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Let’s think natural! With 20 years experience in biotechnology industry, Siveele is regarded as one of the leaders on development of natural protective ingredients and solutions, providing protection solutions for feed, food, personal & health care and pharmaceutical Industry. Based on our experience with Nisin, Natamycin and E-Polylysine, Siveele keeps on creating innovative and healthy solutions with more natural ingredients. With headquarters in the Netherlands, Siveele has production facilities in China and the Netherlands, and sales offices in the Netherlands, Portugal, China and Mexico. Siveele would like to share knowledge of natural ingredients and solutions with our distributors and customers, to deliver a safer and healthier food, personal & health care products with natural ingredients.

Lactose Think natural.速 Lactose is a valuable ingredient for the food industry and is often used as an essential carbohydrate in infant food. It is also applied as thickener, flavor enhancer and texture additive. Lactose is less sweet than regular sugar (saccharose) and has an additive flavor effect. That is why lactose has become an indispensable product in chocolate, sweets, dry soups, sauces, spices, meat products, bakery products and diet food. Lactose is also widely used as a carrier of drugs in the production of tablets, capsules and inhalers. With our ongoing sense for innovation, Siveele supplies first choice lactose for the international food industry. This edible lactose is made out of high-grade Dutch sweet cheese whey. It is produced in a modern production facility in the Netherlands.

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