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Bold Vision, Bright Future

San Jose Christian School Annual Financial Drive 2011-2012

Bold Vision God made the world and everything in it. He upholds and sustains it today. As believers, it’s our job to delve deeply into this creation— learning about it, engaging it, and renewing it. At San Jose Christian School, we believe that our faith should impact every aspect of our lives, and we weave this worldview into each of our classes and activities. We want this bold vision to be clear to our students and their families: whether it’s in school, life activities, or relationships, all things belong to God. Since 1959 SJCS has sought to impact students lives and prepare to serve their Lord and Savior in the world around them.

Bright Future With the world changing as rapidly as it is, we can only imagine the

types of jobs our students will have as adults, each opportunity life will bring to them, or every challenge they will face. But we can prepare! San Jose Christian School is dedicated to equipping students with the knowledge, discernment, and skills needed to make sense of the world around them as Christians in the 21st Century. Approaching education this way

is not an easy task. It requires hard work by teachers, administrators, students, and families. It calls for support from the broader school community, but it’s worth it! Every person who comes alongside us strengthens our vision and brings it a step closer to our reach.

Supporting SJCS Your gifts and pledges to the Annual Financial Drive enable the school to pursue its bold vision and ensure each student a bright future. Specifically, your contributions will help with: 1) Core Programs: SJCS is dedicated to affordable excellence within its academic offerings, along with its facilities and classroom materials. Tuition alone does not cover the full cost of education at our school, and your gifts can help us avoid drastic tuition increases while we strive to achieve our bold vision for Christian education. 2) Tuition Assistance: In an effort to manage our expenses and serve the needs of the size of our school population, SJCS has decreased the total amount of tuition assistance available each of the last few years. No matter how many students are enrolled or what the local economy looks like, there are always parents within the school family who cannot afford the full cost of tuition despite their best, responsible efforts. Gifts to the Annual Financial Drive help provide a bright future for families with verified need and allow the school to address emergency situations that crop up within our community. This partnership ensures that SJCS remains socioeconomically diverse, providing a richer

learning experience for our students. 3) Teachers and Staff: The lifeblood of any school is the quality of its teachers. At SJCS we are blessed with skilled educators who love the Lord and are passionate about their students. One part of our bold vision is to recruit and retain the kind of staff who are committed to excellence and improvement. Competitive compensation will allow SJCS to attract and keep teachers who help our school achieve success. After two years of pay freezes and benefit cuts, last year’s Financial Drive allowed us to provide extra compensation to our staff. Another successful campaign in 2011-2012 will allow us to bring pay rates up to level we believe to be appropriate and responsible for the school at this time.

Every Gift Counts Meeting all of the needs for the 2011-12 Financial Drive will require $100,000, and each gift is vital if we are to reach our goal. The number of people taking part in a campaign like this says something powerful about our community. Large or small, your contribution adds to our efforts and helps others. If you are new to the school family, a recent graduate, or have not participated in the drive before, we ask that you please prayerfully consider your involvement now, because every gift counts!

San Jose Christian School is a 501(c) (3) organization. All gifts—including cash, stock, annuities, and land—to the Annual Financial Drive are tax deductible. If you have another method of donation to the school in mind, we will be happy to follow up and help you through the process. With other questions about school programs or the financial drive, please contact us at: San Jose Christian School 1300 Sheffield Avenue Campbell, CA 95008

SJCS Board of Trustees Scott Kleinberg


Jeff Garside


Ellen Hoebeke


Dan Miller


Valerie Sterk


John McKie


Melissa Findley


(408)371-7741 phone (408)371-5596 fax website: email:

A love for God. A desire to learn. A commitment to serve.

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Bold Vision, Bright Future

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