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Hi, there. I was born in Chongqing, China in 1994. Lived in Beijing for 3 years, in Leicester for 2 years, then moved to London for 1 year (one of my favourite city by the way). Based on my major, I naturally spent most of the time to work on multiple creative softwares and cameras. In spite of that, techniques and equipments are only tools for me, the level of that will never be my priority, they are just not as important as having an outstanding idea or creating a brilliant work. Although I’m working on graphic design and photography in most cases now, it will be good to try variety of things as well, either to push myself step out of a comfort zone or develop my skills. ;)

EDUCATION 2017-2018

MA Photography: The Image and Electronic Art at Goldsmiths, University of London


BA (Hons) Graphic Design, De Montfort University, Leicester, England


MA Degree Show at Goldsmiths, University of London

June 2017

BA Technology Degree Show at De Montfort University















AFTERSOUND This is my MA Degree Show project at Goldsmiths College in July, 2018. It is to exploring the unseen things and unnoticed places around us. Somehow, it naturally creates the sense of absence, the absence of sound. As if you can hear the sound of my emotions, through each picture itself.



This exhibition is to deliver a photo series of created illusions that rely on the everyday scenes of life, considered aesthetic as well. It probably seems familiar at first look to those objects on photos, whereas you may be encouraged to observe more careful. There is an idea from the experience when I was doing my cinematography assignment – the ambient sound, which inspired me to add an element of sound into each photo of my work. Robert Bresson once stated an idea to Jean-Luc Godard and Michel Delahaye in an interview that: “It is true that the ear is much more creative than the eye. The eye is lazy; the ear, on the contrary, invents”. Likewise, human beings cannot only hear the sound by ears, however, the sense of silence can be perceived. Hence, this series is attempts at offering a silence atmosphere to you, to make it as a signal, which can lead the viewer to evokes some individual memories or feelings, to encourage you to invent a mixture thought of personal experiences and original creations. More importantly, it is about an experience, and a reflection of physical reality from my particular perspective through the lens.

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DUO The performance of inner minded contradiction.

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Seaford, England, 2018. Makeup: Manyu Zhao Stylist: Flora Yin / Siwen Liu Models: Flora Yin / Manyu Zhao Camera: Mamiya RZ67 Pro

All content copyright the artist. No commercial use without express written permission. Copyright Š 2019 Siwen Liu

EARLY PHOTOS Selected photos from my early photography collection.

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TYPOGRAPHY “Blade� is a roman only typeface that designed in a modern style for display. Formed by both rounded and sharp-cutting edge. Narrow, but also bold enough to be outstanding.

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This is a visual identity set for a study abroad blog, which based in Chongqing, China. The design was inspired by 2 features in this city. One is the unique building structure, and the other one is red colour from hot pot and spicy chili.

BLUE OWL A conceptual bubble tea brand, which is inspired by the owl. It is created with a simple and smooth design to express the elegant sense but also accessible. And the colour choice is very lowkey and can easily let customers think of water or drinks.

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PROMOTION This is a Chinese Culture Season Promotion to introduce the Chinese traditional zodiac. With 12 special designed animal signs and beautiful Chinese National flower featured logo, to attracted Chinese culture lover or scholar. And also to encourage people to know more about Chinese culture and traditions.

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RESTAURANT With the intention of addressing the lack of fresh, fast and healthy fare available to the consumer, Fresh Yo is aim to be a characterful new brand of healthy vegetarian food with spirit. Taking inspiration from fast food and pub food in the UK, Fresh Yo’s goal is not only offering the vegetarian fast food alternative, but also promoting the positive and passionate healthy lifestyle for the middle class young adults in the UK.

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With the same purpose of convey the concept of the friendly service and competitive price, three different shades of green have been used. Green is the color of life, nature, and energy. It also associated with the great meanings of growth, freshness, healthiness, economies, and hospitality.

With the goal of convey the concept of the friendly service and average price compared to the rival vegetarian fast food chain, a rounded finish has been deploy on the typeface design.

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Portfolio (Photography / Graphic Design) - Siwen Liu  

Portfolio (Photography / Graphic Design) - Siwen Liu  

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