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Fog swallowed the ship horns sounded and lights blinked intermittently. Sea swells prevented the dinghy from staying on course. Two hearts feared what came next, sharks circled in the night, adding to their fright. Peace was not evident – when so many were left behind. In the distance the ship went down. Besides them no one was found.


And the Beat Goes On

She was proud of the way he had restrained himself for the last few days, but tonight he had given in to his addiction. “Do you have to do that?” Yes, I need to take the edge off… just one jigger full to calm my nerves, who knows what will happen next? “Then why are you pouring another?” I’m weak – let me be – I’m not much better than he is. He carried his bottle to the car and swallowed, two more drinks before he reached the pulpit.


Letting Go

Festive aromas and treasured memories embrace our spirits with laughter. Children run in and out of our hearts, while we wait to steal a glimpse of their achievements. Privilege and pride is every parents dream – just getting by is the plan of youth. Tantalizing temptations bring some down, while willpower and integrity keep others afloat. They should know we still love them if they soar or if they fail. When our job is done some are always in our life to nurture and return the bond we crave, until the day they take us to our grave.



Roxanne raised her glass as a salute to one and all, “I’ve dreamed about this day for forty years and I can see you’ve gone to a lot of trouble preparing my retirement party.” She had worked very hard as a secretary for her hometown bank ever since she’d graduated from college. Now the time had come for her to get out before anyone noticed her memory problems. It was getting more difficult each day. Her face glistened with tears and she choked up, “I’ll always remember this send off, thank you.” She had to keep it together.


The Wife

After meeting with the wife she searched her conscience for a long time. Somehow she would have to make peace with this tormented soul. She thought they had been discreet – instead they had destroyed both families. His beautiful brown eyes warmed her thoughts and his kisses enticed her lovemaking. How could she let go of such a prize – it was her he loved, not her money. Why is this picture in the newspaper of him and his wife… he neglected to tell her she was pregnant.


Grandma’s House

We arrived at Grandma’s house – nothing had changed since the last family reunion. I need to help her spruce up the place – no maybe not, she’s the charm here. Later Dad and Uncle Charlie passed out – I picked up the bottles and prepared to retire. Then I heard Mama yell, “Those two will never change!” Grandma covered them with a blanket. I leaned in to kiss her good night – yes she’s the charm here.


About the Author

Jeanette Cheezum is a 6S vet, and a member of the Hampton Roads Writer's Critique Group.


Six Sixes by Jeanette Cheezum  

Six six-sentence stories by Jeanette Cheezum.

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