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Seth Jenkins Undergraduate Architecture

Shift Pavilion ARCH 202 Spring 2017

Commissioned by a local artist’s community, Shift Pavilion provides a versitile recreational space for the neighborhood of Ontario, a community west of Ames, IA. Varied circulation paths provide a space that is able to be enjoyed by children and adults alike. The project was completed by Iowa State’s class of 2020.

Market 40 ARCH 202 Spring 2017

Market 40 is a proposed four-season farmers market to be located in the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis. The project helps to promote healthy lifestyles within the community, and also bolsters the existing seasonal farmers market culture within Minneapolis. file 3b541517-610f-4446-9f7f-3c320d69dda4

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Section A

Site Exploration: Ledges State Park ARCH 301 Fall 2017 As a part of 2017’s Landscape Studio, the relationship between technology and ecology was examined. Using point-cloud analysis and cnc routing, the site at Ledges State Park in Boone, IA was taken apart and reassembled in 3D abstract forms, and 2D spatial analysis.

Iowa Aquifers and Landscape Classification

Midwestern Soil



Acidic soil formed in distinct layers when rain washes acids off coniferous vegetation

Thick, black soil known for its fertility due to organic matter left from prairie grasses


Formed from mosses and grasses, this soil is usually in wet areas such as bogs and marshes


Newly deposited soil often found in floodplains, dunes, and glacial deposits

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Highly weathered and acidic soil which has only a few centimeters of fertile top material

Moderately weathered and acidic soil typically located under forest vegetation

Northwest Iowa Plains

Shallow Groundwater Structure

Missouri Alluvial Plain

Deep Groundwater Structure


100 Year

500 Year

Jordan Aquifier System

Des Moines River

Des Moines Lobe Iowan Surface Paleozoic Plateau

Loess Hills

Southwest Iowa Drift Plain

Mississippi Alluvial Plain

Ledges River Theatre ARCH 301 Fall 2017 2017’s Landscape Studio continued with further analysis of Ledges State Park in Boone, IA. Experimentation continued with point cloud analysis, and particle physics simulations were conducted to understand the river’s power over the park’s landscape. To keep the park accessible despite increasing floods, Ledges River Theatre was created

Ledge Theatre

River Theatre

Valley Theatre

Plan: 1’=1/8”




River Theatre: 1’= 1/8”

Site: 1’= 1/16”

Undergraduate Portfolio  

3rd Year Architecture Iowa State University

Undergraduate Portfolio  

3rd Year Architecture Iowa State University