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Tiger Tracks San Jose Christian School | September 16, 2013

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School Pictures: Middle School & Preschool The Power of One: Student Anti-Bullying Assemblies




School Pictures: Elementary School

Advanced Dates Wed! !


See You at the Pole 7:50am | Auditorium




SJCS Cardboard Challenge 11am - 3pm




10th Annual Walk-a-Thon 9am - 2pm




SJCS Open House 1pm - 3pm

Thurs - Fri! 10/24-25 No school - Teacher Retreat

School Pictures this Week

October Open House

Still Light Studios will be here this week to take our school pictures. Preschool and Middle School students will have their photo sessions on Thursday, and the Elementary students will sit for the camera on Friday. Attached to the Tiger Tracks, you will find your Order Form.

This year, we are adding a Fall Open House event for prospective families to come and learn about our school. Start telling your friends about SJCS and invite them to campus on Saturday, October 19 from 1pm 3pm. Advertising materials will be out soon.

To save 20% on your picture order, attach your payment (cash or check) to the order form for picture day. In addition to individual prints, families can also order the digital file of an image or the entire gallery.

WAT Update

Like and Follow SJCS! SJCS is taking to social media to get the word out about all of the great things happening in our school community. Include us in your Twitter feed by following @sjcs_tigers. Visit our homepage and click on the Facebook icon and like our page to get status updates, pictures, and posts from SJCS and share them with your friends. Instagram users can get to our page by clicking on the Instagram icon and follow us from there. Coming Soon: Superintendent’s Blog.

Progress Reports It’s hard to believe, but this week puts us half way through the First Quarter. Teachers will be issuing progress reports for students if there is a concern about their behavior or performance. Those reports will be out by Friday, September 20 and may come by paper, email, phone call, or face-to-face conversation. If you don’t receive a report from a teacher, you are still free to inquire about your child’s work.

This Wednesday, you will be receiving information on how to use an online donation program called DoJiggy that will allow your friends and family to pledge and pay online and save you the trouble of collecting checks later. Students are still able to take pledges and payments in person as well. Now that your student packets have come home, it's time to: • Start collecting pledges • Submit your forms to sponsor a booth (yellow form in your student packet) • Invite your neighbors and friends to join us October 5th What: 10th Annual Walk-a-Thon When: Saturday, 10/5 (9am - 2pm) Where: SJCS Middle School Field

RosettaStone Languages The SJCS RosettaStone website should be ready on Wednesday of this week. You will receive your login information when we confirm that the site is up and running.

Tiger Tracks Valuables Lock Up After School Middle School athletes who are in Band classes will lock their instruments or other valuables (computers, etc.) in room 19 (Mr. De Graaf’s) after school. Coaches will let athletes into the room to retrieve the instruments after each practice or game.

SJCS Directory Ads If you would like to advertise your business in the back of the directory, please submit the form attached to the Tiger Tracks and a soft copy of your business cardsized artwork to Beverly Singh in the school office. Prices:

Teacher Tales This week’s teacher tales is a recap of the 7th grade retreat. Classroom stories will resume next week. The 10th annual 7th Grade Spiritual Retreat was held at Mount Cross with Pastor Brad Smith sharing with our students about our identity as children of God. God blessed our time together, and everyone on the retreat enjoyed learning about our Lord and Savior in the magnificent setting of the redwoods. In addition to amazing spiritual discussions, there was no shortage of fun on this retreat—a night hike, sports games with Mr. De Graaf, the

• $20 - business card size • $40 - larger size • $50 - largest size

Cardboard Challenge Friday, September 27 is going to be a day of student creativity on campus, and we can’t wait! SJCS is part of the Global Cardboard Challenge in which our students will team up to design and build cardboard arcade games that will be on display for playing at the Walka-Thon. Check out our link on the Imagination Foundation website for more information. Bring your cardboard boxes from home to room 21 and be sure to watch the Caine’s Arcade videos to get your child’s creative juices flowing! In the web version of the Tiger Tracks, click on each image to the right to see the video.

“Mafia” game with Mr. Intlekofer, skits and s’mores around a campfire, swimming, climbing around in the redwoods, and sleeping in bunk beds! When asked about the retreat, here are a few of the remarks from our 7th graders: "At the retreat, I found my true identity: a child of God.” "It was a really life-changing experience for my spiritual life.” “I realized that God made me who I am, and I have to remember that He loves me for who I am.”

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Caine’s Arcade

Teacher Development Teacher PLC’s Ready for Action For the last three years, teachers at SJCS have joined together in Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s), groups in which teachers continue to learn and refine their craft, thus making SJCS stronger. This year, our PLC’s are evolving. The interest-based groups are smaller and focused on action. Each PLC will work on a project and present their results to the rest of the staff later in the year. SJCS set aside seven minimum days this year to provide the groups time to work together and produce great results. The first minimum day was Wednesday, September 11, and each PLC did good work that afternoon.

Project Based Learning Mrs. Coetsee, Mr. De Graaf, and Ms. Diephouse explored the definition of Project Based Learning (PBL) and researched different examples on the internet. Together, they brainstormed different ways they could offer their

students driving questions that create authentic learning experiences through real-life examples.

directory of staff information to help new staff get to know the SJCS team.

School Garden

Mrs. Reeves, Mrs. Austin, and Ms. Veurink developed a teacher survey that will assist the PLC in planning their inservice simulations and researching best practices/tools for meeting the needs of children who learn differently.

Ms. Schibsted, Mrs. Van Ewyk, Mrs. Wakatsuki, and Mrs. Wynbeek met and discussed the application for a $3,000 grant and plans to begin planting in two garden beds between wings 1 and 2. Home Depot donated around $60 worth of garden tools for the project. This past Friday, the 6th Grade Life Skills class cleared out the weeds and mixed compost into one of the beds.

New Teacher Induction Mrs. DenOuden, Mrs. Nibbelink, and Ms. Laverman are working on a new teacher handbook, full of information that all new teachers at SJCS should know. They created a list of Orientation Week need-toknow essentials and responsibilities and compiled a

Learning Differences

Love and Logic Mrs. Baham, Mr. Webb, Mrs. Webb, Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Haase, Mrs. Meyer, and Mrs. Hendricks make up the Love and Logic PLC. Last Wednesday, the group met with Love & Logic trainer, Janie Sacks, to plan how the 7 members of the group will take and then teach a 6week course entitled "Parenting With Love and Logic.” After gathering the school’s Love & Logic resources the PLC members attended a Love & Logic seminar on Friday night led by Charles Fay.

PLC In Depth: Phonics The Phonics PLC (Mrs. Bost, Mrs. Wakatsuki, and Mrs. Van Ewyk) has its sights set on improving the early reading instruction at SJCS for students in JK to 2nd Grade. On Wednesday, the group started looking into 3 different phonics programs that could improve our efforts with our lower elementary students. • Zoo Phonics is a multi-sensory program that uses a kinesthetic, multi-modal approach to learning letter sounds and words. • Explode the Code is supported by auditory and visual cues to promote independent learning. It covers phonological awareness, decoding, vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, and spelling. This research-

based and teacher-tested program meets and exceeds “No Child Left Behind” requirements. • First Focus teaches specific phonics and reading skills through a series of charts. It does not require students to memorize lists of words or have a photographic memory to read successfully. Each chart focuses on one phonics reading skill concept. The First Focus Reading Charts provide the opportunity for a student to master each reading and phonics skill at their own pace. Each skill is reinforced through a series of reading games and exercises.

Tiger Sports Spotlight Last week Thursday was Orange Crush Day and the opening day for the Tiger teams. Students came to school dressed in orange to show their Tiger pride, and the Student Council members pumped everyone up with recess and lunchtime games. After school, kids went out to cheer for our teams, and thanks to hard work and great support, the Tigers started out with victories!

Softball The SJCS softball team turned the heads of both coaches and fans during the 2013 season opener against Campbell Christian last Thursday. Nia hit 3 home runs, including a 3rdinning grand slam!  The girls kept up their scoring extravaganza through the end of the game to bring home a 19-3 victory over the Eagles.  Alicia pitched extremely well, and the rest of the girls gave 110%.  With several rookies on the team, this was an encouraging start to the season.

Flag Football The Flag Football team opened its season with a 13-6 nailbiter victory over Campbell Christian. Mike had a great game catching the ball and scoring twice. Dylan helped with an extra point and an interception. There were some great tackles by Ben, Frankie, Joe, and Dwyer. The defense stuffed Campbell all game long, even when they had their backs to the wall at the end of the game. This is a young team with a lot of learning to do, but it was a great start to build on.

Cross Country The Cross Country runners are practicing well. Coach Reeves says, “We have an amazing group of runners this season. Each run the bar is set a little higher, and they not only meet the goal, but exceed it.” This week Tuesday is the first race of the year at Montgomery Hill. Parents can pick up their runners at the race at 5:15pm, or back at SJCS between 5:30pm and 6pm.


Sports this


Flag Football

Cross Country


Practice 3:15 - 4:45pm

Practice 3:15 - 4:45pm

LG Creek Trail 3:15 - 4:30pm


vs. Los Gatos Christian Home | 3:30pm

@ Los Gatos Christian 3:30pm

Race @ Montgomery Hill 4:00pm


Practice 3:15 - 4:45pm

Practice 3:15 - 4:45pm

SJCS Loop 3:15 - 4:30pm


@ Campbell Christian 3:30pm

@ Legacy Christian 3:30pm

Communication Hill 3:15 - 4:30pm

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School Photography Order Form Package selection and payment with current pricing below is due on the day of the photo-shoot. After the photo-shoot day, prices go up 20%. All pictures taken will be viewable online in a private gallery. If you prepaid, you will be given a credit code via email representing the payment made below. You will be able to choose the photo online to accompany your selected package below. You will apply your credit code at the time of checkout. Additional items are available for purchase online if desired. Tax and shipping will be charged to your online order which is NOT captured in the sub-total payment below. Your order will be mailed to the address provided online. Gallery will be removed two weeks after posting. A package purchase is required before buying additional add-ons unless a digital image is purchased. Each package is for one image only. Please make checks payable to Still Light Studios.

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A love for God. A desire to learn. A commitment to serve.

SCHOOL DIRECTORY ADVERTISING 2013-2014 Do you have a business that you would like to bring to the attention of our school community? Do you know anyone who does? Our annual San Jose Christian School directory may be what you’re looking for. In the back of the director we have an Advertisement section for you to reserve a spot. If you would like to participate, complete the form below and submit a copy of your business card or business artwork. Submitting the information via email in black and white tiff file is preferred. Be sure to send in the information below. Prices for ads are: $20 for business card size; $40 for larger size; and $50 for the largest (full page). !•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Advertising Form Yes, I would like my ad in the SAN JOSE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL Directory. Name:



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Make a separate check payable to SJCS. If you have any questions, please call the school office at 408-371-7741.

Tiger Tracks - Sept. 16, 2013