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SCHOOL GOSSIP Issue Zero Summer 2013

The Parents at the Assembly Is Mr Siwek Retiring? The Summer School 2013 The new school website? How is this made?









The Good Weather has brought people out instead of having to go abroad!!

Last years horrible weather made people leave the country Š


THE HEATWAVE 2013 The recent good weather has mystified the Met Office, the British weather association, with questions which only the top scientists can figure out the answer to.

BBC Newsround What is it? Global Warming is caused by burning Fossil Fuels and fumes from big factories which put CO2 into the earths atmosphere.


How can we stop it?

It turns out to be all about Global Warming, we are melting ice caps which is causing rain and heat at the same time which explains all the weird weather recently!!

By using less Fossil Fuels and using more bio fuels like solar energy and wind power.


The Secret Of Our Headmaster: Mr Siwek There has been recent rumours that the Headteacher is retiring and is closing the school with him, but why the new students in September then??

SG: If you do retire what will happen to the school? KS: We have decided that Miss Hainsworth will take over the School if I decide to retire!

School Gossip: Are the SG: Have you enjoyed Recent rumours true Mr your time at White Siwek? Lodge School if you do K Siwek: Yes and No. retire? Nobody will know until KS: Yes, it has been an the End of November amazing experience seewhen the final decision ing these children work will be made so hard and behave very very well. 6

Mr Siwek was White Lodge School’s founder back in 2005 and has been headmaster ever since!!

SG: How did you want to SG: Thank You for your become a teacher? time Mr Siwek and we KS: It was in school my look forward to your teacher told me I would decision. make a really good teacher and it kind of moved on from their.

KS: Thank You

SG: Do you have any other hobbies? KS: Yes, I enjoy music and I am in a band and I Miss Hainworth who will take over Mr Siwek. also enjoy I.T a lot. 7


On Thursday 18th July 2013 White Lodge School hosted the first Public end of year assembly with certificates music from the students and a live band. We sent Zibong over to see what it was like.

Siwek explaining how well behaved the pupils have been this year. The assembly then continued with a reading of a end The end of year assem- of year poem by Beary. bly this year was one of We then had the Valley the best there has ever Park sports day award been. A lot of certificates which went to Mr and medals were given Siwek’s form. Then we had some fantastic out and the winning music from the pupils form is still to be anand the local nounced at the end of Harrietsham Rockers!!! Sports Day!!!! We then had the The assembly started attendance awards and with a speech from Mr the hard work awards of 8

of which many were given out to the students. After the hard working awards their was the individual subject awards which included Maths, music, drama and P.E. We then heard a few more pieces before ending the event with the Poem again. It was a great time!!

Remember how I walked away, On tiny feet, my first school day? With tiny hands I waved goodbye, And I saw the tear in the corner of your eye. But you were brave and so was I. We both tried hard not to cry.

The Attendance certificates which were given out to a lot of students for outstanding attendance.


Summer School this year is going to be held at Las Vegas with 45 minutes of education a day. We talked to Miss Hainsworth about what the Summer School is going to be about!! SG: Are you excited that the Summer School is in Las Vegas this year?

as the normal curriculum we teach every year. SG: Any more things you would like to tell us about the Summer School. LH: It is going to be a really great year and I am looking forward to it greatly.

LH: Yes, it is the first opportunity we have got and we aim to take full advantage of it. SG: What do you aim to teach the children while you are there? LH: We aim to teach about the surrounding area and about the history of America as well





The new website for White Lodge is well under way with new pages, new themes and awesome new posts for the new school year. We sent I.T Student Panda to see what the new website is going to be about.

website will be very exciting with many more features than the ones mentioned below!! However, over the summer the website will practically be nothing but a single page with a post The new website is planned to be one of the about twice a week about most advanced any White the summer school. Lodge Trust website has Other than that I and ever been. It is planned to many other students are include some resources thoroughly looking forward to the new for homework and a website!! parent portal not to mention the amazing daily plans which parents and students will be able to access. The new 12

One Of the themes planned to be used in September

The new website should be ready by the 1st September for the new students but the resources and the parent portal is not planned to be

completed until October and is planned to be on a different website.


The first magazine was designed on Microsoft Publisher but was saved and published as you see it now on a PDF. The magazine took 2 days to design and was totally designed by Mr Siwek. We decided to send back out Panda, our I.T expert, to

One of the pages in the editing faze


watch Mr Siwek make the magazine. It took Mr Siwek pain and many, many hours to design this magazine, when he designed this page in front of me he had to leave the text blank because I hadn’t written an article for it yet!! However, he didn’t

THE FIRST MAGAZINEHOW? make many mistakes and he made sure that the text was all correct and that there was no text mistakes at all. Every now and then he would change the

school website as well or copy something from it. Everything was amazing to watch and was very interesting!!

Something on the website that caused Mr Siwek anger!!


THIS MONTH’S SHORT STORY-DIARY OF A GOLDFISH So you thought goldfish were dumb, un-evolved creatures that swim endlessly round the bowl for your entertainment and relaxation. Well, how wrong you are. Welcome to my wonderful world! Dear Diary Today I woke early and did 20 laps around the tank. I like to remind the family that I am still alive and they need to feed me each day. Also, Lenny (the comedian of the pack) and I were going to do a swimathon so I wanted to do a bit of a warm up. The children left for football practice; peace at last. Lenny and I were on our last lap of the swimathon when suddenly Barry, the two spotted Gobi, darted out of the castle, shouting Crime, come quickly! Barry, was a childish, energetic fish who loved to race like me and Lenny. It turned out that someone had eaten his food stash. We had no doubt that it was Bill, a greedy, selfish fish who had been bitter since he had lost a fin whilst teasing the cat. 16

We swam stealthily towards Bills sleeping place in the barracks of the ruined castle, to catch him red handed, nibbling greedily at a pile of Fishybix. Lenny went in to torture Bitter Bill with his terrible jokes whilst we reclaimed the remaining food and had an early lunch. Later on, we watched a real life horror story, when the children camehome and ate fish fingers for lunch. How insensitive! That afternoon, it was Lenny who first noticed the tell tale shadow closing in on us from above, Dodge net! he shouted. I am pleased to say that we set a new group record by avoiding the net for 9 minutes and 22 seconds before we were scooped into the glass bowl. As the old, dirty tank water was pouring down the toilet we realised that Bill wasn't with us he was still sulking under a pile of gravel in the corner of the tank. Without thinking I shouted at the top my voice Bill get out of there! When Bill realised what was happening he made a leap of faith just in time; he flew though the air and landed with a plop on the floor. He put up a good fight but we watched in horror as his breathing got shallower at times he sounded like an echo!) 17

Just as he We were all speechless for a while. After Bill finally got his breath back, he realised how mean hed been and apologised for stealing Barrys food stash and being such a grumpy fish (he said sorry and thank you so many stopped moving the little girl noticed him and put him gently in the bowl. We were all speechless for a while. After Bill finally got his breath back, he realised how mean hed been and apologised for stealing Barrys food stash and being such a grumpy fish (he said sorry and thank you so many times he sounded like an echo!) It was a relief to finally get back to our clean tank; we bobbed about in the Jacuzzi filter for ages, even Bill joined in! He said he felt like he was in heaven. Goodnight Diary, I think we will all sleep well tonight

By Eliot Kelly-Reilly, Age 11 BBC 500 words top 50 Stories 2011 We apologize for any punctuation or spelling mistakes


WANT TO BECOME THE NEXT STORY OF THE MONTH WINNER? Just make a story under 500 words on Word and print it out and e-mail it to Mr Siwek by September 11th 2013 and your story will be considered and if you win your story will be published on the School Website as well!! Please note that stories involving violence or death from or to humans in a disgusting way will not be considered.


Acknolodgments 




Panda Siwek

Zibong Ding


School Gossip Issue Zero  
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