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Welcome to GRANDTRAVEL, Luxury Vacations Exclusively for Grandparents and Grandchildren, the originator of tours for grandparents and grandchildren. Respectfully aware of the profound relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren, GRANDTRAVEL is dedicated to enriching this unique bond. Traditionally, grandparents lived with their children, served as mentors, role models and teachers for their grandchildren. They linked the family’s past with its future and preserved values for coming generations. They helped the children to accept and understand the concept of aging. Today’s grandparents lead more active and independent lives. Great distances sometimes prevent them from seeing their grandchildren as often as they would like. Because grandparents understand the importance of nurturing and affection among generations, they are always looking for ways to draw their modern families closer together.


The GRANDTRAVEL experience offers a wonderful way for grandparents and grandchildren to bond across miles and time and to create lasting memories. As travel companions, grandparents and grandchildren share the excitement of visiting far-away lands, discover the secrets of ancient cultures, and make friends worldwide. GRANDTRAVEL offers an opportunity for grandparents and grandchildren to relate to each other in remarkable new ways. There is no better way to convey a cultural inheritance and a lasting legacy to your grandchildren! And for those of you who consider yourselves “surrogate grandparents,” including aunts, uncles and close family friends, we welcome you, too, to join the “grandparent” of inter-generational travel on a tour.








Welcome to GRANDTRAVEL, the originator of tours for grandparents and grandchildren. Respectfully aware of the profound relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren, GRANDTRAVEL is dedicated to enriching this unique bond. Traditionally, grandparents lived with their children, served as mentors, role models and teachers for their grandchildren. They linked the family’s past with its future and preserved values for coming generations. They helped the children to accept and understand the concept of aging. Today’s grandparents lead more active and independent lives. Great distances sometimes prevent them from seeing their grandchildren as often as they would like. Because grandparents understand the importance of nurturing and affection among generations, they are always looking for ways to draw their modern families closer together. The GRANDTRAVEL experience offers a wonderful way for grandparents and grandchildren to bond across miles and time and to create lasting memories. As travel companions, grandparents and grandchildren share the excitement of visiting far-away lands, discover the secrets of ancient cultures, and make friends worldwide. GRANDTRAVEL offers an opportunity for grandparents and grandchildren to relate to each other in remarkable new ways. There is no better way to convey a cultural inheritance and a lasting legacy to your grandchildren! And for those of you who consider yourselves “surrogate grandparents,” including aunts, uncles and close family friends, we welcome you, too, to join the “grandparent” of inter-generational travel on a tour.



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– Established in 1986 – The only company offering trips for grandparents and grandchildren exclusively – Created by teachers, psychologists and travel professionals – Fun-filled, teacher-led, imaginative, educational itineraries – Fabulous hotels – Wonderful meals – Superb guides – Opportunities to meet grandchildren around the world – Activities to stimulate curiosity and encourage exploration - 02

Dear Grandtravelers, As grandparents, we spend a lot of time thinking ahead. For most of us that means thinking about our grandchildren’s future and how we can ensure that the coming years for them will be secure, challenging and fulfilling. Of course, their parents steer the major course, but grandparents have a special role in lighting up the path. Grandparents have a bird’s eye view of life that is important in rounding out our grandchildren’s development. We provide perspective and depth in their lives and a connection to the past that they instinctively seek to better understand who they are and from where they came. Questions like “Tell me what it was like when you were a little girl, Grandma” or “What was Mommy like when she was my age?” are precious opportunities for a grandparent to complete the child’s picture of their own family. On any one of our many itineraries in 2009, GRANDTRAVEL makes it possible for both generations to be together to examine the past, enjoy the present and look forward to the future. Whether it’s exploring our nation’s history and government in Washington and Williamsburg, gold-panning and kayaking in Alaska, creating elaborate carnival masks in Venice, or riding the train through the Chunnel from London to Paris, the opportunities for you to open doors on worlds old and new for your grandchild are endless on a GRANDTRAVEL vacation. Here is your chance to share with your grandchildren your appreciation and knowledge of the world they will inherit. Don’t hesitate—book your GRANDTRAVEL trip today by calling 1-800-247-7651. It is not too late to start a legacy and tradition that will endure for generations to come! Yours sincerely,

Helena Koenig Founder & A Very Proud Grandmother

P.S. GRANDTRAVEL is pleased to announce its new partnership with AARP Travel, a member benefit program for AARP members and powered by Travelocity! Log on to www.grandtrvl/aarp to read more about special GRANDTRAVEL offers for AARP members.

THE GRANDTRAVEL LEADERS Activity Directors GRANDTRAVEL Activity Directors are teachers or leisure counselors who are responsible for the academic component of the tour, as well as for cultural activities and games. Activity Directors aren’t babysitters but rather interpret the tour for the grandchildren by making learning fun for all ages. They assist Grandtravelers with “settling in” and by answering questions. For example, a Grandtraveler may need help filling a prescription, finding a dentist for a grandchild’s loose orthodontic wire, or changing money. Our GRANDTRAVEL Activity Director will be there to help. Meet just a few of the special people who help create once-ina-lifetime, memorable experiences for each Grandtraveler!

Stephanie Matlock has always looked forward to family vacations! While growing up, Stephanie’s father took

her every weekend to a different ruin in the Southwest as well as a number of destinations throughout the United States and Mexico. As an adult, Stephanie has retained a passion for travel, and has visited many parts of the world as a wildlife biologist, biology professor, and for pleasure. Before leading a number of trips to both Colorado and the Galapagos with GRANDTRAVEL, she spent two summers in Ecuador teaching college students about the diversity of life. She is thrilled to share the beauty and diversity of a new destination with Grandtravelers!

States. In addition to sharing memories and adventures with the Grandtravelers, Laura spends time with all four of her own grandparents in the summer.

Laura Peterson

Jack Werstein

teaches seventh grade at middle school in Maryland. She enjoys traveling because it allows her to meet new people, explore new places, and learn interesting things about our world. Laura’s journeys have taken her to Japan and throughout the United

was born in Brussels, Belgium, adopted at age 4, and raised in New York City. He attended the United Nations International School from grade 1 through 12.

Christie Olinger Sawyer has traveled on many GRANDTRAVEL tours, creating special memories for grandparents and their grandchildren. Christie teaches elementary school in Cincinnati. She spent a college semester studying in Rome, learning more than she ever thought she could in such a short period of time.

He traveled extensively growing up, visiting and living in such places as London, Lisbon, Athens, Tel Aviv and Lamu, Kenya. For the last 5 years, Jack has been working as an elementary school teacher, teaching 1st and 4th grades. This year, Jack served as his school’s Library Media Specialist, uniting two of the things he loves most: children and books.

Christy Wing From a young age, travel and education have been constants in Christy’s life as she was raised in a military family. Christy graduated with a degree in Communications from George Mason University in Washington, DC. During her professional career, she has worked both as a teacher and a travel professional. Since 1987, Christy has organized and led numerous tours throughout Alaska for GRANDTRAVEL.

Tour Managers Each GRANDTRAVEL tour is also accompanied by a Tour Manager. Tour Managers are travel professionals who are closely familiar with their particular destinations. On every GRANDTRAVEL departure, Activity Directors and Tour Managers work together to ensure that your trip will be a memorable one! – 03

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When are the GRANDTRAVEL trips scheduled?

While intergenerational travel has become more prevalent these days, GRANDTRAVEL began over two decades ago and is the only company offering trips exclusively for grandparents and grandchildren. Today the term “Grandtravel” has made its way into the general lexicon, while we at GRANDTRAVEL know that we own the official trademark as the originators of this special kind of travel. More than just a trip for grandparents and grandchildren, GRANDTRAVEL is a carefully researched travel concept that gives special attention to the benefits that come from intergenerational experiences. Our team of teachers, psychologists and leisure counselors understand the importance of grandparenting to the well-being of both generations.

Our trips depart in the summer when grandparents and grandchildren can enjoy an extended visit with one another. With more and more parents working, the care of children during school vacations has become more difficult. GRANDTRAVEL is a wonderful solution.

– 04

How young are Grandtravelers? Because every child is unique, there is no easy answer to the question: “How old should my grandchild be before I take him or her on a GRANDTRAVEL tour?” GRANDTRAVEL welcomes grandparents of all ages and grandchildren between the ages of seven and 17. If you would like to know

about the ages of grandchildren already booked on any particular GRANDTRAVEL tour, please call us, and we will be happy to share that information with you.

Where do we go? Our programs cover much of the globe: from the Americas to Europe to the Pacific. Some favorite itineraries are offered every year (like Alaska, London and Paris, and Italy), others are offered periodically (like New Zealand). Each GRANDTRAVEL itinerary is designed to appeal to both generations. We include lots of fun-filled activities in our itineraries and schedule private time, too. We have consulted with education specialists so that each journey complements school programs.

Where do we stay? We select deluxe or the bestavailable hotels that are distinguished by their locations, their service, their restaurants and

their respect for grandchildren. Wherever possible, we combine these features with a swimming pool! Look at each itinerary for the names of our selected hotels and you will quickly realize what a special component our accommodations are in the GRANDTRAVEL experience.

What do we eat? Meals that are balanced, as well as delicious, are provided on schedule and promptly. Both traditional and local foods are offered. We may exclude a meal to give Grandtravelers a break from the fuller group menus and allow them to spend time privately and benefit from quality time together. Whenever meals are not included, Grandtravelers are given the opportunity to choose from a variety of local eateries. (See individual tour itineraries for details on meals. Our meal code is as follows: B=breakfast; L=lunch; D=dinner.)

Are we there yet? Between points of interest, Grandtravelers ride in comfortable, air-conditioned motorcoaches, which make frequent rest stops. Everyone gets equal time at window seats, and smoking on board is not permitted. Grandchildren can enjoy their traveling time with their very own GRANDTRAVEL Guidebooks — notebooks filled with anecdotes, mini-histories, and interesting facts about the places they will be visiting. Also, each GRANDTRAVEL Activity Director brings along a full program of games, puzzles and arts and crafts to enhance the itinerary and make the trip more challenging for the grandchildren.

What do we do at night? After dinner, Grandtravelers may take part in a variety of evening activities. Meetings with local people and recreational fun, such as theater and special events, are often planned.

Are we always together? Most GRANDTRAVEL activities are shared by both generations, but, occasionally, we schedule separate activities for each peer group. All separate activities for children are supervised. For safety reasons, Activity Directors cannot be the sole supervisors during certain activities like swimming, snorkeling and other sports.

Counseling Pre-departure counseling is available from our office to help grandparents and grandchildren understand each other’s special needs. We identify situations that may occur (grandchildren may get homesick; grandparents may get tired) and help each Grandtraveler deal with such situations. And, we provide Grandtravelers with our GRANDTRAVEL Handbook, which helps you prepare before you depart.

How do you prepare us for our trip? Before departure, we will send you information to guide you in your preparations for departure. In addition to GRANDTRAVEL bags, caps, diaries, and photo albums, your materials will include a delightfully composed GRANDTRAVEL guidebook. With a detailed itinerary, easy-to-digest information on the places visited, and many fun activities to make the most of time in transit.

What is included in the price? Each tour’s specific features are outlined in its tour description. However, several general points can be made about the cost of our trips.

GRANDTRAVEL tours include: • Deluxe or best-available accommodations • Meals as indicated in the itinerary • Deluxe, private motorcoach

transportation throughout • The services of an experienced on-site Tour Manager and a GRANDTRAVEL Activity Director • Entrance and admission fees for all events included in the itinerary • Airport/hotel transfers • Hotel taxes, baggage handling • Medical Evacuation Insurance • Tipping for porters, sightseeing guides, hotel housekeeping staff, and waiters • All GRANDTRAVEL Extras

Other items not included are:

What is not included:

Whenever there is a children’s rate for hotel, air, or other service, the saving has been incorporated into our tour price.

End-of-tour gratuities to driver, Tour Manager and GRANDTRAVEL Activity Director are not included and are at the discretion of each Grandtraveler. Airfare from your home to the tour’s starting point and back to your home city is not included. In each instance, you may choose to have GRANDTRAVEL or your travel agent arrange your roundtrip flight reservations.

• passport photos and fees • visa fees • personal items such as alcohol, room service, valet and laundry charges, etc. • expenses incurred in making extra arrangements before and after the tour • other items not specifically mentioned as included.

ance. We offer such insurance in your confirmation packet. (See “Terms and Conditions,” p. 21.)

How are reservations made for a GRANDTRAVEL trip? The quickest and easiest way to reserve your spot is by giving GRANDTRAVEL a call at 800.247.7651.

Are there special grandchildren’s rates?

What happens if a Grandtraveler must cancel a trip? Last-minute cancellations are unfortunate and result in 100% loss of your tour payment within 30 days of departure. We highly recommend that Grandtravelers purchase trip cancellation insur– 05

For prices, please see p. 18 | 800.247.7651



Alaska, “The Great Land,” covers more than 586,000 square miles – so vast that some Alaskans live closer to Japan than to their own state capital of Juneau. Alaska is a land of amazing wonders – bald eagles, mountain sheep, grizzlies, peregrine falcons and caribou . . . historic gold rush towns . . . stormy volcanic islands . . . and wildflower carpets stretching across miles of summer tundra. Arctic Eskimos, Aleuts, Tlingits, Haidas, Tshimashians and other Native Alaskans have enriched the Alaskan culture with their customs and artistry. On this fantastic journey, pan for gold in a cool Alaskan stream and dine in a gold mine. Mush with huskies and sled dogs, whale-watch, and helicopter onto a glacier, during this unforgettable GRANDTRAVEL adventure into the Alaskan wilderness. ttional Park – Rafting in Denali National g – Helicopter ride to a glacier – “Mushing” in a sled p pulled by Alaskan huskies – A cruise among calving v ving glaciers on Tracy Arm Fjord rm r Fjor orrd o – A Homestead Huskyy Tou Tour our – A visit with an Iditarod rro od Sled Dog Race winner er e

– 06



Denali National Park



Kenai Peninsula

Day 1 ~ Arrive Fairbanks Welcome to Alaska, the Great Land! You’ll be met at the airport and assisted with luggage and hotel transfers. This evening enjoy a welcome dinner. Marriott Spring Hill Suites (D) Day 2 ~ Fairbanks After breakfast this morning, take a city tour of Fairbanks that includes the Alaska Pipeline and the University of Alaska Museum, which is the state’s largest science museum and also contains many cultural artifacts. After lunch, take an adventurous Riverboat cruise on the Sternwheeler Discovery. Relax as you cruise the Chena and Tanana Rivers with an all-Alaskan crew who will bring you back into the heart of the steamboat era. While on board, meet the Native guides who accompany you ashore at the Old Chena Village for a tour of an early Athabascan Indian community. Also view a bush pilot’s air show, and fish wheel, and an Iditarod champion

dog team in action. This evening after dinner visit Pioneer Park where you can glimpse into the life of Frontier Alaska. (B,L,D) Day 3 ~ Fairbanks to Denali This morning, board a luxury dome car for a scenic train ride to Denali National Park. When you arrive at Denali, relax at the lodge before an exciting rafting trip on the Nenana River. McKinley Chalets (B,D) Day 4 ~ Denali Early this morning explore Denali National Park’s prime wildlife habitat on your journey to

Kantishna Roadhouse, once the site of intensive mining activity, dating back to 1905. Watch for moose, caribou, bear, fox, dall sheep, and other wildlife. After lunch at the Roadhouse, pan for gold or see a dog sled demonstration. Take a scenic flightseeing trip back to the park entrance and, if weather permits, fly along the north face of Denali. (B,L) Day 5 ~ Denali to Anchorage After breakfast, visit the homestead and kennel of Jeff King, who is recognized as the “Winningest

Alaska was purchased from Russia in 1867 for under 2 cents an acre. Musher in the World.” He has won the 1,049 Mile Iditarod Sled dog race four times. Meet the champion sled dogs, cuddle with newborn puppies, hear stories from the Iditarod trail and watch a training run. After lunch at your lodge, board a motor coach for your scenic, sightseeing drive to Anchorage. Hawthorn Suites (B,L) Day 6 ~ Anchorage After breakfast, visit the new Alaska Native Heritage Center, and learn about the five major Native ethnic groups in Alaska: Athabascan, Aleut/Alutiiq; Inupiaq/St. Lawrence Island Yup’ik; Yup’ik/ Chup’ik; and Tlingit/Haidasimshian/Eyak. Learn about the Native music, arts, storytelling,

and many other facets of Native life. After a free afternoon, dine in a gold mine and then see Alaska wild berry jams and chocolates being made…not to mention the world’s largest chocolate waterfall! (B,D) Day 7 ~ Anchorage to Juneau After breakfast, fly to Juneau. Upon arrival, settle into your hotel and enjoy the capital of Alaska. This evening, enjoy an authentic dinner of Alaskancaught salmon barbecued over an alderwood fire. Walk to the

eek waterfall Salmon Creek and roast marshmallows over an open campfire. Goldbelt Hotel (B,D) acy Arm Fjord Day 8 ~ Tracy ing after breakThis morning fast, board your cruise ship and journey ey through one of the most stt dramatic dr dramati tic sites in the world ld — Tracyy Arm Fjord. Thiss narrow ffjord twists and d turns forr over 30 miles, culminatin culminating ng in a spectacular ar view off the twin tidewater Sawyer G Glaciers. Yourr captain You navigates navvigates as cclose as the icee floe allows, stopping lows, stop pping for an extended nded stayy at the face of thee glacier. W Watch for seals relaxing thee icebergs, ing on th bald eagless soaring above the otheer animals cliffs and many other is area ho ome. Learn that call this home. story of about the natural hi history

FUN FACT the fjord, its glaciers and the wildlife from our onboard nat naturalist. (B,L) Day 9 ~ June Juneau This morning after a breakfast you may elect el to join an optional fish shing trip. This afternoon take an exciting helicopter helicopte flight and make a landing on a glacier. Enjoy a truly Ala Alaskan adventure by visiti visiting a glacier dog sled camp an and then take a ride with a team of huskies loping across a snowcapped sno glacier. Feel the exc excitement as the team is hook hooked up, then…you’re off! Th This evening, relax and share you your favorite memories of Alask Alaska during your farewell dinne dinner. (B,D)

“First class all the way; Activity Director and Tour Manager were pleasant, professional and patient.” –Grandparent, Alaska 2007

Day 10 ~ Depart Juneau Ju After breakfast fly home. (B)

~ 07

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ITALY’S SPLENDOR VENICE, FLORENCE, ROME JULY 6-17 & AUGUST 3-14, 2009 Italy is the world’s greatest museum, with a history that dates back 3,000 years to the time of the Etruscans. A visit to Rome’s ancient ruins brings to life the exciting chariot races in the Colosseum . . . stately Senators debating in the Roman Forum . . . thundering legions marching along the Appian Way. . . and weary travelers seeking relaxation at the Baths of Caracalla. The artistic wonders of Italy can be found throughout the land! See the genius in the masterpieces created by Brunelleschi, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Giotto, Botticelli, and Donatello. Delicately carved arches reflected in Venetian canals… sunkissed Tuscan farms that produce Italy’s fine olives and cheeses . . . Experience the very best of Italian culture on this wonderful GRANDTRAVEL tour to splendid Italy.


– Train excursion through h the heart of Tuscany – Venetian mask workshop op – Visit to the islands of Murano and Burano – Full day in Siena – Cooking lesson with a Tuscan chef – A day on a renovated 16th-century Farm Estate te – 08

Venice Florence Siena Rome


Day 1 ~ Depart USA Relax as you enjoy the services on your transatlantic flight to Italy. Day 2 ~ Arrive Venice Upon arrival at Venice’s airport, head to your home in Venice at the Hotel Saturnia. Relax before a walking tour of the area, followed by a gondola ride and welcome dinner. Hotel Saturnia (D) Day 3 ~ Venice Take in the famous sights of Venice! Dominating St. Mark’s Square is the golden church, Chiesa d’Oro, with its rich decoration of marble and mosaics. Nearby is the pink and white marble Doges’ Palace, symbol of the power of the Venetian Republic. Here see Tintoretto’s Paradise (the largest oil painting in the

world), the dungeons and a collection of ancient weapons. Later create your own Venetian mask like those worn at Carnival followed by dinner at a local restaurant. (B,D) Day 4 ~ Venice This morning, take a boat to the Lagoon Islands. On Murano, watch glass blowers create their signature art. Visit Burano, a fishing village with brightly painted houses, famous for lacemaking. Dinner on your own tonight is reserved for grand-

parents and grandchildren to select from one of the many great restaurants in the area. (B) Day 5 ~ Venice to Florence Board a train this morning for Florence, nestled in the sundrenched Tuscan countryside. On a guided walking tour, see Duomo Square with its beautiful Gothic cathedral, Giotto’s Bell Tower and the golden bronze doors of the Baptistery. After a climb to the top of the Duomo, reward your efforts with a stop at a gelateria for some incomparable Italian ice cream. Continue on to Michelangelo’s famous statue of David in the Galleria dell’Accademia. This evening, become a part of the local scene at a traditional trattoria. Hotel Santa Maria Novella (B,D) Day 6 ~ Florence This morning see some of the most exquisite art treasures in the world, including Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and Springtime, at the Uffizi Gallery. Then, at the

In 1339 Florence became the first city in Europe with paved streets. Palazzo Vecchio, you will step back in time to the Italian court of the 16th century and explore the sumptuous royal apartments. Grandtravelers will have the opportunity to visit areas of the palace not normally open to the public such as the secret passages. In the afternoon, drive into the Tuscan countryside to visit a wine cellar and learn how wine is made and stored, then watch delicious local dishes being prepared during a private cooking lesson. This evening, feast on a delightful Tuscanstyle barbecue. (B,D) Day 7 ~ Siena This morning, take an excursion to the charming medieval hilltown of Siena. Your guide will bring to life the annual Palio, a horse race that has taken place every summer since the Middle Ages. Once oriented, pursue individual interests during free time.

Then enjoy a light lunch before heading back to Florence. After dinner in a charming old town restaurant, head to the Ponte


Vecchio, the oldest bridge in Florence. (B,L,D) Day 8 ~ Tuscan Adventure Venture into the Tuscan countryside once more to spend the day on a renovated 16th-century farm that produces wine, cereals, olive oil, walnuts amidst fragrant countryside. You may choose to hike or take a horse ride, explore the village and the pottery or simply relax in the Tuscan countryside. Enjoy lunch at a local Osteria. Return to the city for a free final evening in Florence. (B,L) Day 9 ~ Florence to Rome After breakfast board a train for Rome. Upon arrival in Rome, check into your hotel and settle in. Later learn what it was like to be a gladiator through a special training program. After working up an appetite, enjoy a wonderful dinner in a local restaurant. Hotel Gladiatori (B,D)

Day 10 ~ Rome This morning discover the ancient Roman Forum and Colosseum with your local guide. You will also visit the majestic Pantheon, the largest and best-preserved monument of Roman antiquity. Enjoy a relaxing lunch on your own before we drive to Tivoli to visit the elaborate gardens of the Villa d’Este. Enjoy dinner in a lively, Tivoli restaurant. (B,D)

“The balance of activities between youth and adults was very good…Mask-making [in Venice] was a terrific experience for kids.” –Grandparent, Italy 2007

Day 11 ~ Rome Today visit Vatican City to see St. Peter’s Church, with its impressive dome built in 1547 by Michelangelo, the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel. The afternoon is yours to continue exploring before your farewell dinner this evening. (B,D) Day 12 ~ Depart Rome Transfer to Rome airport today for your flight home. (B)

~ 09

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LONDON & PARIS GRANDEST CITIES: JULY 18 - 27 & AUGUST 1 - 10, 2009 No education in western civilization is complete without a visit to two of Europe’s most historic capitals: London and Paris. England’s rich history is found in the sparkling Crown Jewels that have adorned British kings and queens for centuries . . . in the sinister secrets hidden in the Tower of London . . . in St. Paul’s Cathedral, the architectural wonder that grew out of the ashes of the Great Fire of London. Stroll along the banks of the Seine River, enjoy an ice cream at a sidewalk café, meditate on the intricacies of the rose window at Notre Dame and marvel at the treasures of the Louvre. Enjoy the impressive gardens and ornate palace at Versailles . . . the soothing pastels that inspired Monet’s floral palette at Giverny . . . and, linking this tour of two magnificent cities, the Chunnel, the long-awaited land connection between England and France.


– Two top London theatre performances – A ride on the London Eye – A high-speed train ride through the Chunnel – Highlights tour of the Musee d‘Orsay – A cruise along the Seine – A behind-the-scenes visit to a Parisian bakery


London Windsor English Channel


Bay of Biscay

Giverny Paris Versailles

Day 1 ~ Depart USA Enjoy the service aboard your transatlantic flight to London, England. Day 2 ~ Arrive London Transfer to your hotel and settle in before taking a private tour on a red, double-decker bus showcasing London’s West End. Enjoy a welcome dinner this evening. City Inn Westminster (D) Day 3 ~ London Visit Westminster Abbey this morning, the coronation site of nearly every English king and queen. Stroll through St. James Park to Horse Guards Parade to see the arrival of the household cavalry that mounts their daily guard there. Continue to St. James’ Palace to see the parade of footguards making their way to Buckingham Palace for the Changing of the Guard ceremony. Enjoy free time for lunch in the Covent Garden area — the setting used in the film, “My Fair Lady.” This afternoon, take a behind-

the-scenes tour of Theatre Royal Drury Lane, exploring the front of the house, backstage and even the understage of this famous theater! This evening, enjoy dinner and then attend one of London’s top theater performances. (B,D) Day 4 ~ London This morning, visit Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, an exact replica of the 16th-century auditorium where the Bard presented plays for nearly 20 years. After free time for lunch near the River Thames, visit the historic “City” of London, which originated as a simple Celtic fishing village. The medieval street plan of the “City” is still reflected in its narrow courts, alleys and steps. Then, tour the legendary Tower of London to view the dazzling Crown Jewels. Also stop at St. Paul’s Cathedral, built by Sir Christopher Wren after the Great Fire of London destroyed the original church in 1666.

After a light dinner this evening, enjoy an exciting 30-minute ride on the world’s highest observation wheel, the London Eye. (B,D) Day 5 ~ London and Windsor Castle This morning drive to Windsor Castle. Explore the Queen’s lavishly decorated State Apartments, St. George’s Chapel and Queen Mary’s Dolls House. Then cross the Thames at Windsor Bridge to view Eton College, founded in 1440 by Henry VI, and once attended by

The Millennium Wheel, also known as the London Eye, is the world’s tallest observation wheel. Princes William and Harry. Return to London, where the afternoon is free. After dinner, attend a second popular London theater performance. (B,D) Day 6 ~ London to Paris Today, experience the technological marvel of the 1990’s —the famous Chunnel (or Channel Tunnel) that allows train travel under the English Channel between England and France. Enjoy a light meal that will be served en route. Upon arrival in Paris check into your hotel, then take a guided tour of the Musée du Louvre and marvel at the mysterious Mona Lisa (smaller than most imagine her!) and the glorious Venus di Milo. Tonight, dinner will be at a charming Parisian brasserie. Hotel Royal Saint Honoré (B,D)

Day 7 ~ Paris This morning enjoy a guided tour of Paris, beginning with a drive along the Seine to one of the city’s two river islands, the Ile de la Cité. Here, stop to visit the beautiful cathedral of Nôtre Dame, a masterpiece of French architecture. Afterwards, you will be taken to visit a French bakery and patisserie and see how the most wonderful French breads and pastries are made in their workshop – all your favorites such as pain aux raisins, pain au chocolat, warm baguettes and plump buttery croissants. A tasting will be included of course! This afternoon visit the spectacular Musee d’ Orsay housed on the left bank in a stunning 1900 railway station. View works by Renoir, Manet, Cézanne and many more. This evening head for the Champs Elysées, one of the most famous boulevards in the world. Visit the majestic Arc de Triomphe


and enjoy the incredible view from the top. Afterwards, savor a lovely dinner nearby. (B,D) Day 8 ~ Giverny to Versailles Enjoy a morning drive to Giverny to visit the beautiful house and gardens where Claude Monet lived and painted. Monet spent half his life at Giverny where the ever-shifting light on the waters of the river Epte, and the flower and water beds he made inspired much of his greatest work. Then spend the afternoon at the shimmering Palace of Versailles, built in the 17th century for the “Sun King,” Louis the XIV, and considered to be the “palace of palaces” because of its grandeur and extravagant design. The spectacular gardens surrounding the palace are a highlight as they show off beds of glorious color and the famous fountains. This evening enjoy a dinner followed by a ride on one of the famous Bateaux Mouches which will glide along the river Seine. (B,D)

Day 9 ~ Paris This morning visit the lively quarter of Montmartre where famed artists such as Modigliani, Picasso, and Toulouse Lautrec all once lived. Visit Sacré Coeur and opt to have your portrait painted in the Place Du Tertre. Following a delightful lunch in one of the local restaurants, the afternoon will be free to spend as you like – perhaps enjoying a walk along the river Seine or in the Luxembourg Gardens – something typically Parisian on a Sunday afternoon! This evening enjoy a farewell dinner atop the Eiffel Tower, with the glory of the City of Light at your feet! (B,L,D)

“Your guide in Paris was wonderful. The children hung on his every word and really listened!” –Grandparent, London & Paris2007

Day 10 ~ Depart Paris This morning, transfer to the airport for your return flight to the United States. (B)

~ 11

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Day 1 ~ Depart the United States for Auckland.

A land of legend, New Zealand captures your heart when you visit. For the young and young-at-heart, here you can find peace, relaxation, and adventure! On our special GRANDTRAVEL tour, learn about the Maori people and their culture firsthand, travel in 4x4 Dune Riders to explore orchards, farmland, forest and beautiful long beaches. Boogie board down massive sand dunes, meet a farmer and explore his homestead, learn how to sail on the Pride of Auckland yacht, gaze at the glowworms above you in the caves of Ruakuri in Waitomo, and bounce down a slope in the best form of fun ever—a “ZORB”! Also learn about the kiwi and efforts to save it from extinction, soak in bubbling thermal pools, and indulge in some winter sports outside Queenstown (we are “Down Under” after all), including skiing or snowboarding lessons! This is an adventure of a lifetime.


– Sailing lesson on the Pride of Auckland and n – Boogie boarding down giant sand dunes – The glowworms in the ancient Ruakuri Caves NEW – “Zorbing” inside a huge inflated ZEALAND ball in Rotorua – Weaving & carving workshop at thee Maori Arts and Crafts Institute – Skiing or snowboarding in Coronet Peak Peaak



– 12

Day 2 ~ Lose a day in flight crossing the International Date Line. Day 3 ~ Arrive Auckland “Haere mai” – Welcome! You will be met at the airport and transferred to your hotel. Meet fellow Grandtravelers at lunch, then, relax on the “Pride of Auckland” while sailing on the Waitemata Harbour. Learn a thing or two about sailing or simply sit back and enjoy the view. The evening is open for you to explore the “City of Sails.” Skycity Hotel (L) Day 4 ~ Auckland to Paihia After a leisurely morning, depart by motorcoach for Paihia, the center of New Zealand’s colonial history. On arrival in Paihia, you are joined by a local Maori guide who will take you on a tour of the Waitangi Treaty House; the site where the British and Maori signed an 1840 agreement giving

the British Commonwealth ommonwealth governorshipp of the country. Waterfront ont Suitess (B,L) Day 5 ~ Paihia ia and Cape Reinga da Climb aboard Dune Rider 4 x ay 4 for a full day tour. Dig for ng shellfish along Cape Reinga, a sapot at the tip of the cred Maori spot peninsula. Cruise 90 Mile Beach (really only about 60 miles long!) in the 4 x 4, boogie board down the towering sand dunes, and visit the Cape Reinga Lighthouse. Spread out a picnic lunch on the beach and search for shells. Enjoy an early dinner at a classic fish and chips restaurant before returning to Paihia. (B,L,D) Day 6 ~ Paihia to Auckland Discover the Bay of Islands and cruise through the famous Hole in the Rock. If you are lucky, curious dolphins will pop up alongside your boat. You are

guaranteed to spot marine life at lunchti lunchtime, as the waterside resta restaurant boasts an enormou enormous saltwater aquarium, aq in addition to spectacular view vi ews ew ws of th views the bay. Return to Auck Au cklla ck land af Auckland after lunch and ennjjooy the rremainder of enjoy the eveni evening at leisure. Skycity Hotel (B,L) Skycit Day 7 ~ Auckland After breakfast, experience Kelly Tarlton’s Antarctic Encounter and Underwater World. Glimpse marine life up close through the 120-yard-long transparent tunnel. Follow the footsteps of explorer Robert Falcon Scott as you enter a replica of his 1911 Antarctic hut at McMurdo Sound. Frolicking in the white wilderness is a colony of sub-Antarctic penguins. From your snowcat, take in a fantastic view of the birds. Return to the hotel and enjoy the remainder of the day at leisure. (B)

Zorbing is one of the world’s fastest growing activities offered by summer ski resorts. Day 8 ~ Auckland to Rotorua Travel this morning into Waikato, an area of rolling hills dotted with dairy farms, to the charming village of Waitomo. En route, stop for lunch at a local farm and tour the property. Explore the ancient Ruakuri Caves which contain glowworms that illuminate the underground caverns like a starry night sky. Learn how a Maori chief discovered the caves before continuing on to Rotorua, land of geysers and thermal baths. Heritage Hotel (B,L)

Day 9 ~ Rotorua Discover the kiwi, New Zealand’s unique bird, and learn firsthand about efforts to save this national symbol from extinction. Grandkids will have the opportunity to Zorb! Zorbing involves rolling downhill cushioned inside a huge inflated ball that travels at speeds of up to 30 miles an hour! Later meet your Maori guide for a private tour of Te Puia, a geothermal valley of shooting geysers and bubbling mud. At the Maori Arts and


Crafts Institute, watch Maori artisans at work who share their weaving and carving skills with you as you create your own masterpiece. (B) Day 10 ~ Rotorua to Queenstown Fly today to Queenstown, adventure capital and the home of bungee jumping. Dress warmly for your special jetboat transfer from the airport to the Queenstown pier. Enjoy pizza at the popular Cow Restaurant, warming up by the open fire before lunch is served. Afterwards, check into your ideally located hotel and have the remainder of the day free to explore this lovely lakeside town. Crowne Plaza Hotel (B,L) Day 11 ~ Queenstown The day is open for you to explore the adventure tourism capital of New Zealand. Most may seize the opportunity to ski in July! Coronet Peak, located only 25 minutes from town,

offers terrain suitable to all levels of ski and snowboard enthusiasts. Take a lesson or take off on your own – the day is yours to enjoy the mountain. Others may elect to explore the city center where a number of shops and restaurants welcome both locals and visitors. (B) Day 12 ~ Queenstown Spend the morning on a 4-wheel drive excursion through landscapes that were featured in the “Lord of the Rings” movies. After lunch, board a motor coach to visit the Kawarau Gorge Bungee Center. Learn about the history of bungee jumping before watching others take the plunge! Return to Queenstown for a free evening. (B) Day 13 ~ Depart New Zealand The morning is at leisure before gathering for a farewell lunch. Depart for Auckland midday to catch your early evening flight to the U.S.A. (B,L) – 13

“What an easy way for us to travel with our grandson. Things were well thought out and carefully planned.” –Grandparent, New Zealand 2008

For prices, please see p. 18



EXPLORING OUR NATION’S HISTORY JULY 3 - 9 & JULY 11 - 17, 2009 Discover the rich history in and around our nation’s capital on an exploration of Washington, D.C. Stand before the Capitol’s gleaming white dome…the green expanse of the National Mall. . . the solemn beauty of memorials honoring the fallen in battle. Washington’s museums and galleries house treasures ranging from natural and scientific wonders to the finest works of art, from artifacts documenting our nation’s history to the latest in technology. View dinosaur skeletons, living butterflies, precious gems and sparkling crystals, historic aircraft and real space capsules, as well as works by Picasso, Whistler, and Renoir. Outside the District, visit the tranquil plantation of George Washington’s Mount Vernon and Maryland’s bustling capital of Annapolis and its impressive Naval Academy. Capping this adventure is a full-day discovery of Colonial Williamsburg, a living museum of American life as it was more than 200 years ago!


– Learn trade secrets of international spies – Join Martha Washington for lunch at Mt. Vernon – Meet a cadet at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis – Explore the colonial living museum at Williamsburg – Hear tantalizing tales of haunted Washington on a special walk – 14




Day 1 ~ Arrive Washington, D.C. Welcome to Washington, D.C., our Nation’s Capital! Enjoy the facilities at your historic hotel in a beautiful park setting, where world leaders have stayed since 1930. This evening meet your fellow Grandtravelers at a welcome dinner and learn about the exciting adventure ahead. Omni Shoreham Hotel (D) Day 2 ~ White House, Capitol Hill, Museums & Memorials Head to Lafayette Square and have your picture taken in front of the White House, home of U.S. presidents since John Adams. View the Old Executive Office Building, which houses the Vice President’s office, and Blair House, the official state guest house. At Capitol Hill see the stunning | 800.247.7651

exteriors of the U.S. Capitol, the Supreme Court, and Library of Congress. Visit the National Air and Space Museum to discover the various crafts that have taken people to the moon. Explore the sublime waterfalls, granite rock walls, and bronze sculptures of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial. Dine along the Potomac River followed by an evening visit to some of the city’s most impressive monuments: the Lincoln, Vietnam War, Korean War, and World War II memorials, each softly illuminated against the night sky. (B,D)

Day 3 ~ Arlington Cemetery, National Archives, International Spy Museum Visit Arlington Cemetery, situated on a peaceful green hillside overlooking the Potomac River. Witness the solemn pageantry of the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and view President John F. Kennedy’s burial site, anchored by an eternal flame. At the National Archives see famed documents and photographs that tell America’s story. Explore the International Spy Museum and learn the craft and history of espionage through fun, interactive exhibits. After lunch, the rest of the day is free to explore the museums on the Mall. Experience the living butterfly exhibit at The Museum of Natural History, the spectacular Hall of Mammals, and the breathtaking gem collection featuring the legendary Hope Diamond. Known as “The Nation’s Attic,” the newly refurbished Museum of American History is home to the original Star Spangled Banner.

The Naval Academy is home to the largest dormitory in the world.

In addition to several art museums, other choices include the Holocaust Memorial Museum and the Sculpture Garden. (B,L) Day 4 ~ Annapolis, Naval Academy Drive to Annapolis and stroll the town’s cobblestone streets on a guided walking tour, stopping by the City Dock and the Maryland State House—the oldest in the country. Tour the serene waterfront campus of the U.S. Naval

Academy, and visit the museum, which highlights man’s history at sea. During time on your own in Annapolis, browse through the shops or take a short cruise on the Severn River. Return to Washington via Embassy Row, where embassies representing many countries are concentrated. Also, drive by the early 20th-century National Cathedral, adorned with gargoyles, flying buttresses, and stainedglass windows. (B)


Day 5 ~ Mount Vernon, Williamsburg Drive to Mount Vernon, the plantation home of George and Martha Washington set on the banks of the Potomac River. Explore the restored home and gardens, the cook house, the slave quarters, stables, and reconstructed 16-sided barn. On a specially arranged walk, learn about our first president, also an innovative farmer. Next, head south to Williamsburg and check into the Kingsmill Resort, relaxing by the pool before tomorrow’s adventure. (B,L,D) Day 6 ~ Colonial Williamsburg On a full-day exploration of Colonial Williamsburg, discover some of the more than 500 restored and reconstructed buildings spread across 300 acres, where 3,500 archaeologists, researchers, historians, and interpreters have uncovered and preserved remnants of one of America’s earliest towns. On a guided tour, stroll along Duke

of Gloucester Street, flanked by historic trade shops, and take in the pulse of mercantile life as it was more than 200 years ago. Meet the local artisans—blacksmiths, shoemakers, gunsmiths, printers, cabinetmakers, and wigmakers—all plying their trades using period tools. Discover the reconstructed Capitol, where fiery debates and Patrick Henry’s defiant speeches led to the American Revolution. Enjoy an 18th-century-style lunch at the elegant King’s Arms Tavern, followed by time to explore on your own. This evening celebrate our week of discovery at a festive farewell barbeque at the resort. (B,L,D)

“[The Activity Director] was very good having kids answer questions... and making a game while learning.” –Grandparent, Washington D.C. & Williamsburg 2008

Day 7 ~ Home After breakfast say goodbye to newly made friends, departing from Richmond Airport on flights home. (B)

– 15

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2009 PHOTO CONTEST You are invited to take part in GRANDTRAVEL’s photography competition! First Prize: An iPod Second Prize: An iPod Nano Third Prize: An iPod Shuffle The three winning photos may be used on the GRANDTRAVEL website, in the GRANDTRAVEL catalog and in our advertisements. ELIGIBLE PARTIES Both grandparents and grandchildren from the 2008 and 2009 tours are eligible to participate in our contest. HOW TO ENTER Please include with each submission the following typewritten information: your name, age (if under 18), category, complete contact information, including e-mail address, street address, and phone number, as well as a brief description of each image including date and name of the trip. Deadline for submission: September 1, 2009. See website for more information.

– 16

POSSIBLE SUBJECT MATTERS: • Grandparent and grandchild(ren) together on the GRANDTRAVEL trip • Your GRANDTRAVEL Activity Director in action • Your tour group

• • • •

A favorite sight A favorite activity with Grandtravelers A delicious GRANDTRAVEL meal Enjoying GRANDTRAVEL deluxe hotels

WEBSITE INFORMATION Learn more about GRANDTRAVEL on our newly redesigned website! In addition to a listing of all the tour itineraries, we address questions and issues for grandparents, grandchildren and parents. Grandparents can receive tips on how to connect to their technologically savvy grandchildren. Do you have an i-Pod? Have you ever heard of i-Tunes? How about Facebook? In turn, the younger grandtravelers can learn about what to expect traveling with their grandparents on one of our


– 17

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trips, and how to submit a photo to the annual GRANDTRAVEL photo contest after they return home. Parents can learn more about the company and our principles, while reviewing our safety policy. We even have links to our sister company, CET Academic Programs (a study abroad program for college students), and our parent company, Academic Travel Abroad (working with American non-proďŹ t organizations since 1950 to deliver educational programs abroad and in the U.S. to their members). | 800.247.7651

TOURS & COSTS To reserve your space on a GRANDTRAVEL tour, please call GRANDTRAVEL at 800-247-7651 or request a reservation online on our website. Rates are per person based on a minimum of two persons sharing a room. Please see terms and conditions for details on what prices include. GRANDTRAVEL will accept credit cards or personal checks for payment. Choose from these GRANDTRAVELL 2009 tours and fill your own scrapbook with shared memories. Departure Jul 14 Aug 4

Destination Alaska (1) Alaska (2)

Days 10 10

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Italy (1) Italy (2)

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London & Paris (1) London & Paris (2)

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New Zealand (1) New Zealand (2)

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Washington DC (1) Washington DC (2)

7 7

14 14

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ALASKA: Adult double: $6,995 Child double: $6,795 Adult triple: $6,695 Child triple: $6,295 ITALY: Adult/child double: $6,995 Adult/child triple: $6,780 LONDON/PARIS: Adult/child double: $7,195 Adult/child triple: $6,995 NEW ZEALAND: Adult/child double: $6,195 Adult/child triple: $5,895 WASHINGTON D.C. & WILLIAMSBURG: Adult/child double: $3,295 Adult/child triple: $2,995 AIR TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS Airfare from your home city to the first city on the tour and return home from the last city is not included in GRANDTRAVEL prices. GRANDTRAVEL is happy to assist you in making air travel arrangements.

ONE LAST NOTE Since GRANDTRAVEL trips are designed to interest both grandparents and grandchildren, we ask those who travel with us to be especially understanding and sensitive to the unique needs of both. We encourage our Grandtravelers to remain open to new experiences and graciously to respect the customs and cultural differences of the people and places they visit. In doing so, they can be sure of enjoying their trip more fully and of earning the appreciation of their traveling companions and their hosts. We also hope that Grandtravelers will be concerned with respecting the environment. After all, each one of us is responsible for preserving our world for future “grandgenerations.”

TERMS & CONDITIONS RESERVATIONS: To reserve your space today, please have your credit card available and call toll-free 800-247-7651, Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST. Reservations should be made as early as possible to ensure your first choice of tour is available. To secure reservations on a trip departing within 90 days, a full payment is required by credit card at the time of booking. DEPOSIT AND FINAL PAYMENT: A deposit of $500 per person will secure a reservation. The cost of all GRANDTRAVEL tours is payable in U.S. dollars. Payment can be made by major credit card or personal check. Final payment is due no later than 90 days prior to departure. If payment is not received by 60 days prior to departure, your space is subject to cancellation. CANCELLATIONS/REFUNDS: Cancellations add considerably to the cost of operating a group tour program. We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance. After confirmation on the tour, a nonrefundable processing fee of $150 per person will be charged upon written cancellation. Written cancellation between 90-61 days of departure: full refund, minus your deposit (including nonrefundable processing fee). Written cancellation between 60 and 30 days prior to departure: 50% refund of the tour price. Written cancellation within 30 days prior to departure: no refund. Airfare is payable upon issuance of the ticket. Thereafter individual airlines dictate refund and cancellation terms. Cancellation on day of departure or after tour departs: no refund. No refund for unused portions of tour, including, but not limited to, missed meals, hotel nights and sightseeing. Cancellation of program by GRANDTRAVEL: full refund. Cancellation of the program after departure by GRANDTRAVEL: full refund of all land fees, less the cost of service up to the time of the group’s return. NOTE: GRANDTRAVEL does not accept liability for any airline cancellation penalty incurred by the purchase of a non-refundable tickets to the tour departure city and return.

TOUR RATE: All rates quoted are per person, based on land and air tariffs and currency values in effect as of June 2008. The rates are based on a minimum of 25 persons traveling together. Children’s rates (when applicable) apply to children who have not yet reached their 12th birthday. Single accommodations are available upon request. Tour Rate Includes: deluxe or best available hotel accommodations, meals and beverages as described in the final itinerary (B=breakfast, L=lunch, D=dinner); the services of a GRANDTRAVEL Activity Director from the U.S. and an experienced on-site tour guide; motorcoach and other transportation; hotel taxes; baggage handling; pre-trip notes and guidelines; service charges, and all sightseeing and admissions (as per itinerary). Tour Rate Does Not Include: International or domestic airfare from your home to the tour’s starting point and back to your home city; port and airport taxes; passport photos and fees; visa fees; end-of-tour gratuity to tour guide/driver/ escort; personal items such as wines, liquors, ala-carte orders, room service, and valet/laundry charges; expenses incurred by GRANDTRAVEL in making individual travel arrangements before or after the program; and other items not specifically mentioned as included. TRAVEL INSURANCE: We strongly recommend trip insurance. A package of trip cancellation, baggage and medical insurance is available through GRANDTRAVEL for coverage of nonrefundable expenses incurred in conjunction with cancellation due to illness or accident. Upon receipt of booking, we will send you information on travel insurance optionss through a trusted vendor. BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE: Land arrangements include baggage handling for one bag plus one carryon bag (usually not to exceed 44 lbs., but varies depending on the airline) per person. Additional luggage must be cared for by the passenger.

DOCUMENTATION: Final trip documents are mailed to Grandtravelers 10 days prior to departure. PERMISSION TO TRAVEL: Grandchildren must have parent’s or children’s legal guardians’ notarized permission to travel on GRANDTRAVEL tours. HEALTH RECOMMENDATIONS: To enjoy your travels to the fullest, you and your grandchildren or young traveling companions should be in good physical and mental health. Any physical condition requiring special attention, diets, or treatment must be reported in writing when the reservation is made. We reserve the right to decline to accept or retain any person as a tour member should such a person’s health, mental condition, physical infirmity, or attitude jeopardize the operation of the tour or the enjoyment of other participants. ACCOMMODATIONS: GRANDTRAVEL reserves the right to substitute alternative hotels of equal standard and quality on all GRANDTRAVEL itineraries. ITINERARIES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE: Prices quoted are based on land, air and ship tariffs and rates of exchange iin effect as of the printing date of t catalog. While we do everything this p p possible to maintain the listed prices, tthey are subject to cchange. If it is nec-

essary to levy a surcharge, notification will be given before time of invoicing (approximately 100 days prior to departure). Any such increase in the price must be paid by each traveler prior to departure and does not change the cancellation provisions. All airline tickets issued by Academic Travel Abroad, Inc., are subject to a service fee. The cruise line and/or land operator, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to cancel, reschedule, or substitute a scheduled port of call or city at any time for any reason, without prior notice. The cruise line and/or land operator shall not be held liable for any loss to the passengers by reason of such changes. Daily sequence of events and hotels will be followed as closely as possible but will be changed without notice if warranted by local situations or for operational purposes. RESPONSIBILITY: GRANDTRAVEL acts only as an agent for the passenger with respect to all transportation, hotels, and all matters of reservations and tour operation. We and our agents accept no responsibility for loss, damage, injury, accident, delay or irregularity, expense or liability caused by the defect of any vehicle or negligence or default of any independent contractors, their employees, agents, or representatives. Nor do we accept responsibility for losses or delays arising from sickness, pilferage, acts of terrorism, weather conditions or acts of God. All such losses or expenses shall be borne by the tour participant. By registering for a GRANDTRAVEL trip, the participant certifies that he/she and his/her accompanying minors do not have any physical, mental, or other condition or disability that would create a hazard for himself/herself or other participants. We reserve the right to cancel any tour prior to departure in which case the entire payment will be refunded without further obligation on our part. We likewise reserve the right to decline to accept or retain any tour participant at any t time at our sole discretion. In the event o the exercise of this right, we shall of be under no liability to such person(s)

19 ~–19

except to refund such amount as our absolute discretion deems reasonable to attribute to the uncompleted portion of the tour. Baggage is carried at the owner’s risk entirely. It is understood that air, ship or train tickets when issued shall constitute the sole contract between the passenger and carrier concerned. The airlines and all other transportation companies involved in this tour are not to be held responsible for any act, omission, or event during the time the passengers are not on board their plane or conveyances. All services are subject to the laws of the country in which they are rendered. The tour participant agrees on behalf of himself, his dependents, heirs, executors, administrators and assigns to abide by the above conditions and to release and hold harmless, GRANDTRAVEL and any of their representatives from any and all liability for any delays, damage, loss, injury or death occurring in relation to this tour. DISCLOSURE: Names of the companies operating our tours will be disclosed in a final itinerary and anytime upon request. PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEO: GRANDTRAVEL reserves the right to take photographs or video during the operation of any tour or part thereof and to use resulting photographs and video for promotional purposes. By traveling with GRANDTRAVEL, tour participants agree to allow their image to be used in such photographs and videos. Tour members who prefer that their image not be used are asked to identify themselves to their GRANDTRAVEL Activity Director at the beginning of the tour. CALIFORNIA SELLER OF TRAVEL PROGRAM CST #2059002-40 GRANDTRAVEL is a division of Academic Travel Abroad, Inc., in Washington, D.C.

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1920 N Street NW, Suite 200 Washington DC 20036

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1920 N Street NW, Suite 200 Washington DC 20036

Ben Roberts 1323 North Van Dorn Street Alexandria, VA 22304-1111

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