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About Yuko Local Practitioner Yuko is a qualified Macrobiotic chef and health advisor. She was trained, both in the UK and Japan, under Ayako Takanashi, Montse Bradford, Oliver Cowmeadow, Marijke De Coninck, Lynne Kenderdine, Sarah Hill and Jon Guest. She completed a UK certified Macrobiotic course at the International Macrobiotic School in Devon, UK in April 2013.

Macrobiotic Shiatsu Practitioner & Health Advisor

Yuko comes from a family where her grandmother was producing seasonal vegetables and making homemade condiments and healthy fermented foods, while her mother was into modern nutrition and food safety issues. From this shared family knowledge, she naturally acquired the food energy and menu balance through her home cooking. She has been mainly vegetarian throughout her life but enjoys fish occasionally. Although she has always eaten a healthy diet, she has suffered from emotional health conditions and symptoms. Macrobiotics taught her not only trust in her body but also a positive perspective towards life.

Yuko Ozawa

Six Senses Spa at Sharq Village & Spa Ras Bu Abboud Street, P.O. Box 26662, Doha, Qatar T: +974 4425 6999 / 6995

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Sessions offered by Yuko Macrobiotics

How to book a session:

style, bodywork) based on expanding-

You can book any Shiatsu session (s) with our receptionist at the Six Senses Spa. Yuko is available depending on availability upon request. You can also contact us at:

contracting energetic principles.

Macrobiotics is a combination of different healing modalities (e.g. diet, emotion, life

Macrobiotics Can be Highly Effective 

Weight control

Eliminate Craving and Addiction

Eating disorder

Hormonal balance,

Skin problems (eczema, psoriasis, acne),

Sleep problems,

Stiff shoulders and Neck

General vitality,

Deeper relaxation,

Clear and peaceful mind and more!

What Yuko can offer: Shiatsu

‘Know Yourself & Let Your Body Heal.”

This is a non-invasive meridian treatment, mainly using fingertips and palms. This involves applying pressure to specific points on the body to release tension and realign the body’s natural energy. Dietary Coaching: Look at your emotional pattern, eating habits, weight distribution, posture, energy levels, health condition, etc to come up with personal menu planning. Also identify how your daily food intake has an effect on your overall feeling of health and wellbeing. Macrobiotic Consultation: Review your past and current health, diet, life style and emotions /feelings. Facial, hands and feet diagnosis followed by full dietary and life style advice.





90 min

500 QR

120 min

700 QR

Sequences include: a)

Front of the Body & Feet


Back of the body & Feet


Head, Neck, Shoulder, Arms & Face

Consultation Private Session



90 min

500 QR

Local Practitioner Yuko Ozawa  

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