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MAY 11, 2012

Quotes Out of Context

“Wealth of Nations? I just cannot get myself to care about Adam West.” -Student A “West? I think it’s Adam Smith. Adam West is Batman.” -Student B “... I need to sleep.” -Student A “So we have a cookie sheet in a cube... but what is the cookie sheet?” -Student A “The classic Johnnie question.” -Student B

Dust, Digital Art, By Lysander Cramer

“My cat is magnetic intensity.” -Tutor “I am a lesbian.” -Male Tutor “So we’re the urine of God’s Medicine?” -Tutor A “I didn’t say that.” -Tutor B “Yes you did.” -Tutor C “Electricity is like Hotel Callifornia. Magnetism is like Sysiphus. I’m not sure which is more of a hellish existential crisis.” -Tutor Kaleidoscope Center, 2.5 x 3 ft. Collage, By Whitney Will

Polamas, Digital Art, by Lysander Cramer

Naz’od Male, Digital Art, by Lysander Cramer

Robot in Green, Digital Art, By Lysander Cramer

Five hand-painted scarves, by Whitney Will

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