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presidentandprincipal Robert T. Scott, AFSC

A Small(er) Class with Big Heart "It's not the size of the dog in the fight. It's the size of the fight in the dog." ~Mark Twain



As talented a writer as Mark Twain was, I suspect that even he could not anticipate how pervasive this 19-word metaphor would ultimately prove to be. Originally penned in the 19th century, it has traversed generations, been attributed to an infinite variety of circumstances, and, even now, resonates with us after distributing diplomas to the St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute class of 2009. While this year's assemblage of 146 exiting seniors was noticeably less sizeable than the 192 young men that walked the stage at Kleinhans Music Hall last May, it was far from the smallest graduating class in our school's 148-year history. In reality, these figures are purely indicative of the somewhat cyclical nature of private high school enrollments. As evidence, St. Joe's is set to graduate nearly 200 young men in 2010. In fact, at its core, the class of 2009 is emblematic of St. Joe's as a whole, where we place a pronounced emphasis on quality, and not necessarily quantity. While numbers do matter, we - again meaning St. Joe's - remain steadfast that meaningful, comprehensive

achievement is of utmost importance. For what the class of 2009 lacks in size, it more than makes up for in accomplishments. Of the class's 146 graduates, 109 of them - an incredible 75 percent - had earned scholarship awards at press time. Think about that for a moment. Three out of every four seniors have posted achievements that higher institutions have deemed meritorious of financial assistance! Our staff and faculty certainly deserve credit for putting these young men in positions that they may not fully appreciate for several more years. Of course, our alumni and supporters also play an integral, albeit largely behindthe-scenes, role in the prosperity of our students. Yet most of all, praise must be given to our students' parents and the deserving young men themselves who, for the last four years, have worked diligently and can now fully begin reaping the fruits of their labors. One of them became the first St. Augustine Scholar to graduate from St. Joe's, a testament to the principles of our founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle. Three of his classmates will be attending Ivy League universities in the fall while another is headed to the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Several '09 alums are slated for Big Ten


colleges, while some will attend smaller, private schools. We even have a set of twins on their way to South Bend to attend the University of Notre Dame! Still many others, like our Valedictorian David Fortman (Canisius College) and Salutatorian Christopher Fritz (SUNY Buffalo), will pursue their collegiate studies closer to home, an endeavor that suited our commencement speaker, David N. Campbell, quite well. A 1959 alum of St. Joe's (whose class graduated 127), Mr. Campbell went on to obtain an undergraduate degree from Niagara University and a master's degree from SUNY Buffalo before succeeding wonderfully in the corporate marketplace. In true Lasallian spirit, Mr. Campbell has now directed his efforts to philanthropy, leading the "fight" for disaster relief as the founder of Hands On Disaster Response, a volunteer organization that has been deployed 11 times for national and international disaster cleanups (please see page 6 for more on Mr. Campbell). As the communities that Mr. Campbell has lent a helping hand well know, the real world can be a difficult place. However, I have supreme confidence that the St. Joe's class of 2009 is up for the challenge. They have a lot of fight in them.


The Collegiate is published quarterly by St. Joseph’s Collegiate Institute.

President & Principal Robert T. Scott, AFSC


Editor & Director of Communications Michael Freedman

Photography James P. McCoy, Tom Wolf ’82, & Office of Institutional Advancement

Cover Photo Credit: James P. McCoy Jeffrey Moore Jr. is overcome with emotion moments after receiving his graduation diploma.

institutionaladvancement Science Center Dedication Slated for August 30 It is now only a matter of time. And as opposed to when the Pride in our Past...Faith in our Future capital campaign began, that time is currently being measured in days and weeks, not months and years. Thanks to the tremendous efforts and selfless generosity of our loyal alumni and friends, the finish line is within reach. We have successfully surpassed the campaign's fund-raising goal. The Robert T. Scott, AFSC Athletic Field Complex has been christened by a full schedule of fall, winter and spring sporting events. By the time this newsletter is retrieved from your mailboxes, construction of our state-of-the-art science building and the new home for our dear Brothers of the Christian Schools will have been completed. At press time, appliances, lockers and the Brothers' furniture had been ordered, desks, stools and floor tiles had been assembled, the parking lot had been paved, and crews were working to finish installation of lockers and lab tables. With the project progressing as planned, the Cullen Center for Excellence in Science and Residence for the Brothers of Christian Schools will be fully-functional by the time students arrive in September. That means it's about time to celebrate! Please make plans to join us on Sunday, August 30, 2009 for a formal dedication of the building. This will allow us the opportunity to offer our

sincere gratitude to those who have made this enterprise possible, and to provide the community with its first glimpse of the Science Center in a family-friendly, open house style format. Special Event Cullen Center for Excellence in Science & Residence for the Brothers of Christian Schools Sunday, August 30, 2009 Dedication at 1 p.m. Open House from 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. Attending the dedication will be Bishop Edward U. Kmiec, John S. Cullen '54, and other donors from the St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute community, along with faculty, staff, students, and various local dignitaries. The event will be hosted by Mark E. Brand '80, the current chairman of the SJCI Board of Trustees. For more information, please contact Scott Burns in the Institutional Advancement Office by phone at 716.270.4115 or via e-mail at sburns@ Keep tabs on the building as it nears completion on the St. Joe's Web site at

Annual Giving Fund The 2008-2009 Annual Giving Fund comes to a close on June 30. Donations must be received by then to be included in the Annual Report, which will be published in September. Every dollar contributed to the Annual Giving Fund goes directly to support financial aid and scholarships for students. Given the economic realities of today, the need for financial aid among our students and their families is greater than ever. Nearly 70 percent of SJCI students received financial aid and scholarship assistance to the tune of $1.2 million during the 2008-2009 academic year. Many students would not be able to enroll or remain at the school without the generosity of our donors. To donate, please return the envelope inserted in this copy of The Collegiate or go online to www.sjci. com and click "Donate Online" at the bottom right of the home page. Don't forget, you can increase your donation through employer-matched gifts. You can verify whether your employer will match your gift by clicking on "Ways to Give" under the Advancement tab on the SJCI home page. For questions related to annual giving or matching gifts, please call Todd Grady ’89 at 716.270.4118 or e-mail


4 Capital Campaign 5 Valedictorian & Salutatorian 6 David N. Campbell '59 - Commencement Address 7 University & College Acceptances 8 Class of 2009 10 Douglas J. Regan, Ed.D. ’68 - In The Spotlight 11 Class of 1959: 50-Year Reunion 12 Fine Arts Wall Of Honor 13 Man Of The Year 14 Alumni Notes


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capitalcampaignnews So close...

While the exterior construction of the Cullen Center for Excellence in Science and Residence for the Brothers of the Christian Schools is virtually complete...



What a difference a year makes. Last May, siblings Dennis '70 and Michael '77 Masters and their company, BRD Construction, began implementing an architectural plan designed by representatives of Silvestri Architects, IBC Engineers, and St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute. Construction of the Cullen Center for Excellence in Science and Residence for the Brothers of Christian Schools had officially begun. Now, just over 12 months later, the undertaking is quickly approaching its culmination and is both on time and on budget, a feat

all the more impressive considering the project's daunting task of housing a living space and learning center within the same structure. "It was very difficult at the beginning," admitted Dennis, who founded BRD Construction with his brother, Michael, in 1979. "It meant holding off on some 'extras' until we felt that the budget was safe but eventually it became evident that the project was staying within budget, and we were then able to do some more." Along with paying strict attention to code requirements, space constraints, noise reduction, comfort and

convenience for the future denizens, the construction team was able to assemble the Brothers' chapel with the very same doors and stained glass that adorned their previous sanctuary. For a scientific perspective, the team enlisted the services of Dr. Joseph Bieron '55 and, all told, the undertaking has required that as many as 60 men be on-site at one time, each lending his own talents to the incredible project. At least two - Dennis and Michael Masters - are thrilled to have taken part. "We are very, very grateful, both as a company and as St. Joe's grads, to have had this opportunity to contribute."

...workers have now turned their attention to finalizing the inside of the magnificent new building!

highschoolnews David Fortman ’09 and Christopher Fritz ’09 Named Valedictorian And Salutatorian For four years, David Fortman and Christopher Fritz have fully embraced the major facets of the holistic learning offered at St. Joe's academic achievement, extracurricular involvement and selfless service. Salutatorian Christopher Fritz has been setting himself up for a future in computer engineering since arriving at St. Joe's in 2005. A four-year Collegiate Scholar, Christopher has been involved with Computer Club and Math League, and is vice president of the National Honor Society. Next August, he will further his studies in that field at SUNY Buffalo, where he will bring a dedicated service record (Lasallian Youth, Venaver Mission to Mexico), a real-world work ethic (admissions assistant), and numerous other experiences, including participation in Yearbook Club, Long Book Club, crew and peer tutoring. Like David, Christopher credits his educators for inspiring him and his Christopher Fritz ’09 classmates to pursue a life "revolving around a synthesis of success and service." Both young men referenced a March speech by youth presenter Keith Hawkins during their commencement addresses, the theme of which was, "people will remember you not by what you say, but by what you do." Judging by what they've accomplished up to this point, David, Christopher and the entire class of 2009 will not soon be forgotten.

All-Western New York Scholar Athlete Team David Fortman ’09 - Basketball Kevin Gramza ’09 - Ice Hockey Chris Kulbago ’09 - Ice Hockey Michael Whitney ’09 - Ice Hockey Alexander Haefner ’09 - Indoor Track Scott Ketcham ’09 - Wrestling New York State Catholic HSAA Champion Michael Shaw ’09 - Bowling All-Western New York (1st Team) Marc Benzino ’09 - Ice Hockey 1st Team All-Catholic Kyle Wojciechowski ’10 - Basketball Stephano Cirrito ’11 - Bowling Michael Shaw ’09 - Bowling Philip Tabbi ’09 - Bowling 2nd Team All-Catholic Matt Dyrek ’10 - Basketball 1st Team All-Federation Marc Benzino ’09 - Ice Hockey 2nd Team All-Federation Cory Dawson ’09 - Ice Hockey Michael Whitney ’09 - Ice Hockey WNY Large School Club 2nd Team Kyle Hagner ’10 - Ice Hockey Rich Pagliaroli ’10 - Ice Hockey MMHSAA Wrestler of the Year Mark Emerson ’09 All-Catholic Tournament Outstanding Wrestler Brian Harper ’10


All-Catholic Wrestling Champions Mark Emerson ’09 - 130 lbs Ray Abrams ’09 - 140 lbs. Brian Harper ’10 - 152 lbs. Tyler Beresford ’10 - 189 lbs. Richard Harper II ’09 - 215 lbs. Jack Cambria ’11 - 285 lbs. Individual CHSAA Placewinners Pat Mang '12 - 6th 125 lbs. Mark Emerson ’09 - 2nd 130 lbs. Ray Abrams ’09 - 5th 140 lbs. Paul Incorvaia ’09 - 5th 145 lbs. Brian Harper ’10 - 6th 152 lbs. Tyler Beresford ’10 - 3rd 189 lbs. T.J. Leber '09 - 6th 189 lbs. Richard Harper II ’09 - 2nd 215 lbs. Jack Cambria ’11 - 2nd 285 lbs. Additional Honors MMHSAA Champions - Bowling MMHSAA Champions - Wrestling


Valedictorian David Fortman has excelled in the classroom as well as on the athletic field. A Collegiate Scholar since his freshman year, he has been involved with the National Honor Society, Recycling Club, Big Brother program, and peer tutoring. Somehow, David has still found time to letter in baseball, basketball and volleyball throughout his time at St. Joe's. David Fortman ’09 This past winter, The Buffalo News selected David to its All-Western New York Scholar Athlete Team in basketball. David, who deftly quoted Dr. Seuss and Nelson Mandela during his valedictory address, plans to enroll in the Honors Chemistry program at Canisius College. And while he'll admittedly miss seeing his friends in the hallways every day, he's also well aware that his talented teachers have prepared him well to take the next step. "In these four years, we've grown up and learned a lot, even if it wasn't always exactly what our teachers were trying to teach us," he said, half-jokingly. "But their guidance and positive influence is something that we'll take with us as we move onto college and beyond."

Sport All-Stars

highschoolnews Spring Sports

David N. Campbell ’59 Addresses The Class Of 2009 David N. Campbell '59, a Golden Jubilee celebrant, provided the keynote address to the jubilant collection of 146 young men who comprise the St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute's class of 2009.



Note to parents: if your recent graduate has yet to make a decision on what course of study he will pursue on the collegiate level, or even which university he will attend, breathe a small sigh of relief. This year's commencement speaker, David N. Campbell '59, has progressed from a young man whose future plans were listed as "unknown" in the 1959 Star yearbook to a remarkably accomplished businessman and groundbreaking philanthropist. After obtaining his undergraduate degree from Niagara University, Campbell went on to earn a master's degree in operational research from the University at Buffalo. He quickly worked his way up to become chairman and C.E.O. of Computer Task Group and now captains Innovation Advisors, an investment banking firm headquartered in Boston. The embodiment of what it means to be Lasallian, Campbell has given back to the worldwide community in tremendous fashion. As founder of the volunteer disaster relief group, Hands On Disaster Response, he has presided over 11 national and international deployments to assist those recovering from significant natural disasters. Calling upon the principles instilled in him while at St. Joe's, Campbell commented that, given his business experience, he felt "required to do more than be an individual volunteer." He encouraged the class of 2009 to abide by the three essential tenets that paved the way for his successes - work hard, establish trust and maintain communication. "If you consistently demonstrate these abilities, whether it be in regards to your studies, your music or your sports, it will be obvious

to everybody," he explained. "Get out there, work hard and people will respect you." In doing so, Campbell affirmed, "you will create a network of trust that will reach far beyond the group of friends that you have made at St. Joe's." Mixing in some purposeful humor, Campbell requested that the graduates pay him a "great personal favor" by eliminating all of the "youknowlikeums," or unnecessary pauses from their speaking repertoire.

David N. Campbell ’59

Finally, Campbell reminded the young men that they are approaching one of life's rare occasions when, regardless of what they have or have not achieved up to this point, they have the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start anew. "You are at a wonderful phase of your life, one where you actually have the ability to 'reset,'" said the Amherst native who now resides in Carlisle, MA with his wife, Gay, and their four children. "Tomorrow you can begin developing the skills that will allow you to have great success in your life. I wish you the best of luck as you start a very exciting journey."

highschoolnews Class Of 2009 University And College Acceptances The young men of St. Joe's are annually accepted to the most prestigious universities and colleges throughout the country. Moreover, they are rewarded for their outstanding academics, leadership abilities, and community involvement in the form of scholarship dollars, which this year totaled $14.8 million. College, Mercyhurst College, Miami University: Oxford Campus, Michigan State University, Morehouse College, New England College, Niagara County Community College, Niagara University, Northeastern University, Northwestern University, Ohio University, The Ohio State University, Paul Smith’s College, Philadelphia University, Point Park University, Potomac State College of West Virginia University, Providence College, Purdue University, Quinnipiac University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Rice University, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rutgers University, St. Bonaventure University, St. John Fisher College, St. John’s University, St. Joseph’s University, St. Peter’s College, St. Vincent College , Savannah College of Art and Design, Siena College, State University of New York at Albany, State University of New York at New Paltz, State University of New York College at Binghamton, State University of New York College at Brockport, State University of New York College at Buffalo, State University of New York College at Cortland, State University of New York College at Fredonia, State University of New York College at Geneseo, State University of New York College at Oswego, State University of New York College at Stony Brook, State University of New York College at Stony Brook Southampton, State University of New York College of Agriculture and Technology at Cobleskill, State University of New

York College of Environmental Science and Forestry, State University of New York College of Technology at Alfred, State University of New York Maritime College, Stonehill College, Syracuse University, Union College, University at Buffalo, University of Hawaii at Manoa, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Maryland, University of Massachusetts Amherst, University of Michigan, University of Notre Dame, University of the Pacific, University of Pennsylvania, University of Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, University of Richmond, University of Rochester, University of Scranton, University of Southern California, University of Vermont, Utica College, Valparaiso University, Villa Maria College of Buffalo, Villanova University, Wesleyan University, West Virginia University, Xavier University As the seniors leave their academic home of the past four years, we know that they will remember their Lasallian teachings and continue their growth into young men of service and accomplishment. While each graduate will now set out upon his own unique journey and encounter a wide variety of experiences, each can take comfort in knowing that he will forever be united by the common bond that is St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute. Congratulations to the entire class of 2009 on their academic accomplishments, and for their fine representation within the community!



This year's graduating class is made up of 146 young men, 109 of which were bestowed a grand total of 514 awards. All told, the class of 2009 has accrued a staggering $14.8 million in scholarships and grants, moneys that will significantly offset their tuition responsibilities as they commence studies at the following educational institutions in the fall of 2009. Alfred University, Baldwin Wallace College, Barry University, Boston College, Boston University, Canisius College, Case Western Reserve University, Clark Atlanta University, Clarkson University, Colgate University, Cornell University, Daemen College, Drexel University, Duquesne University, D’Youville College, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, Elmira College, Erie Community College, Fairfield University, Fisk University, Florida International University, Fordham University, Gannon University, Hilbert College, Hobart & William Smith Colleges, Hofstra University, Howard University, Husson University, Indiana University Bloomington, Iona College, Ithaca College, John Carroll University, Johnson & Wales University, Johnson C. Smith University, Kettering University, The King’s College, Lehigh University, Le Moyne College, Lewis & Clark College, Loyola University Chicago, Loyola University Maryland, Manhattan College, Marquette University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Medaille




Raymond Beneir Abrams Jr.

Theodore Baker Clauss

Dean E. Gallagher

Nicholas Joseph Hora

Larry Joseph Acker

William Michael Collins III

Philip Anthony Gambini

Brian Connor Hurley

Trevor M. Adler

Charles Joseph Cook

Kong Quan Gao

Andrew Joseph Hynes

Oluwole Babatunde Barbarinsa

Matthew John Cosmann

Dominic Michael Giambra

Paul Anthony Incorvaia

Sebastian Eric Bauer

Michael Joseph Daigler

Joseph Paul Giordano

Alexander Baldwin Ivancic

Marc Anthony Benzino

Cory Tyler Dawson

Eric Edward Giszter

William Geiger Ivancic

Connor Patrick Berbary

Vincent Anthony DellaValle

Ryan Adam Glover

Nicholas Taylor Jacob

David Michael Berndt

Jacob Gerald DiMatteo

Colin Patrick Gordon

Griffin G. Jankowski

Marshall Kent Leonard Binns

Matthew Louis DiStasio

Kevin Michael Gramza

Bradley Scott Kane

Jeffrey Edward Boyd

DeVonne A.S. Dixon

Nicholas Matthew Grecco

Michael Joseph Kelly

John Christopher Broxup

Thomas Christian Doscher

Alexander P. Gust

Conor Patrick Kennedy

Joseph Michael Burgio

Alexander William Drennan

Alexander Jack Haefner

Andrew Bruce Ketcham

Matthew Domenic Buzzeo

Mark Lamont Emerson

Thomas Karl Haeussler

Scott William Ketcham

Sean Kelly Celestino

Christopher James Faltyn

Frank Joseph Handler

Andrew James Keysor

Garrett Martin Chambers

Aaron Michael Faso

Richard J. Harper

Joseph Francis Killeen

Kevin Fischer Cheney

David Joseph Fortman

Daniel Patrick Harter

Evan Blake King

Junhong Choi

Alexander Carl Frank

Timothy J. Hauser

Eric James Konwiczka

Jordan John Cinquino

Christopher Victor Fritz

Alexander William Howard Hites

James Robert Kozlowski

classof2009 Nicholas Frederick Krajacic

Ethan Anthony Matarese

Matthew Charles Pearson

Denzel Levon Singletary

Benjamin Michael Kuch

Cecilio Matias III

Tyler Frederick Pendleton

John Joseph Slisz

Christopher Michael Kulbago Jr.

Julian Michael Matos

Dennis Allen Playfair

Frank Charles Smierciak II

Theodore Charles Leber Jr.

Timothy James McGorry

Alexander James Pokoj

Tyler Daniel Sperrazza

Zachary Davis Lebold

William Douglas McGuire

Brandon Michael Pratt

Nicholas Alexander Stanford

Anthony George Leone

Colin Patrick McLaughlin

Andrew William Pudlewski

Michael Thomas Swagler

Edward Paul Pyszczynski

Philip Joseph Tabbi

Thomas James Reed

Frank Mario Talarico

Jonathan Riggie

Andrew L. Thompson

Connor Richard Flanigen Roat

Brendan James Toughey

Marcene Dewayne Robinson Jr.

Rodrigo Manuel Cisneros Vilchis

Aaron Edward Sadlocha

Ethan Thomas Walsh

Daniel Charles Lewis

Jonathan Joseph Mehm

Anthony Edward Lobuzzetta

Thomas Michael Meka

Anthony Lee Longboat

Kyle L. Miskell

Leonard Joseph LoVullo

Jeffrey Arthur Moore Jr.

Adam John Lucas

Daniel Edward Nachreiner

Michael Gerald Magoffin

Ethan David Noonan

Nicholas Adam Saltzman

Kevin Barrett Weil II

Ryan Patrick Maher

Alexander Ryan Nowosiadly

Robert William Salzberg

Ryan Daniel White

Sean Patrick Maloney

Brian Michael O'Connell

Peter Jeffrey Schratz

Michael Benjamin Whitney

Vincent Phillip Mangione

Jamie Leo O'Neill

Kevin Edward Schwab

Patrick Michael Wirth

Eric Antoni Manuszewski

Adam Lee Owens

Brian Joseph Sciandra

Patrick B. Wopperer

Nicholas Joseph Marino

Derek Michael Paradowski

Christopher J. Scirto

Samuel Benjamin Wopperer

Justin Newton Masterman

Jacob David Paszkiewicz

Michael Richard Shaw Jr.

Edmund Joseph Wyzykowski



inthespotlight Douglas J. Regan, Ed.D. ’68 As principal of Starpoint Intermediate School, Douglas J. Regan, Ed.D. '68 knows a thing or two about recommendations. And with this being the peak time of year for reference requests, it seems most opportune to spotlight a man who has provided St. Joe's with the ultimate referral: all five of Doug's sons are alums. The Regan family's affinity for St. Joe's dates back to Doug's older brother, Ron '64. It was his allegiance to the school that ultimately influenced Doug Douglas J. Regan, Ed.D. ’68 to enroll at St. Joe's just months after Ron's graduation. Once on campus, Doug became immediately enamored with all that St. Joe's had to offer. Over the course of his four years at the school, Doug was involved with numerous clubs (drama, poster, shamrock, glee, archives), participated in several activities (Apostolic, Variety Show, Y.C.S.), was a well-rounded athlete (track, cross-country, crew, football), and was a senior member of student council. "St. Joe's and high school were probably four of the very best years of my life up to this point," attests Regan, who credits Brother Gabriel Milanese, Brother Christopher Ford, Brother Paul Ritzenthaler, Brother Terrence Hemmer, Brother Thomas Lynch and his track coach, Bob Ivory, for teaching him the value of hard work and stressing the importance of placing the needs of students first. Unbeknownst to Doug at the ST. JOSEPH’S COLLEGIATE INSTITUTE


time, those strategies would serve him quite well. After commencement, Doug went on to Buffalo State College, where he attained bachelor's and master's degrees in English Education. While working on his doctorate in Curriculum Planning and Instructional Media at SUNY Buffalo, Doug served as a curriculum coordinator at Barker Central Schools for one year before gaining employment as Starpoint's assistant principal in 1980. By 1987, Doug was elevated to principal and, two years later, was instrumental in the district's initial successful reorganization, which eventually resulted into a four school campus, including the construction of a brand new high school. This particular experience - not to mention nearly three decades of work as a school administrator - made Doug a logical choice for the St. Joe's Board of Trustees, a challenge that he agreed to take on in 1998. While serving as the board's vice chair during his second three-year term, Doug helmed the school's long-range strategic planning effort, a major part of which was the soon-to-be-completed Pride in our Past...Faith in our Future capital campaign. "The accumulation of my previous experiences related to the major areas that we pursued in the plan - curriculum and facilities - and the cooperation of many groups contributed to its success," admits Regan, an honorary New York State Lifetime member who has been the recipient of

the WNY Women in Administration's Mentor Award and the Niagara PTA's Walter Potocki Service Award. "It was an awesome task and one that I pursued with a great deal of enthusiasm and commitment." Of course, Regan's investment in fine-tuning the school's strategic plan was much more than that of a "typical" alum. Aside from Doug's wife, Carol, being the sister of prominent St. Joe's science teacher Jim Roland '69, the couple had collected enough "Proud Parent of a St. Joe's Student" bumper stickers to occupy both of their car's fenders. Over a dozen years, Doug and Carol had seen sons Michael '91, Matthew '93, Daniel '95, David '99, and Kevin '03 don maroon commencement robes. "It was always my dream to send all five of our sons to the best high school in Western New York and financially, it simply became a priority," says Regan, who reunited with classmates Rick Cronin, Gary Campbell, Don Stonish, Father Jay McGinnis, the late Tom Heine, the late Tom Toy and others last June to commemorate their 40th reunion. "With my own positive experiences at St. Joe's, combined with my continuing involvement there, there was no doubt in our minds that this was the best place for our sons to be!" Why is that? "My boys learned to work hard, do their best, be leaders, be role models, and to give back and help others... simply live the St. Joe's Mission!"

alumninews Class Of 1959: 50-Year Reunion Celebration A day after the television program "American Idol" crowned its 8th champion, a group of St. Joe's graduates gathered at Kleinhans Music Hall to celebrate a reunion 50 years in the making. The date was May 21, 2009. The celebration was for the grads of 1959, the same year that "Idol" executive producer Simon Cowell was born. After dining together and receiving honorary diplomas on Thursday evening, the Golden Jubilee festivities carried over to Friday morning at St. Joe's, where the men were treated to breakfast and a tour of the school. Descending upon Buffalo from various regions across the United States - Florida, New Mexico, Colorado Arizona, California, etc. - the celebrants were excited to reminisce upon high school memories that appeared as vivid today as they were when formed five decades ago. In particular, many laughs were shared at viewing the 1959 Star yearbook, nametags featuring their senior photos, and the authentic, onepage graduation programs from 1959 that each grad received to commemorate the special occasion. Pride bubbled over when a reference was made to this class graduating on the heels of a 25game winning streak and three straight Monsignor Martin League football titles. Hugs, handshakes and hellos were exchanged as the men commented

The class of 1959 celebrated its Golden Jubilee Reunion.

on how much the world has changed since they walked the halls at St. Joe's. Although they graduated the year that a stamp cost 4 cents, a gallon of gas went for a quarter, Buffalo was awarded a pro football franchise, and the first broadcast

television program, "Bonanza," appeared in color, the pride and appreciativeness that each and every classmate exuded for being able to call themselves St. Joe's alums remained as strong as ever. Congratulations class of 1959!


Introducing Future Generations of Students to St. Joe's St. Joe's welcomed more than 75 alumni, sons, past parents and friends back to the school for the first-ever Legacy Open House on Saturday, May 16, 2009. A slightly abbreviated version of our yearly autumn Open House, the spring edition offered a more intimate experience for those with any previous affiliation to St. Joe's. Visitors were treated to a Science Olympiad display courtesy of Jim Roland '69, brief lectures by Jack Kenny ’68 and Mike Spillman ’98, an open gym with the St. Joe’s basketball team, refreshments courtesy of the SJCI Parents Guild, "Future Marauder" t-shirt giveaways and much more.


The event not only provided guests with the opportunity to play soccer on the all-new Robert T. Scott, AFSC Athletic Field Complex and to get a first look at the soon-to-open Cullen Center for Excellence in Science, but also featured a variety of interactive presentations from faculty members who are St. Joe's alums.

fineartswallofhonor 5 th Annual Fine Arts Wall Of Honor Induction Ceremony The Fine Arts Wall of Honor added the following five inductees in a ceremony held at St. Joe's on Saturday, May 2, 2009: Brian Duguay ’81, Charles Gorino ’74, Guillermo Izquierdo ’88, Paul M. Mueller ’82 and Karen Wieland.



Brian Duguay ’81 lived and worked in New York City for 25 years, where his diverse career included many highlights, such as working with Lee Theodore’s American Dance Machine, performing in the award-winning Broadway revival of “Cabaret” in 1998, acting regionally in “Cabaret” as Clifford Bradshaw at the North Carolina Theater, and dancing at Radio City Music Hall. Brian has also appeared on such prominent television shows as “The Late Show with David Letterman,” “The Rosie O’Donnell Show,” and at the Tony Awards. While having directed several shows in New York City, Brian is also a company member of the improvisational theater companies Strike Anywhere and Crawlspace Eviction, sings with the Kalamazoo Men’s Chorus, and has begun teaching voice. Charles Gorino ’74 began studying trumpet privately as a freshman at St. Joe’s and, three years later, earned a scholarship to the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Upon completing his studies at Berklee, Chuck set off for Las Vegas, and played for such performance royalty as Siegfried and Roy, Frank Sinatra, Robert Goulet, Don Rickles and Lola Falana. Eventually, Chuck moved back to Buffalo to be closer to his

family, but his performance career was far from over. He recorded with Process and the Dew Rags (a Rick James project), and Joy Ryde, performed at Melody Fair and Shea’s Performing Arts Center, taught in several Buffalo city schools, and directed the Jazz Band at SUNY Buffalo. Along with his musical talents, Chuck has studied martial arts for 28 years and holds a sixth degree black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do. Guillermo Izquierdo ’88 was presented with the school’s John Barden Award for Art in 1988. Not long after graduating from SUNY Buffalo and briefly working in marketing, Guillermo started up Bright i Design, a sign and Web site design firm. Seven years later, Guillermo was invited by a friend to assist in developing a dating Web site called Fitness Singles, which has grown to be the world's largest online dating community for sports and fitness enthusiasts. Through all of this, the singer, guitarist and mandolinist has continued performing, including a recent filmed session with the Nelson Starr Band for the Travel Channel's "Anthony Bourdain's: No Reservations," which will air this summer. Paul M. Mueller ’82 has been the driving force behind-the-scenes for virtually every concert or presentation involving lighting, sound or stages for over 28 years. From 1989-2009 Paul has served in many capacities including stage crew moderator, sound designer, master carpenter, and technical director, always providing patient care and mentorship to the young men and

women who have had the privilege of working with him. Currently the St. Joe’s Director of Plant and Facilities, Paul is a gifted artisan, a master carpenter, an ingenious innovator, an unselfish collaborator, and moderator of the school’s Supplemental Work Program. For his efforts, Paul was named the St. Joe's Lasallian Educator of the Year in 2004, Karen Wieland joined the St. Joe’s Swing Choir while a sophomore at Mount St. Mary Academy, then sang in several choirs during her time at Catholic University. Karen, who owned her own voice studio, has performed in Opera Sacra productions, including the world premiere of Richard Proulx’s “A Beggar’s Christmas,” and also sang with the Cheektowaga Symphony, Ars Nova, and the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. Perhaps Karen’s greatest legacy at St. Joe’s is her launching of the Lasallian Singers, an official alumni group whom she directed, coached, and mentored – and which lives on today. Karen’s love for teaching grew while working at The Gow School for nearly 12 years, leading her to pursue a Ph.D. at SUNY Buffalo. Karen is now a faculty member at the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Education, where she is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Instruction and Learning.

alumninews St. Joe's Man Of The Year For more than 39 years, he has been affectionately known simply as "Doc" around the St. Joe's campus. On March 29, 2009, Dr. Charles W. Breem Jr. earned a new title, as he was named the St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute Alumni Association's Man of the Year in honor of his outstanding service to St. Joe's.

Dr. Charles W. Breem Jr. is presented the Man of the Year award by John Cambria ’82.

In a clear display of gratitude for his nearly four decades as a fixture of the St. Joe's Science Department, Dr. Charles W. Breem Jr. was greeted by a standing ovation prior to his acceptance speech. During Dr. Breem's tenure, he has taught thousands of students - many of which have proceeded to earn Ph.D.’s and M.D.’s - in almost every science course offered at the school. For his

numerous teaching and moderating efforts, Dr. Breem was recognized by “Who’s Who Among American Teachers” as one of the top teachers of the 20th century. Dr. Breem graduated from Houghton College with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Chemistry and German, and Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology and Mathematics. He then attended SUNY Buffalo, where he obtained a Ph.D. in Chemical Physics, and conducted post-doctoral research at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. Dr. Breem’s professional career has included such prominent programs as the Apollo Moon Project. He has also developed a polymer binding energy equation, has done cancer molecular studies, and is a 40-year member of Sigma Xi, the scientific research society. Presently teaching Physics and Electronics at St. Joe’s, Dr. Breem has been active in promoting students’ involvement in scientific research.

Under his direction, the first student engineering team to participate in the Mars Rover Project developed a protocol to extend the life of the Rover, an achievement for which they were awarded the NASA Space Medal. Another one of Dr. Breem’s student teams were recognized with the Farber Award for contributing to the discovery of new anti-cancer drugs. Also a committed community activist, Dr. Breem helped found the Wyoming Avenue Block Club – one of Buffalo’s first and oldest block clubs – and has served as its president for 20 years. His continuing efforts to improve the lives of Buffalo citizens have been recognized by the Mayor, the Common Council, and the State Legislature. Dr. Breem and his wife Lois reside in Buffalo. His hobbies include tending to his rose garden and home remodeling. St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute and the Alumni Association congratulate Dr. Charles W. Breem Jr. on his achievement.


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president’smessage alumninotes 2000's Richard R. Slutter '00 has accepted a position as sommelier and manager at the Park Hyatt Philadelphia at the Bellevue. He and his wife, Heather, have relocated from West Virginia. Michael Carvelli ’01 is serving as a captain in the 75th Ranger Regiment. He served in the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Bamberg, Germany, and has been deployed to Afghanistan for 15 months. Signum Fidei Inductees L to R: George L. Altamura ’49, Richard N. Gilbert Jr., M.D. ’80, Joseph P. Leberer, M.D. ’73, Michael P. Castine ’72 and Peter J. Kadzik ’71.

1940's John J. Carr '47 was inducted into the Bell Aerospace Hall of Fame on May 22, 2009.

1960's James J. Parks III, CPA '62 is a partner with Amato, Fox & Company PC.


Dr. James W Kosnik '67 presented an organ concert at Our Lady of Czestochowa R.C. Church in North Tonawanda on June 21, after taking part in the St. Joe's Alumni Golf Tournament.


1970's David J. Reedy '73 received the Stanley C. Collins award from the Buffalo Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. The award, BAIFA’s highest honor, is given to a current member based on outstanding service over a long period of time or exceptional service during the current year. David is a past president of NAIFA Buffalo and is currently serving as president-elect of NAIFA NY State.

Jeffrey T. Wozer ’79 opened for Martin Short at the Vilar Center in Beaver Creek, Colorado and performed on the Vegas Strip at the Riviera Casino.

1980's John P. Maggio '88 has produced and directed a groundbreaking two-hour television special called "Looking for Lincoln" that aired nationally on PBS February 11, 2009. John lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife and two young sons. Thomas S. Lumberg ’89 appeared as an INS Agent on the ABC Network's "Desperate Housewives" on Sunday, May 10, 2009. Christopher S. Mangione '89 has been appointed to the position of probation administrator with the Administrative Office of the United States Courts in Washington, D.C.

1990's Emilio Colaiacovo '94 was selected as the 2008 recipient of the Michael F. Dillon award, an annual honor presented to law guardians for their vigorous advocacy on behalf of children. Emilio, a partner at Bouvier Partnership, resides with his wife, Kimberly, in Kenmore.

William P. Allen '02 has been promoted to senior accountant at Lumsden & McCormick LLP. He is a member of the auditing and accounting team. Michael A. Carubba '03, after three years at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, signed a contract with the Berklee College of Music's prestigious "Jazz Revelation Records." Selected out of 200 applicants from around the world, Jazz Revelation Records artists including Michael - will tour the world, teaching and playing engagements in Costa Rica and Western Europe. Matthew M. Wopperer '03 was promoted to territory business manager for Johnson & Johnson Vision Care. His

territory covers most of the Hudson Valley. Matthew is living in Poughkeepsie, NY. Bradley K. Kern ’04 started a new position at CoreIP Systems, a company specializing in IT Managed Services and business continuity solutions, in Buffalo. Joseph C. Mihalich ’05 graduated cum laude from Nazareth College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics. He is now attending Villanova University, where he is working toward a masters degree in mathematics, and working as a graduate assistant with the basketball team. Kevin Sampson '05, Scott V. Bernard '05, Christopher J. Nanula '05 and Adam G. Schroeder '05 and their band, Innocent Bystanders, have four songs on the soundtrack for the movie “What Goes Up.” The movie was part of the Third Annual Buffalo Film Festival. Erik B. Eggleston '07 is attending the University of Delaware and was awarded a paid research internship with the Watershed Action Team for Ecological Restoration. He started this internship last semester as a sophomore.

Maj. Michael Adamski ’94, Michael Murphy ’94, Maj. Tom Deveans ’93, and Tim DiGiulio ‘94 celebrate Maj. Adamski's marriage to Maj. Melissa Graham on March 21, 2009 at Fort Belvoir, VA.

alumninotes Weddings & Engagements Brian A. Schmidt '96 married Katie Steg on December 27, 2008 at Christ the King Church in Snyder, NY. Brian is a software engineer at Northgroup Grumman and Katie is a woman’s health nurse practitioner.

Starpoint CSD and Linda works in commercial real estate for CB Richard Ellis.

Peter F. Eberz '97 has announced his engagement to Linda Mychaskiw. The wedding is scheduled for August 14, 2009. Peter is teaching third grade at

Kenneth Andrew (Andy) Hood '01 was married to Dr. Mimi Zhang Amberger on May 9, 2009 at the Kenmore United Methodist Church. Andy, who was inducted

Christopher Sanchez '98 announced his engagement to Ashley McDonald. The wedding is set for July 2009.

Births into the National Honor Society in medicine, will receive his doctorate in medicine on Long Island May 17 (commencement) and 18 (hooding). Mimi will be completing her residency as a U.S. Naval officer in San Diego, CA, while Andy completes his residency in Riverside, CA. Matthew W. Rajczak '03 married Erica LaPlante on February 21, 2009.

Paschal Frisina III ’96 and his wife, Kristen, are pleased to announce the birth of their son, Gabriel Paschal, born January 11, 2009. Peter Kennedy ’97 and his wife, Julia, are pleased to announce the birth of their son, William Patrick, born January 10, 2009.

"Lock Up Your Legacy" at St. Joe's! Having the recent opportunity to welcome back the St. Joe's graduating class of 1959 was quite an overwhelming joy. Realizing that these Golden Jubilarians occupied the very same lockers that our students are using today, quite frankly, was not. Of course, the wheels were put into motion to begin replacing the 60-year-old lockers long before this spring rolled around. It has been a priority for quite some time to increase the aesthetic appeal of our hallways and the storage space for our students with modernized, enlarged lockers. Now, with the capital campaign winding down, it is imperative that we complete the overhaul of our facilities in order to further separate St. Joe's from other schools in an educational marketplace that is more competitive than ever. This summer, each of the school's lockers will be replaced, making way for nearly 800 brand new, more spacious versions. As part of this project, we are also offering all members of the St. Joe's community the chance to "Lock Up A Legacy." For only a $50 pledge, you may choose to honor a loved one, pay tribute to a former teacher or simply have your family's name included in a distinctive memory book, which will remain on permanent display in an area of the school adjacent to the new science building. Acknowledgement of your donation will be also be made in next year's Annual Report. For more info, please contact Carol Peacock at 716.270.4129 or at, or visit our Web site at

In Memoriam


A lead gift—with a matching gift challenge—has been provided toward the establishment of the GEN. WILLIAM J. DONOVAN VETERANS’ ENDOWMENT FUND to honor and remember all of our alumni who have served in the Armed Forces of the United States. The challenge: our anonymous donor will match, dollar for dollar, each donation made to this fund before July 31, 2009. As the endowment exceeds the $25,000 threshold (to be considered “fully funded”), annual earnings from the fund will provide financial aid to students whose parent(s) and/or grandparent(s) have served or are serving in the Armed Forces. Gen. Donovan graduated from St. Joe’s in 1899 and was posthumously inducted into the school’s Signum Fidei Society, as one of its most distinguished alumni, in 1996. He earned the nickname “Wild Bill,” as well as the Medal of Honor, for his service in World War I. He is the only American to have received the four highest awards in our Nation and founded the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), which was the predecessor of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). This endowment is a wonderful way to recognize alumni who have dedicated their lives to our Country and to assist our service members (alumni and non-alumni alike) in sending their children or grandchildren to St. Joe’s. You can remember your personal heroes by donating online (click on “Donate Online” on the school’s home page: or by mailing a gift to the GEN. WILLIAM J. DONOVAN VETERANS’ ENDOWMENT FUND.


Jerry R. “Doc” Burns '54 Robert T. Gramza F. Bernard Hamsher '49 John Edward Harder Jr. '63 Thomas R. Heine '68 Richard W. Hertel II ’60 Paul B. Hiemenz '37 Roxanne L. Hocko John W. Lintner '41 George J. Navagh '49 Norman S. Paolini '42 Robert E. Perrigo '41 G. William Rose '52 Frank L. Schlager '45 Lawrence M. Smith '65 Edward Sokolski '54 John Zapalowski

Endowment Matching Gift Challenge to Honor Servicemen

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"To nurture and to educate young men within a

Christ-centered community for lives of accomplishment and service in a Catholic

Lasallian tradition."

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Twenty staff members have contributed at least 25 years of their lives to our Community of Excellence at St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute. It is their experience, dedication and passion for educating the young men of Western New York that differentiates St. Joe's from other local schools. Not pictured: James Deiotte and Martin Fedchak

The Collegiate - Summer 2009  

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