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Streams of energy This folder guides you to quality art and acquaints you with the artists in Vesterålen. Most of the exhibitions are scheduled during the summer months, but most of the information is valid throughout 2012. Cultural Cooperation in Vesterålen bids you welcome to a large variety of art experiences! Vesterålen is a strip of islands along the northwest coastline. Nowhere else in the world does the Gulf Stream snuggle in closer to the shoreline than here. It was for that reason that the Gulf Stream was chosen as a theme and metaphor when the Vesterålen islanders celebrated the new millennium. The celebration is still going on! The Gulf Stream brings with it warm blue currents and provides Vesterålen’s oceanscape and landscape with an energy that inspires artists of many kinds. They may be visiting guests or artists from the outside world who have chosen to live and work here, but they also include Vesterålen residents who have lived here for generations. Much of the art created in Vesterålen may be experienced on a trip through the six municipalities, including Lødingen. This little folder is designed to be your guide to Vesterålen art. We present the artists, studios, sculptures, installations and galleries that display what the artists have created, as well as works in progress. We also focus on some of the collaborative projects, many of which are the result of the area’s collective tribute to the Gulf Stream. Cover picture: Detail of photo of the electrical transformer shed named ”Currents” by Heidi Nygård (See page 4 and 5).


Electrical transformer sheds become power art Six grey, drab and modest transformer sheds in the six Vesterålen municipalities have been transformed into powerful works of art. The project was achieved by the Vesterålen Cultural Council with joint financing and the collaboration of Andøy Energi, Hålogaland Kraft, Trollfjord Kraft, Vesterålskraft Nett, the municipalities of Andøy, Bø, Hadsel, Lødingen, Sortland and Øksnes as well as Nordland County Administration. The transformer art is part of Vesterålen Cultural Committee’s cultural boost from 2000 to 2010, and builds upon the concepts of the millennium celebration. But why transformer art? Art supervisor Ingrid Larssen explains: – We have previously completed something similar through the RÆK project in collaboration with the Andøy Art School at Andenes. The transformer art was very well received here, and we wanted to extend the project. The transformer sheds practically screamed out for artistic decoration; they were solid cubes waiting for an artist’s touch. Five artists closely associated with Vesterålen have completed their projects (sites in parentheses): Siri Tollefsen (Risøyhamn in Andøy), Terese Riis (Vinjesjøen in Bø), Myriam Borst (Stokmarknes in Hadsel), Heidi Nygård (Sortland centre and Lødingen centre) and Karel Rouwenhorst (Myre in Øksnes).

HADSEL: «Transformasjoner» Myriam Borst

SORTLAND: «Strømninger» (Currents) Heidi Nygård

ANDØY: «Havblomst» (Sea Blossom) Siri Tollefsen

BØ: «Det røde gullbergslottet» (The Red Gullberg Castle) Terese Riis

Lødingen has two decorated electrical sheds, «Livskraft» (Life Power) and «Kystkraft» (Coastal Power). The first of these is located at the bus stop in Lødingen; the other is on the right side of the road exiting Lødingen.


«Naustet» (The Boathouse) Karel Rouwenhorst

LØDINGEN: «Livskraft» (Life Force) Heidi Nygård

Art takes place Artscape Nordland is an internationally renowned art project. Six of the 33 sculptures are located in Veste­rålen – an area representing Artscape’s northernmost border. “Art takes place” is a motto for Artscape Nordland. In Vesterålen, art takes place along the sea. All of the sculptures here are placed directly on the seashore or are inspired by a maritime theme. In Lødingen, one finds the 37-ton ”Eye in Stone”, at Sortland ”The Eye on the Sea”. In Bø, “The Man from the Sea” towers in tribute to the ocean, and in Øksnes, the artist located the lamp-like sculptures ­“After-images” in the former fishing village of Nyksund and in the centre of modern Myre. In Hadsel, the sculpture “Days and Nights” is installed across the inlet from the old coastal express Finnmarken, and at Andenes, “Island Museum” comprises a collection of articles found along the shoreline. Maaretta Jaukkuri has expressed the rationale for Artscape Nordland: ”The most important reason for these sculptures being placed in Nordland’s landscape is that it was here that they originated – in the meeting between the landscape itself and the artist. And it is in the corresponding encounters between the landscape, the sculpture and the beholder that significance is recognized and recreated. It is in the moment that art occurs.” 6

LØDINGEN: «Øye i stein» (Eye in Stone) Anish Kapoor

HADSEL: «Dager og netter» (Days and Nights) Sarkis

ØKSNES: «Etterbilder» (After Images) Inghild Karlsen

SORTLAND: «Havsøye» (Eye on the Sea) Sigurdur Gudmundsson

ANDØY: «Øymuseet» (Island Museum) Rafael Rheinsberg

BØ: «Mannen fra havet» (The Man from the Sea) Kjell Erik Killi Olsen

The Gulf Stream has gone ashore The warm caress flowing out of Mexico brings very much with it. At Andenes and Stø, in Hovden and on the seaward side of Hadseløya, some of what has drifted ashore has been used in art installations.

ANDØY: RÆK I is located at the car park at Hisnakul, Andenes

The RÆK projects were realized as a part of the Gulf Stream Cultural Lift, which began at Andenes in 2001. The art school here completed the project together with artists Bent Aune and Ingrid Larssen. Sundry items from the shoreline were affixed to a transformer shed in the harbour area, painted blue and decorated with words and phrases.

ØKSNES: RÆK II at Stø near Stø Caravan Camping

In 2002, the project was expanded. Myre primary school, Husjord School, Romset School and Øksnes Coastal Society created RÆK II with ornament artist Ingrid Larssen as consultant. The artists, working on a volunteer basis, placed three large wooden beams at Stø. The boulder behind it was given an eye – so that it looks like a whale or wolffish. Using nine metre-long beams of driftwood and a twometre tall basalt column from Iceland, Oredam and his able assistants created the art installation RÆK III. On the outer side of Hadseløya, at Taen, a stone spiral has been created, since stones have also drifted with the Gulf Stream. Pupils from Stokmarknes primary school and Hadsel upper secondary created the installation in collaboration with artist Siv Johansen. A path with a love bench and youthful poetry leads down to RÆK IV. 8

BØ: RÆK III at Hovden in Bø

HADSEL: RÆK IV at Taen in Hadsel

The Blue City by the Sea Sortland will be painted blue! Newspaper articles with this type of headline now fill several scrapbooks. Artist Bjørn Elvenes first presented the idea of a blue city in 1998, and a pilot project was started as part of Sortland municipality’s millennium project and as part of its cultural boost and stream of culture, with the Gulf Stream as a source of inspiration. A storm ensued. The local newspaper, during several stormy periods, printed page after page of letters to the editor, both against and in favour of the blue city, for and against the various shades of colour that were presented. In the meantime, the city has become bluer and bluer. A wall here, an alley there, and a facade the next day. The idea is to give the local population and visitors to the city new energy, to improve open public spaces, and to create an environment for growth, quality of life and creativity. Some of this creative power has found expression in Writing on a background of blue. Young people from Vesterålen have worked together with author Lars Saabye Christensen to create literary embellishments on a volunteer basis. – We plan to collaborate in order to give Sortland a gift of poetry, said Saabye Christensen, before the volunteer group went out into the streets to find locations in need of a word, a sentence, a poem, a phrase. The blue facades have been adorned with letters – short phrases addressed to you who wander along a wall, cross a street, round a street corner. Be sure to stop and ponder for a moment! 10

Children’s art in Sortland Sports Hall

Galleries, exhibitions, sculptures and installations


(Subject to changes)


Nøss Tel: 76 12 66 09/928 14 668 E-mail: Web site: Art medium: Paintings, woodworking, graphics, drawings, craft art, photographs, woven textile art. Exhibition: Gunnar Tollefsen, Siri Tollefsen, Espen Tollefsen and Åse Tollefsen. Open: 7 July–5 Aug. Tues.–Sun. 12–17 (closed Mondays).

About Gunnar Tollefsen:

Art medium: Painting, woodworking, graphics, drawing. Education from the Academy of Fine Art, Oslo. Member of Norwegian Visual Artists (NBK), NNBK and LNM.

Just across from the coastal express pier, Risøyhamn. Tel: 76 14 51 00/476 50 058 E-mail: Web site: Exhibition: Jewellery, paintings. Open: Weds.-Sun. 10-16 and by appointment. Open year round, featuring exhibitions of original works.

About Dick Monshouwer:

Exhibition: He will also have an exhibition at Galleri Vesterålen (see page 22). Educated at Vakschool Schoonhoven, studio workshop residency, Kautokeino. Has participated in a number of juried group and solo exhibitions in Norway and other countries. Member NK.

Gunnar Tollefsen «Torso»


Sjøgata 36, Andenes. Tel: 977 60 020 E-mail: Web site: Sales exhibitions this summer: 12 May–30 June. Solo exhibition by Anja Van Den Berg from the Netherlands (paintings). 7–31 July. Solo exhibition by Kati Gausmann from Germany (drawings). 4 –31 August. Solo exhibition by Laila Lanes from Tromsø (water colours). Open year round 12–16, (closed Sundays). Group reservations may be made by telephone or e-mail.

Dick Monshouwer «Landscape»

Siv Johansen «Blue Man»



(4) ØYMUSEET (The Island museum)

Artscape Nordland Raffael Rheinsberg. Collection of objects the artist found on the shores of Andøya during August 1992. Exhibition in a garage next to the Polar Museum. Open daily 10–17 (enquire at the Polar Museum) See p. 6.

(5) HAVBLOMST (The sea flower)

Electrical Transformer shed. Siri Tollefsen. Decorated transformer shed at Andøykroa, Risøyhamn, See p. 4.

(6) HISNAKUL, Andenes

Centre for art and cultural experiences. Open: 15 June–15 Aug. between the hours of 9–18, and 16–31 August between the hours of 9–16.

(9) DET RØDE GULLBERGSLOTTET (The Red Gullberg Castle)

Electrical Transformer Shed. Terese Riis. Decorated transformer shed at Vinjesjøen next to Museum Nord, Bø museum. See p. 4.

(10) MANNEN FRA HAVET (The Man from the Sea)

Artscape Nordland. Kjell Erik Killi Olsen. Cast iron and crystal. At Bø Community Museum, Vinjesjøen. See p. 6.

(11) RÆK III

Harald Oredam. Installation at Buholmen in Hovden. See p. 8.

(7) RÆK I

Decorated electrical transformer shed at Andenes, near HISNAKUL, see p. 8.


Anthony White «Girl on the Sofa»


Teigan, about 13 km west of Stokmarknes Tel: 917 20 382 E-mail: Facebook: Galleri Uvær. Exhibition: Summer exhibition by Siv Johansen and Wenche J. Art medium: Glass and visual art, textiles. Open: 17 June– 5 Aug. Tues.–Sun. 12-16 (closed Mondays). Contact us for appointments outside open hours. Open Sundays off-season from 12–15.


Straume. Tel: 957 26 011 E-mail: Web site: Art medium: Visual art, handicrafts, glass art, etc. Summer exhibitions: «C’è una storia» (5 June–31 August), «Angels and Matrons» (20 July–5 August), «Nervous Aggressive Cross Stitching» (1 July–5 August), «For You» (8 July–5 August). Exhibitors: Berit Arktander, Gry Vebostad Hansen, Karin Hay White, Elin Rindahl Steiro, Ann-Helene Iversen and others. Summer café in the barn Fridays and Saturdays. Gallery shop featuring art and handicrafts. Open: 1 July– 5 Aug. Tues.–Thurs. 12–16, Fri.12–18, Sat. 13–18. It is possible to ring for an appointment outside open hours. Open year round; for opening hours off-season, see home page.

Karin Hay White «Titleless»

Christian Skagen «Drawing no. 197 quad»

About Siv Johansen:

Art medium: Glass and visual art. Education from Mølla School of Art and University College of Oslo, several courses in glass fusing. Solo exhibitions and group exhibitions.

Ann-Helene Iversen «C’è una storia. Tazza 11»



Melbu E-mail: Artists Karin Hay White and Anthony White have their studio and exhibit their works here. Open: 1–31 July. Tues.–Sun. 12-18 (closed Mondays).


Ivar Bergmosgt. 6, Stokmarknes – across from the hospital Tel: 473 75 219/481 91 132 E-mail: Web site: Exhibition: Painting, drawing. Artists Ragnhild A. Holten and Christian Skagen work and exhibit their works here. Open 15 June–29 August. Weds.–Sun. 12–16 and by appointment. Holten and Skagen have an open studio and host visits by appointment year round in the oldest residence in Stokmarknes.

About Karin Hay White:

E-mail: Web site: Art medium: Painting, drawing. Exhibition: She will also have an exhibition at Galleri Hildreland (see page 14). Education from Northbrook College, Sussex and University of Brighton. Solo exhibitions in Vesterålen, group exhibitions in Norway and other countries. Member NBK.

About Anthony White:

E-mail: Web site: Art medium: Painting, collage, drawing. Education from Northbrook College, Sussex and University of Brighton. Solo exhibitions in Vesterålen, group exhibitions in Norway and other countries. Member NBK.

Myriam Borst «The Road»

About Ragnhild Adelheid Holten:

Tel: 473 75 219/481 91 132 E-mail: Web site: Art medium: Painting. Education from Northbrook College, Sussex Education in woodworking and TV/film in Norway. Solo and group exhibitions in Norway and other countries. Member NBK.

Ragnhild Adelheid Holten «The Tree»

About Christian Skagen:

Tel: 473 95 550 E-mail: Web site: Art medium: Drawing and constructions. Education from Granum Art School, Kabelvåg Art School and NTNU. Public decoration commissions. Member of the Association of Norwegian Drawers and NBK. Bent Aune «Breaking Surf»




Storskjervøya, access by boat from Stokmarknes Tel: 902 21 352 E-mail: Web site: Art medium: Pictorial art. Exhibition: At Storskjervøya by Myriam Borst can be seen by prior appointment made by telephone. Visitors can be picked up by boat, NOK 200 per person, by prior reservation via telephone.

About Myriam Borst:

Exhibition: She will also have an exhibition at Galleri Rødgården (see page 20). Education from the Willem de Kooining Academy in Rotterdam, Solo exhibitions and group exhibitions. Decoration commissions. Member NBK.


Kalsnes, Stokmarknes Tel: 911 68 092 E-mail: Web site: Art medium: Handmade jewellery in noble metals. Exhibition: Silvia Rehnlund’s jewellery. Open: Sundays 12–17 or by appointment. Open year round. The artist lives on site and is available year round.


Flatset. 7 km west of Stokmarknes Tel: +371 25 95 95 92 E-mail: Web site: Exhibition: Visual art, glass art and jewellery by Valdís Opmanís and Gyndega Zíle. Open: July–September. The artists live here and the gallery is open all day long.


Apothekergården, Stokmarknes Tel: 909 37 400/413 03 692 E-mail: Facebook: Galleri Apotheket. Exhibition: summer exhibition by Ruth Roland, Ingrid Larssen and Inger Blix Kvammen. Art medium: graphics, jewellery, textiles, photography. Open: 16 June–19 August. Daily 12-16.

Ingrid Larssen «Search»

(19) MELBU COMMUNITY CENTRE (basement floor)

Strandgata 1, Melbu. Tel: 76 15 91 11 E-mail: Web site: Art medium: Visual art and ceramics. Exhibition: Inside/Outside – Bendik Riis and Trastad Collections. Open: 6–14 July. 11–17 daily.

Ingunn Moen Reinsnes «The People Mountain»

About Silvia Rehnlund:

Exhibition: She will also have an exhibition at Galleri Rødgården (see page 20). Advanced craft certificate as a goldsmith from Plus School in Fredrikstad. Has worked during recent years designing original jewellery. Tove Hov Jacobsen «A place on the Land»




Maren Fredriksens Alle 1, Melbu Tel: 76 15 75 56 E-mail: Web site: Exhibition: Gunnar Berg’s murals and multimedia presentation (photos) relating the history of the building. Guiding 11 a.m., 13 and 15. Open: 20 June–20 August between the hours of 11–17.


Strandgata 5, Melbu E-mail: Web site: Art medium: Painting, prints, water colours, mixed techniques, ceramics, jewellery. Summer exhibition 2012 during Summer Melbu. Hadsel Art Association hosts an exhibition featuring the following artists: Myriam Borst, Magdalena Brunzell, Dora Bendixen, Espen Justdal, Kari Giebelhausen and Silvia Rehnlund. Open: 7.-15 July between the hours of 12-18. Rødgården is open only during the summer.

(22) BADEBÅT (Bathing boat)

Harald Oredam. Sculpture across from gravel pitch, Melbu School. Dark larvikite.

(23) DAGER 0G NETTER (Days and nights)

Artscape Nordland. Sarkis, Turkey. Sculpture in two parts. Lødingen- and white granite. On the shoreline at the bridge spanning Børøya– Stokmarknes. See p. 6.


(24) TRANSFORMASJONER (Transformations) Electrical Transformer Shed. Myriam Borst. Decorated electrical transformer shed at Stokmarknes, near the hospital. See p. 4.

(25) RÆK IV

Stone spiral near the bathing beach, Taen. Siv Johansen, artist responsible for the work. See p. 8.

Eva Charlotte Nilsen «Fingers»


Annelise Josefsen. Sculpture at Lødingen Upper Secondary School. Lødingen monzonite.

(27) KOMMUNIKASJON (Communication)

Elin Rindahl Steiro «Once Upon a Time»

Ellen Jacobsen. Bronze-cast sculpture at the Telenor Building in Telecom park, Lødingen.

(28) LIVSKRAFT (Life force)

Electrical transformer shed. Heidi Nygård. Decorated electrical transformer shed at the bus stop in Lødingen. See p. 4.

(29) KYSTKRAFT (Coastal Power)

Electrical Transformer Shed. Heidi Nygård. Decorated electrical transformer shed at the entrance to Lødingen. See p. 4.

(30) ØYE I STEIN (Eye in stone)

Artscape Nordland. Anish Kapoor. Lødingen granite. Stands on the shoreline at Hustad Farm, Lødingen. See p. 6.

Anja Veronica Hanssen «Loves me, Loves me not?»




Jennestad Trading Station Tel: 900 11 040 E-mail: Web site: Art medium: Oil paintings, graphics, sculpture. 10-year jubilee exhibition this year. Sales exhibition: Tor-Arne Moen, Lars Elling, Christopher Rådlund, Vibeke Slyngstad, Frank Brunner, Petter Hepsø, Håkon Gullvåg and Håkon Bleken. Permanent exhibition: Hamsun portraits, Jennestad Sculpture Garden. Open: 30 June–12 August. Weds.–Sun. from 1117. Mon.–Tues. open by appointment.


Gårdsaleen, Sortland Sortland Municipality c/o Mona Dahl Tel: 76 10 90 00 E-mail: Gallery and workshops for artists. Exhibition: Ove Aalo, Elin Rindahl Steiro and Jane H. Nilssen. Open: 8 June–15 August. Weds., Fri., Sat. from 12–14.


Strandgata 33, Sortland. Tel: 76 12 52 00 E-mail: (currently being changed). See home page. Web site: Art medium: Oils, water colours, graphics. Exhibition: Dagfinn Bakke, Gunn Vottestad, Eva Harr, Kari Rindahl Endresen, Tove Hov Jacobsen, Elin Rindahl Steiro, Ingunn J. Moen Reinsnes, Dick Monshouwer. Open year round Mon.–Fri. between 10–16, Saturdays 10–14, (closed Sundays).


Lihallveien 37, Sigerfjord Tel. 76 12 70 11/951 78 797 E-mail: Web site: Art medium: Painting and graphics. Exhibition: Tove Hov Jacobsen. Open: 27 June–12 August. Weds.–Sun. from 12–16. (Closed Mondays and Tuesdays). We can be contacted outside summer season/ opening hours.


About Tove Hov Jacobsen:

Exhibition: She will also have an exhibition at Galleri Vesterålen (see p. 22) and at Galleri Hildreland (see p. 14). Education from Egen Art school of painting, Oslo and studies in France. Solo exhibitions throughout Norway, group exhibitions. Several decoration commissions. Member NBK.

About Anja Veronica Hansen:

Blås Idé

Tel: 905 12 907 E-mail: Art medium: Textile artist. Showing: Visits by appointment at The Artists’ Residence. Educated at the Academy of Art, Bergen, textile department. Has participated in exhibitions in Norway and abroad.

Karin Hay White «Titleless»

About Elin Rindahl Steiro: Tel: 952 16 900 E-mail: Web site: Art medium: Drawing, painting, collage, water colours. Exhibition: She will also have an exhibition at Galleri Hildreland (see page 14) as well as at Galleri Vesterålen (see p. 22). Education from The Interdisciplinary Institute in Bærum, Tromsø University College and advanced studies in Fine Arts and Graphics, USA. Has participated in solo and group exhibitions.

Karel Rouwenhorst «Moose»


About Ove Aalo:

Tel: 900 34 349 E-mail: Web site: Art medium: Photography. Exhibition: He will also have an exhibition at Nyksund Ekspedisjonen all summer long. (See page 27.) Self-taught.


Risev. 253, Sortland Tel: 76 12 61 06/905 87 696 E-mail: Web site: Art medium: Ceramics. Exhibition: Ivar Mallaug has sales of ceramics directly from the workshop. Open: Daily 10–22. Applied crafts and unique items in stone and porcelain. Open Sundays during the rest of the year, see home page.


Open: 0900–1500 and 00–0330. 69.7º N. Decor by Oili Puolitaival On the terminal wall there are two texts that are part of the project Writings on a Field of Blue (see page 10).


(38) EKSPEDISJONEN (lunch restaurant)

Blåbrygga, Sortland Exhibition: Alternating exhibitions. Open: During the restaurant’s scheduled opening hours. Open year round.

(39) HAVSØYE (Eye on the Sea),

Artscape Nordland. Sigurður Gudmunðsson, Iceland. Granite. Facing the waterfront at the marketplace, Sortland. See p. 6.

(40) INTERN DIALOG (Internal dialogue)

Harald Oredam, Sculpture at the entrance to the newspaper building. Rådhusgata 2, Sortland, Monzonite.

Ivar Mallaug «Lady»

(41) MANN MED EGET TAK (Man with His Own Roof)

Harald Oredam, 1987. Bronze sculpture at Breines, inner Sigerfjord, down on the shoreline.

(42) STRØMNINGER (Currents)

Electrical Transformer Shed. Heidi Nygård. Decorated electrical transformer shed in downtown Sortland outside the «Meireiet» building. See p. 4.

Ann-Helene Iversen «C’è una storia. Tazza 1»

Sortland Hotel, reception floor and lower ground floor, Sortland. Bust of author Lars Saabye Christensen, bust of Knut Hamsun and sculpture by artist Nico Widerberg of the protagonist of the novel «Herman».

Dick Monshouwer «Painting on Paper»






T. Liens vei 3, Myre Tel: 95 81 01 61/415 50 116 E-mail: Facebook: Blås Idé. Art medium: Glass art. Glass-blowing workshop where the artists work and have a sales exhibition of their glass art, featuring Hilde Skjønberg Hansen and Robert Tangrang. Blås idé also has an exhibition at Galleri Tinden (see below). Open: 2 June–10 Aug. Mon–Sat. 10–15, (closed Sundays). Appointments can be made for visits outside opening hours.

About Hilde Skjønberg Hansen and Robert Tangrang:

Hilde was educated at BA Glass University of Wolverhampton, England. Robert has lengthy experience as a glassblower.


Tinden Tel: 76 13 28 56/ 909 45 727 E-mail: Web site: Art medium: Visual art and glass art. Exhibition: Kari Rindahl Endresen, Rolf Etnan and Blås Idé. Open: 23 June–4 August between the hours of 10–19.


Finvåg. Tel: 76 13 28 55/ 909 45 727 E-mail: Web site: Art medium: Graphics. Exhibition: Jarle Rosseland. Open: 23 June–4 August between the hours of 10-19.


Restaurant and café in Nyksund Exhibition: Exhibits of photography by Ove Aalo this summer. Open: During the restaurant’s scheduled opening hours.


Restaurant in Nyksund Tel: 481 18 068 E-mail: Web site: Exhibition: Photo exhibition – pictures from Nyksund by Kristin Opdan. Open: 1 June–31 August between the hours of 12-24.

Myriam Borst «The Light»

(48) ETTERBILDER (After Images)

Artscape Nordland. Inghild Karlsen. Granite, galvanised and polished steel. vacuum-pressurized acrylic and eternal lamplight. Sculpture in two parts placed in the harbour park at Myre and on the market square in Nyksund. See p. 6.

(49) NAUSTET (The boat house)

Electrical Transformer Shed. Karel Rouwenhorst. Decorated electrical transformer shed at Myre at the entrance to the town. See p. 4.

Bent Aune «Evening Ambiance Røst»


Gunn Harbitz. At Myre Church. Granite.

(51) RÆK II

Installation of driftwood and stone at Valen, Stø. See p. 8. Silvia Rehnlund «Kjærill»


The Artists in Vesterålen The Vesterålen artists who have open galleries or sales exhibitions are presented in the first part of the brochure. The following artists can be contacted for visits and appointments. One must take into account that they may not always be available.


Fr. Nansens gt. 37, Andenes. Tel: 951 12 856 E-mail: Art medium: Graphics, paintings. Exhibition: «Verkstedet» Studio. Ring to make an appointment. Educated at the Academy of Art, Bergen. Has participated in a number of juried exhibitions in Norway and abroad. Several public acquisitions. Member of Norwegian Visual Artists (NBK) and NNBK.


Hadsel, Stokmarknes. Tel: 991 57 544 E-mail: Web site: Art medium: Arts and crafts design, jewellery and objects in silk and wool. Exhibition: Summer exhibition at Galleri Apotheket (see page 19). Viewings: Ring to make an appointment. Educated at the Norwegian National College of Craft and Art Industry and the Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam. A number of solo and group exhibitions in Norway and other countries. Member NK.

Elin Rindahl Steiro «Notice of Spring»


Torget 16, Sortland Tel: 913 59 496 E-mail: Web site: Art medium: Photography and film. Viewings: Ring to make an appointment. Education as a film photographer. Experience as a producer and director of films. Member of the Norwegian Film Association.

Ivar Mallaug «Lady»

Christian Skagen «Drawing no. 203»




Lamarkvn. 54, Sortland Tel: 76 30 35 85 E-mail: Web site: Art medium: Painting, drawing. Viewings: Ring for an appointment for a studio showing. Education from the Oslo School of Drawing and Painting. Has participated in a number of juried group and solo exhibitions. Public decoration commissions. Member NBK, LNM and SDS.


Gåsbøl, Sortland. Tel: 905 70 592 E-mail: Art medium: Collages in Shamanistic style, works with skulls, bones, driftwood, etc. Viewings: Studio in Gåsbøl and studio in Nyksund. Visits by telephone appointment. Self-taught artist from the Netherlands.


Slalomveien 16, Sortland Tel: 905 62 276/+39 36 65 34 42 61 E-mail: Art medium: Installations, woodworking, graphics, painting. Exhibition: Galleri Hildreland (see page 14) and at Smak in Bø. Catalogue C’è una storia which tells stories about coffee cups. can be purchased from the internet shop at http:// The artist can be contacted for an appointment. Educated at the University College of Akershus, Art education from Italy and Denmark. Solo and group exhibitions in Norway and other countries.

Responsible for this brochure: Cultural Cooperation in Vesterålen c/o Margrethe Berntsen and Vibeke Suhr (responsible). Pictorial composition: Ingrid Larssen and Ingunn Moen Reinsnes. Photographers: Pages 1-11: Trym Ivar Bergsmo, Erik Bugge, Heidi Nygård, Vegard Moen, Alf Oxem, Terese Riis and Svein Spjelkavik. Reference texts: Pages 2–10: Bård Michalsen.

Gunnar Tollefsen «The shoreline»

Layout: Advertising agency Mål og Mening in collaboration with the editorial committee. English translation: Tim Challman. The artists from Vesterålen who are represented in this brochure are either members of national professional associations for artists or have been qualified for inclusion by a jury of professionals.

Eva Charlotte Nilsen «Reaching for the Light»

Financed through a cultural agreement between Nordland County Administration and Vesterålen Cultural Council.

Siv Johansen «Polkadot»






7 52


= Art galleries/workshop studios/sales exhibits = Artscape Nordland = RÆK- og TRAFO installations = Sculptures/other 1


51 46 47 48 56






43 48 49 50

Myre 45

Tinden Hovden




Gåsbøl 31



9 10 25

Vinjesjøen Kalsnes Skjervøy 23 12 25






32 34 36 3711381239 40 42 54 55 57





Børøya Stokmarknes Hadsel Melbu 53

Flatset Taen

14 18 24



Sortland Rise




13 19 20 21 22

Lødingen Hustad 26 27 28 29 30

Art in Vesterålen 2012  

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