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Issue 2 July 18, 2011

united for a voice

ELECTION DATE SET! TUESDAY, AUGUST 9TH “This election is good news. Being a union is about having a voice through the struggles that face PPCW. We have lots of people on staff with the knowledge to come up with creative solutions to problems we have, but they are not asked for their input. Yet, we are asked to make sacrifices, like the cuts to our maternity benefits and our PTO. Together, as a union we will have a say in what we do, in good times and bad. That makes me excited about our future at PPCW” --Tatyana Dembrow, Clinician

What’s next? 1

Election: Vote Yes on

• August 9th (Bend) • August 10th (all other locations)


Set our Priorities: Fill out a bargaining survey


Elect our bargaining team


Begin contract negotiations

“The work I do is emotionally challenging, but that is part of the reason I love it. I work hard to serve our patients, improve my skills and strive for the growth and success of the organization. I am forming a union because we all deserve a living wage, decent benefits and respect and support. We all pour so much energy into PPCW and into our patients; it is time for all of us to have a real voice.” --Maureen Steckler, Clinic Assistant

See Back For Our Union Mission Statement SEIU Local 49

3536 SE 26th Ave, Portland, OR 97202

Phone: (503) 236-4949 ext. 245

Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette Employee Union (SEIU 49)

MISSION STATEMENT We believe that everyone deserves equal access to reproductive healthcare. Just as we believe strongly in the mission of Planned Parenthood we believe strongly in the staff of PPCW. The employees of PPCW are talented, committed and the best advocates for our patients. Our unique perspectives and experiences as staff are valuable and should be included in the decision process of our organization. No job is expendable within PPCW and we all have equal worth. We believe that a stronger voice for staff will result in a more effective PPCW and a higher level of care for the community we serve. Based on these beliefs, and reflecting the diverse locations and jobs of PPCW, the mission of our union is; to increase our ability to provide and protect access to reproductive health in our communities by:

• Encouraging a transparent relationship with the PPCW administrative team that is responsive and values open, timely and honest communication. • Having a voice in strategic planning and decision making • Shifting to a culture within PPCW that places a higher value on retaining staff and developing talent • Gaining a livable wage for all staff • Maintaining adequate and affordable benefits • Advocating for the necessary resources to provide excellent patient services

PP Election Flyer Bend  

Bend flyer

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