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桂花 釀 馨


CTV 3420 Art Direction and Production Design

Final Project (12/13 Semester2)

10018999 Chan Hei Ting 10016775 Cheung Hoi Ki Gloria 11003936 Law Yin Ki Yanky

Selected Song 《桂花釀》 主唱:林一峰.黃韾 作曲:林一峰 填詞:林一峰 編曲:馮翰銘



Idea Instead of telling the temper or mood of a break up story, we would like to tell a story of how a girl is missing her passing dearest, and how she overcome the depression. As we think that this pain could cause a huger impact to one's life, and the lyrics is supportive and could give a positive enegery to those who are suffering the same situation.

Decoding Lyrics with our ideas 隨着我的感情隨着我的心情 高低起伏淡去了 還有甚麼執著還有甚麼遺落 還有甚麼捨不得 回憶像一場艷麗煙火 伴隨着喜怒哀樂終究要散落 你的笑容濺在我心上

In the first part of the song, the lyrics tell us that we could finally move forward from bitter and sour mood to a better life, even if the process is tough, we can finally reach that, as memories should be sweet and warm.


驀然回首時 燈火欄柵處 你的眼睛溫暖我的路 照亮我回憶深處 像晚舟 像初雪 安靜的躺在我身上 像桂花 像清酒 淡淡的愛 慢慢的嚐 桂花下 牽的手 世界再亂也不怕失散 用感情 釀的酒

Memories are important, as when you look back, all the happiness could make you brave to live without the most important person/people, and it will last forever in your mind. Even it will firstly lead you to the pain, but the pain will teach you how to reach the happiness. without pain, you never know what is happiness.

Mood Board

Visual/ Shots Reference

Girls &Timelapse

-representing that time has gone

Girls with flowers

-representing to live with her memory

Flower Projection on faces

-representing the memory inside

Dropping ink on the petals

-representing dropping memory

petals and leaves floating on the sea

-representing to let go

Potential Venues 川善茶居(上環)

AVA/CVA ROOM An empty room with a large white wall for projection shots Cheung Sha Beach ( Lantau)

Half Moon Bay ( Sai Kung)

Potential Casts

Girl Japanese type Age: around 20 Hair: Shoulder-length


桂花釀 is re-creating a music video of 桂花釀 by Chet Lam. It is one of homework in Art Direction class. It tries to train up our color usage skil...