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BIERNATHs Are Doing Fine in 2009…


Ryan (14) 9 grade th Troy (10) 4 grade th Kent (12) 7 grade

We were so happy when our boys’ cousin, Kelsey, from GA visited in June.

Not a whole lot has changed in the past year, except for the boys getting taller! I’m still adjusting to the fact that we have a high schooler now! We continue in the homeschooling journey and are thankful for the couple of homeschool co-ops we are in. Rolf’s project at 3M has gained a lot of momentum and positive attention from executive management. That has been very encouraging to Rolf. . My mom has had a tough A special treat was year. She has struggled with seeing Kelsey again pain from several compressed when we drove down to vertebrae and has been in the Atlanta to spend nursing home for the last 6 Thanksgiving with Rolf’s months. She was a week away mom, brother and family. Ryan really from going home in Sept. but wanted to see While then fell and broke her hip! The what it felt like to Beam me up, Scotty! driving to hope now is that she will get home stand in front for GA, within the next month. We’re praying once!! went by she will be strong enough to do St. that. Louis. Rode to top of the Arch.

I’ll let the photos tell you more about our year. ♫ Shoreview Homeschool Band ♪♪

Troy enjoyed his first time doing the overnight stays at Grindstone Lake Bible Camp with his cousin, Sam. At BSU

Ryan’s traveling baseball team did great this year, bringing home several trophies. Troy loved being their batboy!!

Ryan LOVES being in the band! Great Kids + Great Director = Beautiful Music !!

National Anthem at their All-Star Game

Many fun hours in our backyard playing wiffle ball in a “league” Ryan and a neighbor boy set up. They made up teams with players with funny names such as Jed Dye, Joe King, Ben Dover, Bill Loney, Brock Lee, and Matt Tress. Each kid acted out certain players. Great to see so much creativity! th

Snow on Oct. 12 !! Kent enjoyed making a fall snowman!

Spent a few days in northern MN around Bemidji, where I went to college. Stayed in a cabin on Lake Bemidji.

Toby Toby

Itasca State Park – Headwaters of the Mississippi Ryan: Kent: Look up Ryan, Rolf, and I on Facebook. Troy:

God’s blessings to you! With love, Sara Greetings from Rolf, Ryan, Kent, & Troy

Hoping you will find some time to relax during the holidays, though I don’t think many can relax quite like our Toby (above). Sometimes we think he’s broken with the crazy positions he sleeps in!!


Christmas Letter 2009  

Annual Biernath Christmas Letter 2009

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