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Dr John Rogerson’s hair testing and energy status scans to guide you forward 2 to 18 June 2014 We are delighted to welcome Dr John Rogerson who offers information on all aspects of health and wellness; he evaluates using hair profiling to determine what might be causing issues, and with EFi energy scanning to show where problems are sited. He developed these systems and is a renowned expert in functional medicine. Following results he creates a tailor-made plan to help improve health, restore immune function and elevate energy levels with advice on your diet, along with cleansing, supplementation, beauty, anti-aging and fitness protocols. He also offers a solution focused counseling service, treatments and remedies with ways to manage/clear pain and attain your optimum weight. Certified, safe and accurate assessments, effective treatments and remedies, with an easy to follow healthcare plan for you to take home.

OPTION ONE 90mins/130 KWD Consultation, Hair Profiling, Energy Status Results and Tailor Made Healthcare Plan Combines all Dr Rogerson’s methods, incl. consultation and evaluations with both i) EFi energy status scanning and ii) Hair Profiling, along with tailor made healthcare plan and support over 12 months. i) EFi Energy Status scans where issues are sited, then records and shows what part of the body to focus on; it reveals areas of stress, energetic flow, posture and sensitivities in a clear colours and frequency patterns. ii) Hair Profiling helps find out what is causing problems with levels of vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids, toxicity (whether metal, chemical, electrical sensitivity or radiation) and an indication of your microbiological status (parasites, bacteria, fungus, virus) also which foods and additives suit or stress you. All assessment results, recommendations and tailor made healthcare plan to take home, as well as continued support and guidance over the following 12 months

OPTION TWO Consultation with EFi Energy Status Scans and Tailor Made Wellness Plan

60 min/ 90 KWD

OPTION THREE Consultation with Hair Profiling Test, Results and Tailor Made Wellness Plan

60 min/ 90 KWD

OPTION FOUR Consultation, treatments, counseling and remedies

45 min/ 50KWD

Consultation with a choice of effective treatments, remedies, advice with pain and stress management services; counseling to improve habits, restore immunity and elevate energy levels, also for detoxing, cleansing, beauty, antiaging, weight, shape and fitness programs

WHAT CLIENTS SAY “I benefitted & learnt more in one session than from countless practitioners, psychologists & doctors over the years, illuminating, many thanks for giving my health back!” Cati from Spain

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VP Dr John Rogerson