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SJA’s Soiree Rocking through the Decades. Saturday, March 10, 2018 Join the SJA community for a night of silent and live auctions, raffles, great food and drinks and live music by After 8. If you are interested in serving on the Soiree Planning Committee, please contact Megan St. Germain at or (225) 388-2270.







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Stacia B. Andricain has been named principal of St. Joseph’s Academy. She is pictured with Student Council Executive Board members Secretary/Treasurer Addison Bruce, Vice President Juliet Alise, President Kennedy Walker and Communications Coordinator Claire Marie Tate.

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3 | S J A C O N N E C T I O N S Fall 2017

FROM THE PRESIDENT FINDING HOPE In his book, Turn My Mourning into Dancing, Henri Nouwen speaks about the light of hope during difficult times and the journey of transformation in finding the love of God. As Pope Francis says, “There is a light of hope for each of us.” We all encounter times of difficulty, loss and challenge in our lives. How do we journey though these moments to experience God’s love of us? Nouwen shares ways we can continue to find hope in our lives. We can’t change most events in our lives. It is how we react to these circumstances that will help us find hope in difficult times. It is here, in the center of our sadness, that we can find the grace of God. Sometimes, this grace comes through the people in our lives; sometimes, it is a kind word, a hug, a friend’s call, a meal shared. These are moments that God gives us as He feels our suffering and helps us transform our pain into joy. Prayer is essential in our lives. Prayer puts us in touch with God. It lets the Holy Spirit guide our life. It opens us up to gratitude for the good and for understanding our difficulties. We learn that “Everything is Grace” and that each experience is an opportunity to grow closer to God and His plan for us. Prayer allows us to hear God’s voice to help us let go and make God the center of our lives. It is through prayer that we see love and have faith in God’s plan. In prayer, we trust that we are in the hands of God who will guide us on our journey through the paths in our lives. In prayer, we see all of life as a gift, and people become one of our greatest gifts. It is in prayer that we sustain God’s gifts to us of faith, hope and love. Letting go. Letting go is one of the greatest challenges we face. Can we let God lead us through our difficulties to His

love? Can we let go and feel the compassion and peace that God sends us? In letting go, we listen to the Spirit of God in the quiet. The Spirit of God can touch us, guide us, speak to us and lead us to God’s healing mercies in a life-changing way. Open our hearts to be receptive to God’s word. We learn to trust that God will encircle our lives and catch us and hold us in the difficult as well a good moments. Possibilities await us. It is through faith that we are led to hopefulness when we have experienced challenges in our lives. A person of faith is willing to be open to new possibilities and trust in God that our lives are a gift of a loving God. Faith creates in us a willingness to let God’s will be done and a deep confidence that God is good and God’s goodness will triumph. We trust God and know through the many periods in our lives that God will send us hope and joy. Faith opens us up to God’s sustaining, healing presence. When we trust, we know that possibilities await us. Trust allows for hopefulness. We trust that God wants us to experience healing and to bring us to a new, loving place. One of the hardest things for us to do is to allow time to heal, time to move from sadness to joy, time to trust in God’s plan for us, time to forgive and time to let go and listen to God. As Thomas Merton wrote, “Hope is in God’s hand, not only in the gentle and pleasant moments, but also in the shadows of disappointment.” When we invite God into our lives, we will never walk alone. God comes alongside us and becomes our closest companion. As we turn to healing, hear the voice of love, and trust yourself to God. In each sorrowful night there is a hopeful morning with God at our side. Nothing can separate us from the love of God. Let us open our hearts to feel the grace of God. Let our journey embody the hope for God’s light to shine forth, the light of Hope.

4 | S J A C O N N E C T I O N S From the President


Kick off SJA’s 150th Anniversary Celebration with

January 16, 2018 6-8 p.m. Gordon Biersch in Buckhead Wednesday, June 6, through Saturday, June 16, 2018

Lyon, Paris and LePuy, the birthplace of the Sisters of St. Joseph in 1650 Estimated cost: $3,500 (plus airfare) For more information, please contact Alumnae Director Katie Jeter at (225) 388-2244 or DEADLINE TO REGISTER: APRIL 6, 2018

For more information, contact Alumnae Director Katie Jeter at (225) 388-2244 or


N.Y.C. alumnae!!


6 p.m. to 8 p.m.


Join us for a Redsticker Reunion


RSVP to Meg Gerald, Mission Advancement Director Megan St. Germain ’11, Mission Advancement Assistant Katie Jeter ’04, Alumnae 388-2270 5 | S J ADirector C O N N E C T I O N S(225) Fall 2017 or



Stacia Andricain has been named principal of St. Joseph’s Academy. She replaces Dr. Michele Lambert, who stepped aside in late September to explore other opportunities. “It has been a privilege for me to be the principal of SJA for the past twoand-a-half years,” Dr. Lambert said. “This premier Catholic secondary school is a pillar in the Baton Rouge community. I look forward to using my background in identifying learning styles and creating tools to bridge learning gaps to benefit other schools.” Andricain began her career at St. Joseph’s Academy in 1996 and became a member of the school’s administration in 2002. Her first position at SJA was administrative assistant to the disciplinarian and activities coordinator. After earning her master’s degree, she was promoted to the administrative position of activities coordinator, then assumed the role of disciplinarian. She most recently served as SJA’s dean of women. “I am humbled and honored to serve as SJA’s next principal and to be called upon to further the charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph and the mission of

6 | SJA

SJA,” Andricain said. “I always say, I am not an alumna of SJA, but it’s where I grew up. It is the place where I met my greatest mentors who saw something in me that went beyond being their assistant. They listened to and often encouraged my crazy plans and ideas. They invited me to contribute in ways that I never could have imagined, pushed me to do more and expected more of me. I hold such a dear place in my heart for what these wonderful women instilled in me, and I found my true vocation. It is my obligation and my absolute pleasure to keep that same sense of mentorship and pass it on to others who will be here after me.” “We are confident that Stacia Andricain will provide a strong and collaborative style of leadership to enhance the continued development and growth of St. Joseph’s Academy,” said SJA President Jan Rhorer Breen. “We are in good and capable hands as we move into the future and look forward to celebrating the 150th anniversary of our founding beginning in August of 2018.” Andricain became an Associate of the Sisters of St. Joseph in 2013. Associates are laypeople who work in sponsored ministries of the Congregation of St. Joseph to help further the mission and charism of the Sisters. “Since their founding in 1650, the Sisters respond to a need by rolling up their shirtsleeves and doing what needs to be done for the good of all,” Andricain said. “Educating young women in the Baton Rouge community for 149 years takes planning, patience, perseverance and dedication. Being an Associate of the Sisters, I have been able to see these traits firsthand and how one can lead while caring for and upholding the dignity of all people you

encounter. The fact that the Sisters are entrusting me with their school is one of the greatest achievements of my life. I will work each and every day to uphold the mission and the charism of the Sisters and use their beautiful legacy to guide me in the decisions I make.” Sister Mary Anne Hebert, secretary of the SJA Board of Directors and a member of the Congregation of St. Joseph, said that Andricain is committed to nurturing the bonds of community with students and faculty. “For more than 20 years, Stacia Andricain has been immersed in the SJA culture of service to the ‘dear neighbor,’ ” Sister Mary Anne said. “As an Associate of the Sisters of St. Joseph, Stacia is deeply engaged in living our Congregation’s mission of unity and inclusive love. Our prayerful support is with her as she begins this next step of leadership and service to our young women at SJA.” Andricain is a 1996 graduate of Louisiana State University with a bachelor of science in human ecology and a minor in sociology. She earned her master’s in human resource education and workforce development from LSU in 2002. She said she most looks forward to nurturing the bonds which make SJA such a special place.

“The Sisters’ charism is rooted in relationships,” Andricain said. “I have a great connection to the students, and keeping that connection is so important to me. I want to continue to chat with them at lunch, play games and dress up on fun days and support them in their afterschool activities. Building relationships with all those involved with SJA is central to my work. I want everyone in the SJA community to know that they are cared for and valued.” C O N N E C T I O N S SJA Community

Stacia Andricain said she enjoys her connection with SJA’s students. She is pictured here with Malaya Doucet at this year’s Senior Retreat on October 12 and 13.

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Please direct questions to Megan St. Germain at 7 | S J A C O N N E C T I O N S Fall 2017

SJA ANNOUNCES APPOINTMENT OF DEAN OF WOMEN Aubrey Cucullu DeJohn, a member of the St. Joseph’s Academy faculty for 12 years, will serve as the school’s interim dean of women for the remainder of the 2017-2018 academic year. DeJohn replaces Stacia Andricain, who was named the school’s principal on September 25. A member of the administrative team, the dean of women is responsible for discipline and activities. She administers the school’s discipline system in a fair and caring manner; is in charge of the co-curricular activities program of the school; and is responsible for the organization, vitality and management of student activities to provide opportunities for personal growth, peer interaction and acceptance. Andricain called DeJohn the consummate professional who truly understands the mission of SJA and the vision of the Sisters of St. Joseph. “As a long-time member of the Academy faculty, Aubrey embodies our ideals of sanctity, joy and action,” Andricain said. “I look forward to having her as a member of our leadership team as we move into the next chapter at SJA.” DeJohn is currently the chair of the Academy’s math department and teaches calculus. She has served as the senior class moderator for the past nine years, overseeing the Big Sis/Little Sis program and helping to coordinate Honors Convocation and Graduation. She is the director of the Computer Orientation sessions in which incoming freshmen participate prior to the start of the school year. She also works with the school’s registrar. She is SJA’s District Rally coordinator and has served as a mentor to new faculty members. She interned with the school’s administrative team for a number of years. “During my time at SJA, I have developed a great love for the Academy and for the young women we educate,” DeJohn said. “I look forward to working with the faculty, students and parents in fulfilling the mission of the school and sharing the charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph.” DeJohn earned a bachelor of science in mathematics and a master’s degree in educational leadership from Louisiana State University. She said she looks forward to her new responsibilities as a member of SJA’s administration. “I am excited to serve our students in a different capacity,” DeJohn said. “I’m looking forward to building on the foundation I developed in the classroom and through the co-curricular activities I have been part of during my career. I am also looking forward to working with Stacia Andricain. She has been a wonderful mentor to me, and I know that she will be an invaluable resource as I embrace my new role.”

Aubrey Cucullu DeJohn poses with sophomores Faith Woods and Emma Durnin.


Saturday, January 27, 2018 • 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. • St. Joseph’s Academy Presented by Becky Uffman Eldredge ’98

Making Room for God in the New Year A new year provides a fresh start and a chance to reset our thinking about what’s to come. It’s a season of preparing, looking ahead, planning and refining. As we go through this annual process, are we allowing God to be part of it? Is there room for God?

Join us for a day of discovering how we can bring God into all aspects of our lives. We’ll delve into ways to move God from being displayed nicely on the shelf to being at the heart of our homes, our families, our work and our lives. More information to follow.

9 | S J A C O N N E C T I O N S Fall 2017

Academy Student Center To Enhance Health and Wellness Curricula With the start of the 2018-2019 school year in August, St. Joseph’s Academy will begin a year-long celebration of the 150th anniversary of its founding by the Sisters of St. Joseph. Among the first orders of business will be to dedicate the Academy Student Center. Continuing to take shape on the corner of Broussard and Parker streets, this 23,000-square-foot facility will provide additional opportunities for fitness, wellness and health-related education for all SJA students. Additionally, Redsticker athletes will compete in a state-of-the-art complex, and the Academy will be afforded much-needed space to celebrate masses and other school events with extended families, grandparents and friends. SJA’s current strategic plan, launched in 2013, directed the Academy to enhance its health and wellness curriculum and further the wellbeing of each student through exercise, conditioning and learning opportunities focused on healthy lifestyles. Heart disease is the leading killer of women in the United States. Indeed, heart conditions are responsible for approximately 29 percent

of deaths, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Among the leading risk factors for heart disease, according to the American Heart Association, are physical inactivity and obesity. “Healthier lifestyles lower a woman’s risk for heart disease,” said Liz Fontenot, SJA’s strength and conditioning coach and member of the Health & Physical Education Department. “A well-balanced diet and exercise are critical to healthy living. Through education, young women can learn to take charge of their health.” Mackenzie Bowman is SJA’s athletic trainer. She also teaches the school’s popular Sports Medicine I and II classes. She said the new facility will help ensure adequate space for the school’s growing sports medicine curriculum. “The new sports medicine classrooms

will offer the space needed for the large number of students who choose to take the sports medicine classes,” she said. “It will give us the room we need for hands-on classroom participation. In addition, the new classrooms and athletic training room will enhance the sports medicine program for our athletes. These great new facilities will give the student-athletes more space for in-house rehabilitation for injuries.” SJA’s intramural athletic program will benefit from the

opening of the new building, as well. Currently, intramural events must be scheduled around the availability of the Activity Center. “But with the additional playing area created by the new Academy Student Center, intramural events will be able to run simultaneously with athletic team practices,” said Brenda LeBlanc, SJA’s intramural director. “Having the additional court space will also allow us to schedule intramural events during those months with less-thanoptimal playing conditions outdoors.” There are several naming opportunities still available. For more information about the Academy Student Center or how you can partner with St. Joseph’s Academy in this endeavor, please visit To schedule an appointment to discuss your gift, please contact Mission Advancement Director Meg Gerald at (225) 388-2254 or

TWO SCHOLARSHIPS RECENTLY ENDOWED Two scholarships held in the St. Joseph’s Academy Foundation have been endowed. The Father William L. Greene and Rosalia Effie Greene ’28 Scholarship (formerly the Monsignor William L. Greene Scholarship) and the Mae and Francis Jumonville Scholarship are now fully endowed and perpetual, providing tuition assistance to young women whose families could not otherwise afford the full cost of an Academy education. Father William Greene and his sister Rosalia enjoyed a long-standing friendship with the Sisters of St. Joseph. For more than 50 years, their mother, Effie Greene, maintained a steadfast dedication to the Sisters and was a close personal friend of Mother Alice’s. In a time when the Sisters didn’t drive, Effie would run errands, plan and prepare feast day celebrations, transport the Sisters to doctor’s appointments and on other outings and grocery shop for Sister Agatha. More times than not, Father Greene and Rosalia were in the car. Rosalia graduated from SJA in 1928. Father Greene served at St. Joseph Cathedral and Our Lady of Mercy and was the founding pastor of St. Pius X Parish. He also served as pastor of St. Thomas More, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in St. Francisville and Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Jackson. After retiring, Father Greene purchased his family’s home across the street from Mother Alice Hall on Kleinert Avenue. Rosalia lived two blocks away. Father Greene continued to say mass for the Sisters, and he and Rosalia spent many happy hours visiting with them in the Convent. Upon his retirement, the Sisters honored Father Greene with a celebratory brunch and took turns sharing their stories and memories of him and Rosalia, as well as their mother. Their brother, Frank Greene, nieces Susan Greene McCall, Trimi McRea and Barbara Morrison and nephews John Cogan, Dr. Bobby Greene and Dr. Ned Greene established the scholarship in their memory. The Mae and Francis Jumonville Scholarship was established in 1991 by Sandy Jumonville Brown and her husband, Greg. The scholarship honors the memory of Sandy’s parents, Mae and Francis Jumonville, who strongly believed in the value of a good education and provided private educations to Sandy and her brother at a time when it was a financial struggle to do so. Sandy said the scholarship pays tribute to her parents in an especially meaningful way. “My parents were very interested in education,” Sandy said. “My father was the first in his family to go to college, and my mother was very intelligent, though she did not have the opportunity to attend college.” Sandy is a 1971 graduate of the Academy and says the school provided a solid foundation for her growth as a young woman. “I loved my years at SJA so much,” she said. “What I learned and gained there went far beyond academics. I knew I was getting a very good education, but just as importantly, I learned things that have served me in life: principles, values and touchstones. I was blessed to have the Sisters as teachers.” She laughingly adds, “While I never have used what I tried (and failed!) to learn in honors algebra, I have used the values, morals and the charism the Sisters taught me in life on a daily basis. My life is truly better in so many ways because of them.” Sandy’s devotion to the Sisters led her to becoming an Associate of the Sisters of St. Joseph in March of this year. “The Sisters are extraordinary women and, after my parents, were the most influential people in guiding my life,” she said.

12 | S J A C O N N E C T I O N S SJA Community

Sandy and Greg’s daughter, Allison Brown Fond, is a 1997 graduate of SJA. Sandy said she couldn’t

imagine Allison going to school anywhere else. “I believe in the mission of the school,” Sandy said, “and with the scholarship in my parents’ memory, I am honored to provide the opportunity for an Academy education to other young women, even after I’m gone, as well as providing a living memorial to honor my parents and to thank them for providing me with an SJA education.”

SCHOLARSHIP DONATIONS MAKE A DIFFERENCE For a list of the scholarships held in the SJA Foundation, please visit the school’s website at Click the Giving tab at the top right of the homepage, then Give Now. You will find a link to our scholarships in the second paragraph. In keeping with the legacy of the Sisters of St. Joseph, no student has ever been denied admission solely on the basis of ability to pay. Contributions to the SJA Foundation keep this legacy alive. Gifts to any scholarship benefit deserving students and further our mission to educate young women as responsible and unifying members of the world community. Fully endowed scholarships and funds are perpetual because only earned interest income, not the principal, is used. Donors may continue to contribute even after a scholarship or fund is fully endowed because the larger the corpus, the greater the earnings available for use. For more information, we ask that you contact Sister Joan Laplace at (225) 388-2220 or



13 | S J A C O N N E C T I O N S Fall 2017



he Mission Advancement team at St. Joseph’s Academy hosted a special ceremony on the morning of July 28 to dedicate a bench in memory of Drusilla “Druci” Braswell Balkom, a longtime member of the Academy’s faculty. Druci spent 45 years at SJA, teaching English, speech, oral interpretation, theology and debate; moderating the Drama Club and yearbook; and coordinating senior activities and trips, among other duties.

Sister Joan Laplace, Mission Advancement associate director, said she joined the SJA faculty a year before Druci arrived in 1965. “We both taught English, but she reveled in it and became the master teacher,” Sister Joan said. “As I came to know her, one of the qualities that always endeared Druci to me was her honesty about herself. She, as they say, told it like it was and respected those who were honest with her, even if she did not agree with what they were saying.”

Family, Sisters of St. Joseph, former colleagues and students, friends and current staff members gathered in the orchard for the dedication ceremony. Among the family members in attendance were Druci’s daughters: Kendal Balkom Scheidt ’96 and her husband, Michael; Kirsten Balkom; Paige Balkom Bacile ’80; and Ashley Balkom Alberty ’83 and her husband, Craig; Druci’s son, Eric, and his wife, Dawn; and grandchildren: Jessica ’03, Cadence, Cameron ’13 and Cole.

Sister Joan said that the lives Druci touched and the relationships she formed can’t be calculated. “I can see Druci sitting on this bench, maybe enjoying nature, correcting papers, reading poetry or just taking time out to ponder how to handle some decision she was facing,” Sister Joan said. “In her last years here, when Druci’s lungs were wearing out, Druci, ever the teacher and by her very presence, was teaching all of us every day what it means to live life gratefully and to anticipate the fullness of life to come.”

Several members of the SJA class of 1969 were at the dedication, including SJA President Jan Rhorer Breen, who explained that Druci taught English to many of her classmates three of their four years at SJA. “Druci is the reason I decided to major in English,” Breen said. “She was a teacher, a mentor and an inspiration.”

Members of Druci Balkom’s family gathered in the SJA Orchard to dedicate a bench in her memory. They are, from left (seated) Cole Alberty, Cameron Balkom, Kendal Balkom Scheidt holding Cadence, Jessica Berthelot, (standing) Craig and Ashley Alberty, Paige Bacile, Kirsten Balkom and Eric and Dawn Balkom.

14 | S J A C O N N E C T I O N S SJA Community


The seventh annual Sticker Stampede 5K and Fun Runs, hosted by the St. Joseph’s Academy Alumnae Association on October 1, was a great success. Some 400 runners participated in the race, presented by Varsity Sports. SJA Alumnae Director Katie Jeter said this year’s Sticker Stampede enjoyed tremendous support. “The race drew right at 400 runners ranging in age from 3 to 83,” she said. “In addition, we couldn’t have asked for better weather.” In six years, the event has raised more than $50,000 to benefit the SJA Alumnae Scholarship. This year, the race supports the construction of the Academy Student Center, set to open in late spring 2018. The morning began with mass in the Chapel at SJA. Father Paul Gros was the celebrant. Runners and visitors enjoyed the Baton Rouge General Finisher Festival and Marketplace, featuring food and beverages, live music, kids’ crafts and games and shopping with more than two dozen local vendors. Timing sponsor for this year’s run was MAPP. Gold-level sponsors were Baton Rouge Digital Products; The Celtic Group; Ryson Roofing; and Baton Rouge General Physicians - Bella Family Medical. Red-level sponsors were State Farm - Reiter Marshall; Cajun Industries; Provost, Salter, Harper & Alford, LLC; and Wardlaw & Lasseigne, LLC. White-level sponsors were Dr. Stephen Sanches - Baton Rouge Clinic Pediatrics; Mary Sue Stages, CPA; PAX, LLC; KB Cook Weddings; McCormick & McCormick; Kleinpeter Photography; Soiree; Assurance Financial - Jana Waguespack Didia, Class of 2007; and Juice Plus+ – Rebecca Stewart Arceneaux, Class of 1983. Dr. Steven H. Brooksher, DDS, also contributed. Race co-chairs were Karen Edward Styron ’01 and Emily Shedloff Richard ’01. They were joined on the Sticker Stampede planning committee by Hannah Shedlof ’09, Jessica Henchy ’95, Kate Butler Cook ’01, Chip Magee, Kathryn Johnson Sanches ’01, Lurline Hamilton ’64, Megan Balhoff ’01, Melissa Silva ’99, Monica Valenciano Rogers ’01, Nan Murtagh and Patricia Duvic ’99. Also helping to make the day a success were members of the SJA Mothers’ Club, SJA Alumnae Association, current SJA students and community volunteers.

SJA alumnae turned out in force, running in or volunteering their time for this year’s Sticker Stampede.

15 | S J A C O N N E C T I O N S Fall 2017

ALUMNAE NEWS ’34 JENNIE CRIFASI FONTE celebrated her 100th birthday on July 30 in Baton Rouge with family and friends. Jennie lives in Houston.

’60 MARILYN BEAUFORD retired from Jesuit High School New Orleans after 25 years of service. She joined the school in 1992 as the administrative assistant to the president. She soon assumed responsibility for overseeing Jesuit’s volunteer efforts, including the Celebration auction and gala, Blue Jay Bazaar and Alma Mater Awards, among others.

’76 EMILY VERGES REYNOLDS retired after a 37-year career in information technology and now lives in the San Bernardino Mountains of southern California with husband Scott and their German Shepherd, Kaiser. “It’s a long way from the Louisiana bayous, but we love it here,” Emily says.

’81 MONICA PIZZOLATO FLOOD is retired after 30 years of teaching in Ascension Parish. She remains active in the community, teaching anti-bullying/ anti-violence lessons through the Boys and Girls Club of Baton Rouge. This summer, she traveled to Honduras to participate in her second mission trip to that country. The trip was sponsored through St. John the Evangelist Parish in Prairieville and the Olancho Aid Foundation.

’95 ASHLEY MICHEL has published her second novel, Girl in Grey, about a woman who dons a Confederate soldier’s uniform and joins the army after an attack on her homestead. Ashley spent three years researching the Civil War, gaining knowledge from re-enactors and memorabilia collectors as well as extensive study. Girl in Grey is available for checkout from local libraries and can be purchased on Amazon. “I’m proud to have written a book about a strong female character who rises above her role that the world of men had written for her, and I hope to write more strong female characters in the future,” Ashley says.

16 | S J A C O N N E C T I O N S Alumnae News

’96 DR. MARGARET JANE COUVILLON is an assistant professor of pollinator biology and ecology in the Department of Entomology at Virginia Tech. She finished her Ph.D. in England in 2004 and lived in Switzerland for two years after marrying Dr. Roger Schürch and before she and her husband accepted positions as faculty at Virginia Tech in January.

’98 NICOLE “NICKI” GENRE OLINDE was inducted into the Delta State University Athletic Hall of Fame. A member of the school’s softball team, Nicki ended her career as the school’s all-time winningest pitcher, posting 85 wins in four seasons (1999-2002). As a senior, she led NCAA Division II with 35 wins while guiding the Lady Statesmen to their first ever NCAA Regional Tournament appearance. She was named to the 1999 and 2002 National Fastpitch Coaches Association All-South Region Team and holds the record for innings pitched (860.1) by a Lady Statesman. Nicki was named to the All-Gulf South Conference Team three times and was GSC West Division Player of the Year in 2002. She also holds single season records for innings pitched (289.0), complete games (39) and shutouts (17).

’04 KATHERINE PYBURN DUREAU completed her pediatrics residency at the University of Alabama in Birmingham in June and will begin her career as a pediatrician in Atlanta, where she has been hired as faculty at Emory University. She will be working in the Pediatric Emergency Department at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Katherine graduated from LSU in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and earned her doctor of medicine degree from LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans in 2014.

’05 COURTNEY BELL earned her master’s degree in educational leadership and organization from Columbia University Teachers College. Courtney’s capstone project was entitled The New School Design project. Her group wrote the charter for an innovative school focusing on the growing need for a bilingual workforce in Louisiana and around the country. Fuerza (which means strength in Spanish) Academy is an all-girls, dual-immersion boarding school with a culturally responsive curriculum centered around female empowerment, justice, equity and trauma informed care.

’06 KATHLEEN BENEDETTO has been accepted to the Ph.D. program in geography at Louisiana State University and will focus her studies on climatology and extreme climate events.

’08 MONIQUE DOUGLAS graduated

from the University of Phoenix in July with a master of arts degree in adult education and training. She has been promoted to instructional designer at H&E Equipment Services in Baton Rouge.

’12 MARGARET GUNN graduated from Drexel University in June and recently began working for Eurofins in the Philadelphia area as an analytical scientist. In her five years at Drexel, Margaret completed a dual degree program, earning bachelor of science and master’s degrees in biomedical engineering while also working three six-month co-op terms.

17 | S J A C O N N E C T I O N S Fall 2017

’13 VICTORIA STEIN and MADDI THIBODEAUX ’14 are members of the LSU Health Sciences Center dental hygiene class of 2019.

’13 TAYLOR THOMPSON graduated in May from Georgia Southern University with a degree in sports management and minors in business and management. She was a two-year member of the women’s golf team. She is now enrolled in the PGA Professional Golf Management program and is working at TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra, Florida. She works at the PGA Tour’s Performance Center, where professionals and elite golfers come to train. Her career goal is to become a Top 100 golf instructor.

’15 ANNIE GOSSERAND has been awarded a seat in Tulane Medical School’s class beginning in August 2019 via Tulane’s Creative Premedical Scholars Program. As a junior at Tulane University, Annie will have the opportunity to explore passions in the liberal arts rather than focusing on medical school admissions criteria, including the MCAT. The program features an accelerated curriculum that must be completed during the student’s first two years at Tulane. Annie completed the program with a 3.855 grade point average. In the Creative Premedical Scholars Program, she will major in French and philosophy with minors in psychology and religious studies. Additionally, Annie is the recipient of Tulane’s first Beth Poe Travel Grant and will travel in July 2018 to France for an immersion program in the French language and culture.

’15 HANNAH KELLER (second from left) and KATIE VUKOVICS ’16 (far right) presented at the National Society for Music Perception and Cognition Conference held this July in San Diego. The conference included presentations by current researchers in the field, ranging from music therapy research and application to how the brain processes music and rhythm. Katie is working with Dr. Daniel Shanahan through the Music Cognition and Computation Lab at LSU, and they are currently working on finishing the paper for publication.

’15 SYDNIE ROWLAND is featured in this year’s LSU recruitment commercial that airs at halftime of televised football games. She spent two days filming the commercial which debuted during the LSU-BYU game. Sydnie was also selected to take part in an SEC Network commercial that was filmed a few weeks later at LSU and which is also airing during football season. Sydnie is a thirdyear LSU Ambassador.

18 | S J A C O N N E C T I O N S Alumnae News


’15 VERONICA DOW was awarded an LSU Family Association Scholarship based on an essay she wrote about how she gives back campus-wide, locally, nationally and internationally. She was also awarded a scholarship to study abroad in London and Edinburgh this past summer after mentoring an international graduate student from Honduras for a semester.



he St. Joseph’s Academy Alumnae Office hosted the fifth annual Legacy Mass and Reception on August 13. Generations of Academy graduates, along with their daughters, granddaughters and nieces who are current students, gathered in the Chapel at SJA for the Eucharistic celebration. Father John Carville was the celebrant. SJA President Jan Rhorer Breen ’69 welcomed the families whose legacies are woven throughout the Academy’s history. She said that five generations of women share the sacred threads of tradition dating to the 1870s. She recognized two families whose members have been a part of SJA for four generations. Theresa Gros Landry, class of 1965, has a granddaughter at SJA, Kelsi Landry, class of 2019. Theresa’s sister, Marie Gros Favrot, graduated in 1967. Their mother, Anelia Rabalais Gros, graduated in 1940; and her sister, Katherine Rabalais, graduated in 1942. Katherine later joined the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph and was given the name Sister Maria. Theresa’s daughter, Toni Landry Ransome, graduated in 1997; her nieces, Kim Hurst Martinez and Jill Hurst Mabile, are members of the classes of 1988 and 1991, respectively; and great-niece Madison Mabile is a member of the class of 2021.

Also recognized were members of a family whose legacy dates back to SJA’s first graduate, Josephine Bahlinger, class of 1877. Freshman Hensley Blackstone is the daughter of Alyce Capdevielle Blackstone, class of 1995. Both of Hensley’s grandmothers attended SJA: Pati Bahlinger Capdevielle, class of 1970, and Paula Pennington de la Bretonne, class of 1971. Pati’s mother, Frances Robichaux Bahlinger, was a 1941 graduate. Her husband’s aunt was Josephine Bahlinger. Following mass, the multi-generational families posed for group photographs. Guests then gathered in the Commons of Mother Alice Hall for a reception catered by SAGE Dining Services.

This family traces its roots to SJA’s first graduate, Josephine Bahlinger, class of 1877. From left, they are family members Frances Robichaux Bahlinger ’41, Pati Bahlinger Capdevielle ’70, Hensley Blackstone ’21 and Alyce Capdevielle Blackstone ’95.

Families with three and four generations of SJA graduates posed for a picture on the front steps of Mother Alice Hall.

Two-generation legacy families posed for a picture on the Batchelor Terrace of the Academy Arts Center.

Four generations of this family have graduated from St. Joseph’s Academy. Enjoying the reception following the Legacy Mass are family members Theresa Gros Landry ’65, Toni Landry Ransome ’97, Kelsi Landry ’19, Madison Mabile ’21, Jill Hurst Mabile ’91 and Marie Gros Favrot ’67

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Academy graduates living in the Baton Rouge area turned out in force for the first-ever Baton RougeArea Redsticker Social on October 10. Nearly 200 alumnae gathered for an evening of campus tours, reconnecting and a cocktail reception in the Academy Arts Center.

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Gisele Calderon ’09, left, poses in the lab with Rice undergraduate student Patricia Thai. Photo courtesy of Jeff Fitlow/Rice University.

Gisele Calderon, a 2009 graduate of St. Joseph’s Academy, is part of a team of bioengineers and scientists from Rice University and the Baylor College of Medicine working to 3D print blood-transporting vessels. Gisele is a fourth-year Ph.D. student in bioengineering in the laboratory of Jordan Miller at Rice University. The Physiologic Systems Engineering and Advanced Materials Laboratory is addressing the challenges associated with creating artificial organs or tissue mimics. “With the organ donor waitlist ever increasing and the number of available as well as compatible donor organs remaining stagnant, the scientific community is pushing the field to address this worldwide problem by regenerating patient-matched, functional organs,” Gisele said. “On a different scale but equally important, we want to provide a realistic environment (out-of-the-body yet beyond-thepetri-dish) approach for screening drugs for efficacy and safety before using on human patients.” Gisele said the greatest hurdle faced by this field is keeping the cells in the organs and tissues alive. “Our bodies naturally form a complex and hierarchical blood vascular system to nourish the cells throughout the body and remove waste,” she said. “This kind of plumbing system poses difficulty in replicating in the lab. Our lab’s approach is to fabricate open channels with 3D bioprinting techniques that will become open vasculature for blood flow within a tissue volume. In order to get there, however, we must optimize the materials that we can use safely for the cells and that are also printable.”

Along these lines, there is often a tradeoff with 3D printing’s speed and resolution, Gisele said. The smaller the scale, the longer it takes to print a physiologically relevant sized volume. The cost of the printer increases, as well. “Therefore, we seek to 3D print vessels with about 50 to 200 microns in resolution and rely on the capacity of endothelial cells, the cells that line the blood vessel walls, to self-assemble into the smallest vessels of the body: capillaries five to 10 microns in diameter,” she said. “We believe we can provide a cellular environment where these small capillaries can connect to larger, printed vessels to supply nutrients to smallest cell volumes.” Using 3D printing to generate implantable tissues requires thinking outside of the box. Gisele said her team is limited only by a printer’s resolution and their collective imaginations. “What I find fascinating is what we end up adapting in our lab,” she said. “Our bioprinters are essentially derived from instruments that were targeting an industrial setting. It only takes a different mindset to seek ways to translate techniques to alternative, biological applications. And we seek inspiration from all sorts of places for our vascular designs. My advisor’s last parallel of vasculature was designing roads for a city.” For Gisele, independent thinking comes naturally. She points to her years as an Academy student as laying a solid foundation. “I feel that SJA set the tone for me to think this way,” she said. “The Academy encourages us ladies to push the limits and supports the uniqueness of every student. I believe this fostered the confidence that I needed to pursue my dream of contributing to the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.”

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ALUMNA SEES DREAM OF CHILDREN’S MUSEUM COME TO FRUITION It took 13 years of research, travel, planning and beating the bushes to raise nearly $14 million, but on August 22, the Knock Knock Children’s Museum celebrated its grand opening. The 26,000-squarefoot, state-of-the-art learning and play center is located on Dalrymple Drive in Baton Rouge. Staci Deumite Duhe, a 1981 graduate of St. Joseph’s Academy, joined the museum’s board of directors in 2005. She called upon her experience as a business owner and longtime community activist to help spearhead fundraising efforts. “Seeing the museum come to fruition is extremely rewarding,” Staci said. “Our faith and belief in knowing a children’s museum would benefit generations of children in our community came to reality. Working with passionate and extraordinary volunteers and working with experienced and successful professionals brought about this amazing facility.” Staci, the past chair of the museum’s board of directors and owner of Nursing Care Connections, said her husband and three children often teased her about the endless hours she committed to the project. “My children call Knock Knock my fourth child I love the best,” Staci said. “I do feel like an extremely proud co-mother.” The museum features 18 learning zones with interactive exhibits designed to enable children to learn through play. Literacy is a primary focus, and Louisiana’s unique culture is prominent throughout.

The decade-plus process of seeing the museum become a reality wasn’t without challenges, Staci said. “Many had no idea that a children’s museum is really an alternate facility for learning,” she said. “Others assumed it would be similar to a traditional museum. The moment those friends walk through the doors of Knock Knock and see the hands-on, interactive and energetic play that is the foundation for learning for children and families, the challenge melts away. “We succeeded thanks to incredible donors whose support exceeds their financial commitment,” Staci added. “Their belief, trust and constant encouragement will forever be treasured. For me personally, I also learned a very important life lesson: Never let someone else’s ‘no’ become your reality.” Now that the Knock Knock Children’s Museum is up and running, Staci is already looking to the future. “My hopes are actual plans, waiting for the right time to come to be achieved, namely expanding the museum,” she said. “We believed and expected the response from the community to be outstanding. To date, Knock Knock has hosted thousands of visitors each Saturday and Sunday alone. I believe this response shows the need and support for a place like Knock Knock for families.” For more information, visit

Staci Deumite Duhe ’81, right, and former Baton Rouge Mayor Melvin “Kip” Holden celebrate the grand opening of the Knock Knock Children’s Museum on August 22.

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Cameron Balkom was a highly decorated, four-year member of the St. Joseph’s Academy swim team. As a senior, she was on the state champion 200 medley relay team and was the individual state champion in the 100 breaststroke. After graduating in 2013, she was offered a scholarship to swim at the University of Houston. She ended her collegiate career as a top five finisher in the 100 and 200 breaststroke. She served as team captain her junior and senior years and helped lead the Cougars to a 2016-2017 American Athletic Conference Championship, the first in program history. During the last semester of her senior year, Cameron took a social entrepreneurship class and was given the assignment of starting and funding a nonprofit organization. It was only natural that Cameron would find a way to incorporate her love of swimming into the class project.

Cameron has begun the process of registering SuitUp: Swimming for Life as an official nonprofit organization, and she recently started her new job as the aquatics director at the British Swim School in Houston. She hopes to involve her school in several SuitUp activities this spring. “Everything is in the transition state from being a class project to being an actual organization,” Cameron said. “I am very excited and hopeful for the future though.” Cameron points to the foundation she gained at St. Joseph’s Academy for her early success. “I believe that the combination of swimming competitively and going to a school like SJA made me very independent,” she said. “Every day in everything I did, I was held to a higher standard, and that has made the difference in my life. I was taught to chase my dreams and to have an unrelenting work ethic in the process. I did not realize it at the time, but now I can look back and see the incredible things both swimming and SJA gave me.”

Armed with research that basic swimming lessons can reduce a child’s risk of drowning by a whopping 88 percent, Cameron founded SuitUp: Swimming for Life. “Our guiding philosophy is to reduce the risk of childhood drowning by providing the opportunity for lessons to families who otherwise would not have the means of getting them,” she said. Her original business plan was to sell swim suits to pay for lessons for underprivileged children, but time constraints forced a change in direction. With help from the university’s entrepreneurship department, her contacts within the athletic department and support from her teammates and their families, Cameron was able to secure donated swim suits from The Lifeguard Store and free lessons from certified instructors at the local YMCA. “I have been blessed with the gifts and talent to be a swimmer,” Cameron said. “Swimming has always been my passion, and this didn’t just stop once my competitive swimming career ended. Swimming has shaped who I am and given me countless opportunities that I am forever grateful for. However, swimming isn’t cheap, and there are so many kids out there whose families cannot provide this. That’s why this organization is so important to me.”

Cameron Balkom ’13 poses with youngsters who are learning to swim through her SuitUp: Swimming for Life student organization.

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hen her beloved grandmother died in 1977, the always gregarious Toni Casselberry experienced emotions that were new to her. Disjointed and uncomfortable in her own skin, this 1967 graduate of St. Joseph’s Academy recognized the first signs of depression. Rather than turning to medication, Toni turned to running. She signed up for The Avenue of the Giants Marathon in rural northern California. Some 40 years later, Toni has completed a marathon on the seven continents, plus the Arctic Circle and Madagascar, and in all 50 states. She also works as a registered dental hygienist in Santa Cruz, California, and devotes countless hours to community volunteer work. “I was raised that if you start a project, you finish the project, aka goal,” Toni said. “There is an inner drive to embrace what life offers you. If those options do not translate as enjoyable or challenging, I do not get involved. The journey is part of life that puts a smile on my face. I have a motto, to only let the good and positive in. People tell me how they hate running. Well, that is not me. I love running! Do what you love, and the rest will follow. Plus, I made that deal with my grandmother, and because of our special bond, I felt she was with me on my adventures. God kept me going as well as my Maw-Maw’s words of wisdom about life that she would share with me during my upbringing.” Toni runs her marathons to benefit charitable and nonprofit organizations. Among the community causes that benefit from her volunteer service are the Santa Cruz Follies, which supports opportunities for senior citizens. She fights for children’s rights as a member of Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) for Children. She volunteers her time with the Italian Catholic Federation, which benefits the local soup kitchen, food pantry, children’s cancer research and family services. She also helps coach a children’s track and field team two afternoons a week. “Making a difference makes a difference with my insides,” Toni said. “My mom was Woman of the Year in Baton Rouge and president of the Quota Club. My dad was Boss of the Year. They were great role models, and I did not know otherwise except to be involved. I used to help my mom with her Quota Club projects as early as 7 years of age.” Toni’s parents passed away within a few months of each other in 1996. As a result, she doesn’t get home to Baton Rouge with much regularity. But her family members often join her on her running adventures. “Nothing is more important to me than my family and spending time with them,” she said. “On many of my trips, my family was right there with me. When I ran the marathon in Reno, my grandchild, who was 7 at the time, ran the last mile with me, and they gave her a finisher’s medal. She thought that was very cool.” Whether she’s belting out a song with the Santa Cruz Follies or pushing herself to the limit over a 26-mile marathon course, Toni is filled with joie de vivre. “It feels to me that 99 percent of what I do is fun, even doing dental hygiene,” she said. “I have such a full life and schedule that I will be busy ’til noon the day of my funeral.”

ANNUAL FUND The 2017-2018 Annual Fund campaign at St. Joseph’s Academy is fully under way. The faculty and staff kicked off the campaign with 100 percent participation for the sixth year in a row and $22,400 in total donations. The Parents component of the Annual Fund began in August, and the Alumnae and Friends components kicked off at the end of September. Currently, the combined gifts of the three components (Parents, Alumnae and Friends) equal $205,671. We are well on our way to our goal of $535,000. All gifts to the Annual Fund have an enormous impact on SJA’s ability to enhance its standards of excellence in teaching, scholarships, student development and facilities. Your annual gifts fuel the success of this school and touch every aspect of our students’ experience. Specifically, your gift to the Annual Fund will: instill in students a deep awareness of God’s presence in their lives through a dynamic Campus Ministry program; •

contribute to the cutting-edge technology, lab equipment and other state-of-the-art learning tools used in the classroom;

enable the Academy to recruit and retain the highest caliber of teachers who serve as role models for our students;

offer students the opportunity to uncover hidden talents through our Advanced Placement and honors courses, vibrant visual and performing arts curriculum and numerous clubs and activities; ensure that SJA continues its winning athletic tradition; and

give students an extraordinary and enriching high school experience that they will treasure for a lifetime.

St. Joseph’s Academy alumnae, parents and friends know firsthand the transforming power of an Academy education. Consider sharing that gift with others. Those who financially support SJA uphold the spirit of philanthropy that has sustained this school since its founding 149 years ago. Your generosity, leadership and faith in our mission help St. Joseph’s Academy flourish each year. The Annual Fund continues to be the primary vehicle for members of the SJA community to join together in a meaningful effort to support this great school. Donations to the Annual Fund may be made online, by phone or by check. We welcome and are grateful for your support. If you have any questions, please contact Mission Advancement Director Meg Gerald at (225) 388-2254 or

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wana Michelli Pulliam, a member of the class of 1984, is among the alumnae and friends of St. Joseph’s Academy who have chosen to remember SJA in their wills. Twana said her legacy gift is a special way to pay tribute to her alma mater and the difference her Academy education has made in her life.

“A legacy isn’t about leaving what you earned, but instead leaving what you learned,” she said. “There are so many things I learned from my years at SJA that continue to have an impact on my life today. Even after graduating some 33 years ago, SJA continues to be an influence on my daily life.” A planned gift is an investment in the future of SJA. For Twana, it celebrates the core values she discovered while at the Academy. “We were taught to be humble and kind,” she said. “We were taught to be generous with the gifts that were bestowed on us. We were taught to put God first in our lives. We were taught to cherish our family. All of these things remain an integral part of my life.” Twana said she has always supported SJA through participation in the Alumnae Annual Fund. Her legacy gift further underlines her commitment to this four-time National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. “I know the importance of our support to the continuing success of our school,” she said. “Yes, it is still ‘our school.’ We will forever be a part of SJA.” Twana encourages others to consider making a planned gift to St. Joseph’s Academy. “I may not have had a daughter to attend SJA, but I leave a gift so that others can benefit from the same things we learned,” she said. “I hope you will do the same.” For more information, please contact Sister Joan Laplace at (225) 388-2220 or or Meg Gerald at (225) 388-2254 or They will be happy to work with your financial advisor or estate planner to help customize your gift or to suggest the services of a professional.


CONGRATULATIONS to the 2018 St. Joseph’s Academy

ATHLETIC HALL OF FAME INDUCTION CLASS Join us for the Induction Ceremony on Saturday, February 24, 2018 6:30 p.m. SJA Activity Center Also honoring state finalist teams from 2006 and 2007 NAN MURTAGH SWIM COACH



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Annaclaire Acosta

Braley Alexander

Elizabeth Amedee

Margaret Armshaw

Emma Barbin

Class of 2018 AP Scholar Daughter of Sheri and Chad Acosta Attended St. Jean Vianney

Class of 2017 AP Scholar Daughter of Jessica and Reid Alexander Attends University of Louisiana Lafayette

Class of 2017 AP Scholar with Honor Daughter of Karen and Tim Amedee Attends Louisiana Tech University

Class of 2017 AP Scholar with Distinction Daughter of Liza and Michael Armshaw Attends Louisiana State University

Class of 2017 AP Scholar with Distinction Daughter of Allison and Jeff Barbin Attends New York University

Clare Barfield

Cora Barhorst

Claire Bellanger

Kennedy Benjamin

Chloé Bergeron

Class of 2018 AP Scholar Daughter of Nan and Tim Barfield Attended Our Lady of Mercy

Class of 2017 AP Scholar with Honor Daughter of Tracey and Dennis Barhorst Attends Louisiana State University

Class of 2017 AP Scholar with Honor Daughter of Tiffany and Drake Bellanger Attends University of Georgia

Class of 2018 AP Scholar, National Merit Commended Student Daughter of Kim and Chris Benjamin Attended St. Jude

Class of 2017 AP Scholar Daughter of Emma and Stephen Bergeron Attends St. John’s University Queens

Grace Bordelon

Kennedie Bordelon

Sarah Bowden

Meghan Bowie

Mary Olivia Broussard

Class of 2017 AP Scholar with Distinction Daughter of Jeanne Bordelon and Ken Bordelon Attends Louisiana State University

Class of 2017 AP Scholar Daughter of Sondra Bordelon and Drew and Libby Murrell Attends Louisiana State University

Class of 2017 AP Scholar with Distinction Daughter of Bethany and Sid Bowden Attends Louisiana State University

Class of 2017 AP Scholar with Honor Daughter of Gwen Bowie Attends Georgetown University

Class of 2018 AP Scholar Daughter of Pam and Alex Broussard Attended St. Aloysius

Vivian Brown

Emrey Broyles

Delaney Campagna

Lauren Campbell

Lauren Chauvin

Class of 2018 AP Scholar Daughter of Jane Brown Attended St. Thomas More

Class of 2018 AP Scholar, National Merit Commended Student Daughter of Angela and Joseph Broyles Attended St. Aloysius

Class of 2017 AP Scholar with Honor Daughter of Deborah Doucet and Dave Campagna Attends Louisiana State University

Class of 2018 AP Scholar with Distinction Daughter of Mary Campbell Attended Our Lady of Mercy

Class of 2018 AP Scholar, National Merit Commended Student Daughter of Kathy and Michael Chauvin Attended St. Jude

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Caroline Cochran

Catherine Cox

Sophie DeOliveira

Renee Desporte

Class of 2017 AP Scholar with Honor Daughter of Abby and Doug Cochran Attends Louisiana State University

Class of 2017 AP Scholar with Distinction Daughter of Elizabeth and Gary Cox Attends University of Georgia

Class of 2018 AP Scholar Daughter of Tracy and Mario DeOliveira Attended St. Aloysius

Class of 2017 AP Scholar with Honor Daughter of Marie Smith and Tom Desporte Attends Louisiana State University

Kathryn Dillman

Amanda Doerr

Claire Doucet

Camille Dunlap

Kathleen Dunn

Class of 2017 AP Scholar with Distinction Daughter of Kristen and Mike Dillman Attends University of Georgia

Class of 2017 AP Scholar Daughter of Jo and Robert Doerr Attends Louisiana State University

Class of 2018 AP Scholar with Distinction Daughter of Gena and David Doucet Attended Sacred Heart

Class of 2017 AP Scholar with Distinction Daughter of John and Jill Dunlap and Michelle and Michael Quinn Attends Louisiana State University

Class of 2017 AP Scholar Daughter of Kelly and Kevin Dunn Attends Louisiana State University

Silver Effler

Angele Fels

Kelly Garrett

Emily Gioe

Mary-Elizabeth Gordon

Class of 2017 AP Scholar Daughter of Deyvon Cooper Attends St. John’s University Manhattan Campus

Class of 2017 AP Scholar with Honor Daughter of Charest and Michael Fels Attends Louisiana State University

Class of 2017 AP Scholar with Honor Daughter of Stacy and Ken Garrett Attends Louisiana State University

Class of 2017 AP Scholar Daughter of Cheri and Ron Gioe Attends Louisiana State University

Class of 2018 AP Scholar Daughter of Lori Taylor and Brian Walter Gordon Attended St. Charles Borromeo (Orlando, FL)

Hayley Hall

Madison Hasenkampf

Elizabeth Helm

Class of 2017 AP Scholar Daughter of Patricia and Robert Hall Attends Louisiana State University

Class of 2017 AP Scholar with Distinction Daughter of Stephanie and Jeff Hasenkampf Attends Louisiana State University

Class of 2017 AP Scholar with Distinction Daughter of Dorothy and Mitch Ewen Attends Louisiana State University

Isabel Grandy Class of 2018 AP Scholar Daughter of Claire and Greg Grandy Attended St. Aloysius

Meredith Guidry Class of 2017 AP Scholar with Distinction Daughter of Jeanne and Barry Guidry Attends Louisiana State University

28 | S J A C O N N E C T I O N S On Campus

Olivia DeVille Class of 2017 AP Scholar Daughter of the late Michelle and Donald Deville Attends Louisiana State University

Lauren Hingle

Alexandra Hinkle

Emma James

Jane Jeha

Sydney Keller

Class of 2017 AP Scholar with Distinction Daughter of Anna and Stewart Hingle Attends Louisiana State University

Class of 2018 AP Scholar with Distinction, National Merit Semifinalist Daughter of Jeannemarie and Rob Hinkle Attended St. Luke’s Episcopal

Class of 2017 AP Scholar with Distinction Daughter of Monisa and Glenn James Attends Louisiana State University

Class of 2018 AP Scholar Daughter of Chantal Lutfallah and Jihad Jeha Attended Our Lady of Mercy

Class of 2018 AP Scholar Daughter of Lisa and Brian Keller Attended St. Luke’s Episcopal

Sarazen Knight

Anna Koonce

Victoria Lacour

Sophie Landry

Alexis Langlois

Class of 2018 AP Scholar Daughter of Jennifer and David Knight and Paige and Steve Simmons Attended University Lab School

Class of 2018 AP Scholar with Honor Daughter of Edy and Jeff Koonce Attended St. Aloysius

Class of 2017 AP Scholar Daughter of Lisa and John LaCour Attends Louisiana State University

Class of 2017 AP Scholar Daughter of Shannon and Kevin Landry Attends Louisiana State University

Class of 2017 AP Scholar Daughter of Michelle and Jeff Langlois Attends Louisiana State University

Anne Elise LeBlanc

Avery Legendre

Megan Lofaso

Mary Catherine Lorio

Julie Loque

Class of 2017 AP Scholar with Distinction Daughter of Wendy and Terry LeBlanc Attends Tulane University

Class of 2017 AP Scholar Daughter of Jodie and Steve Legendre Attends Louisiana State University

Class of 2017 AP Scholar with Honor Daughter of Zona Lofaso and Matt Lofaso Attends University of Mississippi

Class of 2018 AP Scholar with Honor, National Merit Commended Student Daughter of Dawn and Keith Lorio Attended St. Aloysius

Class of 2017 AP Scholar Daughter of Joan and Kent Louque Attends Mississippi State University

Allyson Lutgring

Tamra Manfredo

Hannah Miletello

Class of 2017 AP Scholar Daughter of Wendy and Mike Lutgring Attends Louisiana State University

Class of 2017 AP Scholar with Honor Daughter of Carol and Robert Manfredo Attends Louisiana State University

Class of 2018 AP Scholar Daughter of Elizabeth Miletello and Patrick Miletello Attended St. Alphonsus

Jessica Munson Class of 2018 AP Scholar Daughter of Michele and John Munson Attended St. George

29 | S J A C O N N E C T I O N S Fall 2017

Olivia Myers Class of 2017 AP Scholar with Honor Daughter of Temple Beeson and Lou Fey and Kevin Myers Attends University of Mississippi

Meagan Newton

Ann Nguyen

Susan Nguyen

Lara Nicholson

Caitlin O’Connor

Class of 2018 AP Scholar Daughter of Suzette and David Newton Attended Our Lady of Mercy

Class of 2018 AP Scholar with Distinction, National Merit Commended Student Daughter of Lan and Joe Nguyen Attended St. Thomas More

Class of 2017 AP Scholar Daughter of Lori and John Nguyen Attends Louisiana State University

Class of 2018 AP Scholar Daughter of Lisa and John Nicholson Attended St. Aloysius

Class of 2017 AP Scholar Daughter of Alisa and Michael O’Connor Attends Louisiana State University

Madeline Ortego

Anna Catherine Padgett

Isabelle Pecquet

Allie Peever

Anna Peever

Class of 2018 AP Scholar Daughter of Gwen and Kevin Ortego Attended St. George

Class of 2017 AP Scholar Daughter of Monica and Philip Padgett Attends Louisiana State University

Class of 2017 AP Scholar Daughter of Sharon and Charles Pecquet Attends Louisiana State University

Tiffany Pham

Claire Risher

Alexandra Rivett

Julia Rogers

Sarah Ruiz

Class of 2017 AP Scholar Daughter of Giang and Luan Pham Attends Louisiana State University

Class of 2017 AP Scholar with Distinction Daughter of Melinda Frantz and Jim Risher Attends Texas A&M University

Class of 2017 AP Scholar Daughter of Andrea Rivett-Young and Brian Young Attends Louisiana State University

Class of 2018 AP Scholar Daughter of Kelli Rogers and Wood Rogers Attended St. Luke’s Episcopal

Class of 2017 AP Scholar with Distinction Daughter of Beth and James Ruiz Attends Boston University

Taylor Scharwath

Bethany Seagraves

Macie Serio

Molly Shepherd

Paige Smith

Class of 2017 AP Scholar Daughter of Shamene Scharwath and Ashlee and Devin Scharwath Attends Louisiana State University

Class of 2017 AP Scholar with Distinction Daughter of Jenny and Tom Seagraves Attends Emory University

Class of 2017 AP Scholar Daughter of Sandra and Adrian Serio Attends Louisiana State University

Class of 2018 AP Scholar Daughter of Katy and Dan Braun and Kent and Tyra Shepherd Attended Most Blessed Sacrament

Class of 2018 AP Scholar Daughter of Sherry Smith and Brad Smith Attended St. George

Class of 2018 Class of 2018 AP Scholar AP Scholar, National Merit Daughter of Cathy and Commended Student Lloyd Peever Daughter of Cathy and Attended University Lab School Lloyd Peever Attended University Lab School

30 | S J A C O N N E C T I O N S On Campus

Adair Talbot

Caroline Taylor

Gabrielle Taylor

Emily Thompson

Jenny Tran

Class of 2018 AP Scholar Daughter of Janet and Kevin Talbot Attended St. Thomas More

Class of 2017 AP Scholar Daughter of Yolunda and Jonathan Taylor Attends Tulane University

Class of 2018 AP Scholar Daughter of Cherie and Jason Taylor Attended St. Thomas More

Class of 2017 AP Scholar with Honor Daughter of Elizabeth and Karsten Thompson Attends Tulane University

Class of 2017 AP Scholar Daughter of Chanel and Van Tran Attends Louisiana State University

Rene Trepagnier

Lauren Troxclair

An Vu

Angelle Waguespack

Katherine Waitz

Class of 2017 AP Scholar with Distinction Daughter of Monica and Rich Trepagnier Attends Tulane University

Class of 2017 AP Scholar Daughter of Donald Troxclair and Crystal McDaniel Attends Louisiana State University

Class of 2018 AP Scholar Daughter of Kim Mai and Don Vu Attended St. Thomas More

Class of 2018 AP Scholar Daughter of Ceci and Eric Waguespack Attended St. Aloysius

Class of 2017 AP Scholar Daughter of Kristian and John Waitz Attends Louisiana State University

Alexandria Whitten

Claire Wigley

Emma Woodruff

Class of 2017 AP Scholar Daughter of Colleen and Jeff Whitten Attends Loyola University

Class of 2017 AP Scholar with Distinction Daughter of Kim Wigley and Brian Wigley Attends Tulane University

Class of 2017 AP Scholar with Distinction Daughter of Donna and Digger Woodruff Attends Georgetown University

Jade Woods Class of 2018 AP Scholar with Honor, National Merit Commended Student Daughter of Jewel and Victor Woods Attended Sacred Heart


houston THURSDAY APRIL 12, 2018

reunion 6 P.M. TO 8 P.M.

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St. Joseph’s Academy hosted Open House 2017 on October 19, welcoming more than 1,300 visitors to campus to enjoy the SJA Experience firsthand. Girls in grades 6-8 and their parents enjoyed tours of campus and visiting with current students, administrators, faculty, staff and Counseling Center members. Student Ambassadors led the campus tours, enabling visitors to see student performances and demonstrations showcasing the arts, academics, sports medicine, the STEM and Innovation & Design labs and the SJA/CHS Marching Band and Bruinettes. Guests saw the volleyball and basketball teams practicing and watched student technicians at work in the student-run Help Desk. Tours ended in the popular Dining Hall, where guests enjoyed refreshments and posing for pictures.

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SJA CELEBRATES GRANDPARENTS Grandparents of Academy seniors gathered on campus during the week of September 18-22 for Grandparents Week, while freshman grandparents joined their granddaughters on October 13 for Grandparents Day. The gatherings included lunch and campus tours.


Grandparents Week and Grandparents Day celebrate the special bonds between grandparents and their granddaughters. Visitors to campus enjoyed meeting their granddaughters’ friends and seeing the Academy’s mission of faith development, academic excellence and personal growth in action. The annual get-togethers are popular with students and grandparents alike. 1 | Senior Oliva Cooley enjoyed spending time with her grandparents, Eddie and Linda Roth and Cheryl and Richard Cooley. 2 | Senior Meredith Landry posed with her grandparents, Dr. William “Sonny” Carona and Patricia “Patsy” Danna Carona ’58. 3 | Senior Malaya Doucet welcomed her grandparents, Rosalind Morgan, Anthony Morgan and Carolyn Paul. 4 | Freshman Kate Dooley enjoyed lunch with her grandparents, Vernon and Loretta Dooley and Cynthia and Raymond Schexnayder. 5 | Freshman Trinitee Sterling enjoyed spending time with her grandmother, Phyllis Davis. 6 |Freshman Trinity Laudun posed with her grandmothers, Sandra Laudun and Shirley Miller.






34 | S J A C O N N E C T I O N S On Campus



t. Joseph’s Academy seniors, freshmen and their families gathered in the orchard and on the Batchelor Terrace of the Academy Arts Center on September 25 to celebrate the traditional Candlelight Ceremony. Part of SJA’s Big Sis/Little Sis program, the evening ceremony symbolizes the passing of Academy traditions from senior big sisters to their freshmen little sisters. Principal Stacia Andricain welcomed the large gathering, calling the ceremony one of the Academy’s most treasured traditions. “The Candlelight Ceremony enables us to celebrate the relationship between the freshman and senior classes,” Andricain said. “As freshmen little sisters become new members of the SJA community, senior big sisters are given the responsibility of serving as leaders and mentors. This ceremony marks the beginning of new-found relationships that will last a lifetime.” Senior Camille Fruge said the ceremony serves to remind members of the Academy community of their loyalty to the values of sanctity, joy and action. “As the Academy celebrates 149 years of excellence this year, we know we are part of a rich and storied history,” she said. “We have found mention of the Big Sis/Lil Sis program dating back to 1910. We are humbled and excited to be part of a tradition that stretches back more than a century.”

The Candlelight Ceremony is part of SJA’s Big Sis/Little Sis program.

SJA President Jan Rhorer Breen said the ceremony enables the senior class to join the SJA tradition of passing “the light” to the Academy freshman class. “We celebrate the ideals which all Academy students and alumnae are called to uphold, and we are mindful of the traditions we all hold so dear,” she said. Megan Gremillion, senior class president, gave the keynote address. She reflected on the importance of the classes coming together to pass on the traditions and spirit of SJA. “We have been blessed with the opportunity to grow in our faith and our knowledge at a four-time National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence,” she said. “Through God’s love and guidance, we have felt the sanctity of hope and power of prayer.” The seniors then symbolically passed to the freshmen the light once given to them by their big sisters. The freshmen pledged to cherish the ideals of SJA and to uphold the sacred traditions that connect all SJA students and alumnae.

35 | S J A C O N N E C T I O N S Fall 2017

TRIBUTE DONATIONS The following tribute donations were made between July 1 and September 30, 2017. Please remember those being honored, as well as those who honored them, in your prayers. If you wish to make a special gift in honor or memory of a family member or friend, you may do so online at Click the “Giving” tab at the top of the homepage, then “How to Give.”

In Honor of Ms. Tori Collier ’19 Mrs. Claire Brechtel Collier

In Memory of Tammy Messenger Mrs. Tara Nolan Messenger

In Memory of Father Mike Collins Mr. and Mrs. Maurice O’Rourk III

In Memory of Mrs. Maureen LeBlanc Morel ’65 Ms. Anna Marchiafava

In Honor of Brother Eldon Crifasi Ms. Rosemary Orr

If you have questions, please call the Mission Advancement Office at (225) 388-2219.

In Memory of Ms. Laura Gatz Deavers ’66 Mrs. and Mrs. Wade W. Daigle Ms. Lisa Gallant Lurline Hamilton Ms. Barbara Holland Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Martin III Sylvia Rodriguez Portnoy

In Memory of Mr. Charles Alford Mrs. Christina DiVincenti O’Brien

In Honor of Jennie Crifasi Fonte ’34 Ms. Rosemary Orr

In Memory of Mr. Perry Babin Mr. and Mrs. Brent M. Alonzo

In Honor of Ms. Rebecca Hanly ’18 Mr. and Mrs. Greg Hanly

In Memory of Mr. Aaron P. Belanger Baton Rouge CYO Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Belanger

In Memory of Pattie Bourgeois Hebert ’47 Pamela Bourgeois Esnard

In Memory of Marjorie Persac Belou ’42 Lake Charles Division of the U.S. District Court

In Honor of Reverend J. Clifton Hill Mr. and Mrs. Maurice O’Rourk III

In Memory of Mr. Mark Beslin Ms. Kathryn Dubus In Memory of Mrs. Junie Baudin Bordelon ’51 Mr. Laury J. Bordelon In Memory of Mr. Lance Brignac Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Barber Mr. and Mrs. Tim S. Lambert

In Memory of Ms. Allison Honeycutt ’12 Mr. and Mrs. William P. Honeycutt Sr. In Memory of Mr. and Mrs. Francis C. Jumonville Sandy and Greg Brown In Honor of Emily Lenox ’18 Mr. and Mrs. Benny Lenox

In Honor of Marigny Broussard ’18 Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Broussard

In Memory of Marjorie Claire McAnelly ’95 Mr. and Mrs. Harry McGee Ms. Amanda Register

In Honor of Ms. Kathryn Champagne ’57 Ms. Denise Brewerton

In Honor of Mrs. Mary Hebert McCowan ’61 Mr. Paul M. Hebert Jr.

In Memory of Ms. Allison Clement ’81 Mr. and Mrs. John A. Clement

In Memory of Mrs. Billie Roccaforte McGraw ’55 Mr. and Mrs. Maurice O’Rourk III

In Honor of Lisa Westmoreland Collier ’81 Mrs. Claire Brechtel Collier

In Memory of Mr. Robert O’Keefe Mrs. Margaret O'Keefe In Honor of Mrs. Carolyn Perkins Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Eldredge In Memory of Ms. Myrtis Rogers ’42 Mr. Ralph Guthrie In Memory of Sister Camille Simoneaux, CSJ ’46 Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Tullier In Memory of Mrs. Joan Smith Mr. Gary Smith In Memory of Ms. Mary L. Starring Mr. and Mrs. Mackie Langlois In Memory of Ms. Peggy Stuart ’52 Ms. Paula Berumen Stacey Emick Howell Mrs. Nancy Suarez In Honor of Ms. Madeline Territo ’14 Mr. and Mrs. Sam Territo In Honor of Ms. Samantha Territo ’18 Mr. and Mrs. Sam Territo In Honor of The Class of 1974 Joanne Martin Roberts In Memory of Ms. Cecila Tramonte Mr. and Mrs. Maurice O’Rourk III In Memory of Ms. Ellen D. Uter Mr. and Mrs. Jim Holliday Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Robertson In Honor of Sister Adelaide Williamson, CSJ ’59 Mr. and Mrs. Maurice O’Rourk III

36 | S J A C O N N E C T I O N S Tribute Donations

MARRIAGES, BIRTHS, PASSINGS WEDDINGS ’03 Andrea Hoffman to Luke Fontenot 7/28/2017 ’03 Monica McNemar to David Ford 4/16/2017 ’03 Lindsey N. Shehane to Donald E. Short III 3/18/2017 ’04 Katherine Marie Pyburn to Zachary James Dureau 6/10/2017 ’05 Caroline Anne Cooper to David Jordan Ching 6/24/2017 ’05 Colleen McCrory to John Gil 5/19/2017 ’06 Melissa M. Rolfsen to Nathaniel Gray Wooten 3/17/2017 ’07 Jana Waguespack to Obi Didia 7/19/2017 ’08 Alexandra Alaine DeArmond to Joseph Edward Cudney III 1/7/2017 ’08 Lindsey Renee Tassin to Parker Gentry Brown 8/12/2017 ’09 Maureen Alford to Bradford Murtagh 10/7/2016 ’10 Sarah Frances Clement to Mark Skillern 7/22/2017 ’10 Simone deBrueys to Jon Parker Bajon 9/10/2016 ’12 Rebecca Catherine Andries to Nicholas Anthony Franco 9/1/2017 ’12 Krysia Lynne Sherburne to Jas Duplessis 9/3/2017 BIRTHS ’96 Margaret Jane Couvillon: son, Nathaniel (Nate) Samuel Schürch, born 5/15/2017 ’96 Rachel Breen Everaard: son, Jacob Ryan, born 10/2/2017 ’98 Erica Barbay Badeaux: son, Quinn Joseph, born 5/31/2017 ’98 Nicole “Nicki” Genre Olinde: daughter, Evangeline “Evie” Ruth, born 1/14/2017 ’01 April Palombo Setliff: son, Eli Rahn, born 7/24/2017 ’02 Leigh Salvant Moss: daughter, Amelia Katherine, born 9/22/2017 ’03 Andrea Strange Minett: son, Scott Perrigin (Perry), born 6/29/2017 ’04 Cassie Montagnino Dinecola: son, Desmond “Desi” Gregory, born 8/3/2017

’04 Kali Sanches Hay: daughter, Landry Elizabeth Hay, born 7/14/2017 ’04 Katie Evans Moffit: daughters, Faye Catherine and Elise Camille, born 8/31/2017 ’06 Kathleen Benedetto: son, Willis Edward Kirchner, and daughter, Lena Rose Kirchner, born 9/21/2015 ’06 Megan Gassie McArdle: son, Graham Charles, born 3/30/2017 ’07 Sarah Morales Vitenas: daughter, Mary Frances, born 7/27/2017 ’08 Monique Douglas: daughter, Maisyn Louise Edwards, born 7/4/2017 ’09 Macy Babin Goodrum: daughter, Ellie Claire, born 8/17/2017 ’12 Jennifer Adair Martin: daughter, Fiona Adair, born 2/7/2017 IN MEMORIAM We make a sincere effort to publish any close alumnae family connections with the names of the deceased. With more than 9,000 alumnae, please note that our database does not include all possible SJA relationships. We appreciate receiving this information from the family whenever possible. Notices which appear in this issue were received by October 1, 2017. George “Perry” Babin Sr. Grandfather of Adrienne C. Lambert ’16 and Amelia C. Lambert ’21 Father Donald Bahlinger, SJ Brother of Sister Kathleen Bahlinger, CSJ ’56 (dec.) JoAnn Thomas Balencie Grandmother of Amanda Ourso ’13 William Doughty “Bill” Beck Jr. Father of Teresa Beck Tiller ’72 and Barbara Beck ’73 Marjorie Persac Belou ’42 Grandmother of Katherine G. Belou ’16

Nicholas E. Benedetto Husband of Dolores Norwood Benedetto ’56 Father of Celeste Benedetto ’81 Grandfather of Katelyn E. Benedetto ’13 James Barrett Benton Son of Neva Cook Benton ’53 (dec.) Brother of Molly Benton Laville ’82 Father of Jessica B. Benton ’06 and Emma E. Benton ’19 Sister Elizabeth Bourg, CIC Sister of Martha Mae Bourg ’48 Truman Bourgeois Husband of Rita Juliette Melancon Bourgeois ’42 Father of Becky Ann Bourgeois Bulger ’66 Joanne Bontemps Brassett Mother of Theresa Brassett Sevin ’73, Cherie Brassett Crabtree ’75, Suzanne Brassett Landry ’79 and Michelle Brassett Jenson ’83 Grandmother of Sarah Landry ’14 Jean Purpera Brazelton ’63 Peggy Bankston Capdevielle Grandmother of Anna Claire Capdevielle ’16 Leonard “Lenny” Cardenas III Father of Camille Cardenas ’14 Brother of Eliana Armistead ’78 Ronald “Ronnie” Cardinal Sr. Father of Toni Cardinal ’86 Althea Bouchon Caro Grandmother of Michelle C. Dow ’86 and Tiffany C. Burns ’91 Great-grandmother of Ashley M. Dow ’07, Alexa M. Dow ’09, Emily M. Dow ’15 and Veronica B. Dow ’15 Col. Lamy J. Chopin Jr. Grandfather of Allison N. Chopin ’07 and Emily E. Poole ’16

37 | S J A C O N N E C T I O N S Fall 2017

Laurence John “Larry” Conkerton Husband of Sara Martrain Conkerton ’56 Grandfather of Aimee Dicharry Meyer ’04 and Mary K. Dicharry ’16 Ann Marie LeBlanc Conner Sister of Sister Dorothy LeBlanc, CSJ ’43, Theresa LeBlanc Terrio ’50 (dec.) and Catherine “Kitty” LeBlanc ’56 Dr. Michael James Coogan Father of Megan Coogan Foco ’89 Kathleen Michalski Crabtree ’87 Thomas Christian “Poppy” Day Husband of Peggy Herrington Day ’45 Father of Suzanne Day Bassett ’66 Grandfather of Kristin Bassett Chapman ’95, Lindsay LaFleur Coates ’00, Elizabeth LaFleur Caucienne ’02, Amy Day ’08 and Chelsea Hughes ’09 Laura Gatz Deavers ’66 Sister of Charlene Reis ’62 Mother of Ann-Margaret I. Deavers ’98 Elaine Treuil “Teetie” Delatin Mother of Kathleen Delatin Rosso ’70 Grandmother of Laura E. Delatin ’09 Lawrence Arny “Larry” Durant Father of Daphne Durant ’81, Whitney Durant Simmons ’84 and Courtney Durant Blencke ’86 Albert Robinson Ellis Jr. Husband of Mildred Dugas Ellis ’56 (dec.) Grandfather of Madelyn Rose Ellis ’14 Robert Anthony Ellis Sr. Brother of Mary Virginia Ellis Corkran ’64 George Clark Gallagher Father of Mary Catherine Gallagher Eymard ’80 Grandfather of Ashton Eymard ’15 Elmer T. Glover Sr. Father of Catherine Marie Glover ’79

Helen Jeanette Lieux Gwin Grandmother of Tena E. Levatino Roemer ’90, Angelle L. Levatino Klar ’91, Vita M. Levatino Pagnani ’93 and Lisa Levatino ’96 Great-grandmother of Adeline K. Roemer ’19 J. Homer Helmke Husband of Grace Inez Gauthier Helmke ’55 Grandfather of Paige Misuraca ’14 Roselyn Haas Herrington Grandmother of Robin E. Herrington ’05 Nina Joffrion ’45 John Mire “Jack” Jolissaint Jr. Son of Joyce Lacy Jolissaint ’37 (dec.) Joseph F. Juge Father of Tonya A. Juge ’86 Grace Scorsone “Mama” Marino Grandmother of Gabby Marino ’14 Great-grandmother of Maddie Drago ’15, Meghan Drago ’18 and Marisa Drago ’21 Marjorie LeBlanc Mautner ’39 Alfred Joseph Mix Grandfather of Amy Roy Abadie ’88 and Jennifer Roy Gibson ’90 Great-grandfather of Madeline E. Abadie ’14 and Olivia R. Abadie ’15 Brenda Jean Mollere Daughter of Mae Mollere ’37 (dec.) Sister of Kim Mollere ’75 Thomas U. Neck Sr. Father of Dr. Heidi Neck ’87 Annette Susan Guidroz Perault Mother of Amanda Perault Stemmans ’96 Daughter of Amelie Lobdell Perault ’40 (dec.)

Marietta Melancon Rabalais ’68 Myrtis Elizabeth Rogers ’42 Mary Gayle Rumfola Mother of Belinda Rumfola Bookish ’79 Grandmother of Elizabeth Rumfola ’14 and Emily Rumfola ’16 Joseph A. “Jack” Sarradet Jr. Father of Janie Sarradet (former SJA faculty member) Grandfather of Renee Sarradet Graff ’99 Joseph Dale “J.D.” Scalise Grandfather of Noelle Riviere Kinberger ’06, Christina Riviere ’11 and Abby Riviere ’12 Terresa “Terry” (Smith) Serio Mother of Rachel Serio Pitchford ’09 Sister Camille Marie Simoneaux, CSJ ’46 Mary Lillian Matthews Starring Mother of Julie Starring Chapman ’73 Sister of Sister William Matthews ’51 Marguerite Jean “Peggy” Stuart ’52 Sister of Winifred Stuart Williamson ’35 (dec.) Aunt of Sister Adelaide Williamson ’59 Archie J. Tullier Father of Keetsie Tullier Gunnels ’73 Grandfather of Deneen Tullier Richard ’97 Elmer “Bobby” Walker Jr. Grandfather of Bailey Walker ’13 and Taylor Walker ’21 Denise Bonnette Whittum ’67 Gloria Tregre Wurst Sister of Marilyn Tregre Allgood ’48

Frances Nicolosi Politz Grandmother of Jamie Manda ’76, Lisa Manda ’77, Carla Politz ’82 and Toni Politz ’83 Great-grandmother of Ava Politz ’16

38 | S J A C O N N E C T I O N S Transitions




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