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much as $100 for a simple glass of water.

406.   In ancient Greece, throwing an apple to a girl was a way to propose for marriage. If the girl caught it, that would mean she accepts.  

407.   The dromedary camel can drink as much as 100 liters of water in just 10 minutes.  

408.    The Shroud of Turin is the single most studied artifact in human history.  

409.    More than half the time spent in United States courts is cases that involve automobiles.  

410.   Some of the titles that were considered for the hit T.V. show "Friends" were Six of One, Across the Hall, and Insomnia Cafe.  

411.   Iguanas can recognize their human handlers and greet them differently, compared with strangers.  

412.   If all the Oreo cookies ever sold were stacked on top of one another, they would be as high as 13.3 million Sears Towers.  

413.   Clarence Crane the inventor of "Crane's Peppermint Life Savers" sold his rights to the popular candy for less than three thousand dollars.  

414.   Pretzel snacks have been around for over 1300 years. A European monk invented the snack using used leftover

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