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Chairman’s Message

To date the Fund has put nearly $39 million into the industry in the form of loans.

for the livestock industry to protect itself from the negative impact of disease. At the same time, NLPA will continue to be diligent in providing input concerning I am honored In 2013, in connection with the processes systems to assure they meet to have American Sheep Industry Association market needs and do not unnecessarily served as (ASI), a new program was started as a or inappropriately impede the efficient chairman of part of the NLPA Sheep & Goat Fund commerce of the livestock industry. the National through which sheep producers may If you are a beef producer you might think Livestock borrow funds specifically to expand their fewer number of head and potentially Producers flocks. Through the Flock Expansion less supply would be a good thing, Association Loan Program, the Fund makes term however, when those numbers impact the (NLPA) loans available to new and existing advertising dollars collected through the board 2009 producers to buy ewes and rams, and Beef Checkoff Program on a per head through 2013. ASI provides mentorship opportunities basis, you ultimately end up with less I am very to ensure the borrowers have the best funding to advertise and promote beef in fortunate to have had the opportunity to knowledge to succeed in the sheep the marketplace. Concerned about this be chairman of an organization that is business. trend and desiring to explore enhancements proactive, provides leadership, is blessed to the Beef Checkoff Program, in with a talented board of directors, and On a broader scale NLPA continues 2011 NLPA joined a group of eight operates with an outstanding staff as it to provide management and organizations under the label of the Beef strives to meet its core goal of providing administration for other organizations Checkoff Industry Input Group, consisting valuable input and support for the with compatible values. One of these of organizations which represent general livestock industry through effective relationships, established several years agriculture and together a vast portion marketing and financial means. ago, is the National Institute for Animal of beef producers in the nation. In spite Agriculture (NIAA). I feel privileged to of some roadblocks, this group remains NLPA provides a unique forum for the serve on the NIAA Board of Directors committed to seeking enhancements to exchange of livestock marketing and and its Executive Committee. This the Beef Checkoff to assure the checkoff livestock credit concerns and ideas which organization is enthusiastic about program has adequate resources and is benefit its farmer and rancher members. identifying critical issues in the animal structured so that all producers who pay In addition, NLPA seeks opportunities agricultural sector that are struggling for into the checkoff have fair representation. to expand its ability to meet its mission resolution. I am proud that NLPA is NLPA supports the work the Beef of furthering the interests of animal able to provide necessary support for this Checkoff does on behalf of the beef agriculture. I am proud to say NLPA organization. industry and NLPA is honored to continue has been engaged in this quest for over its role as a contractor to the checkoff. I 90 years and continues to address specific Another organization which NLPA am privileged to serve on this committee related issues, some of which I will discuss has agreed to provide administration along with fellow NLPA director Chuck in this report. services for is the Global Roundtable Adami and Scott Stuart, NLPA CEO. of Sustainable Beef (GRSB), our This group has agreed to continue its work An immediate example of meeting the newest relationship. A relatively new in 2014. needs of its member organizations is organization, GRSB is an international relatively new, the NLPA Graduate organization with the goal of developing I believe the accomplishments of NLPA Institute of Management. The institute and sharing beef production practices in 2013 and the recent past, support the was first held in 2012 and based on that are more sustainable worldwide. concept that NLPA is a vital organization. positive results and feedback, the second GRSB membership consists of leading NLPA’s reputation, creativity and version of the institute was held in 2013. beef processing and retail entities, as effectiveness provide consistent benefit The institute is designed to enhance the well as industry and environmental to the livestock industry. NLPA’s steady development of specialized leadership and organizations. NLPA is responsible commitment, enabled by my fellow management skills and training for the for management for the GRSB Global board members and a forward thinking, growing professionals that are employed Conference to be held this year in Brazil. enthusiastic staff, continues to indicate throughout the NLPA system. The I believe this is a mutually beneficial a bright future in securing our mission challenge of employing talented personnel relationship that fits well with NLPA’s of furthering the interest of animal and providing essential, targeted training mission of furthering the interest of agriculture, in general. for their growth will, I believe, remain a animal agriculture. key issue for organizations. I believe the Please, say thank you at every meal for 2013 institute was once again a success! The intensity of the Animal those hardworking, dedicated individuals Identification issue has waned somewhat who provide a safe, wholesome, economical The NLPA Sheep & Goat Fund will with the introduction in 2012 of the bounty for your table. be entering its 15th year in 2014. This Animal Disease Traceability Rule. has been a very valuable program to the Sincerely, industry in that it provides needed funding Several of our members and NLPA have been involved with the Animal to businesses and enterprises involved in Stan ID discussion for the past ten years. adding value to sheep and goat products. Mannschreck NLPA continues to support the need

Livestock Marketed by NLPA Members from October 1, 2012 to September 30, 2013 ORGANIZATION


Empire Livestock Marketing, LLC Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Assn. National Livestock Commission Assn. Producers Livestock Marketing Assn. Producers Livestock Marketing Assn. Tennessee Livestock Producers

Syracuse, NY Baraboo, WI Oklahoma City, OK N. Salt Lake, UT Omaha, NE Columbia, TN Total


Empire Livestock Marketing, LLC Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Assn. National Livestock Commission Assn. Producers Livestock Marketing Assn. Producers Livestock Marketing Assn. Tennessee Livestock Producers Total

SWINE 4,028 56,267 171 1,153,730 1,214,196



Empire Livestock Marketing, LLC Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Assn. National Livestock Commission Assn. Producers Livestock Marketing Assn. Producers Livestock Marketing Assn. Tennessee Livestock Producers

262,772 858,331 147,668 484,946 1,831,677 109,176 3,694,570


CATTLE 248,453 753,448 147,668 420,700 677,947 89,671 2,337,887

SHEEP/GOATS 10,291 48,616 64,075 19,505 142,487

GROSS $$ $113,164,563 $608,276,368 $130,175,336 $361,761,313 $1,143,962,535 $74,472,908 $2,431,813,023

The NLPA Graduate Institute of Management Livestock marketing and credit requires a high degree of management expertise. The many facets of serving livestock producers require special skills that must be developed and honed. From financial management, to human resource management, to fully understanding the regulatory environment in the industry, it is imperative that professionals continue to develop their skills.

The NLPA Graduate Institute of Management is a series of training and educational modules that provide invaluable resources to those individuals within the NLPA membership who will be tomorrow’s leaders in livestock marketing and credit. During 2013, the Graduate Institute of Management graduated 20 future leaders from within the NLPA membership.

The Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB) is a global, multi-stakeholder initiative developed to advance continuous improvement in sustainability of the global beef value chain through leadership, science, and multi-stakeholder engagement and collaboration.

The GRSB envisions a world in which all aspects of the beef value chain are environmentally sound, socially responsible and economically viable. NLPA provides administrative services to GRSB including communications, finance, membership and event management. In 2014, GRSB will hold the 2nd Global Conference on Sustainable Beef in São Paulo, Brazil where discussions will be held on finalizing GRSB’s definition of sustainable beef. In addition, current examples of sustainable practices will be showcased. www.GRSBeef.org

Producers Commodities, LLC

Producers Commodities LLC specializes in assisting livestock producers in developing risk management strategies using futures, options, forward contracting and OTC derivatives. Producers Commodities LLC is registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the National Futures Association as an Independent Introducing Broker and has clearing relationships with FCStone, Inc. and RJ O’Brien, Inc. in Chicago, IL. Producers Commodities’ home office is located in Colorado Springs, CO and its branch offices are located in Sioux City, IA; Baraboo, WI; and Syracuse, NY. Branch Offices: Syracuse, New York - Toll-free: (888) 858-7811 •Baraboo, Wisconsin - Toll-free: (800) 362-3989 •Sioux City, Iowa - Toll-free: (800) 831-5936


Livestock Marketed by NLPA Members

Empire Livestock Marketing, LLC Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Assn. National Livestock Commission Assn. Producers Livestock Marketing Assn. Producers Livestock Marketing Assn. Tennessee Livestock Producers


Syracuse, NY Baraboo, WI Oklahoma City, OK N. Salt Lake, UT Omaha, NE Columbia, TN Total

CATTLE 248,453 753,448 147,668 420,700 677,947 89,671 2,337,887


The National Institute for Animal National Institute for Agriculture Animal Agriculture (NIAA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit, membership-driven organization which unites and advances animal agriculture encompassing the aquatic livestock, beef, dairy, equine, goat, poultry, sheep and swine industries.

In November, 2013 in Kansas City, Missouri, the most recent symposium regarding the use of antibiotics in the food animal industry and human health was hosted by NIAA, providing a further opportunity for participants to expand the general knowledge base of the use of and potential bacterial resistance to antibiotics.

NIAA is dedicated to programs that work toward the eradication of diseases that pose risks to the health of animals, wildlife and humans; promote a safe and wholesome food supply for our nation and abroad; and promote best practices in environmental stewardship, animal health and well-being.

The purpose of this forum was to stimulate conversation and communication. NIAA encouraged the attendance of animal rights groups, environmental groups, the veterinarian community, feed processors, retail food marketers, agricultural producers, academia, government officials and regulators, human health professionals and others who ultimately have a stake in this discussion.

NIAA’s members include animal producers, veterinarians, scientists, state and federal officials, and agribusiness executives. NLPA has provided full management services to NIAA since 2009.

The conference presented a forum for a wide variety of opinions about current, beneficial and responsible use of antibiotics. It also provided the opportunity for the animal health community, food safety advocates and

In 2000, the National Livestock Producers Association Sheep & Goat Fund Committee made its first loan to the industry. Currently the Fund has 29 low interest loans to 21 entities in 15 states for a loan volume of $5.7 million. The Fund began with $14 million and has since revolved more than $38 million to sheep and goat related projects. The Fund can be used many ways, including: purchasing land or equipment, renovations, implementing weed control, fire protection, predator control, and breeding and genetics programs. The Fund can also be a valuable tool in restructuring your current financial package to help secure longer term, fixed rate loans that may otherwise be unavailable. NLPA lends the program its extensive credit experience with a focus on agriculture and its ability to service loans nationwide, often using local lenders. NLPA works closely

171 1,153,730 1,214,196

SHEEP/GOATS 10,291 48,616 64,075 19,505 142,487

A major hurdle is assuring consumers have and utilize scientific, factual information about the food they purchase and consume. www.AnimalAgriculture.org

NIAA’s Bridging the Gap Between Animal Health & Human Health Antimicrobial Use and Resistance Symposium Kansas City, MO - November 2013

with industry leaders who possess an in-depth understanding of the sheep and goat industries and their credit and operational challenges. The Fund is delivered through either direct loans or loan guarantees -- grants are not available through this program. Funds are available to qualified applicants at a competitive interest rate. During 2013, the Fund, in concert with the American Sheep Industry Association (ASI) developed a new Flock Expansion loan program through which producers may borrow funds to increase the size of their flock. Through a term loan product and mentoring opportunities, existing and new producers are able to secure needed financing to grow the numbers of sheep available in the U.S. The applications, descriptions of funded projects, news, industry links and a downloadable presentation are available at www.SheepandGoatFund.com.

s from October 1, 2012 to September 30, 2013 SWINE 4,028 56,267

human health professionals to seek verified, factual, scientific-based information to confront issues concerning the use and effects of antibiotics for animal agriculture and human health.

TOTAL 262,772 858,331 147,668 484,946 1,831,677 109,176 3,694,570

GROSS $$ $113,164,563 $608,276,368 $130,175,336 $361,761,313 $1,143,962,535 $74,472,908 $2,431,813,023

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Empire Livestock Marketing, LLC Syracuse, New York William (Bill) Beeman, Syracuse, New York Leon Graves, Syracuse, New York Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Association & Equity Cooperative Livestock Credit Corporation Baraboo, Wisconsin Les Danielson, Cadott, Wisconsin Chuck Adami, Baraboo, Wisconsin National Livestock Commission Association Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Stan Mannschreck, Anadarko, Oklahoma Jim Reynolds, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Producers Livestock Credit Corporation Omaha, Nebraska Mack Woodard, Trenton, Missouri Walt Ernesti, Omaha, Nebraska Producers Livestock Marketing Association N. Salt Lake, Utah James Gillmor, Delta, Utah Rick Lovell, N .Salt Lake, Utah Producers Livestock Marketing Association Omaha, Nebraska Gary Smith, Glenwood, Iowa Rick Keith, Omaha, Nebraska Tennessee Livestock Producers Columbia, Tennessee Lacy Upchurch, Columbia, Tennessee Darrell Ailshie, Columbia, Tennessee


National Livestock Credit Corporation Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Doug Hauser, Kingfisher, Oklahoma Robert York, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Tri-State Livestock Credit Corporation Rancho Cordova, California Jack Hanson, Susanville, California Robert Bergsten, Rancho Cordova, California

2013 Executive Committee Jack Hanson, Tri-State Livestock Credit Corporation, Rancho Cordova, CA; Gary Smith, Vice-Chairman of the Board, Producers Livestock Marketing Association, Omaha, NE; Rick Lovell, Producers Livestock Marketing Association, N. Salt Lake, UT; Chuck Adami, Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Association, Baraboo, WI; Stan Mannschreck, Chairman of the Board, National Livestock Commission Association, Oklahoma City, OK; Darrell Ailshie, Tennessee Livestock Producers, Columbia, TN. Not Pictured: Bill Beeman, Empire Livestock, Syracuse, NY.


R. Scott Stuart President, Chief Executive Officer

Mona Wolverton Operations Manager

Bobbie Williams Bookkeeper

Saralee Bonham Adminstrative Assistant

Polly Welden Communications


Livestock Marketing Organizations

Empire Livestock Marketing, LLC P.O. Box 4844/ 5001 Brittonfield Parkway E. Syracuse, New York 13221 Phone: 315.433.9129 • Fax: 315.431.1328 Website: www.EmpireLivestock.com Email: info@EmpireLivestock.com Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Association 401 Commerce Avenue Baraboo, Wisconsin 53913-8100 Phone: 608.356.8311 Fax: 608.356.0117 or 608.356.7999 Website: www.EquityCoop.com Email: Mailbag@EquityCoop.com National Livestock Commission Association 2501 Exchange Avenue, Room 102 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73108 Phone: 405.232.3128 • Fax: 405.232.2601 Website: www.NationalLivestock.com Email: KConway@NationalLivestock.com

Producers Livestock Marketing Association P.O. Box 540477 North Salt Lake, Utah 84054-0477 Phone: 801.936.2424 • Fax: 801.936.2426 Website: www.ProducersLivestock.com Email: HomeOffice@ProducersLivestock.com Producers Livestock Marketing Association P.O. Box 45978 / 4809 South 114th Street Omaha, Nebraska 68145-0978 Phone: 402.597.9189 • Fax: 402.597.9505 Website: www.ProducersLivestock.net Email: Deb@PLMCoop.com Tennessee Livestock Producers, Inc. 147 Bear Creek Pike, P.O. Box 313 Columbia, Tennessee 38402-0313 Phone: 931.388.7872 • Fax: 931.840.8689 Website: www.TennesseeLivestockProducers.com Email: TLP@TFBF.com

Livestock Credit Organizations Equity Livestock Credit Corporation 401 Commerce Avenue Baraboo, Wisconsin 53913-8100 Phone: 608.356.8311 • Fax: 608.356.0117 Website: www.EquityCoop.com Email: Mailbag@EquityCoop.com

Producers Livestock Credit Corporation P.O. Box 45978/4809 South 114th Street Omaha, Nebraska 68145-0978 Phone: 402.597.9189 • Fax: 402.597.9505 Website: www.ProducersLivestock.net Email: TMeyer@PLMCoop.com

National Livestock Credit Corporation 2501 Exchange Avenue, Room 103 Oklahoma City, Oklahama 73108 Phone: 405.235.9887 • Fax: 405.232.2288 Website: www.NationalLivestock.com Email: Mail@NationalLivestock.com

Tri-State Livestock Credit Corporation 2880 Sunrise Boulevard , Suite 224 Rancho Cordova, California 95742 Phone: 916.570.1388 or 800.778.8734 Fax: 916.570.1389 Website: www.Tri-StateLivestockCredit.com Email: info@TSLCC.com

13570 Meadowgrass Drive, Suite 201, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80921 Phone: 719-538-8843, Toll-free: 800-237-7193 Fax: 719-538-8847, website: www.nlpa.org, Email: nlpa@nlpa.org

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NLPA 2013-14 Annual Report  

National Livestock Producers Association 2013-14 Annual Report. Copyright © 2014. All Rights Reserved.

NLPA 2013-14 Annual Report  

National Livestock Producers Association 2013-14 Annual Report. Copyright © 2014. All Rights Reserved.

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