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The December 2004


For Alumni, Friends and Families of Saint Joseph Central Catholic High School

Capital Campaign Going Strong! Building Improvement Committee looking to move forward Dear Alumni and Friends of SJCC, The initial phase of our capital campaign has been VERY SUCCESSFUL! A total of over $2 million in cash and pledges has been received as of Nov. 30. The donor-allocated amounts are provided below. These totals have been achieved through the generosity of 125 individuals and businesses. While the campaign has been proceeding, the building improvement committee has been identifying what must be done to bring our SJCC facility up to 21st century standards. They have determined our most urgent needs to be the removal of asbestos and replacement of the heating system and windows.


$ 34,000 $ 990,000 $ 300,000 $1,324,000

The Diocese will allow us to proceed with the building improvements when we have covered the total cost with cash and pledges designated for the building. At least 50% in cash must be collected before the contracts for the work are signed, and the remaining balance must be pledged over a period not to exceed five years. As of November, 30, 2004, the funds raised for the building are approximately $115,000 in cash and $645,000 in pledges for a total of $760,000. (This includes 1/3 of undesignated funds) We would like to proceed with this work in the summer of 2005. As you can see,

we will need an additional $547,000 in cash and $17,000 in pledges to reach this goal. I know this is a lot of money, but if you consider the amount raised from 125 contributors, $564,000 does not sound like too much to raise from over 5,000 alumni and 2,000 friends. If we all contribute to the best of our ability, I’m sure we will be under construction next summer. We have quality students receiving a quality education from a quality staff. Let’s provide them with a quality building! Please fill out the enclosed pledge envelope you will find in this edition of The Voice and mail it in TODAY.

Sincerely, Bob Moyer (‘46)

In the News.... Donor Allocation Chart Page 2... Principal, Mike Gabel Page 3... Heritage Award Recipients Page 4... National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist Page 9...Guest Column: Norb and Sandy Widman Page 10-11... Fall/Winter sports

Building Scholarships Faculty salary endowment Business Scholarships (given annually) Undesignated* Grand Total

Cash $ 79,400 $216,400 $ 34,800

Pledged $512,400 $532,500 $ 14,700

Total $ 591,800 $ 748,900 $ 49,500

$ 28,300 $113,500 $106,500 $397,700 $465,400 $1,570,800

$ 141,800 $ 504,200 $2,036,200

*Allocated equally to Building, Scholarships & Faculty/Staff Salaries

On the next page you will find estimated cost of the renovations. Please consider sponsoring fully or partially one of these items if you can.

“SJCC exists to educate the mind, nourish the soul, train the body, inspire the heart, and in so doing, build the Kingdom of God.”



From the Principal Greetings, Recently we celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday and I had time to reflect on how lucky SJCC is. The generosity of all of you is truly appreciated. It seems like every time a project needs to be done, somebody steps up and makes sure it is completed. As you read through The Voice, you will see many examples of this happening. From the

bottom of my heart, I want to thank all of you for your kindness and your prayers. A special congratulations to our Heritage Award winners. I just recently got to meet Ron Borer, and I am amazed at his commitment to help others. I have worked with Connie Coleman for years and her dedication to SJCC is second to no one. The third inductee, my fa-

ther, has truly been a role model and an inspiration to me. In closing, I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. We will continue to pray for you and your families, and may God bless each and everyone of you in the year ahead. Go Streaks!!! Mike Gabel

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Please consider sponsoring one of the building improvement items listed below

St. Joseph Central Catholic High School 702 Croghan St. Fremont, Ohio 43420 (419) 332-9947 (419) 332-4945 fax www.fremontstjoe.org Mike Gabel Principal

Kathy Boukissen Director of Development

Editor Jody Pollick Copy Editors: Ellen Leite Sally Daubel Contributors: Journalism Class Students The Voice is published four times a year for the alumni, families and friends of SJCC. Direct all comments to The Voice, 702 Croghan St., Fremont, Ohio 43420.

Item Chiller Boiler Unit Vents CB Heaters Fan Coils HVAC Piping Insulation Controls Flue Piping HVAC Specialties Exhaust Fans Pumps Demolition Air Handling Unit-9000 CF Air Handling Unit-6800 CF Fin Radiation Domestic Water Heater Plumbing Repair Electical

Ceilings Windows


Unit Price


1 2 24 4 22 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 2 1 1 1 1 1

$ 68,000 $ 49,000 $ 5,700 $ 900 $ 1,800 $135,000 $ 43,000 $131,000 $ 9,000 $ 16,000 $ 8,000 $ 1,600 $ 22,000 $ 26,000 $ 22,000 $ 4,000 $ 24,000 $ 14,000 $ 79,000

$ 68,000 $ 98,000 $ 136,800 $ 3,600 $ 39,600 $ 135,000 $ 43,000 $ 131,000 $ 9,000 $ 16,000 $ 8,000 $ 8,000 $ 22,000 $ 52,000 $ 22,000 $ 4,000 $ 24,000 $ 14,000 $ 79,000

1 232

$ 77,000 $ 1,300

$ 77,000 $300,000

*All donations are tax deductible *Consider the tax benefits of contributing appreciated stock If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Boukissen at 419-332-5124 or kboukiss@fremontstjoe.org



2005 Heritage Award Recipients Announced By MARCUS LEHMANN

Dr. Ronald Borer, Connie Coleman, and Norman Gabel were recently announced as the 2005 Heritage Award winners. The Heritage Award is given to SJCC supporters who have demonstrated the spirit and mission of SJCC and who are stalwart members of the community in which they live. “The ethic that St. Joe’s instilled in me, carried out in my entire life whether it be in school, dentistry or with the community,” said Dr. Borer (‘54). Borer has been active in professional organizations and performed community service throughout his lifetime. To name a few, he was a board member of the Xavier University Athletic Club in Cincinnati, president of the Xavier University San Francisco Alumni Chapter for 23 years, board member of the Pacific Dental Education Foundation, and has been on countless committees for dentistry research. He was also awarded the Clinical Faculty Award, out of 180 faculty members, at the University of Pacific School of Dentistry. “I am really happy and proud to receive the Heritage Award. I am very grateful,” Borer said. Another recipient of this award is Connie Coleman ( Foos ‘61). “Receiving the Heritage Award is a total surprise and shock to me, but I am

very honored and grateful to accept it. It is nice to know that the things you do are appreciated,” said Coleman. Coleman has been associated with SJCC for the majority of her life as an auxiliary services program clerk. She has also assisted the Office of Athletics and the Catholic Schools Dinner Auction. She has made countless banners and locker decorations for all SJCC student athletes and has assisted office personnel with fund raisers and filling in where needed. She was a cheerleading advisor, is currently the matmaid advisor, and is the wrestling tournament director. Coleman was a Campfire leader for 20 years, Cub Scout leader for 10 years, a member of the Mother’s Club Child Conservation League and held offices of president, vice-president, secretary, and program chairman, and an active St. Joseph parishioner as both festival worker and homeroom mom. After raising their five children, Connie and her husband Dan, raised their two oldest grandsons after the sudden death of her daughter, Melissa. “I am totally indebted to my SJCC Family who have truly been there for me in all the ups and downs in life. I would not still be working at SJCC if it was

not for them. It is a joy and a blessing to be a part of it all,” said Coleman. The third recipient of the 2005 Heritage Award is Norman Gabel (‘48). Gabel has made the SJCC community, and the Catholic tradition, a family affair. His four children and seven of his grandchildren have attended or are currently enrolled at SJCC or St. Joseph Elementary. Gabel volunteers in the SJCC cafeteria, helps with the mailing of The Voice, and is an active member of the Booster Club. Additionally, Gabel is in the Knights of Columbus Fourth Degree, delivers Memorial Hospital mobile meals, visits the sick, a member of the advisory board at St. Francis Rehab Hospital for 20 years, served on the St. Joseph Parish Council, and has worked in the Soup Kitchen. “I’ve always been proud to be a part of SJCC, and I want to do as much as I can to help and give back. SJCC gave me so much, I just want to give something in return,” said Gabel. All three recipients will be honored at the Heritage Award banquet on February 20, 2005. All are welcome!

Banquet information on Page 7

Chapel Dedication honoring Rev. Earl A. Loeffler

A special blessing on the chapel steps, by Fr. Ron Brickner, school chaplain

On November 21, 2004 the entire student body, faculty and staff shared in the dedication of the SJCC school chapel in honor of Rev. Earl Loeffler for his service to St. Joseph Central Catholic and the Fremont community. Prior to the blessing, Fr. Earl spoke to the students in an assembly in the Margo Reilly Athletic Performing Arts Center about the importance of Catholic education in his life. Fr. Earl was a teacher and principal at St. Joseph High School from 1951-1967. Even though he is retired, he has given countless hours of service to the first-ever Capital Campaign at SJCC, and serves as the Honorary Chair.

Fr. Ron and Fr. Earl inside the chapel



Community joins in fun as they remember a special young lady By Jake Streacker

Brian Setzler National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist

Anyone interested in golfing in the tour- By Haley Beier The Sara Barbour Memorial Scholarship nament can contact Eric Barbour at fund was created in 1998 by George Barbour, In 1999, Eric Setzler was a National Merit sueb@ezworks.net or 419-332-8065. Chris Knight, and Bob Moyer (‘46) as a way Scholarship semi-finalist. Now, 5 years later, his to not only remember Sara, but also to rec- Though pricing is not known yet, anyone younger brother Brian, is a semi-finalist as well. ognize outstanding students in the commu- who contacts Barbour will get information More that 1 million juniors, in nearly 21,000 U.S. nity. Sara, daughter of Sue (Moyer, ‘74) and in the spring. high schools, entered the 2005 National Merit ProBill Barbour (‘74), lost her courageous battle gram by taking the 2003 PSAT/National Merit to cancer at the age of 16 in 1998. She was a Scholarship Qualifying Test. Of those who entered, sophomore at SJCC. 16,000 seniors became semi-finalists, and of that, To date, a total of $32,000 has been 15,000 will become finalists. The finalists are choawarded in 33 scholarships since 1998. The sen based on their accomplishments, skills, and Barbours are honored that this fund has been potential for success. created in Sara’s memory. The finalists have chances to win three differ“We feel blessed that so many people reent scholarships. The first one is the actual National member Sara so fondly and are inspired by Merit Scholarship that is worth $2,500. Another her life. It is an honor to be able to recognize scholarship is a university scholarship, which is so many students who have demonstrated money given to a student by their first college faith, strength, generosity, kindness, and choice. The final scholarship is a corporate scholcourage in their young lives,” says Bill Bararship, which is money given to a student by cerTaylor Knight (‘03) competes in the Cornhole bour. tain companies that employ their parents. Tournament The events that support the scholarship Brian has done very well on tests all his life and are organized in large the ACT and the SAT were no different for him. A big thank you to everyone who participart by Tom Babione On the ACT, he scored 35 out of 36, and on his pated in and/or contributed to the First (‘68). One of these is a SAT he scored 1550 out of 1600, getting a perfect Annual Cornhole Tournament. Over cornhole tournament, 800 in math. Math has always come easy to Brian. $3,300 was raised. The generosity of the held in October. The As of right now, there are no math courses for him Fremont community in supporting these cornhole tournament reto take because he has taken all high school and special scholarship funds is very much cently replaced the softTerra Community College courses available to him. appreciated. ball tournament. Also “It has just always come easy to me,” Brian says of Bill, Sue, Jacob and Eric Barbour among the events are a his math skills. “It makes a lot of sense to me, at carp fishing tournament least.” and a golf tournament. The golf tournament was created in 1998 by Aaron Zimmerman By John Carroll (‘98) and Nate Waleryszak (‘98). The SJCC is offering a new class that is both first semester and at least that many will be in his next tournament is second semester class. entertaining and educational. Three years ago, scheduled for May 21, Dr. Scott Mead (‘68) senior Dustin Biddle approached the music “The students are very eager to learn and en2005 at Green Hills in wins best dressed at the director, Mr. Bill Burkett, and asked him if he joy the class very much,” said Burkett. The Clyde. Golfers will tee Carp Tournament could teach him how to read music so he could “string band” is composed of acoustic, electric off at 8:00 am. The tourplay guitar. Agreeing to help, Burkett met with and bass guitars. The band performed at the nament is a four-man scramble with what orChristmas concert and again in the spring conBiddle and another senior, teaching them notes ganizers call a “twenty-foot gimme,” meancert. They also perform at some of the weekly and how to read music. Word of the “class” Masses and special events for the school. The spread, and Burkett found that more and more ing if the ball is on the green and twenty feet students were asking him if they could attend class has also had a few local guest artists, such or less away from the hole, the golfer picks the sessions. The demand was great enough as Gary Adams, who has recorded his own muit up and counts it as just one stroke, then sic, to teach them more advanced playing skills. that a guitar class was added to the school curcontinues to the next hole. Money is raised riculum as an elective class worth one-half The students also write their own music and perthrough entry fees, hole and tee sponsors, form it for the class. If interest continues to grow, credit. door prizes, field prizes, and raffle tickets. As of this year, Burkett has nine students string band class could become a year-long class. In 2004, the tournament raised $5,000 for the fund.

String Band Class a Hit



CEDF Catholic Education Development Fund The 12th Annual CEDF “309” Reverse Car Raffle held in October was a sell-out! Thanks to all who supported the raffle. Grand prize winner of $15,000 was Anita Miller. Other prizes included: Vincent Chudzinski $500, Sylvia Celek $250, Vanessa Kellogg & Mary Wadswoth $200, Charline Moyer $175, Clara Wesolek $150, Wonderly Collision $125, Chris Knight $100, Mary Barrington $100, and Paul Neslanik $100. The following won $50: Larry & Sue Kosakowski, 818 Club-Kim Hoch, Buck Baumann, Larry Kramer, Herb Adams, Janet Peters & Mary Laird, John & Flossie Swint, Joyce Smith, Brian & Sandi Gabel, Ron Wagner, and Ray Cunningham. Dave & Sue Knieriemen was the first ticket out and received $309. The early bird winner of a $100 BP gas certificate, donated by John Lauer/ BP Products, was Mike Eberly. Sideboards were won by Toby Auxter, $309 and Tony Michael $500. If you have any questions about CEDF or would like to learn how you can make a gift or a bequest, please contact Kathy Boukissen or Sue Berryman at SJCC at 419-332-5124 or email at kboukiss@fremontstjoe.org sberryma@fremontstjoe.org

Nominations for Hall of Fame or the Heritage Award To be inducted into either the sports Hall of Fame or the Alumni and Friends Heritage Award a person must be nominated. It is very simple to nominate someone. You can either call the school for a nomination form, or just send in the name of the person you would like to nominate with the following information: Hall of Fame: -Sports involved in and years -Any awards and/or school records either previously or currently held -Current involvement in sports/ community Heritage Award: -Involvement in the community in which they live -Any awards received -Volunteerism Please help SJCC in honoring those who deserve recognition. We need your input. For more information or any questions, contact Gary Geller, ggeller@fremontstjoe.org, Athletic Director, or Kathy Boukissen, kboukiss@fremontstjoe.org.

Alumni & Friends Association Would you like to become an active member of the association? The group meets about five times during the school year. Come and help with the special events planned each year:

Calendar December 17 Reach Out to the Fremont community 23-Jan. 2 Christmas Vacation January 12-14 First semester exams 16 Beach Dance 30 Start of Catholic Schools Week February 1-11 Patron Drive 4 First Hour 18 Heritage Award Mass/Assembly 20 Heritage Award Dinner/Induction April 2

Sandusky Co. Catholic Schools Dinner Auction 15 Grandparents’ Day 15, 16, 17 Spring Musical

*Homecoming party after the game *Heritage Award Banquet *Easter Egg Hunt Contact John Lauer, president at 332-0178 or Kathy Boukissen at SJCC.

SJCC Booster Club We invite you to become a member of the SJCC Boys and Girls Sports Booster Club. Membership is open to all....males and females, those who have participated in sports and those who have not. The Booster Club has supported the sports program at the former St. Joe High School and to SJCC for over 50 years. Although we would welcome it, becoming a member does not require you to be an active member. The cost is only $10 for the family and $5 for a single membership. Please clip and send the following coupon to: SJCC Booster Club, 308 Jackson St., Fremont, OH 43420.

Thanks from the many students who rely on the Booster Club to provide uniforms, equipment and vehicles.

Lottery For $5 a month, or $50 a year, buy a ticket to win $100 based on the nightly Pick 3 number from the Ohio Lottery. If you would like a ticket contact Mike Gabel at 419-332-9947 or send a check to SJCC with this clipping. Name:____________________________ _____________________________ Phone #:_________________________

2005 School Calendar Daily, Weekly and Yearly Drawing Please call Sue Kusmer at SJCC or send in this clipping with $25 and we’ll mail you a calendar. Your name will be entered in a daily drawings worth $25, monthly drawing worth $250, and five yearly drawings worth $1,000 each. Name:____________________________ Address:__________________________ Phone:____________________________

Booster Membership $____for a single membership ($5) $____for a family membership ($10) Name: _____________________________________ Address:______________________________ _____________________________________ Phone/ email:________________________________ Meetings 8:00 p.m. the first and third Mondays of the month. Second floor of the Sheets Supply building on the corner of Napoleon and Jackson Streets. The entrance is on Jackson St.

PAGE 6 From Development Director Kathy (Reineck) Boukissen A very special friend gave me the book titled, The Purpose Driven Life. In it is a verse that represents to me what so many of you are about: “God has given each of you some special abilities; be sure to use them to help each other, passing on to others God’s many kinds of blessings.” 1 Peter 4:10 (LB) It can be overwhelming to me how many people care about St. Joseph Central Catholic’s students, faculty and staff. There isn’t a day that goes by that many of you reach out and are willing to help in so many ways. I would personally like to thank each of you who have taken the time to stop in and say hi, send an email or note, or make a phone call to say “tell me more about the school, and how can I help.” You are all true examples of passing on the blessings God has given you.....THANK YOU! We have been very fortunate this year to have outside leadership as we move forward to become a stronger institution. Tim Paradiso (‘77) has been an enthusiastic presence as our Capital Campaign Chair. His energy and motivation to move our school forward to be the best we can be is exciting. He is one example of people taking the time to volunteer because of their genuine belief in SJCC. Enjoy the holidays with your loved ones, and I hope God blesses each of you with a wonderful New Year. Remember to keep in touch through our website www.fremontstjoe.org or email me at kboukiss@fremontstjoe.org

SJCC DEVELOPMENT Thank you.... Ken Dumminger, Dumminger Photography, for donating all the fall sports parent’s night pictures. Band Boosters and Parents for helping at the football games and Christmas concert. Colleen and Don Schlea for hosting the band Halloween Party. To the generous benefactors for the Music Department’s future keyboard synthisizer. Frank Kohler for donating Kairos cross necklaces. Brian Beck for donating beverages for the Kairos retreat. Fr. Ron Brickner and Fr. Mark Herzog who participated in the fourday Kairos retreat. Thank you to everyone else who might not be mentioned. SJCC appreciates the support from so many individuals and businesses.

2005 Dinner Auction The 11th annual Sandusky Co. Catholic Schools and CEDF Dinner/Auction is scheduled for April 2. This year’s theme is “April in Paris.” The auction is currently in the planning stages, so not all of the specifics have been set. It will be held in the SJCC gymnasium and it will be decorated according to the theme.

Heritage Award Banquet Sunday, February 20, 2005 at PK’s Banquet Hall Coctails: 4:00-5:00 Dinner: 5:00-6:15 Award ceremony following dinner

Tickets $12 for adults, $10 for students (includes dinner and drinks) Please make checks payable to: SJCC Alumni and Friends Association Send checks and reservations to: SJCC, c/o Wanda Eberly 702 Croghan St., Fremont, OH 43420 RSVP by Thursday, February 10

Generations of Commitment Campaign Leadership Donors Mr. and Mrs. William Beier Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Beier Mr. and Mrs. James Bingle Mr. and Mrs. Lee Bowden Mrs. Sylvia Celek Mr. and Mrs. Brad Culbert Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Darr Mr. and Mrs. Roger Haynes Herman-Kinn Funeral Homes Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kuzma Mr. and Mrs. James Millar Mr. Gerald Porczak Dr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Reineck Reino Linen Service, Inc. Spader Freight Services Named Endowed Scholarship The Joe and Ann Gottron Scholarship founded by: Their Children

2005 Class Reunions Class of 1948 Wednesday, June 1, 2005, 1:00 at the Fremont VFW. Contact Norm Gabel at 419-332-1975 Class of 1965 Saturday, September 10, 2005 at SJCC cafeteria. More information to follow. Contact Sherry (Wilhelm) Weiker 419-639-2139 or Carolyn (Smith) Hollingsworth 419-448-1325 or crh@aac-inc.com

**Ken Dumminger from Dumminger Photography does group photos for class reunions for only $10 each which includes mailing. If interested call 419-332-8814 or Photopro@dumminger.com Chairpersons: Call or email Kathy Boukissen if you want class lists, address labels, door prizes, “It Happened In”, (senior class year). New this year is a power-point presentation on SJCC. Everything is FREE.


SJCC DEVELOPMENT Recognizing Gifts

Memorial Unrestricted Robert “Knobby” Foos* M/M Jerry Freeh M/M Norman Gabel M/M Thomas Gottron M/M Doyle Kusmer M/M Joseph Kuzma M/M John Lauer Harold Dudley* Jane Dudley Society of the St. Bernards for the Athletic Complex Nelson & Ann Smith Music Dept. Ann Brayley

“Light of Christ” Faculty & Staff Endowment M/M Ed Streacker Betty Logsdon* Janet Celek Othmar & Isabel Meyer* M/M Leonard Mosser Harold Dudley* Dolores Schade

Athletic Complex 300 Club Steve & Stephanie Rusher Vince Swint

Bob and Ruth Beier Endowed Scholarship Bob Beier* M/M Michael Anderson Jason & Shanna Boyd M/M Christopher Brennan Crusaders Athletic Development Association M/M Henry Douglas Gilbert & Tina Laterza Carl & Karen Schwochow Tuition Assistance Endowment David Mehalic* Jeff & Christine Rohe

-------------------------------------CEDF Memorial---------------------------------------------------Robert Ritzman* Harold Dudley* Robert “Knobby” Foos* M/M Roy Wilhelm Jim, Pamela, and Jimmy Haas M/M Ed Guyer Sandra Watson Fred Dagg* Dr. & Mrs. Tom Margaret Wasserman * M/M Rich Eshleman Reineck Anonymous

Kairos Fremont Deanery Serra Club Gymnasium Society of the St. Bernards

SJCC Unrestricted In Honor of Joe & Ann Gottron’s 50th Anniversary Mary Welsh The Voice SJCC Alumni & Friends M/M Kenneth Wagner

Athletic Complex Class of 1954 Society of the St. Bernards

------------------------CEDF----------------------------Mary Barrington Al Baumann Chevrolet Buick Marsha Bordner Ethel Burkett Sylvia Celek Steven Freeh M/M Gary Godfred M/M Mike Haaser M/M Tim Harmon M/M Terry Hasselbach Fr. Mark Herzog M/M Chris Knight

Larry Kramer Mercedes Keating Mildred Nieset Thomas Ochs Mary ottney M/M George Pickett M/M William Raubenolt M/M Gerard Shondell Louise Stout Virginia Valle Clara Wesolek George Widman

-----------------------------------------------Annual Fund/Capital Campaign----------------------------------------------------Mrs. Colleen A. Abramowski Mr. and Mrs. Richard Alexsonshk Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Arizpe Mrs. Kathryn M. Ash Mr. Richard E. Babione Mr. and Mrs. William Babione Mr. and Mrs. John Barrington Mrs. Mary Barrington Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bartson Mrs. Betty Batey Mr. and Mrs. William Beck Ms. Patricia L. Beier Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Binder Mrs. Jeanne Bisnette Mr. and Mrs. James Blymyer Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Borer Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bork Mr. and Mrs. Rob Boukissen Mr. and Mrs. John Bovard Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord Bowden Mr. and Mrs. William R. Boyd Ms. Ann Brayley Mrs. Sally Breyer Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Buckley Mr. and Mrs. Leo Bundschuh Mr. and Mrs. Doug Burns Ms. Joyce Burns Mr. Tom Burns Mr. and Mrs. Edward Busold Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Busold Mrs. Rita A. Busold Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Calmes Ms. Abby Camp Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Camp Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Carroll Mrs. Janet Celek Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Chudzinski Mrs. Joanne H. Colgate Mrs. Constance A. Collins Mr. and Mrs. Albert Cook Mrs. Bernadine M. Cook Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Cook Mr. Christopher L. Cook Ms. Marsha R. Cook Mr. and Mrs. Norman Cook Mr. and Mrs. Adam L. Crockett Mr. and Mrs. John H. Cronin Mr. James P. Cronin Mr. and Mrs. Ray Cunningham Mr. G. Thomas Damasco Mrs. Paula S. Daniel Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Darr Mr. and Mrs. Randy Darr Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Darr Mr. and Mrs. William Darr Mrs. Wilma J. Darr Mr. and Mrs. Glen Decker

Mrs. Jan Denman Mrs. Joyce Desrochers Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Dickman Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Dirlam Mr. and Mrs. David Dixon Ms. Linda K. Dray Mr. Fred A. Durnwald Mrs. Janet M. Durnwald Ms. Tina M. Durnwald Mr. and Mrs. William Durnwald Mr. and Mrs. Edward Joe Eberly Mr. and Mrs. David C. Ebner Mr. and Mrs. Richard Eshleman Mr. and Mrs. John Faist Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Faist Mr. James Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence J. Fisher II Mr. and Mrs. Roman Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Herb Foos Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Foos Mr. Timothy L. Foos Mrs. Alice R. Frederick Mrs. Marilyn Frederick Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Frederick Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Freeh Mr. and Mrs. Steven Freeh Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Furlong Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence P. Furlong Mr. and Mrs. Steven Futrell Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Gabel Mr. and Mrs. John Gabel Ms. Karen A. Gabel Mr. and Mrs. Norman Gabel Mr. and Mrs. Sean P. Garry Mr. Francis J. Geller Mr. and Mrs. John Gilbert Mr. and Mrs. Dale Gloer Mr. Daniel Gonya Mr. David G. Gonya Mr. Gary Gonya Mr. Gene Gonya Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gonya Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Good Mrs. Emerence L. Grime Mr. and Mrs. Howard D. Grogg Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Guyer Mr. Joseph Halm Mr. and Mrs. Donald Harlan Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Hartenstein Mr. Dale R. Haslinger Mr. Jude E. Haslinger Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Haslinger Reverend Philip S. Haslinger Mr. Tom Haslinger Mr. and Mrs. David Haynes Mr. and Mrs. Mike Haynes Mrs. Janet S. Hazen

Mr. and Mrs. Jody Heberling Mr. and Mrs. James E. Heffernan Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Hepner Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Hershey Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Hill Mr. and Mrs. George Hintze, Jr. Mrs. Frances Hipp Mrs. Norma L. Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hoffman Ms. Amy M. Horn Dr. and Mrs. James Hotz Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery House Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Hrupcho Mr. and Mrs. Dan Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Todd Jett Mr. and Mrs. Philip Johnston Mrs. Mercedes H. Keating Mrs. Elizabeth R. Kendig Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kerr Ms. Mary Ellen Kettner Mr. and Mrs. Craig Kilstrom Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Knieriem Mrs. Anna C. Knisely Mr. Thomas B. Knisely Mr. and Mrs. Greg Kohler Mr. Lawrence H. Kramer Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kuhlman Mrs. Audrey A. Kupka Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kupka Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Kusmer Mr. and Mrs. Rick Kusmer Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Lee Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lehman Mr. and Mrs. James Lehmann Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lenhart Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lento Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lochotzki Mr. and Mrs. William Lochotzki Mrs. Janet M. Magrum Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Mantoani Mr. and Mrs. Joel Marquis Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Mayle Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mayle Maj. and Mrs. James P. McCormack Mr. and Mrs. Sean McDevitt Dr. and Mrs. Michael E. McHenry Mr. and Mrs. William McKinney Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Michael Mr. and Mrs. Richard Michael Mr. and Mrs. Carl Miller Mr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Giles Molyet Mr. John Moneghan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Moore Mrs. Marguerite Morley

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mosser Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Mosser Ms. Sandra L. Mosser Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Mosser Ms. Roberta L. Moyer Mr. and Mrs. John Naderer Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Naderer Mr. Bernard Nause Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Nicosia Mr. Eugene Nieset Ms. Martha C. Nieset Mrs. Mildred M. Nieset Mr. and Mrs. Daniel O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. James Ochs Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Ochs Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ochs Mrs. Norma R. Ochs Mr. Tom Ochs Mr. and Mrs. Jim Oddo Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Ohm Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Overmyer Mrs. Bernadette P. Overmyer Mrs. Jean Overmyer Mr. and Mrs. James D. Overmyer Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Overmyer Mr. Terry Overmyer Dr. & Mrs. Walter Oxley Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Paradiso Mr. and Mrs. Derek M. Pecson Mr. and Mrs. William F. Peiffer Mr. and Mrs. David Peiffer Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pfefferle Mr. and Mrs. Dave Pollick Mr. Gerald J. Porczak Mrs. Marcella R. Post Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Reardon Mr. and Mrs. Fred Recktenwald Mrs. Agnes L. Reedy Mr. and Mrs. David Reinbolt Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Reineck Mr. and Mrs. Richard Reineck Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Rellinger Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Rendon Mr. and Mrs. Rick Reyna Mr. David D. Rhineberger Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rich Mr. and Mrs. WilliamRimelspach Ms. Susan M. Rimelspach Mr. and Mrs. Eric M. Rini Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rohr Ms. Teresa M. Roth Ms. Brenda Rowan Mrs. Emma Jane Ruppert Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Russell Mrs. Alberta L. Salem Mrs. Ruth A. Sas

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SJCC MILESTONES Little Streaks From the Stork

**Anna Elizabeth, Kathryn Ann, and Benjamin Thomas daughters and son of Bev (Brandt ‘85) and Roger Leask **Lily Ann, daughter of Lisa and Pete Spieldenner (‘88) **Theresa Rose, daughter of Sarah (Magnuson ‘93) and John Taylor **Kent Edward, son of Christine (Ohm ‘85) and Steve Guyer (‘83) **Patrick Paul, son of


Pam (Willis ‘92) and Paul Varner **Jack Tyler, son of Stephanie and Brian Haynes (‘93) **Kayleigh Rose, daughter of Michelle (Babione ‘99) and Jason Bauer


50th Ann (Widman ‘52) and Joe (‘50) Gottron 50th Dorothy (Durnwald ‘53) and Raymond Darr (‘53) Achievements/Updates 50th Coletta (Steinbauer ‘50) and Vicki (Wolf ‘66) Hoffman has been nomi- Eugene Miller

nated for Volunteer For Life Heritage House, ‘76 Inc. for her contribution to life at the Fremont Heartbeat Pregnancy and Information Center. She has been a volunteer there for 32 years. David Dohanos (‘83) recently won the USSSA Class “A” slowpitch softball World Series in Orlando, FL, playing for Creative Stucco Softball based in Columbus, Ohio. He was named to the all-world team and is featured on the cover of Softball Magazine, October 2004 issue. David resides in Bowling Green, Ohio with wife, Jody, and sons Derek 8, Dylan 6 & Devon 4. Cheryl (Poseler ‘76) Wendt was appointed by the State of Ohio Division of Real Estate to attend the 2004 National Examination Council meeting in St. Paul, Minnesota. Matthew Stotz (‘94) recently graduated from the Ohio State Highway Patrol Academy on March 26, 2004. He has been assigned to the governor’s residence where he provides security for the governor and his family. He was formerly a Sandusky County Sheriff’s Deputy and received his B.A. in Criminal Justice from Kent State University in 1998 Ursula (Meyer‘38) Zoeller of Fostoria has 19 oil paintings exhibited at the Wesley Memorial Gallery in Fostoria until January 16, 2005. She enjoys painting portraits, still life, and landscapes. Emily Nieset (‘01) graduated from Adrian College, Mi this December, with a degree of bachelor of arts in religion with a minor in psychology.

Deaths **Mary “Tas” Mehling (‘34) **Robert “Knobby” Foos (‘47) **Marilyn (Smola) Durnwald (‘51) **Richard Daoust (‘60) **Fred Beier (‘61) **Dennis Good (‘63) **Titus “Ty” Alt (‘72) **Tami (Yellstrom) Rich (‘77)

Keep these people in your prayers Leah (Ziebold ‘61) Blank as she recovers from double hip surgery. Her address is 611 Gardner St. Apt. CC1, Bellevue, OH 44811. For all of our service men and women. **We would like to start listing names of our alumni that are in the service. Please send in their names for our next issues. Each week at the school Mass we pray for those who might be suffering and we ask that you let us know about anyone who is in need of our prayers.

**Brandi Whittaker (‘94) and Ryan Carter **Emily Schuler and Eric Oxley (‘97) **Patricia Bain (‘97) and Kenneth Sharp **Holly Wagner (‘98) and Michael Knisely (‘98) **Tracy Mueller and Mark Hoelzle (‘95) **Lori Brudzinski (‘85) and Stephen Shoemaker **Pamela (Spader) Sandford (‘93) and Victor Hines **Christina Rodriguez (‘98) and Anthony Rodriguez **Michelle Celek (‘96) and William Roediger **Christi Hammer (‘98) to Dustin Guhn **Danielle Frey (‘99) and Brad Chambers **Rachel Clarke and Eric Hirt (‘93)

SJCC 2004-05 School Officers Class officers Seniors: President - Jennifer Ogron Vice-President - Brad Frederick Secretary - Brigid Reilly Treasurer - Melissa Hoelzle Juniors: President - Megan Casey Vice-President - Jake Wasserman Secretary - Shannon Colon Treasurer - Frank Martinez Sophomores: President - Justine Rhoad Vice-President - Jennifer Freeh Secretary - Jenny Kusmer Treasurer - Carrie Gabel Freshmen: President - Ali Woodruff Vice-President - Kelsie Bowling Secretary - Barbara Miller Treasurer - Alex Reineck

Student Council President - Billy Pietrykowski Vice-President - Ryan Sauber Secretary - Danielle Dickman Treasurer - Andrea Sauber Sgt. of Arms - Will Woodruff



Couple enjoys traveling and teaching internationally Sandra (Brunner, ‘61) Norbert Widman (‘59) email: norbsandy@msn.com

travel to places that we would otherwise likely never see. There are down sides, of course. We miss the convenience and comforts of being in America. We also miss seeing our family and relatives and friends except during our annual summer visits home. But the trade-offs we have chosen to make are probably no more significant than those that most people have to make throughout their lives. We entered this field after our own three children were grown, and we were freer to try something totally different from what we had done before. For our 25th wedding anniversary, we traveled to Europe for the first time, and this whetted our appetite for more travel. This vocation has satisfied our desire for travel and for new experiences. While we may not consciously think about it often, we know that there are connections between our own high school experiences and what we are doing now. Like most people, our personalities and characters have been influenced by the significant adults we encountered in our formative years. We recall Bertha Sneider opening our minds to the possibility of community service through her civics class and her service as a Fremont city councilwoman. Her husband, Walter, impressed us with his enthusiasm for knowledge, his sense of humor, and his wise, fatherly advice. It is these kinds of personal connections with the teachers and the coaches that we think of as we ruminate about our high school days. Their words and examples taught us more than we, at that time, realized. Adolescents cannot know where they will

We were invited to write about our work as international teachers and comment about how our education at SJCC has impacted our lives and our work. What do international teachers do? In many ways our jobs as teachers are similar to those of teachers in any American school, except we usually have smaller classes and fewer discipline problems. We follow a mostly American curriculum, English is the language of the school, and we have many things that one typically finds in any stateside school: science fairs, school plays, field trips, sports teams, parent conferences, fire drills, etc. Since 1995, we have taught elementary age children in Romania, Tunisia, South Korea, and currently Indonesia. We have had some American children as students in each location, but the majority have been students from other nations, from every continent. The parents of these children may work for their nation’s embassy or for multinational corporations, they may be missionaries, hotel managers, business consultants, academics, or entrepreneurs. With English being the dominant language worldwide, these families have elected to have their children educated in English, as their work takes them from one country to another. Our work has been extremely satisfying to us professionally because, as noted earlier, we teach smaller classes and encounter virtually no serious behavior problems. The children are usually highly motivated, and their parents are supportive and appreciative. We have endless opportunities to Norb and his combination 4th and 5th grade class learn about other cultures and to

travel, what they will do, and what things they will need to “pack” for their life journey. One of the pleasures we have experienced on our journey is “unpacking the bag” and discovering things that were placed there, not by ourselves but by others. We take them out and with fond memories of those who placed them there so long before, pass them along to others.

Sandy and her pre-kindergarten/kindergarten class

National Honor Society Officers for the 2004-’05 year: President - Nick Baker Vice-President - Brian Setzler Secretary/Treasurer - Ashley Stanley Members Andrew Burkett, Johnathan Carroll, Danielle Dickman, James Gruss, Brenda Gutschalk, Melissa Hoelzle, Megan Kosta, Marcus Lehmann, Billy Pietrykowski, David Rice, Ryan Rodenhauser, Kevin Rusch, Andrea Sauber, Dudley Singer, Will Woodruff New Inductees Megan Casey, Emily Hoelzle, Eric Kirwen, Jennifer Lehmann, Candace Miller, April Peters, Brooke Roth, Ryan Sauber, Caraline Steinberger, Allison Wasserman, Jenna Weickert, Katie Wise



Fall Sports Wrap-up By Melissa Hoelzle and Greg Kohler

Tennis team wraps up best season The SJCC lady’s tennis team finally found their perfect fit. Coach Whitney Muchler was the girl’s fourth coach in four years, and apparently, she is just what they needed. The team finished with the best season in SJCC history: an almost perfect 12-2 record, their only losses being to Sandusky High who they played twice. The ladies boast a first place finish at the NWOCSA tournament, wins over Calvert and Fremont Ross and great play in the sectional tournament with most girls making it to the second or third rounds. In addition, the duo of first singles, Melissa Hoelzle, and second singles, Allyson Wobser, finished third in the Sectional tournament and competed in the District tournament. Senior co-captain, Katie Miller, said about the about the season, “The girls stepped up and kicked butt. We came out strong and we maintained out intensity the whole season”. The team has a positive outlook on next year. They plan to work in the off season to improve on their game and work to make next season as successful as the last.

Golf Team Wows the Crowd The golf team 11-3 in matches this season and won their fourth consecutive MAL title with a 318, 21 strokes ahead of their nearest competitor. Despite the complete silence on the links, the SJCC student body came out to support their class mates in their quest for a fourth straight win, and the team delivered in prime fashion. Will Woodruff, Cory Swaisgood and Kevin Rusch finished 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the league with scores of 73, 78 and 82. Eric Kirwen

earned 2nd-Team All MAL honors with an 85. The team faltered at Sectionals, shooting 336 and finishing three strokes shy of another trip to the district tournament, ending a streak of seven straight district appearances. Woodruff carded a 77 to qualify as an individual. At BGSU’s Forrest Creason Golf Course, Woodruff fired a 76 and missed qualifying for the State Championships by three strokes. The Streaks return 10 of their 12 players next year, and had a strong JV team finishing 6-3.

Football relies on youth The SJCC football team finished with a 3-7 record (3-4 MAL), with victories over Calvert, Saint Wendelin, and North Baltimore. Despite their 3-4 record in the league, the Streaks were only a few bad breaks away from a 5-2 record. They suffered a tough three-point loss at Seneca East despite a well-fought game, and dropped the homecoming game to perennial powerhouse Carey 20-14 in overtime. The Streaks started nine sophomores this season, and Coach Rick Wonderly is excited about the future of the program. Earning First Team All-MAL honors for SJCC were Derek Williamson and Kyle Mayle. Zach Stine, Luke Lewis and Robbie Roth were named to the 2nd Team. Alex Estrada and Jake Wasserman earned Honorable Mention status.

Soccer improves through season The SJCC soccer team finished 1-15-1 this season, with the lone win coming against Margaretta. Coach Phil Collison saw great improvement as the season went on. Genoa beat the Streaks

This year marked 30 years of girls basketball. Alumni Basketball Players were recognized at the Homecoming Game.

11-0 in the regular season, but three weeks later, the Streaks only lost 3-0 to the Comets in the sectional tournament. The team will have it’s work cut out for them next season, as over half the roster is composed of seniors.

Volleyball finishes 4th in MAL The Lady Steaks ended 15-6 (7-3 MAL) under first-year coach Jackie Swaisgood. The season was highlighted by a huge come-from-behind win over Seneca East. This year, OHSAA went to the five-game, rallyscoring system. The Streaks lost the first to games to the Tigers, but won the next three to pull out a thrilling victory. They beat Bettsville in the tournament, but lost to Hopewell Loudon in the sectional champioship. Becky Babione was named 1st Team All MAL and All-District. Mandy Hensley was named 2nd team MAL and Allison Golamb earned Honorable Mention.

Cross Country adds many new runners This year 30 SJCC students participated in cross country. The boys finished 5th in the MAL, and the girls finished 7th. Sarah Stierwalt was the only runner to advance to regionals, but Coach Jamie Gilbert was excited because Stierwalt is only a sophomore. “Sarah did a great job with her running this year. She takes the lead and does her very best to be successful,” said Gilbert. The teams had their best finishes at the NWOCSA race. The boys were 2nd and the girls were 3rd. Gilbert said the new runners learned a lot about what it takes to be a good cross country runner, and believes they will work hard to improve next year.

Alumni Band performs at half-time at Homecoming



Winter Sports Preview By MELISSA HOELZLE, BRIGID REILLY and Greg Kohler

Girls want return to Sweet 16 Basketball season has begun and both coaches and players are anticipating good seasons. The head girls coach, Gary Geller, said that last year the coaching staff felt good about going to practice because everyone worked hard, and he hopes it goes as well this year. “First of all this is probably the most experience we’ve had coming back, and we’re looking forward to doing great things. However, I don’t think we need to set any lofty goals,” said Geller. “We’re just going to play one game at a time,” Geller added. The team is currently 4-0 with big wins over Clyde, 70-52, and Mansfield St. Pete, 64-58. Against St. Pete, Becky Babione (23 points, 13 rebounds), Katy Hasselbach ( 19 pts, 10 rebs) and Britt Luc (10 pts, 10 rebs) all recorded “double-doubles” to lead the team to victory. The Lady Streaks have also defeated North Baltimore and Mohawk to go 2-0 in the MAL.

Boys’ basketball looks ahead to positive season With only one returning letterman, the boys’ basketball team has a lot of new talent this year. “I’m looking forward to working with a great group of young men,” said Coach Mike Gabel. The Streaks will rely heavily on the inside presence of 6’5” David Rice and the outside shooting of Brad Gabel, Kevin Wammes and Derek Sponseller. In their opener against St. Pete, the Streaks jumped out to an early 13-6 lead, but Rice landed awkwardly on a rebound and hurt his knee and didn’t return.

The Streaks struggled in the post, but some younger players gained valuable experience as St. Pete downed SJCC 60-56 despite a fervent comeback attempt. Wammes led the way with 15 points and Gabel pitched in with 13. In the MAL opener against North Baltimore, Rice returned to score 22 points in a 53-50 victory. Gabel added 9 points, and Wammes 8.

ried. We’re all ready to step up and play the role,” said Foos. “It’s going to be a good season.” The teamed opened the season with a 3rd place finish (out of 14 teams) at the Northwood Invitational. Alex Estrada, Ramiro Arreola, A.J. Coleman and Curtis Ochs all captured championships, while Jeremy Foos placed second and Matt Franks took third place.

Swimmers prepare to make waves Bowling gets the ball rolling The SJCC varsity bowling team is getting ready to begin its new season with a bright outlook. “I’m excited to see how we’re going to do this year and get the ball rolling,” said sophomore Justine Rhoad. The bowling program has not been around SJCC for very long, but it has already become popular. Along with this popularity, the program has proven to be solid-both the varsity teams can boast impressive stats. Both the boys and girls teams have worked incredibly hard in the hopes of having yet another good season. The teams opened play the first week of December and have 19 scheduled events.

Being somewhere at 6:00 a.m. is daunting enough let alone being expected to swim laps in the pool with your teammates. But that’s just what the swim team will be doing most mornings during their third season this winter. One big change from last year is the formation of a Division II for swim teams in Ohio. The SJCC team feels that they will be more competitive in the tournament against schools closer in size. Senior Kevin Celek hopes that this upcoming season will be as good or better than the last and says he thinks the team will do well. Their first meet is December 14 against Port Clinton and Sandusky St. Mary’s, and they have five meets on the schedule.

Wrestlers are ready to rumble

Attention Members of the 1962, 1963, and 1964 Football Teams

The SJCC varsity wrestling team is working on getting ready for another tough year ahead. With extremely high hopes and expectations for this team, even a season that would be considered good by most standards may be considered disappointing. This is nothing new to a team that has consistently had stand-out wrestlers who have a work ethic to go along with their ‘nothing but the best’ attitude. “We lost a lot of seniors and they were good leaders but we aren’t wor-

Mark your calendars for next year’s 2005 Homecoming events on: Saturday, October..... The Alumni and Friends Association will be honoring these teams for their three-year undefeated seasons going 270, and three years of being the SBC Champs. The teams will be honored in the parade, introduced before the football game at the stadium, and invited to the Alumni and Friends Association Homecoming Party after the game. Class years for the football teams include 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, and 1967

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