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For Alumni, Friends, and Families of Saint Joseph Central Catholic High School




“Respect the Past, Celebrate the Present, Build the Future”

Summer has turned to Fall since the last edition of the “Voice” and my initial letter to you. We know that we have a long time to go until we see the warm weather again but we are off to a great start of the 2011-2012 school year!

Our theme for the year has been a focal point for all we are doing and has generated a lot of excitement from our preschool classes through our elementary grades and up through our high school. We are seeing many examples of how we respect where we came from, celebrate the accomplishments of our current students and staff, and build a bright future for years to come. Each day brings about additional opportunities to “see” what we “believe” in action. Our student-athletes are competing with success, maintaining quality grades, and exhibiting great sportsmanship at all levels of competition. Our staff have started a comprehensive planning process for long-term school improvement. Our volunteers are stepping up and supporting day-to-day needs along with annual events. Our pastors are sharing school information and events through the weekly bulletins. Our parents are developing new activities so our younger students can be involved at middle school and high school events. Our students are living their faith and leading within the school community and outside in the “real world”. There is an energy and optimism and it is contagious. We are implementing a Tech Cohort with K-12 staff using ipad2 resources within 20 pilot classrooms. We are starting a student “Excel” Club in association with our local Exchange Club, the first in Ohio and only the seventh in the nation. We are providing eighth grade students the opportunity to come to SJCC and take Algebra, Spanish, and Science classes for high school credit. We are praying a common BHCS prayer each day at each campus. We are praying for all athletes before each football, volleyball, and basketball event we host. We are having combined pep rallies at SJCC so our students in grades four through eight can join in and catch the spirit. We are working under a balanced budget that was submitted to the Diocese and we are working to pay off all loans and debts. We are accepting ideas from stakeholders who care about our kids, our facilities, and our faith. There is a synergy and momentum and it is moving us forward. So, we need you and your continued prayers to keep the ball rolling in the right direction. We need you to prayerfully reflect and respectfully consider a donation to the Annual Fund that will benefit ALL our students. We need you to join us and encourage us and challenge us to complete our long-range plan for system-wide growth. We need you to know how much we appreciate all you have done in the past, are doing now, and will do in the future. Thank you and may God bless you! Tim Cullen ‘81 BHCS Superintendent SJCC Principal


Fall 2011


o i c e V

For Alumni, Friends, and Families of Saint Joseph Central Catholic High School

New School Year, New Website Look

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Fall 2011

This summer, tireless work was put into creating a new website for SJCC as well as adding important content to our existing sites for each campus. Please visit us at our new SJCC website: sjcc.bishop-hoffman.net You will find links to all important alumni events as well as the ability to donate online through paypal. Also, we have given you the ability to find us directly with your SmartPhone. Simply scan the code with your phone on the back cover of this issue and you will be directed to our main site: www.bishop-hoffman.net.

Priestly Duties This summer, St. Ann and St. Joseph parishes welcomed Fr. Mike Zacharias as their pastor. The Bishop Hoffman Catholic School also welcomed him to the Governing Board. BHCS is blessed to have Fr. Mike along with Fr. Ken Lill, pastor of Sacred Heart, and Fr. Chris Bazar, BHCS school chaplain, to serve our schools’ needs. Fr. Mike loves the unique challenges of being the pastor of two parishes and enjoys talking with students on his weekly visits to the classrooms. His last parish school was only grades K-6. BHCS gives him the opportunity to once again engage in lively discussions with junior high and high school age students. Fr. Mike, Fr. Ken, and Fr. Chris rotate celebrating the weekly school Masses and Fr. Mike and Fr. Ken share the morning Mass schedule for the three parishes. The Fremont Catholic community is in good and very busy hands.

Bishop Hoffman Catholic School St. Joseph Central Catholic High School Campus 702 Croghan St. Fremont, OH 43420 419-332-9947 Fax 419-332-4945 Advancement Office 419-332-5124 The Voice is published for the alumni and friends of SJCC. Direct all comments to The Voice, 702 Croghan St., Fremont, OH 43420.

2012 Calendar Drive Begins November 23 Contact any SJCC student or the school office to purchase yours

Angie Ritzman (O’Neal ‘93) Director of Advancement Sue Berryman - Assoc. Director of Advancement Copy Editors: Mary Ellen Leite (Hughes ‘53) Sarah Pietrykowski ‘02 Mary Luc (Mayle ‘63) SJCC Faculty: Amy Ronski (Spieldenner ‘80) Liz Pietrykowski Cori Foos (Bruchs ‘97) Student Photographer - Emily Ronski ‘12

2011 Monthly Calendar Winners January

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Annual Fund Donor Recognition

SJCC is grateful to the donors for their generosity to the 2010-2011 Annual Fund. The Annual Fund is the primary annual giving program for the school’s alumni, parents, and friends. Annual Fund donors provide current and immediate expendable support for SJCC’s core needs. Gifts of any size enhance the school’s ability to provide for its students. Gift Giving Divisions ***St. Joseph Society **Crimson Charter *Streak Supporter Class of 1934 Mrs. Marguerite Morley (Molyet) Class of 1936 Mrs. Esther Barbour (Ochs)* Class of 1937 Mrs. Mercedes Keating (Wesolek) Class of 1939 Mrs. Marie Fisher (Beier) Mr. and Mrs. John Notheis Class of 1940 Mr. Herman Frankart Mr. Fred Gabel Mrs. Eileen Gabel (Kusmer) Mr. and Mrs. John Notheis (Mary Margaret Koleman) Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wagner Class of 1941 Mrs. Marcella Post (Widman)* Class of 1942 Mr. Lawrence Kramer*** Class of 1943 Mr. Edward Celek* Mr. William Freeh* Mrs. Lou Freeh (Hoffman)* Ms. Fran Miesle Class of 1944 Mr. Joseph Halm* Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Kusmer* Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Mehling* Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wagner (Rita Rodenhauser) Sr. Rita Mary Wasserman Mr. and Mrs. Bill Yeager***

Class of 1948 Mr. Jack Cronin* Mrs. Marilyn Freeh (Cook) Mr. and Mrs. Dave Haynes** Mrs. Audrey Kupka (Zienta)* Mr. and Mrs. Doyle Kusmer (Marian Mayle)* Mr. Edward Leite* Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lochotzki Mr. and Mrs. Donald Miesle Class of 1949 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Guyer (Marylou Gabel)* Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Halm (Mary Ann Recktenwald)* Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hershey (Madelene Mosser) Mrs. Leona Laurer (Bertsch) Mrs. Janice Lehman (Shondell) Class of 1950 Mr. and Mrs. Fred Durnwald* Mr. and Mrs. Richard Haffner* Mr. Neil Hamilton* Mr. and Mrs. John Mayle Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Miller (Coletta Steinbauer)** Msgr. Richard Moyer*** Class of 1951 Mr. and Mrs. Ted Bintz*** Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dubielak (Marilyn Porczak)* Mrs. Marilyn Kurt (Lambert)* Mr. and Mrs. William Lochotzki Mr. and Mrs. John Mayle Mrs. Norma Ochs (Norma Hoelzle)* Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Steinle*

Mrs. Janet Overmyer (Mayle)* Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schmidt (Shirley Gabel) Mrs. Jean Schwartz (Kirwen) Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Steinle (Joan Larkins)* Mrs. Kay Szymanowski (Durnwald)* Class of 1954 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Boucher (Phyllis Young) Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Byers (Joan Bender) Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chamberlain* Mrs. Rose Mary Cotton (Miller) Mr. Thomas Dalton* Mr. John Daniel* Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Foos (Carol Camp) Mr. Donald Fox Mr. and Mrs. Ken Gabel* Mr. and Mrs. Gary Godfred* Mr. and Mrs. Bill House*** Mr. and Mrs. Louis Martin (Edith Shiets) Mr. and Mrs. Donald Mayle Mr. and Mrs. Dan Miller** Mrs. Joyce Reardon (Kiefer)* Mr. and Mrs. Dick Setzler Mr. and Mrs. Richard Shank Mrs. Janet Souders (Wasserman) Mrs. Marcella Wilhelm (Darr)**

Class of 1946 Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Freeh (Rosalyn Mosser)* Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moyer*** Mr. and Mrs. James Overmyer (Patricia Busold) Mr. and Mrs. Donald Snyder (Noreen Setzler)

Class of 1952 Mr. and Mrs. Ted Bintz (Marilyn Smith)*** Mr. and Mrs. Gay Bowden (Rose Mehling) Mr. and Mrs. Richard Celek (Mary Jo Batal) Mr. George Ehrman, Sr.* Mr. John Kimmet* Mr. and Mrs. Tom Leite Mr. and Mrs. Pete Naderer* Mr. Thomas R. Tremper** Mrs. Nathalie Walter (House)* Mrs. Jean Wasserman (Mayle)

Class of 1955 Mrs. Colleen Abramowski (Reardon) Mr. and Mrs. Tom Burns* Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Foos (Rosemary Setzler) Mr. and Mrs. William House (Marilyn Thomsen)*** Mr. and Mrs. Ronald House (Jeannine Bintz)* Ms. Mary Ellen Kettner* Mrs. Marian Kindred (Hass) Mrs. Marilyn Knopp-Siler (Fiegelist) Mr. and Mrs. James Morley Mr. and Mrs. Dan Reardon* Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Dick Setzler (Jeannette Meyer) Mrs. Charleen Woessner (Akin)

Class of 1947 Mrs. Kathryn Ash (Kramer) Mrs. Alice Frederick (Gabel) Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Freeh* Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hershey Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hoffman* Mrs. Margaret Lehmann (Reardon)* Mr. and Mrs. William Rimelspach (Irene Halm) Mrs. Joyce Smith*

Class of 1953 Mr. and Mrs. Gay Bowden Mr. and Mrs. Gene Carson (Suzanne Kunkle) Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Darr* Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Darr (Dorothy Durnwald)* Mr. James Gottron*** Mrs. Margie Hofelich Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Klisz (Angela Toeppe) Mr. and Mrs. Tom Leite (Mary Ellen Hughes) Mr. and Mrs. James Millar (Ann Scheuer)*

Class of 1956 Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bartson Ms. Marlene Bartson Mr. and Mrs. Edward Daniel (Paula Hoffman)*** Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Foos Mr. and Mrs. Ken Gabel (Patricia Haubert)* Mr. and Mrs. Tony Ruggiero (Ruthann Collier)* Mr. and Mrs. Burk Tischler (Karol Thomsen) Mr. and Mrs. Carl Unger (Martha Hawk)

Class of 1945 Mr. and Mrs. Glen Decker (Claribel Wasserman) Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Halm* Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hoffman (Loretta Hoffman) Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Wilhelm**


Mrs. Carolyn Vacca (Mayle) Ms. Judith Weickert (Tight)** Mr. and Mrs. James Winton (Janet Borer)* Mr. and Mrs. Terry Wurzel (Sharon Raubenolt)** Mr. Jack Yeager*** Class of 1957 Mr. and Mrs. Gary Chudzinski** Mr. and Mrs. Jim Lehmann* Maj. and Mrs. James McCormack (Mary Ann Haslinger)* Reverend C. Denis O’Shaughnessy*** Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Ronski* Mr. and Mrs. Dave Winters Class of 1958 Mr. and Mrs. Gary Godfred (Joan Busold)* Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gottron* Mr. and Mrs. Ken Haslinger** Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hoffert Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Michael (Dolores Mayle) Mrs. Jean Overmyer (Drusback) Dr. and Mrs. Tom Reineck* Lt. Col. Kathleen Swint* Class of 1959 Dr. and Mrs. John Andrews Mr. Richard Babione** Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Babione Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Bender Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Binder Ms. Carol Jespersen (House)* Mr. Thomas Knisely Mr. and Mrs. James Lehmann (Patricia Foster)* Mr. and Mrs. Paul Szakovits* Ms. Mary Weber Mr. and Mrs. Norb Widman* Class of 1960 Mr. and Mrs. James Beier* Mr. and Mrs. Lee Bowden* Mr. and Mrs. Richard Faist* Mr. and Mrs. David Francis* Mr. Gary Gonya Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rohr Mr. and Mrs. Tom Walter** Class of 1961 Ms. Mary Catherine Arend Mr. and Mrs. James Ayres (Kathleen Lochotzki) Mrs. Sharon Beier (Haas) Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Binder (Genevieve Bebow) Mr. and Mrs. Lee Bowden (Sharon Tight)* Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ehrman* Ms. Karen Gabel* Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gonya* Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gonya

Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Halbisen (Mary Benlein) Mr. Jude Haslinger Mr. and Mrs. Carl Koebel* Mr. and Mrs. Ray Rendon* Mr. Kenneth Sale* Mr. and Mrs. David Smola* Mrs. Marianne Stillner (Koch)* Mr. and Mrs. Tom Walter (Diane Fisher)** Mr. and Mrs. Norb Widman (Sandra Brunner)* Class of 1962 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Esker (Nancy Reardon) Mr. and Mrs. Richard Faist (Kathleen Widman)* Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gonya (Margaret Dickman) Capt. Stephen Kupka*** Mrs. Sherrill Redovian (VanNatta) Mr. Lawrence Ziebold Class of 1963 Mr. and Mrs. Tom Beier** Mr. and Mrs. James Beier (Marcia Marinis)* Ms. Sue Borkovich Mrs. Marilyn Bower (Babione) Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gilson (Mary Grachek)* Reverend Philip Haslinger*** Judi and Dan Hughes (Judi Lauer)* Mr. John Linehan Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Smith (Jane Mayle) Mr. and Mrs. John Swint (Florence Babione)* Class of 1964 Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Bender (Carol Wagner) Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Franks (Mary Roth) Mr. and Mrs. Ken Haslinger (Cindy Bigaila)** Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lenhart* Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wilhelm (Martha Daubel)** Mr. and Mrs. David Winters (Marsha Waggoner) Class of 1965 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Beier* Mr. James Haas Mr. Dale Haslinger* Mr. and Mrs. Robert Haslinger Mr. and Mrs. Kennard Hirt (Margaret Dolweck)* Mr. and Mrs. John Lauer** Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Malinowski (Elaine Geller)* Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Rectenwald* Mr. and Mrs. Mike Rhodes* Mr. Carl Schell* Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Tischler Mr. and Mrs. David Young (Mary Ann Foos)* Class of 1966 Dr. and Mrs. David Boyle**

Fall 2011

Mrs. Linda Burkett (Widman) Mr. and Mrs. Rich Eshleman (Elizabeth Dumminger)* Mr. Tom Haslinger* Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Nicosia (Mercedes Miller)* Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Overmyer Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Rectenwald (Linda Wagner)* Mr. and Mrs. Richard Schwartz Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Tischler (Kathleen Shimer) Ms. Judy Wagner Mr. Michael Wehring Class of 1967 Mr. and Mrs. John Celek* Ms. Janet Celek (Fisher)* Mr. and Mrs. James Hoffman* Mrs. Rita Jones (Hotz)* Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lenhart (Arlene Burkett)* Mr. Denny Miesle* Mr. and Mrs. Jim O’Brien** Mr. and Mrs. Ray Rendon (Mary Lou Swint)* Mr. and Mrs. Jack Walsh (Jacqueline Fiber)* Class of 1968 Mr. and Mrs. Tom Babione* Mr. and Mrs. Rick Barbour Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bork** Mr. and Mrs. John Bovard* Mr. and Mrs. Richard Celek (Cathleen Beatty)* Ms. Marsha Cook* Mr. David Darr* Dr. and Mrs. Mark Hablitzel (Bettina Brawley)* Ms. Jeannine Hauck Dr. and Mrs. James Hotz* Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Knisely Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kwiatkowski (Judith Beier)* Dr. and Mrs. Scott Mead** Mr. and Mrs. Tom Pfefferle* Dr. and Mrs. Mark Pickett** Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Smith Mr. and Mrs. William Turley (Sandra Hoffman) Mr. Timothy Willis* Class of 1969 Mr. and Mrs. Rick Barbour (Kathleen Miller) Mr. and Mrs. William Beier* Mr. and Mrs. Mike Haynes Mr. and Mrs. Tom Keegan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Smith (Margaret Snyder) Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wagner (Sally Holsinger) Class of 1970 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Beier* Mr. and Mrs. John Faist Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hoelzle (Charlotte Kusmer) Dr. and Mrs. Scott Mead (Martha Burkett)** Ms. Roberta Moyer Ms. Cathy Pfefferle-Stone Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Stanley (Mary Anne Babione)* Mr. and Mrs. Jim Yeager*** Class of 1971 Mr. and Mrs. James Celek* Mr. and Mrs. Mike Durnwald Mr. and Mrs. John Fatica (Mary Zyski) Ms. Linda Gegorski

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Haaser Mr. and Mrs. William Herb (Rosemary Smola)* Mr. James Miller Mr. and Mrs. William Ochs Dr. and Mrs. Mark Pickett (Linda Stout)** Class of 1972 Mr. and Mrs. William Beier (Linda Freeh)** Mr. and Mrs. Bill Halm** Dr. and Mrs. Kim Knight (Joan Burkett) Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Lee (Constance Saner)* Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pumphrey (Susan Hawk)* Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Wasserman*** Mr. and Mrs. Albert Zamora* Class of 1973 Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Autullo (Margaret Reineck) Mr. and Mrs. William Bork Mr. and Mrs. Larry Fisher (Elaine Stover)* Mr. and Mrs. John Frederick* Mr. Steve Gottron and Mrs. Terry Kuzma-Gottron* Mr. and Mrs. Dave Gutschalk (Mary Rich) Mr. and Mrs. Norman Selvey (Catherine Darr) Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Yeager*** Mr. and Mrs. Albert Zamora (Martha Wolf)* Class of 1974 Mr. and Mrs. Larry Fisher* Ms. Ann Frederick Mr. Steve Gottron and Mrs. Terry Kuzma-Gottron* Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kwiatkowski* Mr. Carl Overmyer Mr. and Mrs. Michael Smith Mr. and Mrs. John Swartz* Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Yeager (Sandra Hershey)*** Class of 1975 Mr. and Mrs. John Fey* Mr. and Mrs. Rick Jenkins** Ms. Teresa Roth (Mosser) Mr. and Mrs. Michael Smith (Mary Rimelspach) Class of 1976 Mr. Bruce Cook Mr. and Mrs. Rick Jenkins (Suan Freeh)** Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Luc Mr. Anthony Paradiso Mr. and Mrs. Craig Wendt (Cheryl Poseler)* Class of 1977 Mr. and Mrs. Tom Carmack (Mary Jean Reineck)** Mr. and Mrs. Randy Darr Mr. and Mrs. Chris Kosta (Joanne Gabel) Mr. and Mrs. Tim Paradiso*** Mr. and Mrs. Tom Swint* Mrs. Jeanine VanDerLaar (Faist) Class of 1978 Mr. and Mrs. Randy Darr (Leslie Amor) Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gabel Mr. and Mrs. Ramiro Sanchez (Susan Wagner)* Dr. and Mrs. Tim Sauber (Debra Miller)***

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Tom Swint (Patricia Widman)* Class of 1979 Mr. and Mrs. Steven Freeh Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Gottron* Class of 1980 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Ashba (Lisa Kindt) Mr. and Mrs. James Camp* Mr. Christopher Cook* Mr. and Mrs. Warren Hensley (Theresa Ochs) Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Luc (Lesia Jenkins) Ms. Anne Poorman** Class of 1981 Mr. and Mrs. Norman Cook Mr. James Fisher* Class of 1982 Mr. and Mrs. John Beauchemin (Patrice Cook) Mr. Jim Cronin Mr. Timothy Foos* Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Gonya (Laura Bisnette) Mr. Dave Rhineberger Class of 1983 Mr. and Mrs. Tim Colston (Cheryl Swint)* Mr. and Mrs. Eric Rini (Melissa Spieldenner) Class of 1984 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Foos (Jami Wammes) Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Furlong Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Snyder (Kelly Ross) Mr. and Mrs. Paul Spieldenner* Mr. and Mrs. George Weissinger (Karen Cook) Mr. and Mrs. Scott Wymer (Carol Kuss) Class of 1985 Mr. and Mrs. David Batey Mr. and Mrs. John Reiter Class of 1986 Mr. Mike Miller* Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ochs (Kendra Binder)* Mr. and Mrs. Ken Schafer (Jo Ann Reardon)* Class of 1987 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Foos* Mr. and Mrs. Kregg Gegorski* Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mercer (Annette Michael) Mr. and Mrs. Mike Militello* Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ochs* Mr. and Mrs. Doug Pearson (Maribeth Mayle) Mr. and Mrs. Mike Sponseller (Kimberly Carte) Mr. and Mrs. Matt Winters Class of 1988 Mr. and Mrs. John Bair (Joy Swint)* Ms. Maureen Barry* Mr. and Mrs. Brian Flahiff (Melissa Wehring) Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hirt (Denice Quaintance)* Mr. and Mrs. Eric Hotz (Michelle Reiter) Mr. Jeff Overmyer* Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Rohe (Christine Mehalic)*** Ms. Gail Sabo (Hazlett)

Class of 1989 Mr. and Mrs. Mike Militello (Lori Pfeiffer)* Mr. and Mrs. Jim Schaeffer*** Mr. and Mrs. Terry Stanforth (Dorothy Colon)** Class of 1990 Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hirt* Mr. and Mrs. Eric Hotz Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey House* Class of 1991 Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Gottron* Mr. and Mrs. Jim Schaeffer (Amy Wilhelm)*** Class of 1992 Mr. and Mrs. Mike Aschenbrener (Pamela Kubat)* Mr. and Mrs. Matt Wilkins (Suzanne Militello) Class of 1993 Mr. and Mrs. Tom Buchheit (Emily Carr) Class of 1994 Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Dorobek (Amy Wagner) Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Gable (Emily Wilhelm) Mr. Eric Hartenstein* Mr. Chris House* Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Smith (Catherine Mayle)* Class of 1995 Drs. Mark and Tracey Hoelzle** Class of 1996 Mr. and Mrs. Chris Gomez (Erin Huss) Mr. and Mrs. Jason Smola Class of 1997 Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Foos (Cora Bruchs)* Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Good Class of 1998 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Knisely (Holly Wagner) Class of 1999 Mr. Douglas Haaser* Mrs. Kristin Roberts (Fisher) Mr. Rustun Schack* Mr. and Mrs. Eric Setzler Mr. and Mrs. Jason Smola (Michelle Gruss) Class of 2000 Mr. Jim Carmack* Mr. Greg Darr* Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Gonya* Mr. and Mrs. David Kistler Mr. and Mrs. Jason Moody (Jennifer Bork) Mr. A.J. O’Neal Mr. John Ryan Ms. Ella Smith (Bor)* Class of 2001 Mr. and Mrs. Zach Sanchez* Class of 2002 Ms. Sarah Pietrykowski Class of 2003 Mr. Ryan Autullo Mr. Justin Fey

Friends of SJCC AAA-Ohio Automobile Club Matching Gift Abbott Laboratories Matching Gift Anonymous Mrs. Mary Barrington* Mr. and Mrs. David Batey, Sr. Mrs. Eileen Bauer Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beck Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Billow* Reverend Daniel Borgelt Reverend David Bruning* Brush Wellman, Inc.** Matching Gift Mr. and Mrs. Harry Coe** Mr. and Mrs. Albert Cook* Mr. and Mrs. Robert Corthell* Mrs. Susan Davis Mr. Tom Dudley* Reverend Thomas Extejt* H.J. Heinz Co. Matching Gift Mr. and Mrs. Tim Harmon* Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hartenstein* Ms. Jan Hazen Mr. and Mrs. Jody Heberling* Mr. Mike Herbert* Mr. and Mrs. George Hintze* Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hite Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kirwen Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Kistler Mr. and Mrs. Victor Kline Mr. and Mrs. Chris Knight*** Dr. Frank Magro and Dr. Sue Amidon*** Mrs. Anne Marquis* Mr. and Mrs. Bob McCartney Mead Westvaco Corp. Matching Gift Ms. Dana Miller* Mr. and Mrs. Mike Molyneux* Mr. Michael Morris** Mrs. Margaret Mosser Mrs. Irene Naderer Dr. and Mrs. Paul Nagy*** Mrs. Virginia Nagy* Mr. and Mrs. Don Nalley* Mr. Bernard Nause Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Nevius* Mr. and Mrs. Robert O’Brien Mr. Tom Ochs Owens Corning Matching Gift* Owens-Illinois, Inc. Fund* Matching Gift Mrs. Pat Picciuto** Mr. and Mrs. George Pickett Mr. Gerald Porczak Progressive Insurance** Matching Gift Mrs. Sara Rich Mr. and Mrs. Terry Rutherford* Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ryan* Mrs. Nancy Sattler SC Johnson Fund, Inc.* Matching Gift Mr. and Mrs. Scott Slatter* Mr. and Mrs. Dale Smith* Mr. and Mrs. Vince Snyder* St. Joseph Church* Dr. and Mrs. Howard Stierwalt*** Dr. and Mrs. James Stierwalt*** The Anderson’s* MatchingGift Mrs. Clara Thrun Mr. and Mrs. Norb Wethington* Ms. Martha Willis* Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wiza*** Mr. and Mrs. Dave Wonderly** Mr. and Mrs. Robert Woolf* Ms. Judy Zavela*

R e spe ct

t he

Pa st, Ce le bra te

Magdalene (Madge) Hottinger “Respects the Past” In the 1920’s, many people had no running water, television, convenience stores, or automobiles. The cost of a new Ford Runabout was about $265.00 and the cost of a loaf of bread was 12 cents. Women were finally given the right to vote in 1920. One of these women is Madge Hottinger ‘26. At the age of 103, Madge is SJCC’s oldest living alumna. Currently, Madge lives in Elmwood Assisted Living in Green Springs, Ohio. Madge is described in her yearbook as, “cheerful, obliging, and deserving of confidence – that’s Madge. She has a friendly smile and a kind word for everyone, and she is ever ready for something new.” Madge’s graduating class had twenty-one graduates and her high school building was the present day St. Joseph campus. Madge remembers her high school days, but she also reflects on comforting memories from the 1920’s. Madge vividly recalls how her father built boats that traveled on the Sandusky River. She remembers her summers on Catawba Island at Camp Yukita with her childhood friends. After graduation from St. Joseph High School, Madge was a mail order make-up consultant for fifty years. Madge’s Catholic heritage continues today. She is still a member of Sacred Heart Church, and is proud to be one of the original members. She continues to receive the Eucharist and remains strong in her faith. There have been many changes in the world since Madge graduated from St. Joseph High School, but one thing remains unchanged-a strong commitment to Catholic Education in Fremont.

Scott Knisely “Celebrates the Present” By Aaron Miley Staib (Class of 2012) “Celebrate the present” is a phrase so commonly used in the BHCS community that some people have begun to incorporate it into their everyday lives. One such person is our own Mr. Scott Knisely ’00. Mr. Knisely is the Head Coach of the SJCC football team as well as the SJCC boys tennis team. He also teaches Religion to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students at the St. Joseph campus. First, Mr. Knisely respects the past, drawing from his own experiences here at BHCS and the lessons he has learned from those around him. By incorporating these lessons, he helps to guide his students in celebrating the present. Mr. Knisely looks for ways to inspire his athletes and students to celebrate the present every day. He stresses, “each person has been given a great opportunity here at BHCS and that we should all make the most of it while we can.” Mr. Knisely particularly likes to remind those with whom he interacts that we are all part of a family. This helps students realize that BHCS is not a set of buildings, but a living network of thousands of alumni, faculty, and classmates. By respecting the past and celebrating the present with his students, Mr. Knisely works every day to build a stronger future for BHCS.


Fall 2011

t he

P re se nt, B u ild

t he

Fu t u re

Lisa Swaisgood “Builds the Future” By Zachary Yeckley (Class of 2013) For the 2011-2012 school year, Mr. Cullen and the staff have shared the motto ”Respect the Past,Celebrate the Present, Build the Future.” Mrs. Lisa Swaisgood (Light ‘80), a preschool teacher at Bishop Hoffman Catholic School Sacred Heart Campus, has been living and contributing to this motto for many years. I was fortunate to have Mrs. Swaisgood as a preschool teacher twelve years ago, and I remember her as a very caring and understanding teacher. I also had the pleasure to ask her several questions about how she continues to “Build the Future” at Bishop Hoffman Catholic School. Q: What/Who inspired you to become a teacher? A: Inspiration-- I do not think it was one person that inspired me but a combination of support and life skills that I received from the years spent at Sacred Heart and SJCC. I always enjoyed working with children and my parents encouraged me to do what I love to do! Q: What was one your most rewarding moments as a teacher? A: There are so many rewarding moments! I still get “chills” as the children talk and sing about God with hope and faith in their voices. It certainly makes the future look so much brighter. One rewarding moment that brought tears to my eyes came from one of my more challenging students. He was aggressive and angry from the first day of school. Other parents suggested to me that I should not have to deal with him. We moved through the year and his behavior slowly but surely improved. On one of the last days of school, he made me a picture and wrote some “squiggly lines” above it. He asked me if I knew what that said. I told him to tell me, and he said, “Thank you for teaching me how to love.” I hugged him with tears in my eyes and thanked him for teaching me not to EVER give up on a child. Q: What is your favorite hobby outside of teaching? A: I love to be outside, to play volleyball, and to spend time with friends and family.

Fall 2011


Me mor ial s Boosters In Memory of Anna Lee Messina Mr. and Mrs. David House James & Barb Haubert Scholarship In Memory of John Harman Mrs. Barb Haubert Trophy Fund In Memory of Tom Narducci’s Mother Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Gonya Tuition Assistance In Memory of John Hahn Mrs. Eleanor Hahn

Gif t s CEDF Mrs. Mary Barrington Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Shondell In Honor of Bob & Charline Moyer’s 60th Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Vince Snyder Tuition Assistance Class of 1961 Dr. and Mrs. Mark Pickett Mr. and Mrs. Ken Wagner

In Memory of John Harman Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Bill Barbour Mrs. Eileen Bauer Mr. and Mrs. Dan Beaston Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beck Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Berryman Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bork Mr. and Mrs. Tom Carmack Mr. and Mrs. Richard Celek Croghan Colonial Bank Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Freeh Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gabel Mr. and Mrs. David Gottron Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hampshire Mrs. June Hart Mr. and Mrs. David Haynes Mr. and Mrs. Reynold Hirt Mr. Bill Keating and Ms. Debbie Koebel Mr. and Mrs. Greg Knieriem

In Honor of Fr. Dave Bruning Ms. Mary Ackerman Mrs. Mary Barrington Ms. Olivia Baumann Ms. Joan Bowden Mr. Ed Celek Mr. Tom Dalton Ms. Genevieve Dorobek Mr. and Mrs. Norman Foos Mr. and Mrs. Tony Foos Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Freeh Mr. John Halm Mr. and Mrs. Ken Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lenhart Mrs. Anne Marquis

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kupka Mr. and Mrs. Rick Kusmer Mr. and Mrs. John Lauer Mrs. Leona Laurer Mr. and Mrs. John Mayle Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Michael Mr. and Mrs. Bob Moyer Mr. Tom Ochs Mr. and Mrs. Joe Picciuto Mr. and Mrs. Tim Price Mr. and Mrs. John Setzler Mr. and Mrs. Philip Steinle Mr. and Mrs. Burk Tischler Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Wasserman Mrs. Jean Wasserman Mr. and Mrs. Roger Wise In Memory of Richard Hertzer Mr. Robert Larkins Mr. and Mrs. Philip Steinle

Mrs. Mercedes Keating Mrs. Audrey Kupka Mr. and Mrs. Tom Macielewicz Mr. and Mrs. Dean Pfefferle Ms. Barb Smola In Memory of Don Reardon Mr. and Mrs. Robert Clary Undesignated In Memory of Dorothy Dalton Mr. and Mrs. Richard Shank In Memory of Louise Freeh and Frances Geller Anonymous In Memory of Richard Hertzer Mr. and Mrs. John Lauer

In Memory of Emelia Macielewicz Luann Derr Mr. and Mrs. Bill Herb

In Memory of Fr. Loeffler Mrs. Mary Kay Walter

Ms. Fran Miesle Mrs. Margaret Mosser Mrs. and Mrs. Charles Moyer Mrs. Irene Naderer Mrs. Marcella Post Mr. and Mrs. Tom Reineck Mrs. Sara Rich Mr. and Mrs. Steve Rich Dr. and Mrs. Steve Rusher Mrs. Virginia Valle Mr. and Mrs. Roger VonEitzen Mr. and Mrs. James Wammes Mrs. Rita Wammes Mr. and Mrs. Roger Wise

Undesignated Anonymous CEDF Class of 1954 Gordon Food Service iGive Kroger Co.-Kroger Plus Card Voice Mrs. Betty Sherman Windows Class of 1986

The SJCC Boys Basketball 3rd Annual “Alumni Preview” Game

Former SJCC Boys Basketball Alumni will take on the current JV and Varsity teams of SJCC. The game will feature the 2011 Varsity and JV teams and this is your opportunity to see the current players play against the Alumni of SJCC who started our rich tradition. The JV game will be played on Wednesday, November 23, at 6:00 with the Varsity game to follow. Cost for any basketball alumni to play is only $15 and each player will receive an SJCC Alumni Basketball T-shirt. Registration has begun and we will take registrations until Wednesday, November 9, in order to get all orders on shirts processed. The past two years have been a great experience for both our players and fans to see our former alumni and to relive memories that you have created for them in the past. Please continue to help support your Boys Basketball Program. We look forward to having each of you back this year and we welcome all newcomers to the game who have not played in the past. Please be a part of the festivities! The registration is below, fill out and mail back to Coach Jonathan Will at the address provided. We look forward to seeing many of the faces once again that have helped make SJCC Basketball the proud tradition that it still is today!! REGISTRATION FORM Player’s Name: ______________________________Address: ____________________________________Year Graduated: ______ T-Shirt Size: _____Phone#: ___________________________________Email Address: ____________________________________ Preference of game to play in (circle one): JV Varsity We will try to keep all alumni from the past 8-10 years in the varsity game unless you prefer to play in the JV game. Mail checks, payable to SJCC Boys Basketball, to Boys Basketball Coach, Jonathan Will 702 Croghan Street, Fremont, OH 43420.


Fall 2011


IN Box In the News


Charline and Bob Moyer ‘46 celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary June 15.


Dorothy (Reiter ‘58) and Raymond Borys celebated their 50th wedding anniversary October 7. Judy and Tom Drusback ‘56 celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary October 7. Sr. Julia Marie Hutchison ‘58 celebrated her jubilee. Pat (Foster ‘59) and Jim Lehmann ‘57 celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary June 24. Mary (Darr ‘58) and Dean Pfefferle celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Sr. Margaret Wasserman ‘50 retired after 56 years in education with the Toledo Diocese.


Connie (Foos ‘61) and Dan Coleman celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, September 30. Stephen Kupka ‘62, was the recipient of the the Theodore Ryken Award. Kupka, a retired Navy pilot, who teaches theology at St. Mary’s Ryken, Leonardtown, Maryland, was recognized for his commitment to Ryken’s vision and dedication to an Xaverian Brothers’ School. Bette (Haas ‘63) and John Whittaker celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary September 18.


Elaine (Foos ‘79) and Mark Dickman ‘81 celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary May 3. Cheryl (Pfefferle ‘84) Dunnells has been named principal of St. James Catholic School in Millstadt, Illinois. Veronica (Mumford ‘82) and Greg Knieriem celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary September 6. Veronica graduated in May from BGSU and is employed as a K-12 Intervention Specialist with Oregon City Schools and the Autism Academy at Woodland Schools.

In Our Prayers Tyler Bixler ‘12, Patricia (Haubert ‘56) Gabel Holly (Haslinger ‘90) Sneider, Jack Yeager ‘56

In Memoriam Berneldis Bender (‘32 St. Ann High School) Sally (Riehl) Blackburn ‘56 Richard Chamberlain ‘54 Frances (Stein) Cook ‘59 Ann (Naderer) Frankart ‘40

Franklin Hawk ‘43 Emelia Macielewicz ‘41 Alban Mehling ‘69 Amilda Riedy ‘32 Coach Bob Smith John Wolf ‘40

Keep SJCC updated with what is “in the news” with you. E-mail your news to sberryman@streaks.net or send it to SJCC 702 Croghan St., Fremont, OH, 43420, ATTN: Voice


Nila and John Devore Jr. ‘93 welcomed daughter, Audrey Judith Devore, June 7. Bryan O’Donnell ‘93 has been accepted as a postulant for religious life by the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate. He is currently in a two-year period of formation and postulancy at the Friary located in Maine, New York. Charla (Bender ‘99) and Steven Spotts welcomed son, Quinton Charles Spotts, September 14. Ann (Magnuson ‘92) and Darrell Weaver II welcomed daughter, Georgia Grace (Gigi) Weaver, September 6.


Amanda Smith ‘05 and Nathan Beard were married August 13. Amanda is in her final year at Seattle University School of Law. Jackie Wagner ‘03 and AJ Messina ‘04 were married October 1. Ali Davis ‘02 and Ross Reineck ‘02 were married September 3. Leslie Bixler ‘02 and Matt Sanctis were married June 11. Lindsey Smith ‘03 graduated in May with a Master of Public Health, Social Behavorial Sciences from Yale University. Lindsey is pursuing her PhD at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Jenny Kusmer ‘07 and Derek Sponseller ‘06 were married August 6. Erin (Hensley ‘02) and Matt Voland welcomed daughter, Malia Ryan Voland, May 3.

In Thanks

To Mark Boukissen ‘74 and Whitey’s Diner for soup stop meal donations. To Scott Drown and Greg Drown ‘78 for laying out and painting the football practice fields at the Naderer Complex To Rob Kerr ‘82 for painting the school steps. To Tom Hoelzle ‘75 for resurfacing the gym floor. To Pete Naderer ‘52, Paul Naderer ‘52, and Knobby Reiter for their work mowing and repair of the Softball Backstop and dugout. To Jared Swint ’90 for donating his time to the summer wrestling camps for youth and varsity wrestlers. To Adam Wammes ‘00, Nick Wasserman ‘03, Andy Kistler ‘02, Cory Ross ‘05 and Walters’ Boiler Works for donating the labor this summer to remove the old boiler that was leaking in the St. Joe Rectory and installing the new boiler. To Julie Rodriguez, Sue Kusmer, Kim Batey, Jean Wasserman, Josh Lauer, and Cori & Tony Foos for working Jimmy Bukketts weekend to support the SJCC Alumni & Friends.

The Salute Continues

Richard Roth ‘66: Served in Vietnam for two years and received the Purple Heart. He was exposed to Agent Orange and died at the age of 33 after a four year battle with cancer. Pat (Fleckner ‘76) O’Brien: Army intelligence 1977-1980 Robert Fleckner ‘83: Marines, 1985-1991, Desert Storm Veteran Peter Bush ‘02: Marines, 2002-2007

Fall 2011





F Y I Flash Make A Difference Day Project Update Last spring, I told you about my Make A Difference Day Project. I collect and donate aluminum can tabs to Ronald McDonald House in Toledo every year. In 10 years with your help, I have donated 2,271 lbs. of tabs. My best year was in 2006 when I collected 431 lbs. That was until this year. With all of your kind and generous support, I delivered 807 lbs. of tabs to Ronald McDonald House during their annual OcTABerfest! They were very grateful for the donation. The tabs are recycled by them and the money is used to purchase food for families staying there. I encourage you to visit Ronald McDonald House in Toledo. See for yourself the valuable resource that the facility is for our community. While you are there, smile and know that you helped fund the comforts that they provide for families staying there by sending your tabs to me. Thanks again for all of your support. Lindsay Darr ‘13

Reunion News

Class of 1951 Celebrated their 60th class reunion at the Fremont Country Club, 29 members and spouses attended. Class of 1952 Sunday August 5, 2012 Brunch at Fremont Country Club Class of 1953 Sunday July 8, 2012 Brunch at Fremont Country Club Class of 1961 Meets at noon on the second Tuesday of each month at the Fremont Moose. Class of 1966 Meets the first Monday of each month, email nombl@yahoo.com for more information.

Diamond Jubilee 75th Class Reunion In memory of those who have gone before and in gratitude for their longevity and friendship, the Class of 1936 gathered at Hoch’s 818 Club October 8 for their yearly class reunion. Seated in front is Walter Haynes, Fremont. Standing left to right are Laura (Baumer) Bundschuh, Norwalk, Esther (Ochs) Barbour, Fremont, Betty Rose (Yingling) Kendig, Kettering, Jennie-Belle (Campbell) Coppus, Fostoria, and Ruth (Freeh) Gerber, Trenton, Michigan. Unable to attend were Paul Krofft, Port Clinton and Kathryn (Schell) Shultz, Milton, Georgia.


SJCC Booster Club News

The Booster Club membership mailing will be coming soon. Please take this opportunity to join theBoosters and support SJCC student athletes. Meetings are the first and third Mondays, 8:00 p.m., at the Booster Club located in the Sheets Building, 308 Jackson St. The SJCC Booster Club’ s annual Transportation Reverse Raffle to support busing student athletes will be December 7, 2011, at Anjulina’s. The cost is $50.00 and includes dinner for one or $70.00 for two. Contact Denny Otte @ 419-334-4219 or Rick Frank @ 419-334-8680 for tickets.

Golf Outing Report Saturday, August 6, 23 teams competed in the 7th annual SJCC Alumni & Friends and CEDF golf outing. Over $5,500 was raised and split between the two organizations. Congratulations to the winning team of Jordan Frank ‘09, Rick Frank, Mark LeJeune, and Mark Miesle. To view pictures of the outing go to sjcc.bishop-hoffman.net/home/alumni/golfouting. Thank you to the tournament sponsors, prize donors, and hole sponsors listed below. Tournament Sponsors Erie Shore Propane Fremont Federal Credit Union Grund Drug Co. Jake’s Auto Mayle, Ray, and Mayle Pinnacle Capital Management, LLC Primerica Financial-Al Schabel Progressive Iron & Metal Wonderly Horvath Hanes Funeral Home and Crematory Prize Donors Bill Wingard, Al O’Neal, Henry Valle, Jim Yeager Beck Suppliers CEDF Chud’s Grille Depot Pizza Druckenmiller and Kayden Families Rick Frank Insurance Fremont Federal Credit Union Green Hills Golf Course Hoch’s 818 Club – Greg & Kim Hoch KeyBank – Jim Hoffman SJCC Alumni & Friends Association Sycamore Hills Golf Course Whitey’s Diner – Mark Boukissen Hole Sponsors Automatic Fire Protection Systems Baumann Auto Group Beck Suppliers Burns Iron and Metal Carbo Forge & Machine Clyde-Findlay Credit Union Croghan Colonial Bank Crown Battery Mfg. Co., Inc. Dairy Queen The Depot Diversified Insurance Services Edward Jones- Mark Miesle Erie Shore Propane Eye Centers of Northwest Ohio Fremont Auto Sound Fremont Country Club Fremont Federal Credit Union Fremont Flask Company Fremont Floor Covering Fricker’s

Karen Gabel ‘61, Vic Frederick ‘68, Mark Hoffman ‘72, Jack Hoffman ‘81 Grund Drug Co. Heinz Hoch’s 818 Club Ideal Bakery Jake’s Auto Services, Inc. JUNKA Knights of Columbus John & Alison Lauer Lesher Printers, Inc. Linke’s Wheel Alignment Luc Ice, Inc. Ludwig Propane Dr. Mark Mathews M. Scott Mead, DDS The McCue Family Audrey Heschel-McCue 41, Cathy McCue-Perry ’66, Susan McCue-Harris ’73, Mary McCue ’74, Jim McCue ‘79 Memorial Hospital Bob Moyer Paul Nagy, DDS Double O’s-Al O’Neal & Jim O’Brien The O’Neal Family-Al ’67, Karen ’70, Angie’93, Nicole ’95, AJ ‘00 Pfefferle Family Tom ’68, Bill ’77, Steve ‘79 Primerica-Al Schabel Rick Frank Insurance Dr. & Mrs. Tim Sauber Spader Freight Services Dr. Howard Stierwalt Subway-LeMaitre Enterprises Sycamore Hills Golf Club Terra Community College United Insurance Service The UPS Store Walt Rusch Plumbing and Heating Walters’ Boiler Works, Inc. Jim Weaver-Fremont City Council Wendt-Key Team Realty, Rob Boukissen West End Storage-Joe Durnwald Wonderly Horvath Hanes Funeral Home & Crematory World Wide Stationary USAJerry & Sandy Yeager Young’s RV Center

Fall 2011

Homecoming Half-Time Honors Bill Overmyer ‘67 Saturday, Oct. 8, Bill Overmyer ‘67 was presented with his retired #47 St. Joseph High School football jersy during the half-time festivities. Overmyer’s jersey was the first ever to be retired. He amassed many athletic achievements while at St. Joseph High School and Ashland University, culminating with an NFL draft. While at St. Joe he played three varsity seasons, 1964,1965, and 1966. He was named All-Ohio offensive end in 1966 and was all-district on defense and first team All-SBC for offense and defense. He became the first player for St. Joe to catch three touchdown passes in one game. Overmyer went on to attend Ashland University. While there he was named named best defensive lineman in1969, 1970, and 1971. He earned Associated Press All-American Honorable Mention and was named to the Kodak All-American 2nd Team Defensive End. Following the 1971 season he was selected in the 14th round of the NFL drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles and played two seasons. In 2004 he was inducted into the Ashland University Athletic Hall of Fame. Bill and his wife, Dana, reside in Willard, Ohio, and are the parents of son, Jon, and daughters, Carly and Nichole.

Eagle Scouts Congratulations to Derek Batey and Chris Carpenter, 2011 SJCC graduates and new Eagle Scouts. Derek’s Eagle Scout project was to prepare the croquet courts at the Hayes Presidential Center for a pro-am croquet tournament as part of Grove Fest, a annual fundraising event for the Center. Chris rebuilt the entire roof on the pergola in the side yard at the Sandusky County Historical Society on the corner of Birchard and S. Park Avenues.

Chris Carpenter

Derek Batey

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