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97.       John F. Kennedy's rocking chair was auctioned off for $453,500.  

98.       According to studies, an average roll of toilet paper lasts about five days in the bathroom.  

99.       Creator Ian Fleming's fictional character James Bond made his debut in the 1952 novel "Casino Royale."  

100.   On May 9, 1999 approximately 600,000 gallons of whiskey flowed into the Kentucky River during a fire at Wild Turkey Distillery in Lawrenceburg.  

101.   A honey bee strokes its wings about 11,500 times a minute.  

102.   Minimum wage was 0.25 per hour when it was first enacted in 1938.  

103.   Studies show that couples that smoke during the time of conception have a higher chance of having a girl compared to couples that do not smoke.  

104.   In a lifetime, an average man will shave 20,000 times.  

105.   Bo Jackson set a Monday Night Football record by rushing for 222 yards in one game against the Seattle Seahawks, including a 91-yard TD run.  

106.   The Population of the world can live within the state boundaries of Texas.  

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