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4. To Paris and Back

It is still hard to believe that in the midst of it all my children and I – Midwesterners, with total travel naivety – actually went to France. I used to say I was afraid of flying… but I had something much bigger to be afraid of and I didn’t let that minimal fear of flying detour me and my children from having a trip of a lifetime. My friend Alex and her brother Fredo were waiting for us when we landed at Charles de Gaulle International Airport and what followed were two fabulous weeks of being escorted around Paris and the French countryside. We were like three little sponges: soaking up the sights, smells, tastes and sounds of France. Upon arriving home to Chicago I had an appointment with my oncologist to find out if the cancer was gone or not. They sent me first for a PET scan and the tech administering the test, in an unheard of breach of protocol, excitedly showed me the scan results; it had shrunk by a lot, but I knew there was suppose to be nothing there – so I started to prepare.


Six Sixes by Susan Moody  

Six six-sentence stories by Susan Moody.

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