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L et’s Make A D eal! …. W ould You Accept This P roposition? Everyone will pick one of these (3) doors (Pathway of Life.) C H O O S E W I S E L Y !!! What if… You were exposed to what’s behind all (3) doors in advance? N O W … You would know 100% of what each door (pathway) would deliver to you! Would you pick the correct door for the remainder of your life? Hint… Each door is like a LEVEL ACHIEVED! You may be inside one of these door entrance levels presently… but you can re-invent your future life… if you choose to, starting….. t o d a y ! Door # 1 First Level

The Journey Door # 2 Second Level



Zone Door # 3 Final Level



N O W… it’s your turn, whether your 17, 37, 67 It doesn’t matter W H E N … It only matters which door you choose! Is chosen about 95% (The Have Nots) of the time by human-kind worldwide! W H Y …? Because, it is considered the comfort or normal most well-worn & traveled pathway since everyone has done so for thousands of years, so you will go with the flow & life will be basic & never touch or enjoy the lifestyles of the next two pathways (doors.) At this level you will trade most of your time for money & the pursuit of survival averaging 50-60 hours per week. Is chosen about 4% (The Haves) of the time by those who won’t settle for being “average” and contented to just get by. Because they seek never to experience living a life of mediocracy. These few control their future by building new pathways & systems that constantly deliver positive results (with employment for & of others.) Programs are installed to use (OPE) Other People’s Efforts as the labor force then manage those divisions & overall operations. At this level you will trade less of your time & are compensated more money & the pursuit of financial stability by helping others to help the economies grow. Therefore, you’re only averaging 30-40 hours per week. Is chosen by the TOP 1% (The Global Market Makers) by using (OPM/OPT - other people’s money, other people’s time) only 100% Accessible Through Door # 3. These are the persons & business owners who have “ARRIVED” & choose any destination & the level of luxury they choose to obtain along life’s pathways because they all have “Joined The Inner Circle of Wealth” reserved by the 2,206 worlds wealthiest billionaires on the plant! Each of these (1%) one percenters have private portfolios that are 100% secured against losses regardless of what the markets do. They have mastered how money really works & it is all based on leveraging (OPM) Other People’s Money. When you follow our mega-website: you will become enlightened by the facts I share (Plus, Our (Contact Us) link. ↔ Visit Us Here For The Door

Videos) with you who send a request KEY!!!

Our participants who choose to invest just a little time will become our next BENEFICIARIES… This elite group of the ultra-rich earn a minimum of 100% per year ROI. The real truth is most earn … 25% to 50% even in excess of 100% M O N T H L Y… NOT Annually! Best of all… these portfolios earn hundreds of thousands, millions and even more in profits with out the fear of loss of their deposited funds…. Remember, I said “LEVERAGE” was the KEY TERM I USED when defining the… how it’s done! As to the TIME it takes from their lives to achieve this unlimited WEALTH…. That’s the best reward because, we are the Time & Gate Keepers…. Meaning, our over four decades we have invested in this financial arena has paid off because we were chosen by those “Portfolio Officials” to select those future candidates who we can qualify through a simple (KYC & POF) Know Your Client & Proof of Funds Financial statement called the… “APPLICATION.” NO money is requested, and NO up-front fees are due for the application process. We do the work… your time spent is ZERO.

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- Ways of HOW & WHO Can Qualify!

The “Qualifier” All applicants who desire access to become our next beneficiary as a “Private Member” of our Six Figure Club… has 3 separate participation levels where you will be compensated very serious INCOME!

1st. WAY As an investor who successfully can deposit the minimum entry level funds into their own bank account for safe keeping & provide a (POF) bank financial statement along with submitting the “Application” i. e. the (KYC) forms for our review & consideration as part of the “Compliance Procedures” if approved, will be sent a contract & we will arrange a private conference call between YOU & or your legal counsel & the Portfolio Officials. They will produce the revenues stated on each program you are qualified to join. Any of the following PDF financial instruments & physical assets you can “MONETIZE” in to cash, you then must deposit into your own bank to be confirmed. Affiliate Customer Qualifying financial instruments and or forms of assets Most clients use our TNA form to identify & confirm the various investment vehicles using this form you can forward as a convenience, I have supplied for you here:

Total Needs Analysis form. You will also be required to sign & return our firms NCND Non-Compete, Non-Disclosure Agreement You will be sent other documents including our (Private Offering-JVP)

Joint Venture Partnership Agreement if you are pre-approved after you have been fully qualified. NOTE: Minimum entry levels very from $250k, $500k, $1m, $3m, $5m, $10m, $25m, $50m & beyond. Your earnings (profits) will be the same earned from the same portfolios of the Top 1% Income Earners in the world! 2nd. WAY Those of you who don’t quite have the full minimum deposit able entry level (POF) may consider forming a (JV) Joint Venture with others (maximum of four partners allowed) to simply merging (OPM) with yours to meet the qualification requirements. Each member of the group would receive their percentage of the total revenues generated based on their contribution levels. 3rd. WAY This program is set in place for those of you who simply cannot produce the required deposit able entry level investment dollars. We have set up as our REWARDS & COMPENSATION Profit Sharing & Client Finder Fee’s Self - Funding programs to pay each of you a percentage and or a fixed dollar amount based on the 4 separate compensation levels we have used with our “Super Affiliate” Referral campaigns around the world! As we have no geographical restrictions, if you live in California & have a referral in England or anywhere … As of 7.11.17 - Part 1 of 2 M A S T E R - F I N D E R F E E S & P R O F I T S H A R I N G COMPENSATION PROGRAMS

the client, you & our firm will all become BENEFICIARIES … See this link and all its attachments.

To All Clients & New Applicants/Refer als/Affiliates – When you refer others, you could become the beneficiary of our Rewards ( Programs. FF Note: If you only provide to our firm a “supplier or platform investment/income opportunity source-producer”

You Made It…. Congratulations! Recently Published View Issue 80 Page # 58 in Advisors Magazine: Featured Article Called: ↔ MONEY MENTORS: EDUCATION IS KEY Note Here: If you & or your business is granted access because you have passed our “Compliance Protocols,” any funds you choose to have leveraged are 100% secured against any losses & will be released back to you free & clear at the end of any holding period. In many cases your funds may even stay in your own bank account if your bank qualifies as an approved top 25 world bank. The following insights were shared recently on a world-wide stage hosted by: Quora Titled: What’s something wealthy people know that normal people should know? Published By: Inter-National Syndicated News Columnist: James S. Davis Jr. Pres/CEO/Founder -

Six Figure Club We will forward detailed “Executive Summaries” of the projected earnings after our initial required pre-qualifying interview & receipt of your request.

“Remember it may cost you Nothing to investigate, but… it could cost you Everything if you don’t!”

T hank You

for the opportunity to become your “New Financial Pathway to Unlimited Wealth!”


Next…. Contact Us Let the Six Figure Club Monetize your life! Like you, I do not have time for games & our private transactions are funded very quickly based on the ROI’s we deliver so … “Time is of the Essence!”

“May you always have love to share, health to spare, wealth beyond compare and friends who care!”

Congratulations in Advance!!! To Our Mutual Success & Wealth!

James S. Davis, Jr.

James S. Davis, Jr. Live Simply.

Love Generously.

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SPECIAL DISCLAIMER: Highly Private & Confidential Information The information contained herein is to be considered as privileged, highly confidential and protected from disclosure. The fol owing information is deemed reliable but no guarantee is given as to its accuracy. The person to whom this communication is addressed MONEY MENTORS should use his or her own facilities to determine the veracity of the information contained herein. If the recipient of this message is not the one intended to receive it or is not an employee or agent responsible for the delivery of this message to the intended recipient, EDUCATION IS KEY - SixFigureClub.pdf notified that the dissemination or copying of this message along with any of the attachments hereto is il egal.

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L E T ' S M A K E A D E A L ! ! !  

W O U L D Y O U A C C E P T T H I S P R O P O S I T I O N ? 99% of the world's population - F A I...