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Many of the projects are made with components that were salvaged from old pieces of jewelry such as gold-plated


chains, rhinestone-inlaid shells and earring backs. So, in addition to reusing and recycling paper, you’ll also learn how to give new life to old pieces of jewelry. This adds a sentimental element to the pieces, as well. “With imagination and instruction, paper’s qualities can be adapted to create jewelry in every shape, size and style,” says Dafna. “I hope every reader discovers


how paper can become an expression of his or her own is, in its essence, a changeable, malleable

imagination and style.”

material, open to endless possibilities for expression and creativity. It can be thin or thick, stiff or flexible, textured or smooth, patterned or plain. Paper is stunning in a range of colors and beautiful in a single shade. It can convey light or mask it, and be modeled into diverse items of every size

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and dimension. Dafna Yarom embarked on her love affair with paper Paper is an excellent material for making handmade

more than twenty years ago. “For me,” Dafna says, “the

jewelry, since it allows you to create objects in diverse

thrill of working with paper lies in the ability to create

shapes, textures and colors and to give life to your

unique, fresh, modern jewelry using materials available to

imagination. By combining handmade paper pieces with

everyone. The jewelry can be bold and playful, elegant and

ribbons, beads, chains and diverse metal components,

delicate. There’s no limit. Paper can inspire, and it can be

you can make unique necklaces, earrings and brooches

an expression of inspiration.”

that are ornate or simple, sophisticated or lighthearted. Paper jewelry also provides an unusual medium for using

As part of her degree work in graphic design at the

beautiful papers, giving them an additional life you may

prestigious Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in

never have imagined.

Jerusalem, Dafna Yarom participated in a handmade paper workshop. After continuing to study papermaking in Japan,

Creative Paper Jewelry contains dozens of projects

she began to explore paper-based arts, including paper

(and even more visual examples) for transforming this

drawings, paper light sculptures, cardboard furniture

recyclable, environmentally friendly material into unique,

and, of course, paper jewelry. Her works have appeared in

contemporary and highly personalized pieces of jewelry.

exhibitions and galleries throughout Israel. Introduction


Creative Paper Jewelry  

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