Canada, and several European and Asian nations involved in the effort to extinguish, kill, and cap more than 730 oil wells that had been blown up by retreating Iraqi forces during the war. In this capacity, his contributions included using an Army Combat Engineer Vehicle (CEV) to fire demolition rounds to blast and safely remove coke mounds from burning wellheads;

designing a 300-lb field expedient plastic explosive shaped charge for use in removing damaged wellheads; and helping an Army explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) team stabilize, remove, transport, and safely detonate an unexploded bomb that had inadvertently landed inside one of the oil field gathering centers. He also facilitated the efforts of numerous international health agencies to study the health impacts of the oilwell fires, to include the US Environmental Protection Agency, the Centers for Disease Control, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and the US Army Environmental Hygiene Agency. His work expedited the selection of sampling equipment; the collection of thousands of air, soil, and water samples; and the installation of an 18-station computer-based monitoring system that enabled the Kuwait Department of Environment to make daily health alert forecasts related to overall air quality. His military awards and decorations include the Legion of Merit, Bronze Star Medal, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Army Meritorious Service Medal (3 awards), Army Commendation Medal (3 awards), Army Achievement Medal (2 awards), Humanitarian Service Medal, Southwest Asia Service Medal with one campaign star, Kuwait Liberation Medal, Army Superior Unit Award, Army Staff Identification Badge, and the Parachutist Badge. n *Special Thank You to Chris and Carolyn Werle for Sharing and for Service to Hopyard Farm AND Our Nation HOPYARD VOICE • August 2020 / September 2020


NEXT HOA MEETING: Thursday, October 15th @ 7PM in the Clubhouse Open to All Residents; Looking Forward to Seeing You There!

“Your Resident Realtor” Christina Burroughs MA, MRP

Cell: (301) 848-1245 ChristinaRMBurroughs@gmail.com Lic #: 0225234437 608 William St. Fredericksburg, VA 22401 Each office is independently owned and operated

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