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Accanto Unveils Adaptive Customer Service Assurance New, comprehensive model allows Service Providers to more fully leverage benefits of three assurance models for troubleshooting and monitoring.

HELSINKI, Finland, February 14, 2011-Accanto Systems, a pioneer in Customer Service Assurance solutions for today's converged networks, announced today that it has introduced Adaptive Customer Service Assurance, an inclusive, robust approach to CSA that combines the best of Resource, Customer and Service-centric models. Adaptive CSA enables Service Providers to gather information and more fully monitor, report and troubleshoot than ever before. As the mobile communications landscape evolves with the introduction of new technologies like LTE, and the explosion in the amount of applications, services and user devices, Resource, Customer and Service-centric assurance models have been pushed to their limits. Today’s networks require a new approach that combines the strengths of these three models, while at the same time reduces their weaknesses. Combining these models results is a more streamlined and efficient monitoring and troubleshooting platform that provides deeper insights into the actual user experience. This is the foundation of Accanto’s Adaptive approach to Customer Service Assurance (CSA). “No single method by itself can provide a fail-safe and effective way to guarantee customer service quality,” said Michele Campriani, CEO of Accanto Systems. “Our Adaptive approach to CSA combines the best of all three models in a single platform. Ultimately, Service Providers can not only amass huge amounts of information and translate it into actionable intelligence, they can also drill down very specifically and ensure quality at the individual customer level.” A key capability of the Adaptive approach is the ability to provide different views of information collected through real and elapsed-time dashboards. This provides Service Providers with a very insightful and flexible way to look at information from the most relevant perspective. With Adaptive CSA, it is possible to select a number of dashboards, structure them over different layers and display the most relevant information along different perspectives and axes in a timely and effective manner. “What Adaptive CSA offers is a truly unified mechanism to define and view virtually any dimension or combination to supply the absolute best view of information in the easiest way,” said Campriani. “We enable our customers to focus on the most relevant issues at hand in order to quickly present the most relevant information and provide the best possible service to their customers.” For more information on Adaptive CSA, please visit Accanto at:

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