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Editor’s Note This book goes out to everybody who grew up playing football at the void deck. Getting chased by uncles and aunties was an everyday thing that happened to us. They all knew we were going to come back the next day and cause a ruckus but were persistent themselves. Many of us are still close friends with those we grew up playing football with. Who says in this day and age a close knit ‘kampong’ type of society doesn’t exist? I’ll never forget the memories of yesteryears. My feelings for the game and my hometown friends fill the contents of this book. I welcome you to experience how i feel, and I hope you enjoy it. -Vam




Give me a ball and I’m set to go. Its all i need to keep my self occupied. I remember how I used to just have a kick about by myself when no one was able to come out and play. I would feel so determined to learn new skills or practice my shooting. Even though i was alone i still had fun.

WHEN YOU ARE IN PAIN I can safely say that i do not know any friend who has not suffered an injury. Time and again due to the rough nature of the sport we have all succumbed to it. Its always heartwarming to see my friends helping one another in times like these. Be it pain you feel physically or emotionally we were always there to help each other out. This made us feel like a band of brothers.

Its nice to have someone there to hold your hand,

pick you up, and get you smiling again.

Not a damn was given back in the day We were young and dangerous. Or it at least thats how we would like to remember ourselves as. We used to run away in all directions as soon as someone spotted a police car summoned because of complains from the residents. We would disperse in a matter of seconds. Looking back, I’m amazed at the level of efficiency we had as kids. Today however the next generation has taken over the void decks. Whenever i walk past these walls a sense of nostalgia falls upon me. Good times.

damn handsome


School Project on what represents 'home' to you. I chose to create a book on how football makes me feel at home. The book consists of some o...

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