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Control Logix 5000

Material handled: XXXXX Unloader model: XXXXX Rated unloading capacity: 0,000t/h Maximum ship size: 000,000 dwt Operation: XXXXXX Total weight: XXXX tonnes



Description Allen Bradley is our brand standard PLC system on Siwertell ship unloader and loader. Control Logix 5000 is developed and tested since beginning of year 2000.

Siwertell is a Cargotec brand

Benefits - Provides high-speed, high performance and multi disciplined application control Provides modular network communication - Provides fully reduandant controller (optional) - In-built system to fit specific control on Siwertell ship unloaders and loaders - Secured spare parts for the future

Scope of supply - Control Logix controllers use a common control engine and development environment to provide high performance - An integration between the programming software, controller and the I/O modules, this to reduce development time and cost during commissioning and normal operation

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Siwertell, Control Logix 5000