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Like you went to Yale, but You’re at St. John’s

By Hector Mendoza

Hop music today: touching bases with the fans through financial accomplishIn the spring of 2011 a nineteen- ment and/or personal distress. On the year-old kid from Los Angeles, Cali- one hand, they get to take the listener fornia released his debut album. to a make believe world full of lavish Disregarding college was one of the things for three minutes and, on the ongoing themes in the album. A few other, reflect with the fans on current months later, one of the most talked and past pains. Drake adds a new spin about Hip-Hop albums was released. to the two experiences and combines The artist who carried half of the al- them in a way that he knows that his bum properly entitled his debut album college fan base will listen. Four lines, The College Dropout. specifically, accomplish this. The first Lyrics such as, “(Ball so hard) I’m two come from the track “Crew Love” shocked too, I’m supposed to be locked featuring up and coming R&B artist up too/ If you escaped what I’ve es- The Weeknd. “Smoking weed in the caped, You’ll be in Paris getting f****d star projectors/ I guess we’ll never up too” are found in a track encased in know what Harvard gets us.” The a gold encrusted CD cover. At the end next comes from the track “Make Me of 2011, the gold encrusted duet al- Proud” featuring the well-known pop star Nicki Minaj. “Sound so smart like you graduated college/ Like you went to Yale but you probably went to Howard.” Name dropping these two wellknown institutions leads the common college listener two ways: one, I can still be successful if I did not get into an Ivy League; two, I did not get into an Ivy League. Drake just finished a leg of his tour where he only performed at college campuses. He is quite aware that his main fan base majorly consists of college students. As one Drake’s Album Cover for Take Care. of his college listeners, bum by artist Jay-Z and Kanye West, appreciation is set when I hear him say entitled Watch the Throne, seemed to that success does not require an Ivy be facing some competition with the League degree. But disappointment release of Drake’s sophomore album still lingers when he uses Yale as his Take Care. “The living proof that you main analogy for sounding “smart”. ain’t gotta die to get to heaven…” are As tuition rises at institutions across the kind of lyrics ask for a position in the country and jobs are talked about the bragging competition of 2011. By as a rarity, one wonders if the social this point, nineteen-year-old Tyler, the complexities that the individual faces Creator has sold a little over 100,000 with choosing or attending a nonrecords with his debut album Goblin. Ivy League college will keep being a But the emotional turmoil that the theme in popular music. By attending young artist talks about is not fully the ambiguously named, “most rigoraccomplished to the degree of tur- ous” school in the United States, I find moil Drake has obtained from his past myself hoping that it does. relationships. “All the care I would take/ All the love that we made/ Now Hector Mendoza is a Sophomore at St. you’re trying to find somebody to re- John’s College, Santa Fe. He can be reached place what I gave to you.” at This is a common theme in Hip-

FEBRUARY 17, 2011

Who Doesn’t Love Old people?

By Charlotte Smart

life differently, one book at a time. There was nothing mind bending about the movie, and to be honest, after watching Inception and The Tree of Life, I breathed a sigh of relief. Depardieu lived up to his reputation and the rest of the cast reminded me of why I love both the French language and erudite elders. The characters were lovable (especially the colorful individuals who seem to reside in the local bar) and, as a self-proclaimed Francophile,

There seems to be a recurring theme in cinema concerning interaction and connection with elders. These films include Driving Miss Daisy, Fried Green Tomatoes, and the most famous Harold and Maude. My Afternoons with Margueritte is the most recent movie to join this list. La Tete en Friche (as the film is entitled in French) is the masterfully constructed piece that was released in the US right in time for Valentine’s day. It’s a pithy creation that explores love and relationships between different people on a myriad of levels. I walked into the theatre with very low expectations and honestly expecting a cheesy remake of all the aforementioned films. But, as Now Showing at The Screen, Santa Fe always, my preUniversity of Art and Design’s Premiere Cinematheque, loconceived nocated at 1600 St. Michael’s Drive. tions were wrong and as the hours following the ending credits passed, I the scenery was quaint and charming grew to realize My Afternoons with Mar- (just like the title’s namesake). gueritte presents a straightforward but The movie is shot simply, just as poignant moral, reminds you why and the viewer imagines Germain’s mind how the people we meet affect us. ought to operate. There are no intriGermain Chazes (Gerard De- cate sequences, nor mellifluous musipardieu) is an illiterate man who lives cal numbers to put on a soundtrack. in a trailer behind his mother’s house Each scene just presents people talkand spends his days being ridiculed ing. Simple dialogue, simple story. by supposed friends at a local bar. He Perhaps that is exactly what makes seeks refuge in catching rides with his Germain so paradoxically complicatvivacious bus driver of a girlfriend, ed and My Afternoons with Margueritte gardening tomatoes and leeks (which such a profound movie. It serves as a his lifelong-abusive mother rips out on reminder to enjoy the little moments, a regular basis), and naming the pi- to savor books, that things don’t have geons in the park. Enter Margueritte. to be complicated to be poignant, and Margueritte is the epitome of the ar- to realize that on the worst day of chetypal elderly lady, whom Germain your life you might meet the person meets in the park while feeding his who changes everything. “family” (the pigeons). The two bond over the winged creatures and then Charlotte Smart is a January Freshman Margueritte begins to read. Soon, the at St. John’s College, Santa Fe. She can be “simple” man falls under the spell of reached at both Margueritte and her passion for the written word. He begins to view

Junior Skit

From Page 3. Photos by Rhys Conger

Nathaniel Humphries as Kevin Jones. Jason Segalla as Tamakii Ishii.

Patrick Gremillon and Zafar Moosajee as Ethan Westgate and Matthew Eakin.

Dean Theophilus putting on the Naked Dean Show.

Will Csorba, Steve Davis, Tor Travis, and Alicia Dondo in “Squats for Jesus.”

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