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Siwertell Road-mobile unloaders

Flexible, clean and efficient The Siwertell road-mobile unloader is the ideal solution for operations in multiple locations. It is easy to fold out ready for use and equally simple to fold away ready to move on to its next job.

Main features • Easily transportable between ports • Cost-effective bulk handling • Environmentally friendly • Available in various sizes • Several installation options • One-person operation

For unloading in multiple locations

go mobile Siwertell road-mobile unloaders are based on unique screw conveyor technology combined with an innovative folding structure. Capable of handling a wide range of dry bulk materials at capacities of up to 500t/h and with a totally-enclosed conveying line, they offer flexible, environmentally-friendly, economical operation.

Trailer units

Road-mobile units are mounted on semitrailers, providing the ideal solution for customers with operations at two or more locations, particularly when the jetties lack the necessary infrastructure. It takes less than an hour to complete the unfolding operation once the unloader arrives on site. Packing away at the end of unloading is equally rapid and these tasks can be carried out by a single operative.

Alternative installations

Clean operations

In common with all Siwertell unloaders, its road-mobile units are among the most environmentally-friendly and economical ship unloading systems available. They can be deployed in pollution-sensitive sites and those close to populated areas. Siwertell unloaders pick up bulk material from below the cargo surface in a layer-by-layer discharge method, which minimises dust creation inside the hold and virtually eliminates the risk of cargo avalanches.

Some customers are attracted to these small, compact unloaders, but do not require the full road-mobile capability. For these operators, Siwertell offers cost-effective installation options with an elevated position closer to the edge of the jetty, enhancing an unloaders ability to reach inside a vessel’s holds.

Siwertell road-mobile unloaders often discharge directly into trucks or rail wagons. Clean transfer is ensured by an enclosed bellows-type connection between the unloader and the receiving vehicle. A dust filter removes dust from the conveyed air and from exhaust air from the loaded truck; the resulting dust particles are then returned to the conveying line.

The unloader can be installed on a fixed gantry or on a foundation turret. These configurations require the ship to be moved along the jetty during unloading operations.

Dry bulk commodities

If a degree of in-port mobility is required, a gantry-mounted unloader can be equipped with self-propelled rubber wheels or steel wheels for installation on rails. A Siwertell mobile unloading system can be installed on board a bulk carrier to transform it into a self-unloading vessel.

Siwertell road-mobile unloaders are suitable for handling free-flowing dry bulk cargoes such as cement, alumina, sulphur (when equipped with Siwertell’s specially designed 4S safety system), grain, feedstuff, biomass, fertilisers and quick lime.

Power sources

All movements and conveyor drives are achieved by hydraulic actuators served by a central hydraulic power unit whose prime mover is either a diesel engine or an electric motor. Diesel engine specifications are regularly upgraded to meet the latest regulations on exhaust and noise emissions.

Discharge system

An optional double-bellows system allows for sequential loading of trucks or wagons with a maintained rated unloading capacity. Compared with using a single loading bellows system, the throughship capacity is increased by 25-30 percent. The discharge outlet can be connected directly to almost any type of land-based conveying system. A dust collector ensures that material is transferred under negative pressure, minimising the risk of dust emissions.

For direct pneumatic transport, Siwertell’s pneumatic conveying system, fixed or mobile, is designed to be the perfect complement for its mobile unloaders.


Siwertell’s well-proven screw conveying system provides continuous, high-capacity operation that ensures excellent through-ship capacity, cutting unloading times and shipping costs. A Siwertell road-mobile ship unloader reduces energy costs to a minimum; consuming, for example, only 0.18 litres fuel/tonne during cement-handling operations. An enclosed system ensures no spillage and therefore no costs are incurred for loss of material or clean-up procedures after the unloading operation is complete. Maintenance and spare parts costs are kept to a minimum, as Siwertell road-mobile unloaders are largely based on standard components readily available worldwide. Staffing costs are low as only one person is required to operate a Siwertell road-mobile unloader.

Quick, easy, single-operative set-up

Next-generation mobile unloader To secure its market-leading position, Siwertell has introduced its next-generation mobile unloaders, incorporating the most significant advances in mobile dry bulk unloading the industry has seen in a quarter of a century. •

Major revisions to specifications include cleaner engines to meet and exceed relevant emission regulations.

Trailer upgrades include improved lighting and a common electronic braking system (EBS) platform.

The upgraded field bus-based electrical system has almost unlimited trouble-shooting potential, including the ability to conduct self-diagnostic system runs.

Replacing some limit switches with inclination sensors improves the unloader’s ability to accurately determine the position of its conveying arm.

A revised hydraulic system ensures even better reliability and efficiency while reducing the amount of hydraulic oil required.

Automatic shifting is now a standard function on nextgeneration unloaders fitted with a double-bellows system.

This is Siwertell Siwertell is a global marketleading company in dry bulk handling. Customer-driven Siwertell engineering and service solutions are employed in hundreds of import and export terminals worldwide. Our reliable and efficient ship unloaders, road-mobile unloaders, ship loaders and complete bulk terminal installations provide the cleanest dry bulk handling performance available, with minimal environmental impact. All conveying systems are totally enclosed, reducing dust emissions to a minimum and eliminating spillage completely. An extensive global service team offers support to Siwertell customers whenever and wherever it is needed.

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Siwertell Road-mobile unloader brochure  

Siwertell road-mobile unloaders are ideal when dry bulk handling is required in multiple locations

Siwertell Road-mobile unloader brochure  

Siwertell road-mobile unloaders are ideal when dry bulk handling is required in multiple locations