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Ryan (17)

We have 3 teenage boys in the house now! How did that happen so quickly? I spend a lot of time cooking and at the grocery store. A big change for us this year is that Ryan is a high school senior and is doing college classes full-time at Bethel University. He’s working hard and doing well and will have completed a year of college when he graduates from high school – what a wonderful opportunity. It feels good to see that our homeschooling has been successful. I continue in homeschooling Kent and Troy. Rolf was invited into a new group called the Incubator at 3M – a research thinktank. His new focus is on electronics, energy, and transportation. He likes the new challenge.

“It was a tough year,” Ryan said, as he saw me working on our Christmas letter. Ryan played baseball for Chisago Lakes High School Varsity team this past spring. His season was cut short, however, when he got hit in the face by a pitch while up to bat. He ended up with a fracture under his eye, breaks in both bones at the top of his nose, and fractures along his cheekbone/nose. Surgery followed a few days later to fix his nose; they also had to put a metal plate along the cheekbone/nose. Thankfully he’s healed up well. Ryan even got back into the game towards the end of the summer season for Chisago’s Legion baseball – a big and courageous step for him. Another very tough thing was saying goodbye to our sweet 9-year old cat, Cinder. He was a wonderful cat that loved on everyone and every creature we brought into the house. That left a big hole in our hearts and an empty spot on our laps.

Silly Josie only sits on our laps if she’s on a blanket or a newspaper, or in a box.

Kent (15)

Kent’s room looks like a computer lab when friends come over with laptops to play “Age of Empires”. Kent is a whiz at strategy type games and he’s always researching and learning something new. He’s realizing this year that he really likes science. A flock of over 20 turkeys often visit our yard.

Troy had fun showing his baseball teammates how he can solve the Rubik’s cube. Cooking has become a new passion for Troy. He’s also giving basketball a try this winter and likes it!

“When Christ entered our world, he didn’t come to brighten our Decembers, but to transform our lives.”

Rich Miller

We’re happy to have another Biernath in MN. Niece Kelsey from Atlanta is attending the U of MN!

Wishing you love, light, and blessings always,

Troy (13)


Sara, Rolf, Ryan, Kent, Troy

2012 Christmas Letter  

2012 Biernath Annual Letter

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