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The Benefits Of A Door Closer After someone has opened a door, a door closer is a system that's used to automatically close the door. Most units use springs and hydraulics to slowly and gradually close the door. You will find closers at a lot of businesses and office buildings that have a lot of people coming and going each day. You don’t even realize they're there, but it’s an expected convenience. In addition to businesses, a door closer can be useful in a residential setting. For instance, if you time and time again are asking your children to keep the pantry door or closet doors shut, you may save time as well as the hassle by putting in a closer on those doors since they're the ones that get used the most. There's two main types of door closers: surface mounted and concealed units that will be hidden in the door, on the door jamb, or in the floor. There's also various types of arm mechanisms for closers, including standard arm, slide arm, parallel arms, and locking arms. The type you choose will depend on what the door is used for, how hard you would like the door to shut, what material the door is made of, and how visible you want the closer to be. The ideal closer that most homes use is a standard surface mounted closer that uses a standard arm. You will be able to purchase all of these accessories at your local hardware store or an online company. They are not expensive and are easily installed by the homeowner. Concealed closers may be desired for improved aesthetics. Doors that are able to swing either way will need to use closers that you can conceal within the floor. Depending on the intended user, you might want to adjust the door closer’s speed of closing or maybe stop it at a certain angle. You can find special adjustments at the store for closers that control the "sweep speed" and the "latch speed." The sweep speed is the actual speed the door travels for the first 2/3 of closure. The latch speed will be the speed the door travels the final 1/3 of its travel. Regardless of the closer, the sweep speed is going to be slower than the latch speed. This can be necessary in order for the door to effectively shut at the end of closure. If you want the door to stay open for a couple of minutes, you can buy a door closer that has a locking arm mechanism. There's a friction device on the lock feature that will allow you to turn a nut in the locking mechanism and is in a position to catch the door when it hits a particular angle. When you want to free the door, you simple move the door a little to discharge the catch. There's also delayed closing doors which use valves to greatly reduce the sweep time, to allow for more traffic to move in or out before closing. On top of the manual closers that have been described already, they can also be automatic. For example, at your grocery store or department store, most doors have automatic sensors or push buttons to automatically open and close the door without you having to touch the door. This will come in very handy when individuals have their arms full or you are pushing a grocery cart. A door closer is just one of those handy things most people never think about. Therefore, the next time that you are at the hardware store take the time to look at the closers or look online for different closers and try them on your panty or closet doors. It may be something that you find that you can't do without. Robert Brooke & Associates can help you receive the best fit whenever you need a new door Robert Brooke & Associates

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The Benefits Of A Door Closer  

Robert Brooke & Associates can help you receive the best fit whenever you need a new door closer. Visit to read more details...