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simple essential perfect Equipments and installations for sterile and controlled contamination environments



foundation Tecninox was founded in 1977 by Renato Restelli, father of the present owners. It remains a business that draws on the best Italian entrepreneurial spirits and family business following a tradition of commitment and passion. During the course of the years the technology has grown and evolved thanks to constant research and development. Today Tecninox is a productive excellence reality that ranges from the realisation of installation ‘turnkeys’ such as clean rooms and HVAC systems to hoods, laminar flows, fan filter units, isolators, pass thru cabinets, air showers and air shower materials; starting with planning and finishing with construction, installation and validation.

a history of growth



company Our global approach in the care of the production process has continued to make the difference since 1977. This care continues unchanged. Only the technology has grown and evolved because we are constantly researching and developing. The additional value of Tecninox remains without doubt the quality of the products. Our flexibility and experience makes us an ideal partner, competent to follow and support every client from the project phase to production and finally to the installation with great accuracy.


ahead of its time Always avant-garde. In anticipation of the evolution Tecninox believes in technological development investment and knows from experience how this type of entrepreneurial choice pays off. Our production process is intertwined with constant commitment to R&D. We always study new technologies that allow us to introduce new products and solutions with particular attention to every single step in the technical and mechanical realisation, without ever forgetting the standards demanded in some production sectors. The satisfaction of the customer and their renewed trust are always our best results. We have chosen, from the beginning: to be an interlocutor, dialogue constructor, from the first commercial contact to the post sale support.

core business

contamination control Tecninox invests always in production, in technology and in quality. This development has strengthened at the same pace as the increasing interest for the accomplishment of “turn-key solutions� capable to respond with effectiveness to the requirements of the environments of contamination control. Our areas of reference are those that are most interested in the technology of high quality for the control of the contamination in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, electronics, food and cosmetics, hospital, research centres and laboratories.


contamination control “In Pharmaceutical, Food, Cosmetics or Research centres areas the air is considered a potential source of pollution and micro biological contamination.� We want to give you the certainty of a really sterile environment.

the certainty of

a sterile environment

product range

idea tosolution


We provide the optimal solution for every plant design situation. Basic & detailed and construction engineering, commissioning equipment and plant validation. Turnkey construction. A complete engineering service and projects for installations and instruments dedicated to sectors that range from pharmaceutical to chemical, food to electronic and from cosmetics to centres of R&D. Historically we are bound to the pharmaceutical area: we know what it means to adhere scrupulously to standards and to create an product of excellence. We are always leanings towards the development of new instruments and research that aims to obtain new systems of sterilisation and environment control.

From the project to the product:

a story of solutions

product range Everything for the environment to contamination control • Laminar flows • Critical Areas

• Isolators • Industrial Equipment Division

• Dust containment • Air showers for the transfer of staff • Air showers for the transfer of materials • Sterile transfers • Sterile Transfer with HVP (Hydrogen Peroxide Vapours) • Stainless steel equipment and accessories for sterile environments and contamination control.

• Areas • Hoods weighing • Handling powders

MAS Material Air Shower

PAS Person Air shower

Pi.Bi Pass Box

jimbo Laminar Air Flow

intell air Fan Filter Unit

kappa Laminar flow for handling and weighing powders

isotecnia RABS Isolator Glove box

tdp Sterilization with hydrogen peroxide

turnkey solution

Clean rooms and plant design

furnishing & accessories

services your project is our project More than constructors a real partner

Flexibility for us is not only a word: our products are customised for every one of our customers. In-house construction allows us a closer relationship between the engineering division and production, giving an added value to the cooperation between services and “custom made�. Smart delivery means: optimized in-house production, slim management and executive direction for a true customer satisfaction. This is our must: turnkey solutions.

with our

competitive advantages

we create trust and tranquillity


quality & safety

excellence guaranteed well-being and health

The well-being and safety of our operators and the environment: these are the inalienable subtexts in the planning of all of our production processes. Tecninox plans and constructs its products without ever forgetting the requirement to eliminate and to prevent every possible risk to the operators and other exposed people.

the certainty of quality the respect of



quality & safety For us, above all, quality means to answer to the needs and the expectations of the sector. We are certified ISO 9001 - 2008 by DNV .

Via Saronnino 41/47 - 21040 - Origgio (Va) - Italy Phone +39.02.9650434 - Fax +39.02.9655185 -

Company Profile Tecninox  
Company Profile Tecninox  

Company Profile Tecninox