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Hi! Fine thank you. And you?

Hello! How are you? Have a nice day! Nice to see you! Good Bye!



1. Hello

1. Bye

2. Hi

2. Good Bye

3. How are you?

3. Have a nice day.

4. Fine thank you, and you?

4. It was nice to see you.

5. Fine thank you.

5. See you tomorrow.

6. Good Morning

5. See you later.

7. Good Afternoon

6. See you soon.

8. Good Evening

7. Good Night

My information

My classmate information

I am __________________________ years old.

She/he is ______________________ years old.

I am from ______________________. (country)

She/he is _______________________. (country)

I am good at ____________________________. She/he is good at ________________________. I live in ________________________________. She/he lives in __________________________. I study in _______________________________. She/he studies in ________________________.

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