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December 2012 Issue 

December 2012 Issue 


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Content Sixman Footballs all  me Rushing Leader  Lance Morris brakes Sixman rushing record and is working on All-Time rushing leader

December 2012 

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Whitharral Lady Panthers   Lady Panthers ge ng ready for another long run



Hot Springs wins Montana Championship  Hot Springs to much for Big Springs in State Football Championship




We are “Motley County”  The Matadors have lots of tradition, which includes hard work and outstanding fan support





Savoy makes history  First District Champion and First playoff win has this town very excited

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December 2012 Issue 


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Lance Morris runs into Texas Football History No. 1 leading rusher in Sixman History!! No. 1 leading rusher in Texas football History!! Lance Morris is both of those. From the first game in 2009 against Gordon where Lance rushed for 82 yards on 2 carries to his last game in 2012 against Rankin where he rushed for 261 on 33 carries, he has given 110%. In his four years of high school football, Morris ran for 11,866 yards on 828 carries and 179 touchdowns. The 2012 season will be a memorable one for Lance, he started the year with 9,801 yards and needing 1,395 yards to break the All-Time Sixman rushing record of 10,476 yards. The record was held by Petey Saliaz of Mullin, he played from 1992-95. On the night of October 5th, 2012, Ira traveled to Paducah for what was to be a historic night in Sixman Football History. Morris went into the game with 10,224 yards and needing 244 yards to reach the mark. Lance ended the night with 252 yards, he know has the record at 10,476. There are still 4 games left in the regular season. It was then, that everyone knew he had a shot at the all-time rushing record. Ken Hall has had the record since 1953 when he concluded his high school career with 11,232 yards. Lance needed 756 yards to reach the all-time record and 4 regular season games left. All we could do is set back and watch him run.

“I couldn't have done it  without all my former  and current teammates.  I’d like to thank them all”   says Lance 

Picture by Charles Townsend, 


December 2012 Issue 

Picture by Charles Townsend, 

The four games that remained were against Fort Davis, Hermleigh, Highland and Rotan. In those four games, Lance rushed for 741. This gave him 11,217 and only needing 15 yards to reach Mr. Halls rushing mark.

Yards per Year

Ira finished the season undefeated and it is playoff time. In the first round of the playoffs, Ira played Crowell. This was the night that Lance broke the all-time rushing record. Needing 15 yards to surpass the mark, it took Lance three plays to do it. Morris finished the night with 386 yards. The NEW rushing total was 11,605 and at least one more game left. In the second round playoffs Ira played Rankin. Lance rushed for 261 and increased his yard total to 11,866 yards. The New Sixman and Texas rushing record is 11,866, congratulations Lance!! Job well done!!




2009 Freshman


2010 Sophomore


2011 Junior


2012 Senior


————————————— Total


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Lady Panthers ready for another long run The Lady Panthers at Whitharral High School are no strangers to success, having made it to the state finals in 2010 and the state semi finals in 2011. This year they have made it obvious that they want a third consecutive campaign, not only wanting to reach the final but expecting to be the favorites to lift the trophy. The team's propensity for winning is nothing new and this article will exam the winning mentality that has existed throughout the team's history. The Lady Panther's potential was evident when they entered the competition and gave a good account of themselves as Sophomores. Two years on and they have matured mentally and physically and have all the attributes to handle all the pressures that playing in a major final bring. There is a new added pressure now that the teams talent has become obvious. However the weight of expectation as heavy as it is does not appear to faze the team who have developed from hopefuls into the genuine article. The team has not been without its adversities. Knowing especially for their discipline and hard work in the gym, their resolve has been tested when maintenance required to their gym area meant that their training schedules have been disrupted for over a month. Fortunately this has been offset by the remarkable focus and togetherness of the team and they should find a rhythm again very soon. The team camaraderie that exists between the girls has been cited as a major factor in their recent success. In a recent interview their coach remarked "it takes more than talent. It takes more than work. You guys have to like each other". This team spirit has become inextricably linked to the teams recent run of success. 6

December 2012 Issue  Allot of the other lady's teams could learn a thing or two from the Lady Panther's fans. They continue to be a driving force behind the team's recent run of terrific form. Where other lady's team struggle to gain the support they perhaps merit, the coach commented "...we've been at the stage for the last few years that during the girls' game it's standing room only". Perhaps as equally important, the fans are also not afraid to lend their support during their away games. Taking all things into account, there exists a real expectation coupled by a real confidence that runs through the team. The team has a real winning mentality and the coach commented "they believe every time they step on the floor they are the best team". This mindset has often been credited with assisting in the consistency and success that the team has and continues to experience. The team is by no means conceited. Their coach remains level headed and accepts that the team is not going to go and win every game. However he is happy with the mindset with the players and believes this is the main reason the team has only lost two games this year. The weight of expectation currently on the shoulders of the Lady Panthers would perhaps be too much for other teams. However a mixture of team spirit, hard work and raw talent has allowed the team to channel this expectation into something positive and there is every reason to believe that the girls will be lifting the trophy at the end of the final game. 2012 Roster




3 4 5 10 11 13 21 23 25 32 33 34 40 44

Kimberly Albus Brooke Pendergrass Taylor Moore Briana Magallanes Dalyce Davis Abby Hoelscher Toria Cisneros Mia Ochoa Maeci Scott Addie Grant Lexi Pinkert Kalicia McCoy Jade Barron Deborah Albus

Jr. Jr. Sr. Sr. So. So. Sr. Sr. So. So. Sr. Sr. Jr. Sr.


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2 0 1 2 P L A Y O

Division I Regional Bi‐District      Region I  Region I      Petersburg 70 Grady 60  Petersburg 61 Miami 38  Valley 53 Borden County 46  Grady 80 Ropes 56    Borden County 60 Meadow 8  Region II  Valley 54 Happy 8      Rankin 58 Ira 38  Region II  Throckmorton 62 Water Valley 16      Rankin 78 Sterling City 30  Region III  Ira 52 Crowell 43    Throckmorton 64 Rotan 16  Water Valley 64 Garden City 18  Santa Anna 79 Blum 38  Gordon 66 Savoy 21      Region III  Region IV      Santa Anna 61 Lingleville 16  Abbo  62 Levere ’s Chapel 16  Blum 58 Saint Jo 20  Oakwood 83 Buckholts 71  Savoy 34 Walnut Springs 26  Gordon 88 Zephyr 42    Region IV    Abbo  66 Coolidge 0  Levere ’s Chapel 50 Apple Springs 44  Oakwood 110 Fannindel 65  Buckholts 66 Aquilla 60   

Quarter Finals    Region I    Valley 46 Petersburg 0    Region II    Throckmorton 88 Rankin 58    Region III    Gordon 70 Santa Anna 35    Region IV    Abbo  78 Oakwood 33 

2011 Division I Champions

Throckmorton Greyhounds

F F S Throckmortons #33 Gary Farquhar and #20 Trinity Haggard zero  in on Rankins #2 Dalton Michum 


December 2012 Issue 

Division II Bi‐District   Region I    Folle  52 Groom 7  Amherst 58 Lorenzo 0  New Home 67 Whitharral 22  Motley County 86 Lefors 41    Region II    Balmorhea 66 Dawson 30  Loraine 49 Blackwell 22  Robert Lee 60 Trent 6  Grandfalls 54 Loop 6    Region III    Aspermont 51 Northside 6  Newcastle 94 Sidney 48  Strawn 84 Woodson 58  Jayton 77 Chilicothe 58    Region IV    Richland Springs 68 Oglesby 0  Jonesboro 116 Trinidad 80  Milford 54 Cranfills Gap 6  Cherokee 75 Blanket 70 

Regional   Region I    Folle  68 Amherst 23  Motley County 78 New Home 55    Region II    Balmorhea 44 Loraine 40  Grandfalls 34 Robert Lee 30    Region III    Newcastle 50 Aspermont 38  Strawn 53 Jayton 8    Region IV    Richland Springs 64 Jonesboro 48  Milford 56 Cherokee 24   

Quarter Finals    Region I    Folle  54 Motley County 8    Region II    Grandfalls 82 Balmorhea 40    Region III    Strawn 52 Newcastle 42    Region IV    Richland Springs 78 Milford 42 

2011 Division II Champions Richland Springs Coyotes

Division I & II Semi Finals Division II    Folle   Vs   Grandfalls    Strawn  Vs  Richland Springs 

Division I    Valley  Vs  Throckmorton    Gordon  Vs  Abbo    


2 0 1 2 P L A Y O F F S

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Hot Springs wins Montana Sixman Football Championship Article and Picture by Court Weston of the Missoulian, Missoula, MT

HOT SPRINGS – Perhaps deferring to the highest-scoring team in the state was not the wisest decision. It took a mere 13 seconds for Big Sandy to realize its mistake as Hot Springs speedster Wyatt Nagy returned the opening kickoff 70 yards for a touchdown. The Savage Heat ultimately cruised to a 77-0 thumping of the visiting Pioneers to claim the Class C six-man football crown Saturday at the Hot Springs high school football field. “I’m on top of the world,” Savage Heat senior tight end and defensive end Dave Cross said. “It’s the best feeling. This is the greatest day of my life. That’s the only way I can put it.” Cross touched the ball 11 times on Saturday, finishing with 70 yards and five touchdowns, three of which were rushing. The 6-foot-4, 210-pounder also recorded three sacks, including a safety late in the first quarter, setting a tone defensively that Hot Springs (12-0) maintained throughout the game. “We put together a game plan that worked on defense,” Hot Springs second-year head coach Jim Lawson said. “The kids were able to go out and execute. They hit hard and tackled well today. We controlled all the gaps we wanted to control out there. “The biggest thing we wanted to do out there was stop their run game, which we did a great job of today.” 10

December 2012 Issue  The Savage Heat forced seven turnovers – four fumble recoveries, two interceptions and a turnover on downs – while committing zero of their own. Cross says the reason he and his teammates were able to shut down Big Sandy’s offense so effectively was due to Lawson and his assistants. “It’s all because of our coaches,” Cross said. “They do a lot of work getting film of the different schools. We study and run their offenses during practice, so we get a good taste of it before we play them.” Hot Springs scored 43 points off Pioneers turnovers, accounting for more than half of its total output. Big Sandy (10-2) head coach Greg King did not feel poorly about his team’s play despite coming up short. “I’m feeling OK,” King said. “The boys had a great year. You can’t hold this loss against them. Hot Springs has a great team.” King said ill-timed missed assignments and lapses in mentality led to the early deficit. “Defensively, we knew what they were going to do, we knew their schemes,” he said. “We had a very good idea what plays were coming at us. We just didn’t wrap up, we didn’t make tackles when we needed to. “Offensively, we didn’t stay with our blocks, so we made it tough there.” Big Sandy senior running back Jessey Bailey was limited to 29 yards on 11 carries after finding the end zone four times in the Pioneers’ 38-32 overtime victory over Valier in last weekend’s semifinal. Much of Big Sandy’s struggles came at the hands of Hot Springs’ three seniors – Nagy, Cross and Mike Gray. Continued …...Hot Springs wins championship ……. Page 20 2012 Roster

2012 Schedule Opponent Geraldine/Highwood St. Regis Two Eagle River Lima Rimrock Christian Lone Peak Alberton West Yellowstone Augusta Tri-City co-op Geraldine/Highwood Big Sandy

Result 45-13 65-14 85-0 87-6 74-28 65-6 51-0 89-0 66-8 80-12 53-12 77-0

No. Name


No. Name


5 7 8 13 15 18 22 28 32 35

Jr. Fr. Sr. Jr. Fr. So. So. So. So. Sr.

40 50 55 60 65 69 72 76 90 95

So. Jr. Fr. Jr. So. Sr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Fr.

Jarod White Jameson Morigeau Wyatt Nagy Jim Holland Sam Hoff Kamiah Payne Tanner Hoff Lane Froster Nate Gray Mike Gray


Anthony Byrns Martin Kvam Jack Dolson Joe DeTienne Cody Warnock Dave Cross Shane Hoff Michael Locker Pavol Zahora Garrett Radabah

Sixman Magazine  Picture of the Month


December 2012 Issue 


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We Are Motley County!!  Sixman Football is steeped in tradition. The Motley County Matadors are prime examples of this. Matador is a small town community in West Texas boasting a rather modest population of 607 inhabitants. Despite the towns small numbers, there is no shortage of community spirit with the whole town often gathering in support of the Matadors at the local school. Motley County High School has a support unrivalled by any other town. They may lack large number but the town is fiercely proud of its local team and the passion of its support is unsurpassed. The stands sell out during the football season and the bleachers are packed during the basketball season. This raises the question; What makes Motley the special place that it is despite its size and how are the strong bonds between the school and its community created.


December 2012 Issue  Work Ethic. Firstly, there is a fantastic work ethic in Motley. It is a hardworking community where both the adults and kids work hard all year long. A strong work ethic is very effective in bonding all generations of the town and plays no small part in the support the team receives on a consistent basis. We are Motley! There is a very strong sense of community spirit demonstrated by the frequent chants of “we are Motley, which can be frequently heard echoing around the town. This is sense of spirit is also tempered with the right attitude, a lot of self-discipline and focus, making them very good representatives for both the school and town. This is a pleasant reversal of the age of old stereotype of the misbehaved youth. The Play offs! The Matadors have been immensely consistent in the play offs, making them a very commendable 5 times out of 6 years. It is all the more impressive considering their earliest exit consists of a semi-final defeat in the 2009 and 2010 seasons. In 2007 they went the distance and were crowned State Champions, beating Woodson 44-38 in a close fought contest. The future certainly looks as equally bright with The Matadors having booked themselves a place in the quarter finals of the 2012 season. Continued …...We Are Motley ……. Page 20

“Our fans would  watch us throw  rocks”  says Coach  Bigham   


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Still in flight Savoy continues unprecedented gridiron success

By Rich Hilliard SAVOY, Texas -- These are unfamiliar days in Savoy. Late November usually means basketball when it comes to sports. However, the boys have good reason not to have joined the girls in the gym just yet. "I like it a lot better," said Bradley Cragg, a senior quarterback, cornerback and basketball player at Savoy. "I do love playing basketball, but playing football at this time -- nothing beats it. After never playing this far into November, it feels a lot better to be playing in the cold," said Cragg. Savoy decided to give six-man another try last fall during an 0-10 season in 11 -man -- marred by three cancellations due to having an insufficient number of players.


December 2012 Issue 

The winless campaign followed a one-win effort in 2010 that marked the varsity return to 11-man football by Savoy, which resumed playing the sport at the junior high level in 2008. It continued Savoy's negative history in the sport where wins were often infrequent the last few decades -- and playoff talk was more common for the school's other sports programs. Conversely, Savoy's latest embrace of six-man football has led to only positive history. The Cardinals achieved the program's first 4-0 start since 1998 on Sept. 29 with a 22-0 win -- one of three shutouts they have recorded. It came at Fannindel, which has also had success in six-man since converting during the previous decade, with four playoff trips during the last five years. A forfeit garnered Savoy's first district victory since 2000, before the Cardinals won their first league game on the field on Nov. 2 via a 50-26 win against Saint Jo for victory No. 8. The Cardinals then matched the program's most wins in a single season and recorded the first undefeated regular season since 1942 on Nov. 10 with a 55-6 win at Irving Universal Academy in the district finale. Savoy wins first District Championship ……Continued 0n Page 21 2012 Roster

2012 Schedule Opponent Balch Springs Academy Fruitvalle Bowie Goldburg Fannindel Greenville Phoenix Forrestburg Bye Waxahachie Advantage St. Jo Irving Universal Walnut Springs Gordon

Result 47-0 67-58 68-20 22-0 50-0 60-12 2-0 50-26 55-6 34-26 21-66

No. Name 2 3 4 5 9 10 12 14 21 25 42

Brayden Phillips Taylor Bigbee Kaden Kumler Justin Lawrence Nolan Cooke Cory McMorris Bradley Cragg Nathaniel Baca Chase Lowery Adam Musser Joseph Hardisin


Yr Jr. Sr. So. Sr. Fr. Fr. Sr. Fr. Jr. Jr. Fr.

No. Name


45 48 56 59 61 65 73 74 82 83 84

Fr. Fr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Fr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Fr. Fr.

Jack Neal Jacob Pugh Tristan Allen Riley Neal Colten Defir Dillon Bell Javier Richards Justin Berube Samuel Baca Joby Harvey Trey Lewis

Sixman Magazine 

2012 Playoff Action Valley’s #22 Kamaron Buchanan gets around the corner for a TD

Petersburg’s #11 Thomas Roden

Picture by Michelle Renea, Gordon  Gordon team picture after Quarter Finals victory over Santa Anna

New Home’s #7 Josh Paul breaks free for a TD


December 2012 Issue  Throckmorton’s #33 Gary Farquhar

Picture by Chris  Bland, Valley  Pack of Patriots tackle Borden Counties #9 T.J. Basquez

Balmorhea Bears cheerleaders showing there spirit

Picture by John Love, Grandfalls 

All Photos property of Birddog Photography Unless otherwise stated Rankin’s #2 Dalton Michum gets around the corner for a few yards


Sixman Magazine  Hot Springs wins championship ……...Continued from Page 11 Gray carried the ball 15 times for 94 yards and a touchdown while taking his lone catch of the day 16 yards for another score. Although Nagy did not find the end zone other than the return for the game’s first score, he hauled in four catches for 77 yards and added 22 more on five carries. “Those three seniors, they’re all special,” Lawson said. “We’re going to miss them. They’re so huge, especially in a game like this. We count on them to make those big plays and for their leadership. They really showed up today.” Cross said he and his fellow seniors wanted to share the team’s first-ever Class C six-man title with not only their teammates and coaches, but the entire Hot Springs community. “We talked about how this game was for everybody,” he said. “Everyone that went to the practices and the whole town of Hot Springs. That’s who we dedicated (the win) to – everybody.” We Are Motley ……. Continued from Page 15 The Team. After a recent game, the post-game bustle began. The Matadors shook the hands of the opposing team and looked to be heading back to their dressing room, or so I thought. Rather than call it a night, the Coach blew his whistle and the team assembled on the goal line, ready to run lines after the game. One of the team members commented “We have to be ready for whatever the season is going to bring and running lines is something we do. We are prepared to go the extra mile. We expect a lot from ourselves”. The Fans. The support that The Matadors receive from the community is a vital component of their success. Coach Bingham has been quoted saying “If the kids would announce that they are going to throw rocks, the people will show up and cheer them on. The town is always behind them”. The truth of this statement is immediately apparent when The Matadors take to the football field. The stands are filled to capacity with townspeople ready to cheer on the younger generation. The cheering, chanting and dancing does not cease from the minute the game starts until the minute the game ends. To finish on the words of Coach Bingham “A program is a town, it is not only what we do on Friday night. I think the fans, the kids, the faculty and the administration is what makes a program. And I feel we have this in Motley County.” 20 

December 2012 Issue  Savoy wins first District Championship ……Continued from Page 17 Fittingly, Savoy's last 9-0 season also came as a six-man program. Seventy years ago, the Cardinals won their second-straight district title -- but had to settle for only that, as postseason play didn't exist then for six-man teams. It came under the guidance of head coach Robert F. Hodges for whom the Cardinals' field is named, according to Savoy superintendent Brian Neal. Savoy then separated itself from its predecessors -- and necessitated another week in pads and helmets -- winning the school's first football playoff game, 36-24, over Walnut Springs at Ponder. "It's unbelievable to still be practicing this late in November," said Riley Neal, a junior center and middle linebacker, "it's not even work now -- it's just fun." "The six-man community family is where Savoy belongs," said Neal. The unprecedented season has also provided an unblemished start to the head coaching career of Clay Wilson, a Bells alumnus who was promoted from assistant to the helm during the summer. "It has been awesome," said Wilson. "There's not a much better feeling than getting wins." The kids have really responded and really never struggled," he said. Wilson, who has been at Savoy since the restart in 2007, filled the role held for the last five years by Savoy alumnus and former standout quarterback Dusty Burkhalter who oversaw the program's resurrection. "We started by building the program from the ground up," said Burkhalter, who remains as Savoy's athletic director and defensive coordinator. "We got them used to having a practice routine, got them in the weight room and to doing things that make you fundamentally sound as a football team. Our goal when we started this program was to make football successful in Savoy at whatever the cost and to do whatever was needed to build a program," said Burkhalter. "I don't think we pictured being in six-man, but, on the same note, we wouldn't change that!" (The Cardinals (10-1) ended their season on Nov. 23 with a 66-21 loss to Gordon at Saint Jo in a Division I Region III semifinal. This story originally appeared in the Sherman-Denison Herald Democrat on Nov. 23).


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2012 Sixman Champions Wyoming Sixman State Champions Dubois 51, Li le Snake River 27 








lLi le Snake River 







First quarter  Snake River ‐‐ Manuel Quinteros 27‐yard touchdown run, Quinteros two‐point run, 9:48, 0‐8.  Dubois ‐‐ Sterling Baker 46‐yard touchdown run, Two‐point run failed, 9:30, 6‐8.  Dubois ‐‐ Jesse Hawk 17‐yard touchdown run, two‐point run failed, 9:13, 12‐8.  Snake River ‐‐ Cole Gourlay 33‐yard touchdown run, Quinteros two‐point run, 7:16, 12‐16.  Snake River ‐‐ Grayson Lee 32‐yard touchdown pass to Quinteros, Quinteros two‐point run, 5:55, 12‐24.  Second quarter  Dubois ‐‐ Hawk 4‐yard touchdown run, Rowan Hawk two‐point run, 20‐24.  Third quarter  Dubois ‐‐ Baker 7‐yard touchdown run, Baker two‐point run, 8:48, 28‐24.  Dubois ‐‐ Hawk 24‐yard touchdown run, extra point blocked, 4:53, 34‐24.  Dubois ‐‐ Hawk 12‐yard touchdown run, Baker two‐point run, 2:13, 42‐24.  Dubois ‐‐ Baker 62‐yard touchdown run, extra point no good, 1:30, 48‐24.  Snake River ‐‐ Grayson Lee 58‐yard touchdown pass to Carson Lee, extra point no good, :08, 48‐30..  Fourth quarter  Dubois ‐‐ Hawk 3‐yard touchdown run, extra point blocked, 1:10, 54‐30.  Individual sta s cs  Rushing ‐‐ Sterling Baker, 23‐277, 3 TD; Jesse Hawk, 19‐128, 5 TD, Rowan Hawk, 2‐4; Manuel Quinteros  10‐65, 1 TD; Cole Gourlay, 6‐42, 1 TD.  Passing ‐‐ Baker, 4‐5‐31, Grayson Lee, 7‐13‐97; Quinteros, 2‐6‐16; Flip, 2‐6‐8.  Receiving ‐‐ Jesse Hawk, 2‐14, Cody Flynn 1‐12; Rowan Hawk, 1‐5; Quinteros 4‐33; Carson Lee 2‐60;  Gourlay, 3‐20, Grieve, 2‐8 


December 2012 Issue 

Nebraska Sixman State Champions WAUNETA‐PALISADE 26, SIOUX COUNTY 16 

Sioux  8   County  Wauneta‐ 14   Palisade  











WP‐‐Pollmann 47 pass from Kayton (kick failed)  SC‐‐Gray 74 run (Woodrum run)  WP‐‐Davis 20 pass from Maris (Bischoff kick)  WP‐‐Kayton 10 run (kick failed)  SC‐‐Dunn 37 run (Woodrum run) 

Colorado Sixman State Champions Fleming 84, Eads 56 

Fleming  Eds 

38 24 

8 16 

22 0 

16 16 

84   56 

1st Quarter 

3rd Quarter: 

E ‐ Weirich 6 run (Ramos kick) 

F ‐ Vandenbark 65 run (kick failed) 

F ‐ Chintala 44 run (Price kick) 

F ‐ Vandenbark 50 run (Price kick) 

F ‐ Serrato fumble recovery (blocked kick) 

F ‐ VanDuren 25 run (Price kick) 

E ‐ Winder 21 run (Ramos kick) 

4th Quarter: 

F ‐ Chintala 71 run (Price kick) 

F ‐ Serrato 45 run (Price kick) 

F ‐ Vandenbark 14 pass from Serrato (Price kick) 

F ‐ Chintala 65 run (Price kick) 

F ‐ Vandenbark 7 pass from Serrato (Price kick) 

E ‐ Ramos 15 pass from Rouse (Ramos kick) 

E ‐ Weirich 60 run (Ramos kick) 

E ‐ Crow 15 pass from Rouse (Ramos kick) 

2nd Quarter:  E ‐ Miller 2 run (Ramos kick)  E ‐ Winder 9 run (Ramos kick)  F ‐ T. Chintala 41 run (Price kick)   

‐‐ ‐‐ 


Sixman Magazine December 2012 Issue  
Sixman Magazine December 2012 Issue  

Sixman Magazine December 2012 Issue