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Siwertell Pneumatic conveying system

Compact and clean The Siwertell road-mobile pneumatic conveying system is a clean, flexible, space-saving solution for handling cement and other powdery dry bulk materials. It can be used in combination with other Siwertell equipment for loading and unloading ships and for transferring bulk material to and from storage.

Powerful and efficient Siwertell road-mobile pneumatic conveying systems offer some of the highest capacities and levels of efficiency, safety, longevity and environmental protection on the market. With low operational and maintenance costs, they are the ideal solution for conveying cement and other powdery cargoes over long distances. High-capacity conveying The Siwertell road-mobile pneumatic conveying system uses powerful air flow to transport powdery dry bulk material, horizontally and vertically, over long distances. Despite being road-mobile, the unit offers high conveying capacities, making it unique for its kind.

Low environmental impact

Protecting the environment is an essential design priority. In common with other Siwertell solutions, its pneumatic conveying system features a totally-enclosed conveying line, keeping dust emissions to an absolute minimum and completely eliminating spillage.

Fully automatic operation

Siwertell machines are designed to be simple and easy to operate. The pneumatic unit is fully automatic and no manual intervention is required during conveying operations.

Smooth material flow

All Siwertell’s road-mobile pneumatic conveying systems have two pressure vessels. As well as ensuring that material flow is smooth and consistent, it means that conveying is virtually continuous, unlike singlevessel systems. This results in a much higher overall conveying rate.

Conveying range for cement at 300t/h Vertical conveying

Horizontal conveying Range is subject to conveying pipe dimensions

High capacities whatever the distance

Siwertell road-mobile pneumatic conveying systems maintain their high conveying capacity over all distances within their operational parameters. The graph on the opposite page indicates the relationship between horizontal and vertical conveying capabilities.

Variety of applications

Siwertell road-mobile pneumatic conveying systems have a wide range of uses. They can be installed for the onward conveying of material to a vessel, barge, storage area, or silo. They can be positioned underneath a silo and can be used in combination with any other type of dry bulk material conveying system.

Combined mobile solutions

Siwertell’s road-mobile pneumatic conveying systems are designed to be the perfect complement for Siwertell road-mobile unloaders. Working together, they provide the ideal, totally-enclosed ship-to-storage solution. The mobile units can easily be moved between berths or port facilities, providing flexible, efficient, space-saving dry bulk handling operations.



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This is Siwertell Siwertell is a global marketleading company in dry bulk handling. Customer-driven Siwertell engineering and service solutions are employed in hundreds of import and export terminals worldwide. Our reliable and efficient ship unloaders, road-mobile unloaders, ship loaders and complete bulk terminal installations provide the cleanest dry bulk handling performance available, with minimal environmental impact. All conveying systems are totally enclosed, reducing dust emissions to a minimum and eliminating spillage completely. An extensive global service team offers support to Siwertell customers whenever and wherever it is needed.

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Siwertell (road-mobile) pneumatic conveying system is an excellent solution for bulk cement transport