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COLLEGE EXPLORATION PROGRAM Presented by: Seniors Class of 2011’ Ashley Smith & Corinne Madsen

CAC Meetings 

Summer Meeting 

Student/Parent CAC Meeting  Discuss   


Safety schools Reach schools Premed / Engineering Programs?

Final list due in fall

Fall Meeting 

Finalize College List  Make your list horizontal 

Decide on teacher recommendation Letter

Specifics on the College Application 

Personal Data  

    

Demographics Family

Grades Test Scores Activities Teacher Recs Essays

What are the most important aspects of the college

Standardized Tests 

SAT vs. ACT 

SAT II ?  Does

your schools require them?

Do I just send my best possible standardized test scores to

Teacher Recommendations  

Select teachers Hand each teacher:  

Recommendation Request Form Addressed and stamped envelopes  1 per college

Teacher Evaluation Form  Printed from Common App or college’s  1 per college


The Common Application  

Grouping of 390 member schools Send to all member institutions   

Personal information Personal Essay/Statement Extracurricular Essay


Insight to who you are Conveys something special to you

Make sure to make time for ……….

…… Supplements What is a supplement? Easy: New College of Florida •     General Info (usually already filled in from previous sections) •       Only asked whether or not you’re a resident of Florida

Medium: Brandeis •     General Info (usually already filled in from previous sections) •       250 Word Essay

Hard: Princeton: •     General Info (usually already filled in from previous sections) •       Description of Summer Activities •       Your favorite book, movie, website, recording, source of inspiration, word, keepsake or memento, and line from a movie or book and two words your friends would use to describe you. •       500 Word Essay University of Chicago: •       General Info (usually already filled in from previous sections) •       Essay 1 •       Optional Essay 2 •       Essay 3

Time Constraints 

Early Decision/ Early Action 

   

November, early December

Single-Choice Early Action Institutional scholarships Rolling Admission Turn in Processing Slips

Early Action vs. Early Decision ?

CAC Forms

Deadlines 

Deadline List October 1 - UIUC Application Deadline Early to Mid November (1-15) - Early Action/Decision Deadline Early to Mid J anuary (1-15) - Normal Application Deadline February 15 - Latest Date for Rolling Applications November 1 - March 15 - Due dates for various scholarship applications General Schedule August-September: CAC Meeting September-October: Talk to your teachers about recs September-October: Turn in UIUC Application November: Apply Early to schools that require early application for scholarship or top choice schools December-J anuary: Apply to the rest of your schools J anuary-March: Turn in additional scholarship applications

Submitting Your Application 

Components of your application:  Common App  Supplement  Test scores  Application fee  Checking status

of teacher recs

 Processing Slip  Secondary School Report

And finally…

SECOND SEMESTER SENIOR YEAR! Wait until Spring and see all your hard work pay off…

It’s all importan

Some schools want them all.

Essays that show more about you. When is looking at the supplements essays for college apps is important? a. Choosing schools to apply to b. Choosing how many schools to apply to c. Choose where in the country to apply to

What about Schools not registered with Common Application? 

Ask for similar information as common app   

It’s own supplementary essays Through the school’s website with its own login May have special deadlines

b. Choosing how many schools to app to

Early Decision =bindin

College Exploration Program Presentation  
College Exploration Program Presentation  

COLLEGE EXPLORATION PROGRAM Presented by: Seniors Class of 2011’ Ashley Smith & Corinne Madsen  Summer Meeting  Decide on teacher reco...