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2016 Annual Report

South Jordan City


South Jordan City



TABLE OF CONTENTS Letter From The Fire Chief


Fire Department Administration


Fire Department Response Data


Fire Department Administrative Support


Fire Department Operations


Organizational Personnel


South Jordan Fire Department 2016 New Firefighters


South Jordan Fire Department 2016 Promotions


State Urban Search and Rescue Program (SUSAR)


FEMA/SUSAR Structural Collapse Technician Course Fire Department Community Outreach / Fire Prevention ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) Events

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Fire Department Support Services


2016 Frazer Type I Ambulance


Fire Department Training 2016


Fire Department Administration / Special Projects


South Jordan City and Salt Lake City Training Partnership 16 South Jordan Fire Recruit Camp #1


South Jordan Fire Station #63


The year ending December 31, 2016 was full of new additions and exciting growth within the fire department. The commitment shown to provide adequate fire protection services to the City of South Jordan was once again demonstrated during 2016. Some of the highlights of the year include:

❖ ❖ ❖ ❖ ❖

The completion of a third fire station, Fire Station #63 Creation of a Deputy Chief position within the fire department Hiring the first group of eight firefighters to staff the new fire station Delivery of a new ambulance Several promotions

The addition of a new fire station on the east side of the city will help with response times in the eastern most areas of the city. This station began construction in October of 2015 and was completed in November of 2016. The station is a 12,000 square foot, two-story building that houses an engine company and an advanced life support ambulance. Maximum staffing at this station is seven personnel a day. The department reclassified an existing battalion chief position to a deputy chief position and promoted Battalion Chief Reed Thompson to the position of Deputy Chief. This position oversees the day-to-day operations of the fire department and allows the fire chief to focus on the long term planning and administrative oversight of the department. The fire department took delivery of a new ambulance during 2016. This ambulance replaces one of the older units and allows us to provide two full-time ambulances and a part-time ambulance for our interfacility transfer program. This is an exciting time for the City of South Jordan and the fire department. The huge amount of growth we have been experiencing and continue to experience is our biggest challenge. The fire department is committed to providing excellence service both from an emergency response perspective as well as being a community partner in fire prevention and public education programs. South Jordan Fire Department employees are some of the finest in the state and I am privileged to work alongside them every day to provide outstanding service to the community. It has truly been a pleasure to serve you. Sincerely, Andrew Butler Fire Chief

South Jordan City


2016 Annual Report Report

Fire Department Administration Fire Chief Andrew Butler

The fire chief has administrative oversight of the entire fire department. This includes oversight of the department budget, creating, updating and maintaining department policies and SOPs, working with city administrative staff to ensure strategic priorities are being met, acting as the department representative at city council meetings as well as other city meetings, acting as the department representative at Metro Fire Chiefs, Alliance Fire Chiefs, VECC Ops Board, and the Metro Trustees.

Fire Department Command Staff

Andrew Butler Fire Chief

Reed Thompson Deputy Fire Chief

Clay Miller Battalion Chief

Brian Allred Battalion Chief

Wayne Edginton Retired Battalion Chief

South Jordan City


2016 Annual Report

Fire Department Response Data 2016 Top EMS Responses

Three Year Call Volumes

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498 304











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Three Year Response Time

2016 Top Fire Responses 345


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Turnout Time

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Total ResponseTime 2016

South Jordan City


2016 Annual Report O R G A N I Z AT I O N A L P E R S O N N E L

Fire Department Administrative Support

Andrew Butler Fire Chief

Fire Assistant Laura Earley

Laura Earley Fire Assistant

Laura provides administrative support to the fire chief, deputy chief and three battalion chiefs.

Reed Thompson Deputy Fire Chief

This includes medical billing, interfacility billing, department purchasing, coordination of tours and special events, supply ordering, records retention, training record entry as well as a variety of other tasks and responsibilities.

Brian Allred Battalion Chief

Battalion Chief (Vacant)

Clay Miller Battalion Chief

FIRE DEPARTMENT OPERATIONS Deputy Chief Reed Thompson In July 2016, an existing battalion chief position was

the deputy fire chief has responsibility for any other

reclassified to a deputy fire chief position and Reed

department operational need.

Thompson was promoted to the position of deputy fire

Chief Thompson also has oversight of the depart-

chief. Chief Thompson oversees all daily operations of

ment’s Urban Search and Rescue program and is

the fire department. The fire chief and deputy chief work

the representative on the State and National SUSAR

closely together to ensure all administrative and opera-

boards. Chief Thompson has worked extensively on

tional functions of the department are being addressed.

this program to ensure the State of Utah has assets

The three battalion chiefs position report directly to the

and resources to meet the needs of the state in the

deputy chief of operations and work closely with him to

event of a disaster.

ensure daily operations are carried out in accordance

Chief Thompson has worked extensively on this program

with department policies and procedures. Additionally,

to ensure the State of Utah has assets and resources to meet the needs of the state in the event of a disaster.

South Jordan City


2016 Annual Report


TJ Gibson

Dan Harris

Homero Raymundo

Andrew Putnam

Lewis Weaver

Alec Evans

McClaine Allred

Tim Howard

Jared Peterson

Sean Kent

South Jordan City


2016 Annual Report


Deputy Chief Reed Thompson

Captain Todd Cowley

Captain Jason Hester

Captain Alex York

Engineer Dave Nelsen

Engineer Cory Campbell

Paramedic Josh Brown

Paramedic Wes Walker

Firefighter II Micah Fox

Firefighter II Joe Johnson

South Jordan City

2016 Annual Report


STATE URBAN SEARCH AND RESCUE PROGRAM (SUSAR) South Jordan Fire Department has a robust

South Jordan Fire Department participated in

technical rescue program, which provides technician

several training offerings this year held in con-

level services in the following rescue disciplines:

junction with other heavy rescue companies


throughout the Salt Lake Valley. South Jordan

Confined Space

Fire Department hosted several classes including

Structural Collapse

annual ice rescue training for all Salt Lake Valley

Vehicle/Machinery Extrication



Water (Swift, Moving, Standing)

fire departments and a 40+ hour trench rescue technician course. During 2016, the State of Utah continued the development of a statewide SUSAR program. South Jordan Fire Department has taken a lead in the process. Deputy Chief Thompson serves as the Vice-Chair of the Utah SUSAR Advisory Board, and was instrumental in securing training funding for the program, producing multiple training opportunities and certification courses for South Jordan technicians and others throughout Utah. The 2016 capstone of this training included the first statewide offering of an eight-day, 88 hour FEMA equivalency Structural Collapse Technician (SCT) course with 54 participants. Chief Thompson also serves as an executive board member and vice president of the SUSAR Alliance at the national level.

South Jordan City


2016 Annual Report

October 2016 FEMA/SUSAR Structural Collapse Technician Course Six members of the South Jordan Fire Department team attended the SCT course, including two as Rescue Squad Officers (RSO).

Figure 0 - Engineer Jared Velez Engineer Jared Velez

Firefighter II Christopher Wright (RSO)

Engineer Harvey Bond Paramedic Michael Bettridge (RSO)

Figure 0 - Engineer Harvey Bond

South Jordan City

2016 Annual Report


South Jordan Fire Department manages a state type III/IV SUSAR task force (UT-TF5). In October 2016, UT-TF5 conducted a member readiness event and a mobilization exercise to Saratoga Springs involving a tornado mock disaster with a wide area search deployment.

Rio Tinto Large Haul Truck Bridge Collapse Contingency Planning Figure 0 - Rio Tinto Large Haul Truck Bridge Collapse Contingency Planning

Utah Task Force 5 Readiness Event

Utah Task Force 5 Planning & Operations 0 - Utah Task Force 5 Readiness Event

St. Mark’s Hospital High Angle Exercise (April 2016)

South Jordan City


2016 Annual Report


2016 ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) Events

Battalion Chief Brian Allred

reversed with proper pre-hospital care and coordination with a STEMI receiving center. South

A ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) is a specific heart attack that can be treated and Jordan Fire Department works closely with our partners at Jordan Valley Hospital to ensure there is a seamless transisiton of care for these patients where time means saved cardiac muscle. The national standard for 911-to-balloon time, meaning from the time someone calls 911 until that person is in the cath lab at the hospital receiving treatment for their heart attack, is a 90-minute average. During the calendar year 2016, South Jordan Fire Department responded on thirteen STEMI incidents and, on average, met the national standard of 90-minutes. This is only possible because of our strong partnership with Jordan Valley Hospital and their commitment to activating cath lab teams prior to our arrival in the ED based upon the field paramedics assessment of the patient.

2016 STEMI TIMES Chief Allred has oversight of all fire prevention activities within the department and all community outreach programs within the fire department. Some examples of these programs are: fire prevention week, fire prevention activities within the schools, vehicle days, CPR and firstaid classes, fire extinguisher classes, CERT, Facebook, South Jordan University, Focus newsletter articles and special events.

911 to Balloon*

Chief Allred also has oversight of the EMS program within the fire department. This includes the daily operations of the EMS program, equipment and supply ordering and management and acting as the department liaison with outside agencies and our external partners.

90th Percentile

Average Door to Balloon


911 to Balloon* Door to Balloon







*90 Minutes 911-to-Ballon Time recommended

South Jordan City


2016 Annual Report


Retired Battalion Chief Wayne Edginton

The support services battalion chief has oversight of all the department’s training including: EMS, fire, hazmat, technical rescue, leadership development, and driver training. This position also oversees the department’s fleet and facilities.

2016 Frazer Type 1 Ambulance In July 2016, the fire department took delivery of a 2016 Frazer Type I ambulance. Mounted on a 2016 Dodge 4500 chassis, the 14’ patient compartment module (PCM) powered by a stand-alone generator. This is the third unit built to this specification, with future planning that addresses ease of remounting the PCM on a new chassis, dramatically reducing later fleet costs. The apparatus provides fire based, advanced life support services including 911 emergency medical and interfacility transports to the citizens of South Jordan and automatic aid support to neighboring communities.

South Jordan City


2016 Annual Report

Battalion Chief Wayne Edginton Retires from South Jordan Fire Department first few years of paramedic service being established in Utah, Wayne completed paramedic training. Over the next 32 years he served in a variety of positions including: paramedic, lieutenant, captain and battalion chief. On January 7, 2007, Wayne made the decision to come to South Jordan as a battalion chief and we are lucky he did. Wayne quickly fit in with the department and the culture. From nearly his first day on the job, Wayne’s personality and easy-going manner allowed the crews to feel comfortable with him. Wayne’s technical expertise on both the emergency scene as well as in the office also quickly gained him the respect of the department members. Wayne served as the EMS battalion chief for his career at South Jordan and has been involved in several programs and accomplishments throughout the years. Wayne participated in the

Battalion Chief Wayne Edginton retired from the South

securing of an exclusive ambulance license for the city of South Jordan, he was key in the

Jordan City Fire Department and from the fire service

implementation of an electronic patient care reporting system and I think has spent 9 of his 9.5

in June of 2016.

years on the phone with their technical support people trying to keep the system functioning.

Wayne has been with the City of South Jordan for 9.5 years. In all, Wayne has provided the State of Utah with over 41 years of service in both the fire and emergency medical services. Wayne completed 4 years of service with the United States Air Force and then began his long career in fire and EMS when he joined the Salt Lake City Fire Department on Dec. 1, 1974 – nearly 2 years before I was even born. Less than 5 years later, and within the

He oversaw the development of the Metro Fire testing consortium, has served on several committees and groups within the Salt Lake Valley, he has been heavily involved in special events within the city – and, from speaking with Lori and Candy, has done an outstanding job and will be missed. In addition to all the programs Wayne manages, he has written grants and secured money for the department, managed a crew of 14 firefighters, and spent over 123 weeks on call. Wayne has also volunteered for several years with the University of Utah burn camp and has made a difference in young people’s lives who have suffered the devastating effects of burn injuries. Wayne won several awards for his service and most recently, in 2015 was awarded the 2015 Distinguished Service Award for his contributions and service to the community.

South Jordan City


2016 Annual Report

In the 2016 calendar year the South Jordan City Fire Department members participated in over 80 hours of in-house structured training in the disciplines of fire, EMS, hazmat, driver operator, and company officer. These trainings were conducted within the fire department are essential for its members to refresh themselves with the various fundamentals of our job in all fields. In addition, a number of the training classes were essential for individuals to recertify their state issued certifications. In 2016

Fire Department Training 2016

department members also participated in several hours of individual crew conducted trainings. South Jordan Fire Department is a participating member of the Salt Lake Valley Training Alliance (VTA); this group is made up of training personnel from South Jordan, Sandy, South Salt Lake, West Jordan, Murray, West Valley, Unified Fire Authority (UFA), and Salt Lake City Fire Departments. The VTA group coordinates and conducts specialty training classes for all Salt Lake Valley departments to participate in. In 2016 the VTA group conducted 70+ hours of structured trainings in the disciplines of high rise operations, rapid intervention (RIC), high/low angle rescue, structural collapse and many more. The VTA training sessions provide an opportunity for the Salt Lake Valley fire departments to work together, build relationships and train on scenarios they will likely respond on together.

South Jordan City


2016 Annual Report

Chief Miller has oversight of several different areas in the department and is also assigned to special projects that have a limited duration and are typically one-time, i.e. a new fire station. Chief Miller coordinated the construction of Fire Station #63 throughout 2016. He currently handles all the department’s major purchases including the furniture, furnishings and equipment that was purchased for Fire Station #63. In addition, he serves as the health and safety officer of the department working closely with the deputy chief, fire chief , human resources and risk management to ensure all fire department members are fit for duty and that any job related injuries are handled in accordance with city and department policy.

Battalion Chief Clay Miller


Chief Miller organized and coordinated two promotional processes including the ranks of captain and engineer. Chief Miller has also worked extensively with our partners at the Salt Lake City Fire Department to put together a combined recruit training academy for our fifteen new firefighters. Two recruit academy classes were organized to meet the initial training needs of this monumental expansion. The recruit academy class #1 proved to be successful in 2016 and recruit academy class #2 will conclude on March 30, 2017.

South Jordan City


2016 Annual Report

South Jordan–Salt Lake City Training Partnership A revival of the Fire Station #63 construction project in 2015, spurred the need to hire and properly train 16 new firefighters, the required number to facilitate the expansion of the fire department and staff the new station. In January 2016, the South Jordan Fire Department approached the Salt Lake City Fire Training Division with a proposal to come together in a partnership to train eight new South Jordan recruits. The Salt Lake City Fire Department was established in 1883 and has a long-standing tradition in firefighter training and is well known for its recruit academy program. Due to Salt Lake City Fire’s well-established recruit training program, coupled with a wealth of knowledge and resources, the South Jordan Training Division extended a request to contract training services with the Salt Lake City Fire Department in a joint effort to produce the first Salt Lake City/ South Jordan Fire Recruit Academy.

South Jordan Fire Recruit Camp #1

An agreement between the two fire departments was made in March 2016 to develop and execute a recruit academy designed to train 16 firefighters over the course of two recruit classes. Each recruit class would accommodate eight firefighters and take place over an eight-week period. South Jordan Fire dedicated two instructors to the program to aid in the instruction and ensure the South Jordan standard operating procedures were implemented. Salt Lake City Fire dedicated three full-time instructors, additional adjunct instruction and a multitude of training props and resources. South Jordan Recruit Class #1, the first of its kind, began on July 11, 2016 and concluded on September 1, 2016. Over the course of the eightweek academy, the South Jordan recruits obtained over 320 hours of intense training through expert led instruction, physical fitness training and invaluable time working in controlled, live fire evolutions. The result at the conclusion of our first recruit academy was an irrefutable success. The South Jordan Fire Department came away with highly trained firefighters ready to safely and effectively perform the rigors of their new role. The participating South Jordan instructors took a wealth of knowledge and innumerable lessons from the experience, and ultimately a strengthened relationship between The South Jordan Fire and Salt Lake City Fire Departments was formed. The South Jordan Fire Department is grateful for this relationship and for the Salt Lake City Fire Department’s willingness to share their expertise and resources to aid in the expansion of our organization.

South Jordan City


2016 Annual Report

South Jordan Fire Station #63 South Jordan City made the determination to move forward in completing the design work and construction for a third fire station to be located at 10451 South 1055 West, in the early months of 2015. A contract with MHTN Architects was revived and the design work that had been postponed, due to a downturn in the economy in 2009, was underway once again. Once the final drafts of the plans were complete, a process to select a qualified construction company became the next challenge in the process. After careful consideration and a technical selection process, Valley Design & Construction won the bid and the concept of South Jordan City building its third fire station was quickly becoming a reality. The City officially broke ground on the new Fire Station #63 on September 25, 2015. Construction of the station began in October 2015 and carried through November of 2016 under the direction of South Jordan City’s Project Manager, Burt Merrill, MHTN’s Senior Associate Pat McLaughlin, Valley Design & Construction’s lead contractor, Paul Bowen and South Jordan Fire Department’s Battalion Chief Clayton Miller.

South Jordan City


2016 Annual Report

South Jordan Fire Station #63 continued The goal of the design and construction of the building was to create a fire station that would effectively accommodate the needs of our City and Fire Department today and well into the future. The architects were directed to efficiently use every available space with the standing idea that our fire department may grow in the future. The construction company contributed to the considerations we would need to make the fire station effectively operable. In the end we had a beautiful 12,645 square foot building with two 94-foot apparatus bays, four professional offices, a training/community room, a complete 700 square foot workout facility, a kitchen and dining area, seven separate dormitories among many other amenities and functional spaces. Fire Station 63 is an incredible asset to the fire department, the City of South Jordan and the members of our community. The fire station currently houses a fire engine and medic ambulance capable of providing fire protection and advanced medical care among other emergency services. The addition of the station makes a definitive improvement to the response and care we provide to our citizens and the businesses located on the East side and throughout our City and neighboring communities. A ribbon cutting ceremony and open house, celebrating the grand opening of South Jordan Fire Station #63, took place on December 13, 2016. Citizens of South Jordan, Mayor Alvord, Council Members, City Manager Whatcott, members of the City Leadership Team and numerous fire department agencies from the Salt Lake Valley attended the momentous occasion.

South Jordan City Fire Department 2016 Annual Report  
South Jordan City Fire Department 2016 Annual Report